A New Year Message.

Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year.



It may all seem quite over whelming when you first start on your journey with affiliate marketing.   The real test is not about earning in the first few months.
It should be about setting up your network and setting goals to start growing that nest egg…

As 2016 comes to a close and the New Year is ahead of us.

STOP and THINK!   DID you make money.
While people were flicking here there and everywhere.
In search of that quick dollar.
Believing all the hype and signing up with every new program.
I stuck with following my daily plan. NOT getting side tracked.

eggs in basket

Members that locked into Our Maree Designs Club.  See the big picture.

   Why I achieve On line Success?

I follow my Dollar wise Network Plan I designed. 

Team building Using My Maree Designs  affiliate program. 

ABC4Income down line builder sales funnel.(79,474 Hits)

DWSEarner advertising porthole with daily incentives for everyone. (355,238 Hits)

GDI Domain Provider.  (31,038 hits).

Home Success Pro.  100 Premium leads to kick start any business. (30,929)

I use Home Success Pro to design my Business Video Page. (12,675)

I have taken note of my tracking hits. To compare at the end of 2017.My Goal for 2017 is to triple my views to these links.

The beauty is when members surf and see my tracking hits, they feel safe and secure in signing up.
I did not expect instant wealth over night.  To Many members expect instant riches, without the participation and communication,  expecting to receive the same success,  which took me years of training and learning to achieve.

They get disillusioned with in their first month giving up before even starting.

Jumping to a new site, wasting all their hard earned cash and time. Repeating the same mistake over and over. Then wondering why they have made no progress.

Instead of starting with baby steps that will generate into giant leaps.  Creating that snow ball effect, watching your earnings grow larger.Month by month year by year.
You can spend a fortune gambling or at the pokey machines at your local pub.
NOW you can sit at your computer View Local ECA Stores while surfing at DWSEarner.
Paid for shopping and selling.

Personally it is quite exciting checking my letter box.
I have received thousands of dollars worth of items since I began supporting my friends ECA Stores.

DWSEarner Sales Funnel. Generating cash.

DWSEarner  is the best and easiest one to do.

WHY? because I provide all the training you need to GET STARTED.
Instead of spending here there and everywhere.
Start building that wee nest egg, creating a snow ball effect.

Watching your earning grow larger month by month year by year.

Plant that seed today.
Just imagine if every member followed this advice locking into our Maree Designs Club Today..

Every member would “instantly” have 10+ upgraded referrals.

A huge down line, and we would “ALL” be making some serious monthly income from numerous income resources!

Most Important.

Log into ABC4Income.  Click at the left Down line builder.


Not a member you will be signing up Via One Of Our Random VIP Members Link.

Start signing up Via your DWSEarner Sponsors Links.

All our team duplicate the same system.

Team building at Numerous Different advertising portholes.

Generating a real income on line daily.


The key is to ONLY PROMOTE your DWSEarner Splash links at all these sites listed.

NO need to promote as your team will duplicate the same system.

MEMBERS: Turn your viewing habits into cash. Members earn in their sleep, even when off line. As their team surf at DWSEarner viewing all stores at the one location. Supporting and building other members Client Bases for their Arts and Craft Stores. Earning cash for simply referring friends.

ADVERTISERS: Maree Designs empowers global commerce by connecting businesses, professionals, with like minded individuals.



“My best tips for the year ahead.”
1. Do not over analyse things and do not be afraid to take a few risks.
2. Always think positive, optimistic thoughts attract positive out comes.
3. Create a realistic time frame for your goals to help motivate you into actions.
4. Do not listen to negative people.
5. Remember whenever some one undermines your dreams.

  They are telling you their story, not yours.

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Cheers Maree.