A Games Plan At Triple Clicks.


As members duplicate the same system at Maree Designs  they will join Triple Clicks Via members Links with joining at the down line builder program.

BE SURE TO ADD your SFI Id there.

How to Get Sale VP with bidding at Double MRP Auction.  I do this daily.

I purchase One T Credit with 150 MRP Rewards.



Click add to card. DO NOT TICK  STANDING ORDER.

A box will appear CLICK THE GREEN LINK

Add to Cart. Then Click the blue link Process Order.


YOU will be asked to confirm your email address. Enter.

CLICK Continue to Check Out.

Tick This box

You currently have 10,264 Member Rewards Points (MRP). Select this option if you wish to use your MRP on this order. IMPORTANT: VP (VersaPoints) is awarded ONLY on purchases of TC Direct products. CV is NOT awarded. VP and CV are not awarded on ECA or Member Listings purchases.


Select the product(s) you wish to apply points to:

150 MRP – 47534 TCredits – 1

It will read.

• Your cart totals may have changed. Please verify the new totals

Scroll down and click  I have reviewed and agree to the terms of Triple Clicks.


Go to Auctions and select the ones that are showing X2

(Giving Double MRP Points)

I use 13 T credits in bidding. Receiving enough MRP Reward Points to go and purchase another 1 T Credit with 126 MRP reward points. KEEP REPEATING THE PROCESS.

Bid & Build.  A link will become available when you have made 10 Bids.

Click to spin and be in to win random PSA etc. Also check the bonus bar. In to win random T Credits. Bid when you see the graph just above the tear drop.

11SFI Number One header.

When you receive an email informing you of your new Triple clicks member.

Good News!  You just referred a new Triple Clicks Member:

As an SFI Affiliate, you’ll earn 45% CV Direct Commissions on all purchases made by Ng yan for life!  Learn more at:


To review your entire Triple Clicks Member List, see:


Note: Because this PRM was a direct referral of yours, it also makes you a W3 member free for 120 days and eligible for a multitude of great benefits including a free monthly music download, a free monthly Member Listing, the opportunity to win free MRP and free TCredits, and more. See full details at www.tripleclicks.com/W3.

Want to refer more TC Members?  See dozens of methods here:


Click this blue link which will take you to the page.


Triple Clicks PRMs

(Personally Referred Members)

Introduce your self and share this link for the new member to sign up to SFI.


SEE here the blue box with TM (circled in red) Click this to send them a message. without needing to send any Gift Certificate or T Credits.

YOU may select from the down line box if you wish to send a Gift Certificate.

HOW To do this.  click the link Issue Gift Certificate. It will open another box .

TripleClicks Gift Certificate
Issue a gift certificate or T Credit Pack to Joseph Kilale

Duplicate my message. Changing my links to yours.

This is the page  member are taken to. When they follow your instructions.


I record on my computer tracking codes proven Plus the name of the last individual I sent the email to This week sign ups 33 Sent to       Vesna Lazarevic
HEADING!  Sponsors Free support Triple Clicks

Hi and welcome to Triple Clicks.

Be sure to click the link for SFI and activate your account.
This is the back bone of Triple Clicks.
A great working from home business opportunity.
You use the same log in details.
register here to receive my Free Step by Step Training Program
The beauty is with every purchase your down line make at SFI at Triple Clicks.
You will also earn commissions.
YOU receive cash incentives from all your down line purchases 12 Levels deep.
View how I reward my down line for participation.
Cheers from Maree
Surfing and earning in New Zealand.
Gold Team leader

TC is much more than just an e-commerce site
Yes, TC has tens of thousands of products from all over the world–which is awesome–but TC also features:
•24-hour penny auctions that feature savings of up to 99% off retail (with a guaranteed minimum savings of 77% on every auction)!
•Fun and engaging games to attract the more than 100 million people who play games online daily!
•25 free daily drawings for customers (T-Time and The Daily Crown), that allows shoppers to win thousands of dollars in prizes every week!
•Every purchase at TC comes with Member Rewards Points (MRP)…to keep customers coming back again and again!
•A customer referral program that gets your customers bringing in more customers (all of who can earn you lifetime commissions)!
In short, TC has something for everyone–and that makes earning money online not only realistic but also potentially highly lucrative.

The basic method:
1. Go to Triple Clicks and find a product you want to sell.
2. Use the product’s provided affiliate link, a special link that includes your SFI ID number (xxxxxxxx) so you’re credited with the commission. Use the link in your emails, social media posts, etc.—or use the product’s banner on your blog, personal website, or third-party websites. To get an affiliate link, click the “SFI Toolbox” button from the product’s Details Page
3. Each time someone clicks your link (or banner) and buys the product, you earn a handsome 45% CV commission….
Sell what you love!

