Bit Coin Club.


Maree Designs is a registered business in New Zealand.
25 years experience with business development.
Everyone is jumping on the Bit Coin Band Wagon.
So I decided lets all jump on board as well BUT within Our Own Community.
This way you can feel confident in the knowledge that your investment is secure.

Maree Profile

*    You Sell Products, You Earn.
*    Down line Sells Products, You Earn.
*    You Buy Products, You Earn.
*    Down line Buys Products, You Earn.
*    You Invest with Our Bit Coin Crowd Fund Raising, You Earn.
*    Down line duplicates the same system promoting and supporting  Our Members store’s, You Earn! They Earn!

You could generate thousands of members in your SFI, Maree Designs, DWSEarner, and ABC4Income Down line, all locking in..  I send bit coin payments to their Sponsors + their Up line sponsors bit coin wallets within 48 hours once $10.00 is accumulated.

I do this manually to avoid all the cheaters and scammers.  

Interesting to see the Bitcoin Value was $4914.20 when I launched our Club in September 2017.. In October it has already jumped to $6289.00

Bitcoin FirstPayza

★Receive Commissions Paid to your Bit Coin Wallet..★
★We are a community of like minded individuals all with the same Goals and Desires..★
★How to generate a REAL INCOME ONLINE..★

★Cash Back Rewards From all Team Purchases! 40% Level 1 30% Level 2.
★All Signups are reshuffled to an Active DWSE Team Leader. .
Patience & Persistence IS how to generate PROFITS!

★Team your OTO Offer with our DWSEarner Monthly Bit Coin Crowd Fund Raising.

★★★Weekend Surfers Frenzy!  In To Win Bitcoin Fab Prize Giveaways! ★★★
Surf Chat Bar Facility.  News updates and winners listed.
Facebook Group Access! SFI! GDI! DWSEarner! Maree Designs!
In To Win Free Bitcoin with Progressive Jackpot, Pick A Block and Monthly Raffle.
In To Win With Our Fun Games Cash transferred to your bit coin wallet.
As long as your DWSEarner Bit Coin Club Fund Raiser subscription is active.
Boot Camp Training.  Video Library Access. All the tools required to start your on line journey.
Access to Down line Sales Funnel proven and paying me for years..

See the big picture! All it takes is one new member to bring in their entire team..

DID you know any one can buy a script for a Bit Coin Website. They are already pre-written for when individuals purchase the script. Most are just copy cats of other successful on line programs.  Thousands are popping up.. Many will crash and burn within a few months. So BE very careful when joining any NEW PROGRAMS.

You can feel SAFE in The KNOWLEDGE that you will not be ripped off and Our Venture will be still on line TODAY, TOMORROW. And forever in the FUTURE>

SFI offer Bonus T Credits if purchase with Bit Coin.  If not with SFI go NOW to Maree Designs and sign up Via YOUR Sponsors link listed in the down line builder program. 

ABC4Income And DWSEarner are now a Bit Coin Fundraising websites..
Select the package you wish to Lock into…

*    No Money in your Bit Coin Wallet.. Join Via Our Fiverr Community.
*    Lock in your ABC4Income membership HERE .

*    Lock in your DWSEarner membership HERE .



*  Bit Coin Club Wallet PAYMENT Address to send payment to..



Fill in the form, email to Maree TO Register & Activate Your OTO Or DWSEarner Bit Coin Fund Raiser Club Membership.
DWSEarner User Id.. OR ABC4income User Name.
Bit Coin OTO Package OR DWSEarner Months Purchased..
Date purchased..
Bit Coin Wallet Payment Address to receive Commissions.
G Mail for Communications.

Most Important Add your Bit Coin Receipt Code Given when Purchased.

Members will stay active within our Dollar Wise Network as they see the power of duplication and team building.  Imagine your growth a year down the track. As your referrals start referring others, and there referrals start referring others.

*  I have invested the capital, so our members do not need to spend thousands designing their own on line websites. They all receive A Plug in ready to go Website With A Video Library Reference training series.
“I have learned one thing,” Woody says, “Showing up is 80 percent of life.
Sometimes it’s easier to hide home in bed. I’ve done both.”
Ability is important in our quest for success, but dependability is critical. ~ Zig Ziglar
Tip! I work from this page daily. Simply clicking each banner then moving on to the next site listed with my Daily Planner..

*  Join GDI and design your own Page changing my banner links to yours.
*  Newbie struggling to design Web Pages. YOU may purchase via my Fiverr Gig Store for me to log into the back office at GDI and design your pages.

DWSE Upgrades.!

1 month $10! 2000 Credits + E Book.
3 Months $28! 3000 Credits + E Book.
6 Months $48! 6000 Credits + E Book.
One Year $78! 15000 Credits + E Book.

Bit Coin Wallet Address to send Payment to.


40% goes to your sponsor, 30% to their sponsor, 30% into Promo Share Pool.


TO Exchange your DWSEarner Cash Tokens Won with our Games, Daily Surfer Rewards Or Weekly Team Winners, to real cash sent to your Bit Coin Wallet.

