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How to Grow Your List and Income in 2018?

I am the co- founder and Developer of the Dollar Wise Network.

DWSEarner (2015) ABC4Income (2016)

Maree Designs (2017) Traffic Marketer Pro (2018)

Now in 2016 I incorporate My On Line Programs to Generate a real income on line.
Join Our Dollar Wise Bit Coin Community and start climbing the Leadership Step Ladder at DWSEarner!  Maree Designs! ABC4Income!

Welcome To My Dollar Wise Network… 

S ale leads System with ever lasting growth.. Year In Year Out.
Y our one stop team builder and Bit Coin Cash Generator.
S imple step by step Bit Coin Training Series In A Box .
T eam growth with spillover, full support Via Newsletters.
E asy Down line builder, with Daily Planner to Explode any Core business.
M ake this the year to explode your Online Presence.

      Build Your List with our Trusted and Proven Down Line Builder Program.

      Promote your Brand! Using Our AIOP Guide.

      Get Exposure to your products! Training tools provided.. Easy as 1.2.3.





Receive your own Pre Written Ready to Plug In And Go Website.
Promoting 5 of your Top Business On Line Working from home Business Opportunities.
I Recommend SFI, Maree Designs, GDI, Traffic Wave and DWSEarner.
Then follow my plan using Traffic Exchanges for promoting and generating a real income online.

New Zealand.. Yes Legal The Reserve Bank of New Zealand states:
“Non-banks do not need our approval for schemes that involve the storage and/or transfer of value (such as”Ether” Or ‘bitcoin’)

Maree Designs is a registered business in New Zealand. Payza Verified..
Set up your Payza account ready for 2018 earnings with upgrading and promoting DWSEarner at Maree Designs.
Transfer Bitcoin to Payza then cash out onto your Payza Debit Card.

THE only site I trust to buy Bit Coin With My Credit Card.


About Us!

Welcome. Let me Introduce My Self.  My story is this.  Nothing to something within a few years.    Due to a major earthquake in 2011.  I lost my business my home, my life went into a complete melt down for a few years.   I had signed up with GDI as the domain provider in 2009.  So luckily I was earning commissions in the back ground while I relocated and started to restructure my online businesses.  I reactivated my SFI & Triple Clicks  + Traffic Wave Accounts in 2013.  I Started To Research Affiliate Marketing. Investing thousands of dollars and hours on how to start generating numerous different income Resources, while promoting my 5 Main Core Programs.

My Dollar Wise Network… OFFERS Great reward incentives for supporting Our Members On Line  Store Venture throughout our Dollar Wise Network.. Connecting Sellers With Buyers – With Out Side Advertisers.
Building Our Down lines with 5 Core Programs –
Generating Traffic –
Earning Commissions –
Branding ourselves. Using Social Media Free Outlets.

25 years experience designing my classic range of designer clothing. I simply put my Business Plan Blue Print I use into Building and Designing my Affiliate Business Online.

The MAIN REASON most people fail online is due to the fact that this very important element is missing:    Skills and Hard Work.
Our  Dollar Wise Network REMOVES this.
Almost all of the online opportunities are perfect.
Most CAN generate an income for you.
But there is only one little problem: All of the online opportunities require
 “Team Work”  “Honest Leaders.” “Payments”  “Guide Lines To Follow”
That means it’s NOT enough for you to too simply sign up, sit back and wait for the cash to roll in..   YOU need to be WORKING with your  team .

Why Choose Us?

I have designed a Great Affiliate program where all our members World WIDE can start generating a real income on line with following Our Dollar Wise Blue Print.

Maree Designs Retail Outlet supplies Great clothing at wholesale prices.. My Motto no matter what shape or size, everyone is entitled to look GREAT. Maree Caters to all individual requirements.  I offer commissions for all fellow kiwi’s that purchase any of my clothing Via My ECA Store or Trade Me Listings. Maree Designs Also Sources Stock from her Local Markets And Online Discounted Stores. Offering unique items at reduced prices. Introducing great Gift packages.  All Maree Designs Garments are individually made with that unique finish.

My Main Core Programs!

SFI, Triple Clicks, GDI, Traffic Wave and Our Dollar Wise Network, (Established 2009) DWSEarner ABC4Income and Maree Designs for daily communicating and promoting.

Great affiliate programs that pays Via Payza, Bit Coin & Paypal. providing Payoneer Master cards With The SFI Triple Clicks Program.

Back Office Video Training, Word Press Articles, Facebook Groups. All the tool required to start your ONLINE JOURNEY TODAY!  Avoiding all the scams and false hype online.

Every Wednesday I go to my local mall.  Using the local ATM to withdraw my SFI commissions. The American dollars transfers into nearly double kiwi cash.

Members Testimonial’s!

I am so glad I stumbled across your advert at triple clicks it was your advertising for build it Big that caught my eye.
I myself had been jumping around like a rabbit joining up here there and everywhere getting ripped off losing a lot of money.
Reading through your website and your testaments, I identified myself the same as what you were all saying.
So I locked in as a Maree Designs Sales Rep. After my first week there talking and e-mailing to Maree I am now 100% behind everything Maree promotes and does.
I got my first pay ever from following Maree and duplicating everything she does.
Thank you for all the opportunities you have opened up for me and every other Joe Blog.

Mary Hati. New Zealand.

SFI Laverne

SFI Kick Start Package… Earn at SFI from PSA Purchases.

Traffic Wave Members.. Purchase Via Marees Fiverr Store to have your Rewardical Campaign Designed.



No matter what the universe throws at you.
We are the masters of our own destiny.
What I offer is all the knowledge I have gained in the past eight years.
How to avoid all the scams and false hype on line.
I have done all the donkey work for you.

Most important go and add your Id’s at the down line builder program at Maree Designs.
I work from this page daily promoting three core programs.
Register free for my boot camp training and updates.

Daily we all gather at DWSEarner. Brain Storming Via The Surf Chat Bar.

Join our Network today…




GDI was My very first affiliate program I joined in 2009. One link generates numerous different Income Resources as your team Duplicate the same system on signing up.

Members Reviews…


U Tube Channel be sure to subscribe FREE.

  Do not be lured away by emails full of hype and false promises.

Example of an email I received
Black Friday 6000 clicks and 1500 I only have 6 left..  ONLY $300.00

I receive 100’s of emails daily. I do not even bother to open them.

I just send them to my spam folder at G Mail. Keeping my Inbox smooth and clean.

I am sick of the Bull

This is a  great post I received from my up line sponsor George at Traffic Wave..

$900.00 your first day!!
Just get three and it is free….
No recruiting No Sales….
Paid every day…
Watch your Pay pal fill up…

Explain to me how any business can pay you if you do not make sales?

Click at the right and start to read some of my training articles.

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