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With out very little effort I achieved this my first day of sign up.
The only difference between you and me for achieving RESULTS.
Will be if you set aside the Time to Learn!
Putting the System to work for you! Putting the plan into Motion.

I have done all the donkey work for you!

Who are they?… The Platinum Synergy Group creators of the Home Office Pro Network Marketing Software.
Have been helping the Network Marketing industry since 1998…
Have built over 300 marketing systems for large teams and the largest network marketing companies…   

They track and optimized conversions based on over 8 billion prospects interactions, and have sent over 20 billion emails to the inbox with their enterprise level email marketing system.  They know what works!

YOU Earn 20% from Members you Refer then another 20% from any members these Members Refer. Unheard of else where.

Lets Start while Waiting for your leads

First… Beside the Green + Icon, click the Man Icon (MY Settings)
Click the My Info Icon. Make sure the right information is showing.
Click the Credit Card Info. Take a note of what date your next renewal is due.
Click the email Icon.  Click above the Green Tab Sync. Tick the box beside where it reads.
Enable Auto Email. Click the Green button SAVE.
Synchronize My Emails with the founder!  Tick the green button save.
Click the Signature. I tick the box. Use Team header. I do not worry about the other programs listed. CLICK the Green Tab SAVE.
Click the Social Media Icon.  Add here your user ids to the networks you are with. Example Facebook I add mareesfi.
Next…   Click the $ Icon. (Commissions) Here you will see your list of Referrals. Tick the Grey Tab.  Update your Payment Option.
Tick the pay pal Button. Enter your paypal email address then click the GREEN Button SAVE.
I do not Upload contacts from LinkedIn etc, as I feel this is spamming. Members will see your promoting.

Set aside 10 Minutes daily to sort and set the Auto Pilot Emails into play.

As With Any New Venture it takes time to understand.  Your success will be determined by your participation.

The lead system is awesume! I can see us all exploding our DWSEarner And SFI down lines. Killing three birds with one stone.

Training Pages.

If you lock in Send in a Support ticket at DWSEarner with Id to redeem 5000 tickets.


See my Achievements within 5 days of Signing up.