YOU MUST have an active DWSEarner Upgrade.


Crowd Fund Raising.!

DWSEarner Block Chain Bit Coin Club Wallet Address to send One Time Offer payments to.. Maree Designs Crowd Fund Raising.


OTO 1 $20.00  OTO 2 $40.00   OTO 3 $80.00   OTO 4 $180.00   OTO 5 $360.00


Bit Coin Payment Wallet Address!


Select which OTO Offer you WISH TO LOCK IN!
Send the one time Payment to Our Block Chain Wallet Address ABOVE.
Receive 40% from all YOUR Referrals, + 30% FROM their Referrals.
The Higher YOU GO! The Higher the rewards.
You earn matching commissions from all purchases above the level you have locked into..
If you have not locked into the Level Your Members purchase then you receive 10% the rest goes into our Cash Pool to share with our share holders and Fab Cash Giveaways when surfing at DWSEarner.

OTO 1 $20.00.!

Includes 2000 credits + E Book ABC4Income… (DWSEarner Kick Starter)

OTO 2 $40.00.!

Includes 5000 Credits + E Book SFI Success…

OTO 3 $80.00.!

Includes 12000 Credits + E Community Magazine E Book.

OTO 4 $180.00.!

Includes E Book Re-seller License! On sell the E books Via Social Media or your on line store.

OTO 5! Partnership.!$380.00

One Time Offer 5. Private Club. $380.00.
2000 Credits at DWSEarner at the start of each new month.
40% goes to your sponsor, 30% to their sponsor.
Private Group! Access to Newsletters, New video and training articles. Random Cash Pool Prizes.
Keep an eye out for the welcome email and instructions

Confirm all Bit Coin Payments, with sending in a support ticket!
Include the date of purchase Plus your Bit Coin Wallet Address to receive COMMISSIONS!

In To Win Daily Bitcoin with Our Fab Prize Giveaways at DWSEarner.

Part of Our Parent Company Dollar Wise (Established 2009)

SFI TeamWallet.!

Maree’s SFI Team Advertising Pool!
I pool all our cash investing in Bit Coin Sites Advertising SFI.
Send $20.00 Bit Coin to this Bit Coin Wallet.
Covers 1 Month Team advertising, then email me your SFI Id to receive PSA Spill over. Members not in my SFI Team are added to a rotator, promoted throughout our dollarwise network. Includes FREE E Book SFI Success.

How it works.!

One Time Payments Life Time Income.

All members receive A Plug in ready to go Website at DWSEarner OR ABC4Income..  Back office access to our Video Library, Work Press Training, Newsletters etc.
Members simply log into the back office at ABC4Income. Add their 5 individual core business + Social media links. Entering their Id’s at all the down line builder websites. Then they go and promote their new ABC4Income business opportunity at DWSEarner.
Daily surfing at the down line builder websites, allocating the credits earned to their new ABC4Income website. This introduces all new signups to SFI  DWSEarner and Maree Designs as members duplicate the same system.

Simple Step One! Receive Cash paid into your Bit Coin Wallet when your team Purchase.  I send bit coin payments to their Sponsors + their Up line sponsors bit coin wallets within 48 hours.  I do this manually to avoid all the cheaters and scammers. Power of Team Building. Generating a Life Time Income.

I wanted to designs a Bit Coin Program where all our community members start with  making the one off investment into our crowd funding resource, then we all start to earn a lot of Bit Coin Cash, which we could then use to pay for our subscriptions with other on line ventures we are with.

You will find Your Bit Coin Commissions earned for ABC4Income also listed on your Commissions Page at DWSEarner.
I use the LFMTE Script to list all commissions owing on the one page..
Includes any Maree Designs Payza prizes won.
RECORDED AS “BCSent” “BCNextLevel” “ABCBCoin” “MDPayza”

How It Works.!

Begin with sending the one off payment OTO Cost to our Clubs Block Chain Wallet.


YOU will receive traffic views with each purchase.

Example! The Red Man is YOU> Lets give YOU the name JOE>

The First Sign up Lets call him BOB and he is in your down line..

Your receive COMMISSIONS and Your Up line sponsor receives COMMISSIONS.

The Man in the middle purchases Lets call him TOM>

His DWSEarner Sponsor has not locked into our Bit Coin OTO Club.

SO he has no sponsor Tom will be randomly reassigned to one of our Club Members, it could be YOU it could be Bob.  Nice surprise as they will receive the commissions  from his purchase plus their up line will receive commissions from the purchase.

The Third Man to sign up lets call him JOE.  YOU receive commissions From his payment as he is in your DWSEarner Or ABC4Income Down line. YOUR up line sponsor also receives Commissions.

See how quickly you can start receiving cash and random down line over and over from your One Time investments. The Key REINVEST in OTO Offers.

Now Bob and JOE are the red Man.. AND you are the sponsor receiving COMMISSIONS from all their down line team locking in.  Referrals do not stop at THREE… YOU List Keeps Growing and Growing The Longer You Participate.


