This is the time consuming part… Setting up your NETWORK, but once this is done enjoy and be excited as you participate daily creating that nest egg. Watching your earning and down line grow larger month by month year by year.

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To setup our down line builder site properly and for maximum viral effect, make sure you listen first to the video then complete these easy steps.


#1 – Edit Your Details

Edit your personal details, upload a photo, and add your entire Facebook, Twitter plus Website or Blog links. Links will be verified by the Admin. Add your pay pal email details for payments.

#2 – Edit Your Links 

This is where you add your favorite affiliate links and sites. First add your top five text link ads. Then four 125×125 banners & one 468-60 banner.

#3 – Setup Down line Builder

This is where you sign up then add your affiliate Id’s to the sites. If already a member just enter Id’s. YOU do not want to pass up your team to your Up Line Sponsor because you forget to fill in the details.

Promote Your Link 

All the affiliate resources and methods of promoting your affiliate link can be found in this section. Get your profile seen immediately by tweeting your link, emailing your lists, plus a whole range of other cool ways to promote and get referrals.

Your Affiliate Tools

You need to enter the entire url link . Example.

Just delete my Id name and replace them with yours.

Two things you need to learn first before continuing.

How to delete. Left click holding your mouse. Run it over what you wish to delete. It will be high lighted blue.
Click the back space button on your Key Board. OR the Delete Button.  NOW you are ready to copy and paste your message.
How to copy and paste. Left click holding your mouse. Run it over what you wish to delete. It will be high lighted blue.
Click the Ctrl and C button together. Bottom left of the key board.
Go and left click in the empty box to copy message over. Then Click the Ctrl and V key together. Your message will appear where you clicked.

Click Save Settings.

At the left click edit your links.

These links show on your main profile front page and also show
in the members area to all of your referrals.

BE sure to add your Top Five Core Programs. Other wise admins will show.
When your referrals signup to our site they will also come to this page and join the programs below using YOUR referral URL.
So you’ll get them signing up under you for ALL these programs.

At the left click Down Line Builder and add  your links.
Be sure to join them all so you don’t miss out on any signups and give them to

Your Favorite 125-125 Banner Links


SFI Team Building.



All adds are manually approved by Admin within 24 hours.

Admin checks them all first with MacFee before activating.

Lets Set up your promoting.

At the left Click Buy Set Up Advertising.

Scroll down to set up your Advertising Package you receive with upgrading.

You have 5 banner(s) to add. CLICK HERE to set these up now.

You have 8 navigation link(s) to add. Click here to set these up now.

You have 7 login ad(s) to add. Click HERE to set these up now.

Click where it says Click here.

Your solo ad statistics
Please note – Your Solo Ad May Take Up To 5 Days To Go Out Due To High Demand –

I Do Not Send More Than 5 Solo Ads Out Per Day To Keep Ads Effective

Your traffic link statistics  Set these up.

WHEN you run out of advertising. Use Points to purchase.

Select what advertising you wish to purchase.
If paying Via Pay Pal Click Order Now.
Pay using your points.
(Click here to Purchase with points.)
A box Will Open.
Trade points

Thank you for purchasing a traffic link. Click Here (Click the Blue Writing ) to set it up.

A box will Open

Add your traffic link ad

No adult, offensive or illegal ads (including pyramid schemes and chain letters).

Subject:  Add the Tex  Description

Ad URL:  Add link you wish to promote

Enter the page you want traffic to view above, include http://
Double check your traffic link ad, as it cannot be edited once submitted.

At the left Click Post Your Free Tex Adds and HTML Adds.
Blast Your Free Promoting Daily.
Post your Text Add.

Link URL:

Text Ad Up To 100 Characters Including Spaces:

Click Save Adds Then Click Post.

Post your Html Add.

Your saved html ads

You can save up to 10 html ads.

Admins Example

YOU can View how many Hits Received etc.

If with SFI Be sure to view this Video.