We also have a complete system that you can use to easily invite other businesses to sell their products at TripleClicks. www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/Lesson?id=42
And when they do, as their Referrer, you’ll earn royalties on all of their sales, worldwide, for life! In other words, the SFI/Triple Clicks platform allows you to build a business selling just about any product you want.

Already a seller? You can also add and sell your own products on Triple Clicks (and put the marketing muscle of over one million SFI affiliates worldwide to work selling your products)! In short, virtually ANY product you want to sell, you can sell on Triple Clicks


T Clicks Provides The Best On Line Games to play.

The Price Bender Auctions are the original penny bid.

Zeek Rewards and other sites tried to duplicate the same system,  but I stayed well away. Sadly they folded in a few short months taking all their members hard earned cash with them. I was proven right once again.  I annoyed a lot of members asking me to join their team receiving a lot of horrible back lash because I would not sign up, instead I tried to tell people not to waste their money.

Everyone was so excited with there earnings. BUT YOU NEED to remember Earnings are only a recording on paper. YOU need to be able to request them and RECEIVE the CASH.

Bid & Build PSA Prize Wheel.

For every 10 Bids You Get A Free Spin.

Check at the right. When you see the graph at 100 % Click to Spin.

Bid & Build

THERE IS a Blue Graph Here. 60%

When you see the 0 change to 1 spins earned.  Click the link that will appear.

You will see a picture. Click the Spin Button Below.

Spin the wheel to win PSAs! Win anywhere from 10% of a PSA to a full PSA with each spin! Your partial PSAs add up too, so even when you don’t win a full PSA, you’re contributing to the next PSA you’re earning! For example, with three spins you could earn a 20% share, a 30% share and a 50% share. Those three shares equal 1 new PSA (delivered typically within 5 days)!

Special Bonus: Each time you win a full PSA, you’ll receive a FREE bonus entry in the Daily Grand, where you can win additional valuable business-building prizes including CSAs, T Credits, Versa Points, and more! Limit: 2 Daily Grand bonus entries per day.


Retails For: $270.00

Current Price: Bidding was still going on.$141.03

Wrong way to Bid.

I never bid when I see Auto Bids. To many members get Auction Fever.

Always wait until it is below 8 seconds and shows the red line. 

PROGRESSIVE T Credits Bundle. I only bid once the timer is below 8 seconds. I used 10 T Credits to win this auction.  Pretty Cool I say.  When you win be sure to keep an eye out for the email with instructions to pay Via PayPal.  The progressive Auctions are great the amount of PSA you will receive increases. Plus I Bid in double MRP Auctions receiving 10 MRP Rewards with each Bid. I save these rewards to purchase gifts from New Zealand ECA Stores.
Winning Price  $1.56

I earned 10 MRP with each Bid!

You will receive an email to pay Via Pay pal for the auction.

It will read.  Congratulations!  You won auction #80024 for:
(1) PROGRESSIVE T Credits Bundle ( Won 29th March 2016)
You now need to purchase the item for the ending price (which was $1.56) within 30 days.
To complete your purchase, please visit: I Spent 10 T Credits to WIN THE auction.

Click this link Scroll down to the bottom Right Click link to pay Via Paypal


Note: If you are exchanging your won item for a gift certificate, don’t forget about our Your Choice Drop shipping service, which allows you to redeem your gift certificate for millions of products at popular e-commerce sites worldwide.  See full details at:

Click this link

Next you will receive this email. Congratulations again on your recent Pricebenders win (auction #80024 for PROGRESSIVE TCredits Bundle).

Our records now indicate that you’ve paid for the item (or exchanged it).  Thank you!

Winning a Pricebenders auction is always great, but there’s more GOOD NEWS: You’ve also earned a special “Share & Win” link to share on social media, in emails, etc.!  By sharing this link–which showcases your auction win–you can win free Member Rewards Points, exclusive music, TCredits, and other prizes.  Learn more at http://www.tripleclicks.com/W3.

Here’s your exclusive “Share & Win” link:



Find your links at SFI.  Log in Above hover your mouse over where it reads My Account.

Scroll down and click my Gateways to find your Referral links to promote at the sites listed at our Daily Planner.

Newbies Confused. Just Copy and Paste my links then change my SFI id to yours.

This is my Favorite Game Banner Link I promote everywhere.