YOU may also withdraw your Payza Commissions Earned at Maree Designs Affiliate Program to pay Our OTO Club Bit Coin Wallet.

All Members locking in will receive My E Book FREE ABC4 Affiliate Marketing. This way Everyone can start their on line journey the right way.

Monthly Bit Coin Giveaway!

Enter Promo Code BitCoin at DWSEarner.


We are a Group Of Individuals all with the same Goals And Designs.

Generating a real income online.

Exciting News. ABC4Income is now our members Bit Coin Crowd funding site.
The quicker you lock in the faster your random down line will grow.
It costs thousands to get a website online.
I offer Free Plug in and Go websites.
Promoting YOUR individual 5 core programs with a proven down line sales funnel generator.
Lock into ABC4Income OTO Offers and be paid commissions for selling our program.
You will find Your Bit Coin Commissions earned for ABC4Income also listed on your Commissions Page at DWSEarner.
I use the LFMTE Script to list all commissions owing on the one page..
Includes any Maree Designs Payza prizes won.
RECORDED AS “BCSent” “BCNextLevel” “ABCBCoin” “MDPayza”
Members are paid commissions for OTO that they have locked into.
Team Leaders lead by example. Locking into the OTO memberships they recommend to their team.
You want to try and lock in as soon as possible to the different OTO Levels to receive the commissions to your Bit Coin Wallet.

Bitcoin page.png

[1] For gaining trust & loyalty from your prospective member clients.

[2] For branding yourself as a trustworthy confident Team Leader.

[3 For building a good relationship with your new client base of prospective members.

Discover your inner strength & start to gain confidence with in yourself as your knowledge grow month by month year by year.
You will discover a dynamic driving force that you never knew you had.
Building Something Great, for your family, your loved one’s and your future life-style.

Set up your Bit Coin Wallet to receive commissions at
Block Chain have a great security set in place.Will be still on line in the future.

If joining other Bit Coin Wallet Programs always do a google search first.
I can not Guarantee if other wallet providers will be here in the future.

Most important Read Our Bitcoin Training page.

If you’re looking to set up an On Line Working From Home opportunity that is unique and want an established business to promote.
I spent over three years researching the internet, developing my Dollar Wise Network Program. (Established 2009)
I researched thousands of On line opportunities… Launching my own Traffic Exchange in 2015.. So I could gather all my members to the One Location, One Click Communicating.

In 2016 I Launched ABC4Income and Maree Designs Using Pay pal as the payment processor.  At the end of 2016, things took a drastic turn around as Pay pal decided they would not support small time Owners that owned on line traffic exchanges or safe lists. any more.

The affiliate marketing industry started to go through some major changes in 2016.

As owners struggled to cover their monthly costs of keeping their host provider paid monthly, some started to rob Peter To Pay Paul.  While looked for other venues to use as a payment provider. THIS saw many sites simply shutting their doors taking all their members hard earned cash with them.

I had upgraded with numerous different sites that disappeared over night. 

Now in 2017, you will find hundreds of  Traffic Exchanges and Mailers have closed their doors.  You will find outrageous Bribes and Claims to try and lure members into joining.

In an online industry where sites are still closing their doors,  their is still a lot of  changes happening on line. I predict many more sites will slip through the holes.  Not being able to maintain site expenses needed monthly to operate.

They will give numerous excuses as to why they are not paying their members. This is when I decided to wipe the slate clean, kissing my money good bye and restructuring how I would operate online.

Introducing Our Bit Coin Crowd Fund Raising Program.

Just imagine if every member locks in Just One  OTO Offer. Every member would instantly have 10+ even more Bit Coin Payments, huge down lines growing larger month by month year by year, as your one off payment is a future investment for Life.   We all would be making some serious Bit Coin Cash Monthly, being able to invest with buying online products, paying for other subscriptions that have moved also into the Bit Coin Revolution.  Example SFI.

View Our Upgraded Members Random Online Opportunities

Check your email for the Welcome Information I will send.

Thank you for locking into our Bit Coin Fund Raiser Coop.

So please reply with your Bit Coin Wallet Id to receive payments + Your SFI id.
If in my SFI team you will start to receive random PSA spill over as we pool all the cash into bulk advertising, generating huge exposure.

Members will stay active within our Dollar Wise Network as they see the power of duplication and team building.
Your level 1 referrals are not capped at 3.
Imagine your growth a year down the track.
As your referrals start referring others, and there referrals start referring others.
Your team has the power to grow infinitely wide, using the power of our infinite width expansion  technology.

View the training video on communicating with your team.

Set aside one day to communicate with your DWSEarner down line.
Telling them you have just locked into our Bit Coin Fund Raising Club and you suggest they join you to start generating a real income online.

When members lock into any OTO Offer if their DWSEarner Sponsor has not locked into at least one of our Bit Coin Fund Raiser OTO’s.
They are reshuffled to an active team leaders down line.

Bit Coin explained.

Find included your FREE Community E Book to share with all your team.

Cheers Maree.
Team leader leading by example.