Invest in your future.

Invest in your Future.

Creating Future Team Leaders

How to Grow Your List and Income?

Built For Ordinary People From All
Different Backgrounds.

Teaching Our Maree Designs Members How You Can Achieve Amazing Goals.

Welcome my name is Maree Wells.


Maree Wells Co-Founder & Developer of the Dollar Wise Network (2011)….

One Click Communicating….

Teaching her team the power of duplication since 2011…

The Best Give Away Profit System On Line….

Start Earning Commissions from numerous different  advertising resources….

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Great Quote From Gery Carson.
A kite rises against the wind!
Just giving people prizes defeats the whole purpose of the program.
Which is to encourage competition and learn the joy of working hard and EARNING the rewards of that hard work.
And don’t forget that there’s real cost to those prizes, too.
It’s not feasible for us to just give away a fortune every month. Prizes must be EARNED.

DWSEarner was put together using the suggestions from a list of My Down line Teams at SFI DWSearner GDI Traffic Wave etc. Yes Built by the members for the members.

These members collectively promote Our Maree Designs Club. When asked what the most important elements where to making money on line the feedback was all most unanimous!

The only way to make money online today is by Building A List of like minded people that could be contacted at least once a week with… Tips, Money making Offers and Help. 

Supplying a built in Down line Builder, That Has LOW COST Upgrades.

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DWSEarner Is Your One Stop Work Station For Maree Designs Club Members.
It is amazing how many members expect everything for nothing with out the participation or involvement. NOTHING comes FREE.
To many members expect what took Maree to design and develop over two years to achieve over night. REALLY?
Maree has invested thousands of dollars and hours setting up her Maree Designs Network. She has done all the donkey work for you.
It is up to each individual to decide their future with on line marketing.
Lock into our Maree Designs Club:
Generating a real income online. Creating quite the snow ball effect with your earnings via numerous different income resources growing larger month by month year by year.
Maree Designs sponsors all the games and competitions at DWSEarner. Investing her PSSR members monthly subscriptions into A Cash Pool for advertising and team building.
Her Competitions Monthly are decided by her PSSR members investments.


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How to Set Up GDI.

All these training pages are designed at GDI. 

No limit to how many pages you can design FREE with your GDI Domain.


DWSEarner welcomes outside advertisers, as our members are always on the look out for trusting sites to blast our promoting, generating New PSSR Members.
Advertisers!  Save yourself dollars. Earning DWSEarner Cash to transfer into Upgrades and different advertising packages. All DWSEarner Members are rewarded for participation.

Do not be lured away by emails full of hype and false promises.

Example of an email I received

Black Friday 6000 clicks and 1500 I only have 6 left..  ONLY $300.00

I receive 100’s of emails daily. I do not even bother to open them. I just send them to my spam folder at G Mail. Keeping my Inbox smooth and clean.

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Maree Designs Club offers all members a second Income with supporting other members shopping and selling their arts and crafts products Via Our DWSEarner Surfing Station.

MEMBERS: Turn your viewing habits into cash. Members earn in their sleep, even when off line. As their team surf at DWSEarner viewing all stores at the one location. Supporting and building other members Client Bases for their Arts and Craft Stores. Earning cash for simply referring friends.

ADVERTISERS: Maree Designs empowers global commerce by connecting businesses, professionals, with like minded individuals.

Unlike Avon Or Tupperware, where it costs a small fortune to get started.

Maree Designs charges a very small Club Entry. Allowing members to turn their dreams into reality.

Working on line from home. Setting their own pace and hours to work.

Maree Designs Club Win Cash. DWSEarner win cash value in credits.!

As A Team we all promote Our Core business Links at the same sites on the same day generating huge exposure.

Introducing new members to our Maree Designs Club and ABC4income down line builder program.

Face Book Groups.

Maree checks her face book groups. Writing posts. Accepting connections etc.

Members read then send in a support ticket at DWSEarner to receive Random Cash or down line that they can introduce to Our Maree Designs Club. If your down line at DWSEarner Lock in. THEN they become your NEW PSSR at Our Maree Designs Club.


I am sick of the Bull

This is a  great post I received from one of my friends.$900.00 your first day!!
Just get three and it is free….
No recruiting No Sales….
Paid every day…
Watch your Pay pal fill up…

Explain to me how any business can pay you if you do not make sales??

Note!  Do not ever judge your future success based on your past. wipe the slate clean.

A gdi down line.png

Set your goals monthly and for the first year work towards achieving that goal.
“Gery Carson’s Quote.”
Did you know that you usually have to fail, multiple Times, before you get to success?
It was true for me and probably will be true for you too. Persist until you win.”

“My thoughts for the day.”
1. Do not over analyse things and do not be afraid to take a few risks.
2. Always think positive, optimistic thoughts attract positive out comes.
3. Create a realistic time frame for your goals to help motivate you into actions.
4. Do not listen to negative people.
Remember whenever some one undermines your dreams.
They are telling you their story, not yours.
5. Check all emails for News and Updates from Maree Designs..

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