Remember to promote the game link at Traffic Swirl.



PLAY FREE 3 times DAILY. Select correct answer in each round, or get knocked out! Usually between 20 and 50 players in each game (about 40 games a day). Last one standing gets free entry into a Daily Prize Drawing. You might win one of 152 prizes! Go knock them out in Knockout Trivia now!

More Than an Auction Winner!
Learn more about Pricebenders Penny Auctions! Bid with TCredits. TCredits cost as low as $0.29 each. You might even win TCredits in free contests and games! PLUS you earn Member Rewards Points each time you bid! PLUS you might win the auction! Get in on the auction … er… action now!

What do YOU have your eye on?
Bid on any physical product at TripleClicks Pricebenders Penny Auctions, and if you win the auction choose a gift certificate instead of the product, and use the gift certificate on one of thousands of products at TripleClicks or at Amazon!

How to get Free Products at Triple Clicks!
Play free games.
Win MRP or TCredits.
Use TCredits in auctions or games and get more MRP.
Use the MRP to purchase one or more of over 85 000 products!
Go get what you want! www.tripleclicks.com/indexProducts

What can you do with Member Rewards Points at TripleClicks?
You can use MRP to purchase one or more of over 85 000 products at TripleClicks!
How do you get the MRP?
When you purchase products,
when you win MRP,
when you spend TCredits that you have bought or won!
Learn more! www.tripleclicks.com/member_rewards

Testimonials Gateway:
Featuring hundreds of the best testimonials SFI has received. Each testimonial includes the name, photo, and country of the author. Plus, readers can use the included filter to see just the testimonials from any country.
Eager Zebra Games Time Machine Gateway:
Attract new PRMs to the Time Machine game at TripleClicks, where they can predict the answer to a coming event and win the Time Machine Zackpot.

Eager Zebra Games Knockout Trivia Gateway:
Attract new PRMs to the Knockout Trivia game at TripleClicks, where they try to outlast fellow players in answering trivia questions to win a share of the KO Trivia Zackpot.
Eager Zebra Games Pick The Price Gateway:
Attract new PRMs to the Pick The Price game at TripleClicks, where they can predict the final price of a Pricebenders auction and win a share of the PTP Daily Zackpot.

T-Time. Remember to Claim Daily.

• FREE T Credits awarded every hour!
• 1,440 T Credits are awarded to 720 winners every day!
• No purchase necessary to play or win.

Card King

• Will the next card dealt be higher or lower than the last? Each correct guess earns points.
• Earn Bonus Points with straights and Sidekicks. Earn instant Bonus Prizes and cool badges, too.
• Post a top 100 score for the day to win a share of the daily Card King Zackpot.
• Yesterday’s winners took home 1,444 T Credits!
• Play free or for as little as one T Credit. No purchase necessary to win.
Card King League Request to Join.

League Password: SyeG2X
I am putting together a competition.

Card King After Playing.

Challenge friends at Face Book. How to get new signups.

Example of my post I blast. Short and Sweet.

I love the games at Triple clicks. I play daily.
Join me.
League Members  Before logging out of the GamesClick where it reads on the right.

You’ve also earned a Friend Challenge link and an opportunity to win 300 MRP and more!

Challenge a friend to try to beat your new score of 705!

And if your friend posts a one-day top 50 score (any time in the next 10 days), you’ll automatically earn 300 Member Rewards Points!  Best of all, your friend can play FREE up to two times daily!  Let the fun begin!
Copy and paste the following link for use in social media, emails, etc.


Go to Facebook and Challenge your friends adding the link.

Start receiving emails like this.

CONGRATULATIONS, Maree, your terrific score(s) yesterday has earned you one or more shares of the Card King Zackpot for July 17, 2016!

The final Zackpot was 1587 TCredits.  Your share was 55 TCredits.  They have been added to your TripleClicks Member account and you may start redeeming them immediately.  To learn about all the different ways you can use your TCredits, log in at:


On July 17, 2016, you also earned playing Card King:

* 10 Member Rewards Points (includes Bonus Prize MRP, if any) and 2 VersaPoints (includes Bonus Prize VP, if any)
* 378 points for the Card King Leaderboard
* A Card King badge (or badge upgrade) for your TripleClicks homepage
* 200 Card King Bonus Points (Bonus Prize)

You’ve also earned a Friend Challenge Link to share on social media, in emails, etc.!  By sharing this link, you can win free Member Rewards Points, exclusive music, TCredits, and other prizes.  Learn more at www.tripleclicks.com/wave.  Here’s your link (which is good for 10 days):

To see where your best score yesterday of 3785 ranked amongst July 17, 2016’s winners–and to see the entire list of all members sharing this day’s Zackpot–go to:


Also, check out where you are now on the Card King Leader board at:


Ready to compete for the title of “King of Cards” again?  Head over now (your first two games are FREE) to:


For more of my Eager Zebra games you can play, see:


Again, congratulations on your awesomeness!

