Use GDI to design your website links to add to your signature at G Mail.

GDI was my introduction to the wonders of Affiliate Marketing.
This recruiting system works the best for building an Online Presence daily.
Best $10 monthly investment. Proven and Paying Me Since 2009..
Refer 5 = $100 Bonus. 10 = $200 So On and So On.

GDI Proven and Paying Me Since 2009.

Find It Complicated To Make Money Online?

Stress No More.

If with SFI!  You have chosen the RIGHT Original Online Working from home opportunity.

Have you been with SFI then left Upset because your Goals were unrealistic. Were you expecting instant wealth over night. Instead of treating SFI like a REAL BUSINESS> If you remained FREE! SFI state you can succeed but it will take time to achieve. OR YOU Could start like I did with an injection of cash, + a working program to follow. Seeing the Big Picture and Reaping the rewards further down the track as you start to establish your self on line. Branding yourself as a trusting team leader.. Leading by example and guiding your team with honesty.

I have been in Business development for over 25 years off line and On line since 2009.  READ my review on the progress and changes with Affiliate Marketing over the years.  I started my on line journey in 2009. As a hobby while recovering from Major Surgery. House bound and bored. . In 2013 I decided to set my goals working online and generating a real income.  After relocating and taking time out to adjust my life style after the Christchurch Earthquakes of 2011.

Now I have a successful online business. Working from the comfort of home. Teaching all my team how to avoid all the scams and false hype. Saving them thousands of dollars and frustration as they start their on line journey the right way.


If you’re looking to set up an On Line Working From Home opportunity that is unique and want an established business to promote.
I spent over three years researching the internet, developing my Dollar Wise Network Program. (Established 2009)

I researched thousands of On line opportunities… Launching my own Traffic Exchange in 2015.. So I could gather all my members to the One Location, One Click Communicating. In 2016 I Launched ABC4Income and Maree Designs Using Paypal as the payment processor.  At the end of 2016, things took a drastic turn around as Pay pal decided they would not support small time Owners that owned on line traffic exchanges or safe lists. any more.

The affiliate marketing industry started to go through some major changes in 2016.

As owners struggled to cover their monthly costs of keeping their host provider paid monthly, some started to rob Peter To Pay Paul.  While looked for other venues to use as a payment provider. THIS saw many sites simply shutting their doors taking all their members hard earned cash with them.

I had upgraded with numerous different sites that disappeared over night. 

Now in 2017, you will find hundreds of  Traffic Exchanges and Mailers have closed their doors.  You will find outrageous Bribes and Claims to try and lure members into joining.

In an online industry where sites are still closing their doors,  their is still a lot of  changes happening on line. I predict many more sites will slip through the holes.  Not being able to maintain site expenses needed monthly to operate. They will give numerous excuses as to why they are not paying their members. This is when I decided to wipe the slate clean, kissing my money good bye and restructuring how I would operate online.

Before joining any new program  DO A GOOGLE SEARCH as you do not want to be believing all the hype and throwing your cash away into a never ending pit.

WHY I am still here? I have not spent members cash that is owing, I run my business the right way, paying members what they are owed. So if your looking for a trusted and honest portfolio to put together. I would suggest to log into Maree Designs and join the trusted down line building sites I have been using for years.

I am always investing in the future, keeping up with the trends, I will not be thinking of shutting the doors to my online ventures. As my Goal Has Been And Always Will Be to support all my members, teaching them how to follow in my footsteps generating a real income online.

The real test is not about earning in the first few months.
It should be about setting up your network and setting goals to start growing that nest egg. You could spend thousands of dollars else where, believing all the hype.
Or follow My Dollar Wise System Earner Plan I will provide to you FREE.

What is BETTER than 1,000 active referrals?
5-20 Different Down line builder Sites your referrals will join on Auto Pilot.
Everyone knows that you  can make money online, BUT you need to be participating and promoting with the right programs…. Then referrals will eventuate.
but what if ALL the new members who joined after you went under you? 


Newbies Start with listening to One New Video Daily.



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Pros And Cons Of Network Marketing

How To Generate Leads

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Affiliate Kick Starter Video Series

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Team Communications.

How To Create A Buzz

How To Build your Empire Online and off line.

Email Communication Series

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