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Get Creative Designing your own BANNERS.

Then Join there there sister site.

One Time Life Time. Upgrade $19.95


Log into Fugly Banners.

Click Above License.

Optional:  You may purchase a Lifetime White Label License for a One-time payment of… $34.00 *Your license removes our watermark logo from all of your banners... FOREVER.
* This is an introductory licensing price…
* Lifetime White Label Licenses will increase after initial launch… so buy yours now!
VERY IMPORTANT: You must wait to be returned… or… click on “return to merchant”…
after you have made your payment! Otherwise, your payment will not be properly credited in our database…

Click Above DLB.

Optional:  If you join our Fugly Banners down line builder…
You collect $17.00 Instant Payments (direct to your PayPal) from all of your referrals who join… AND from the referrals of referrals who did not join… AND so on, and so on,
How can you JOIN our down line builder?  OPEN Click THE LINK HERE.
How can you PROFIT with our down line builder?  Click Open.

1) How much can I make with DWSEarner Money Maker Generator DLB?
Commitment X Commissions = Net Profits
YOUR personal commitment is the UNKNOWN factor in this equation…
I average $50 USD daily… NOT including the $17 INSTANT referral fees… Carl Bailey
2) How do I get started?
The ONLY way to start… “START TO FINISH”!
Don’t even bother, unless you are ready to “commit”, AND promote your DLB!
HINT: “give away” our FREE banner creator… [and strongly recommend the DLB].
Down line programs may change from time to time… so check each for upgrade costs.
4) How should I “play” this DLB for the MOST Profit?
Play it like a great hand of poker… ALL IN!
You will only WIN the JACKPOTS, if YOU are willing to COMMIT.
7) Should I promote EACH down line program directly?
Generally speaking… no
I promote Fugly Banners [with a nod to the DLB].
I would not normally promote each program on it’s own…
However, I DO independently PROMOTE the costlier programs (with the highest return).
8) What is the best way to promote the downline programs?
I suggest “twice the gain for half the pain”…
Build banners that promote Fugly Banners AND “highlight” our DLB!
Submit your referral link for each of those banners… and grab your splash links.
Then promote your splash links in traffic exchanges, text ad exchanges, safelists, etc.
9) How will I know if I am actually earning commissions?
Most banner advertising scripts DO NOT tell you when you have earned a commission!
You will need to log into each of these programs every few days… and “request a cashout”.
Blue website links belong to your up line. Use these links to join any of these sites.
If you are already a member, simply add your user id in the appropriate input field.
THE only Id’s I add are.
Bucket of Banners.  CashInOnBanners. V Traffic Rush.

To view, edit or create new banners… select your banner size below!

Wait then click above Create New Banner.

Work your way through. Click Background. Images border etc.

Work on one link then select SAVE after each section.

Selecting from the drop down box. Color,  click upload to add from your computer.

Click the browse button to add the photo WAIT then when you see it CLICK Save.

When adding Tex. This may confuse members. Add the tex. NOW  Move it.

Click MOVE  YOU will see the arrows in the direction you wish to move the tex.

To move it down click The Down Arrow etc. Then click save.

Return and click tex again to add the next line clicking save each time.

Click the back button to find the banner link.

Click your banner inventory at the right to find links.

These Banner Links you will find listed at

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