Zack Zebra

Click the Green Box where it read.

HEY! Referring a friend to Triple Clicks also gets you these great benefits:

  • 120 days FREE WAVE3 membership!
  • FREE monthly download of the Triple Clicks Song of the Month!
  • FREE monthly member listing!
  • Additional 5% discount on any one Deal of the Day of your choice each month!
  • For each TCredit spent by your referrals, receive a FREE bonus entry in the big Daily Crown drawing for that day (max. 5 bonus entries/day) for a full year!
  • Unlimited 10% matches of any Eager Zebra Zackpot winnings of your referrals! Qualifications: personal min.
  • $20 purchase at TripleClicks AND played the same game on the same day/period.
  • MORE!
  • W3 is our exclusive program for our members

    to help spread the word about Triple Clicks.

    Enjoy the great benefits below just for telling a friend about Triple Clicks:

    group of people

    • 120 days FREE W3 membership!
    • FREE Members Reward Points! 300 MRP typical per referral; see details and qualifications where you initiate referrals.
    • FREE monthly download of a Triple click song!
    • FREE monthly member listing!
    • Additional 5% discount on any one Deal of the day of your choice each month!
    • For each T Credits spent by your referrals, receive a FREE bonus entry in the big Daily Crown drawing for that day (max. 5 bonus entries/ day) for a full year!
    • Unlimited lifetime 10% matches of any Eager Zebra Zackpot winnings of your referrals! Qualifications: Personal minimum $20 purchase at Triple Clicks AND played same game on same day/period.
    • MORE!


    1. To join W3, first you need to be a Triple Clicks member. If you’re not already a Triple Clicks member, sign up FREE.

    2. Simply refer a friend to Triple Clicks using one of our special “Share & Win” links found on all product and auction detail pages (look for the W3 symbol: ). OR, when playing any of our Eager Zebra games, look for the “Friend Challenge.” Then, just copy and paste the special provided link in social media, emails, etc.

    Remember also after completing the Daily to do list at SFI.
    Return to the home page and claim extra entry into the daily grand.

    Click the Purple Box above and Claim your Free Entry into the Daily Crown.

    Daily Crown

    152 PRIZES TO WIN Daily.

Gold Streak

• Build a streak of correctly-answered survey questions.
• Compete for the top spots on the Gold Streak leader boards and earn cool badges, too.
• Earn 5 Member Rewards Points with each entry.
• Play free or for as little as one T Credit. No purchase necessary to win.

Knockout Trivia

• Outlast your fellow players answering trivia questions to win free Daily Crown drawing entries.
• No purchase necessary to enter or win.
• Earn unlimited Member Rewards Points.
• 40+ exciting games daily.
• Next game starts in 5m.

Time Machine

• Correctly predict the answer to a coming event to win a share of the Time Machine Zack pot.
• Just 1 T Credit to enter, no purchase necessary to play or win.
• Plus, earn 5 Member Rewards Points with each entry!
• The latest Time Machine winners shared a Zackpot of 23,004 TCredits!

Pick The Price

• Predict the final price of a Price Bender auction and win a share of the PTP Daily Zackpot.
• Just 1 TCredit to enter, no purchase necessary to play or win.
• Hundreds of chances to win weekly and no win limits.
• Yesterday’s winners took home 745 T Credits!
• Plus, earn 5 Member Rewards Points with each entry!

Spotlight Merchants are online sellers from around the world that we’ve hand-picked for our affiliates. You can browse these merchants and products at the SPOTLIGHT MERCHANTS DIRECTORY at Triple Clicks.

In the directory, each merchant has his/her own panel, that looks like these:

As you can see, each panel provides great at-a-glance information.  Plus, you can designate your favorite merchants by clicking on the heart icons to make repeat shopping trips even easier.

Clicking the blue “SHOP” button will open the merchant’s website in a new window—ready for you to start shopping.

The “VP Gauge” icon gives you a general idea on the amount of VersaPoints available.  And we’ve color-coded them as follows:

Additionally, at the top of the directory, there’s a handy category menu, plus time-saving filters and sorts.