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Description of a Traffic Exchange:

Thousands of New Sites Launch Daily.  Be very careful as a lot of sites are gone within a few months.  Swooping in and taking all their members hard earned cash with them. Never to be seen again.  This is Why I recommend these sites to promote.

There are many sites which offer Traffic Exchange as a service to their members and provide a no cost way to acquire visitors.
Webmasters simply have to join and submit their own website on a traffic exchange site to participate. They can then earn credits by clicking on ads which direct them to websites of other members. According to their earned credit count they have their website advertised to other users within the exchange. That is, the more they visit other websites the more their own website is advertised to other members.
Benefits of Upgrading at these Traffic Exchanges.
Your first aim should be to start as a free member, Or if your budget allows, Upgrade with the one time special you will see when joining. BE AWARE you will not see these offers again. Participate daily once finished at SFI.
Advertising SFI for new referrals.  Use the credits you receive monthly with being upgraded. Also remember once a week to log in and send a Welcome email to the random members you will receive. Introducing them to SFI. Each site offers a down line communications link.
Make it a habit to log in weekly to each website allocate credits and send down line email updates to all your team.
Three things you need to learn first before starting to promote your business.
ALWAYS use PayPal or Payza. If A Site does not use these payment providers. I stay well away from them.
How to delete. Left click holding your mouse. Run it over what you wish to delete. It will be high lighted blue. Click the back space button on your Key Board. NOW you are ready to copy and paste your Links. YOU must do this before adding banner links at sites etc.
How to copy and paste. Left click holding your mouse. Run it over the Banner link to copy and paste etc. It will be high lighted blue. Click the Ctrl and C button together. Bottom left of the key board.
Go and left click in the empty box to copy the links over. Then Click the Ctrl and V key together. Your link will appear where you clicked. Most important check links are working. There needs to be no spaces when copying over.

Site Links I promote.

Log in. At the left click My Sites.  Copy and paste your SFI Gateway link where it says link.

FIRST delete the http: before coping  and pasting your SFI link into the empty box. 

Add the title SFI  Then click  ADD Site. WAIT for the timer to count down to verify.

Purchase this Splash link to promote At Traffic Pro. They give the 1000 Zubee Tokens to all new sign ups.

Log in. Click above Promote. At the left click Promo Rewards to purchase splash link

90-Day Unlimited Rewards  Best Team builder on line. All new members will follow you into the other sites listed at Traffic Pro.

THEN click Confirm. All Done. 

(Remember to add a different tracking code for each site you are promoting at)

Record on your computer.

Check Results Weekly at SFI.

In the New Year I will be organizing Team Links for our Santa Club.

I have already purchased a Domain

I will be Designing developing  my Upgraded Teams SFI Team Leaders Splash Pages.

Email me to design your GDI and AIOP Splash links FREE Once you have upgraded.

Email to blast at Safe Lists.

Start generating a real income Working From Home.

FREEEEE. Then Climb the SFI Leadership Ladder.

All you need for online success.
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What’s YOUR dream? In the last 30 days, 1581 people from 98 countries started earning an online income with SFI.

Let me help you get started on your dream today!

Receive Links to.

SFI Free Training Website.

True 24/7 support for down line when off line.

Word Press Blog Articles.

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Random Free Cash and Credits for team participation.

Why SFI?
Now in our 17th successful year
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Cheers Maree

Dollarwise Team.

Tex Links I use.

Remember to delete the http: before coping and pasting your Tex then link into the empty box

Log in. At the left Click Tex Links.

Copy and paste your SFI Link. REMEMBER first to delete the http:

These are the tex adds I add. Copy and paste into empty box

24/7 Generating Income. Proven and Paying for years.

Free Rewarded for Participation. Cash and down line.

Start generating a real income working from home.

NO Scam. Proven and Paying.

Click View Earn Daily Dollars

Prosper in 2015. Real earnings

Free. Winning cash and traffic

Paying me since 2009. Money

Santa club At Face Book

Free Zubees. Claim Now

Banner Links I use.

At the left click My Banners.  Copy and paste over the banner links.  Where it says Add Banner Link.

COPY over your Promotional Url where it says Add Url

Click Add Banner.  Under where you see ASSIGN  Enter the amount of Credits here to assign. At the bottom Click Assign.

NOW Go Back and check the Banner Works.


Link To Image  This is your banner link. Delete the http:// before copying and pasting your link.

Link To Site  This is your promotional link. Delete the http:// before copying and pasting your link.

Click Create Add. Link to Image is the BANNER URL  Simple change my SFI id etc to yours.


Traffic Profit Pro

Once a week I log in and send this Post to down line Weekly

I use the same post changing it to best describe the site I am posting at.

Welcome from Maree your sponsor.  

Welcome to all new members.

YES give your business (mine is SFI  ) a breathe of fresh air.

New eyes are waiting to view NOW>

Welcome. How to prosper in 2015.

Make sure to upgrade.

I have been upgraded here since 2010.

They are one of the top Sites I use to promote  SFI daily.

By learning to create your own lead system!

You can then co-op that system with those you refer.

Earning more income from numerous resources.

Yes, support is critical, but lead generation is the life of your business. 

Free training group.

I suggest to stop jumping from site to site in search of that quick dollar. It never works.

Wipe the slate clean and continue the right way.

Join our team for free today and watch your income grow!

1 TEAM  –  1 VISION  –  1 GOAL

Promoting on Auto Pilot.

I do not go spreading my wings to far.

I only promote SFI at all the sales generating lead sites you see listed at my Sales Funnel

Sign up then blast the promoting here. 11189449.1119

Free step by step guide. 

I offer to design all my teams training websites.

Interested Join here for the domain

Then email me your log in details.

I will have your SFI training website on line within hours.

Connect with me at Facebook

Cheers Maree

P.S Hit the reply button with any questions you have
I personally respond to all my emails! 

SFI Pricebender

Change my Ids to yours before adding.

GDI Capture link

Traffic Wave

Eca Store

If you would like a Gift Card Capture link designed. 

Purchase from my ECA Store

Button banner. I use it for GDI
Scroll down to the bottom left to find your link with your SFI id inserted