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Best article I have read for a while.

Author Fabrizio P (France) SFI Gold Team Leader.

“I am ready to give up”
is probably the most typical thought that the average person who started at least one Network Marketing business in their life has. Isn’t it?

Yesterday morning, checking our team’s group on Facebook, I’ve found this interesting post reported below. I started to reply, but then I realised that it deserved a much longer and more detailed answer (…I apologise for the length of this post).

Our friend posted:
“August 31, 2016 marks my 4th year with SFI. Four years of buying T Credits to maintain EA status, 4 years and no PSA’s active in my down line anymore. They keep dropping out. I send weekly letters, encouraging e-cards etc. Discouraged is not the word. I am ready to give up.”

I understand your frustration. The second thing I noticed is that after 3 years as an active Affiliate, you only have 90 PSAs. I understand that some other may have been cancelled due to their inactivity, but in my opinion this it’s still not enough. It represents an average of about 2.5 new PSAs per month since you started. Which is extremely low.

Also, if you haven’t achieved good results in these 3 years doing what you are doing, have you tried to do something different? Have you tried for instance to get in touch and talk personally to them via Skype, Facebook, Twitter, etc? Or make some webinar?

That being said, I keep thinking that the biggest problem in SFI, apart from the language barrier, is the fact that when new Affiliates signup, they get overwhelmed and they cannot understand how much they can potentially earn and when. Which is what 100% of people looking for a business opportunity would like to know. Actually, I’d say that is the only thing they would like to know. As they cannot find anywhere these kinds of answers, they simply quit even before having started.

I understand that our President doesn’t want to show figures as it could create misunderstanding and someone would certainly treat that as hype or take it as promise of earnings which obviously it’s not. But I think that on our side, as sponsor, we need to take a decision and put in practice a precise and duplicable strategy to pursue precise goals within a specific deadline. Then stick to this strategy and teach it personally to all our existing and future PSAs.

SFI is Network Marketing and, as usual, the problem in Network Marketing is that people are scared to tell other people they need to invest money, if they really want to make big money. Which is anyway what is needed in any other kind of entrepreneurial activity in this world.

The fact is that investing money (and we’re talking just about a few tens of dollars per month, not millions) is not a crime. Is a natural and essential part of 100% of a flourishing business. And we as sponsor, must be willing to educate our Affiliates about this essential aspect. The point is that any investment should be part of a specific plan designed to move your business towards specific goals. And this unfortunately in SFI is missing. Nowhere you can find a plan telling you how much you could precisely earn and when, depending on a specific situation that you as an entrepreneur should create, utilising the products and tools provided by the company.

I think this missing part is a real pity. Because it would be really easy to explain to people. People would immediately understand what they are supposed to do and why. Rather when they don’t know that, they simply do nothing. With a clear strategy to follow, they would be much more enthusiast and active.

Do you know for instance that if you just have 5 “Serious Affiliates”, duplicated in 6 levels, with 2 standing order in place each (1 pack of 125 TCredits and 1 Pack of PSAs), you would earn more than $13, 000 dollars per month?

Isn’t it extremely easy to understand? Don’t you think that 99% of our effort should be headed to let people understand this kind of concept first of all?

What is the obstacle that people could find in pursuing this kind of strategy? Maybe the fact that these 2 standing order will cost a total of $66.25? I understand, but we’re talking about building a business, and even in some of the poorest (but Free) Countries, if you want to open and run a business, you certainly have to invest much more than that, with no guarantee at all that you would eventually succeed.

These 2 simple, essential and affordable standing orders would honour the essential Network Marketing principles:

1) be the first consumer of your Company’s product;

2) market your business or use a system, to get a steady stream of new customers/distributors.

But everything obviously starts from yourself, your beliefs, your attitude, you enthusiasm, your persistence, your determination and, above all, the certainty that quitting before achieving your goals is not an option. That is the only situation which allows you to always find the solution for every problem you can find on the way.

Replies.Gery SFI Corporate

Good point, Fabrizio!

In our defense, though, I’d like to point out that the second LaunchPad lessons is:

Making money with SFI

And, no, it doesn’t cite amounts, but I think it’s a good starting point for understanding our compensation plan.

Moving along, in the 6th LaunchPad chapter, we have:

How much money can I make?

And this one includes a link to our Earnings Estimator (calculator). I personally think this is a very underutilized tool. Sponsors should definitely funnel new affiliates to it so they can plug in their own numbers and see the impact that exponential growth and “accrued interest” over time even with nominal efforts.


Anton G (United States) Gold

When I see a good post like this one, I always scroll down to look for Gery’s response. Fabrizio brought up a fabulous point and Gery made a superior response. Both are worth a “Must Read”!

And more importantly, everyone should be required to read this thread. We need to start telling people what they NEED to hear. I know that I could have bought a brand new car with the amount of money that I have invested in my online business, but I am very happy I have.

Hello World! Understand that money is an asset just like time. More importantly, TIME is worth far more than money. But you are willing to spend far more TIME than MONEY! That makes absolutely no sense. We throw away what is more valuable and hold on to the asset of lesser value…MONEY.

Money can be replaced and I have found that out first hand. My biggest problem with running my business, whether it be my Internet Marketing business or my vending business, is TIME. I don’t have enough of it. Do you know why? Think about what I have said thus far.

I don’t have enough time because I let go all of my MONEY! My money has bought me so many productive (money making) assets that I don’t have time to manage them all.

So you can hang onto your petty pay check if you want to. Time will pass you by and so will this unique opportunity. Gery Carson is one in a million. The only regret I have with SFI is that I never knew Gery personally, or I would have never quit SFI back in 2000. I was very young and didn’t have a clue about anything, not to mention running a business.

I am at a crossroads right now because I am making enough money with SFI to scale back on my vending business. This is because I let go of the money and focused on improving OTHER’s lives. That includes giving back commissions to my 1st generation and building marketing platforms to promote SFI.

Wake up World! Don’t you understand? Everyone that is reading this should be a Bronze Team Leader at the very least. And if everyone became the highest rank possible, then everyone would become a Diamond Team leader in a matter of weeks.

But the problem is that everyone wants to invite everyone to there pity party. STOP being selfish and stand behind your team leader. Stop being selfish and give back to your skeptical team members. Let go of the money and your misfortunes will let go of you.

RandyI (United States)Gold

I think the biggest problem is that too many don’t understand what “investment” means. It seems that most just want their PSA to “invest” in a Standing Order so that they can make a commission. Then they tell their PSA that’s how they build their business, by setting a S.O.

YVes (Canada) Silver

One thing for sure, as a Sponsor or Co-Sponsor, we have an important role to play in coaching our affiliates that business requires some investment of money and/or time so that it can grow overtime. We also have to be upfront with the role they have to play in their own success. Commissions won’t happen if one doesn’t recruit new affiliates or get ECAs to generate sales for them. VersaPoints alone won’t get you there.

For folks that cannot invest real money, this means they need to invest more of their time to make up for the difference. Same idea applies to people who don’t have much time to invest in their business, they should invest some more money every month.

Getting money for doing nothing rarely happens in life…you can always buy lottery tickets and hope to win the jackpot…but this isn’t a good business strategy (actually it ain’t no business).

Holly B (United States) Bronze

Thank You Fabrizio!

As much as I agree with you that ALL businesses requires some type of investment in order to operate successfully (this is where the term “operating capital” comes from), TIME investment must be commensurate with financial investment. Especially if finances are low.

I think that the greatest challenge for any Network Marketing Affiliate is the following quote from your post:

Do you know for instance that if you just have 5 “Serious Affiliates”, duplicated in 6 levels, with 2 standing order in place each (1 pack of 125 TCredits and 1 Pack of PSAs)

1) Finding “5 Serious Affiliates”
2) Convincing them all to spend one solitary penny on ANYTHING.

SFI, has, does and will continue to ALWAYS be FREE to join and FREE to operate. I don’t see Gery changing that precedent any time in the near or distant future. He will NEVER tell anyone that they have to purchase anything to be successful here.

Our very foundation is based on a FREE concept. Every one of our SFI Gateways says:

1) “Start FREE, no obligation, and no purchase requirements ever” (From FREE Gateway, third bullet point).
2) Six times the word “FREE” is used on the Wave3 Gateway.
3) “One of the things I really love about SFI is that there’s never any purchase or sales requirements.” (First line, second paragraph of the JMT Gateway).
4) “Sign up for a FREE, no-obligation SFI affiliate account.” (Testimonial Gateway).

The JMT Gateway is the greatest example of this FREE concept. To continue with paragraph two…

Most companies have to have such requirements…or there would be no sales. But with SFI, there’s so much good stuff going on that sales, success, and commissions just flow naturally! And because SFI provides such outstanding training and tools, it doesn’t matter if you have any experience in marketing or not. You simply need to plug in to their proven system and go to work.

But, in the third paragraph it goes on to describe our e-commerce website where sales are the driving force behind income earning potential.

And starting from your very first day as an SFI affiliate, you can share in the profits of EVERY sale at TripleClicks.

So, if our PSAs are confused or offended when we suggest that they invest in their business, is it any wonder?

I am not disagreeing with your point.

The point is that any investment should be part of a specific plan designed to move your business towards specific goals. And this unfortunately in SFI is missing.

I challenge anyone to start an offline business with ZERO money. It stands to reason that an online business really is no different. It’s simply lacking the physical walls.

Again, thank you for your post. I hope that anyone who reads this gains some valuable information regarding owning an online business.

Randy  (United States) Gold

I love you too Holly, I totally agree, everyone should be working and contributing to Team Effort.

As for Selling, I think that showing people our Gateway pages comes under promotion and advertising, we don’t have to make direct sales as such, but we do sell in one form or another.

Exactly! How much does it cost to post an ad on a free classified site to promote someone else product that you didn’t have to purchase or keep in stock? That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing. Just point someone to a product or service, watch the purchase, collect a commission.

My spending is minimal, yet my anticipated commissions this month will be up 27% from my previous record high. You don’t have to spend money if you can’t, or don’t want to. It MIGHT take a little longer.