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I avoid all Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes.. If a site offers interest daily with investments, but no products I STAY WELL AWAY>

It is very rare to be given the opportunity to be in an Early Bird Launch.
Members that helped promote the early bird launch for SFI Traffic Wave and GDI.
Earn Thousands of dollars Monthly.

Dollar wise Introduces NEW Coin Payment Bitcoin Cypto-Currency Website in 2018!

   Sign Up then check Email for Verification Link!

Patience is required it may take a few hours for the verification email to arrive. PLEASE Use a G Mail Account to sign up.. This way the verification email will not bounce.. IF you do not see it CHECK your SPAM Folder..

Our Dollar Wise Network Consists of 4 “Instant Commission” Traffic Resources!
Just Use Each Source To Get Commissions From The Other 3…
and create yourself a “Perpetual Feedback Loop” Of Traffic & Instant Commissions Today!

   Setting up your Network!

This is the time consuming part!.. BUT a must to achieve any sort of success with affiliate marketing online..  Set aside a few hours to go through all the links and follow the instructions.. Setting up all your advertising. Filling in ID’s at the Down line builder. Then Daily participate.. Creating quite the snowball effect as you start to build that nest egg, watching your income and team grow stronger day by day, month by month, year by year.

   Advertising Traffic Marketer Pro!

At the left click Affiliate Tool / Stats.

To advertise at Traffic Exchanges use the link where it reads.

Referral URL without exit Popup:

   Daily Winning!

Everyday a random member among those that have clicked more than 3 ads (solo/banner/text link/referral email) during that day will be selected to win a prize.

The prize will be selected randomly from this list.
1000 points
1 banner(s) with 1000 views
1 text link(s) with 1000 views

Grab your FREE Ads

You’ll Receive…
x5 Text Links w/5000 Impressions ($25 Value)
x5 Banner Ads w/5000 Impressions ($25 Value)

#1: Click on “Redeem Promo Code” and use the Promo Code: welcome

#2: Click on “Setup Ads / View Stats” and setup your ads.

CLICK Edit My Details

Begin with logging in. Scroll down at the left to where it reads MEMBERS.
This is the most important thing to do.. Setting up you your MTP Network

Upload Picture

Current image:

Use the Browse button to select an image from your PC.

Supported File Formats: JPG, GIF and PNG. (150 pixel width)

Click the Browse Button.. A Box will open showing your Computer files.. Select the file you have your photo saved at.. Find the photo it needs to be small 150×150. Click Photo then click open it will now show the file Beside where it reads Browse. Click the UPLOAD tab now your picture should show in the Box.. IF not TRY AGAIN to get it right.

   Payment Processors!

Sign up Here..

YOU do not need to be a members with Coin Payments to make payment.. YOU may PAY Via Outside Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash OR Ether Wallet Addresses.

Over 630,500 vendors across 182 different countries.
CoinPayments is the first and largest payment processor of over 105 crypto-currencies.

To receive Commissions.. Where it reads Enter Coin Payment Information enter HERE your Bit Coin Wallet Address you wish to receive commissions paid to…  Example Add the Block Chain Payment wallet.. Bitcoin Or Ether Wallet address. (double check it is right) Check emails I send before payments DOUBLE CHECKING you have entered the right Wallet Payment Address..  Example Ether XXXXXXXXXX Bitcoin XXXXX BE sure to add the Wallet Name ALSO>

Traffic Marketer ProBBPay.png

NO FUNDS IN YOUR BITCOIN WALLET.  Bitcoin sending fees are back to normal NOW.

Always check first what bitcoin sending fees are.. Before purchasing if to high I buy Ether, then I send half to my Bitcoin Wallet at Block Chain.. Saving for my retirement.
Buy Bitcoin OR Ether Here.. Sending to your Block Chain Wallet. At the moment I am buying Bitcoin again at Coin Mama Sending to my Block Chain Bit Coin Wallet Address.

I recommend to set up your Block Chain Network.
Sending half of your commissions I pay to your Coin Payment Wallet over to your Block Chain Bitcoin Or Ether Wallet, then transfer from your Ether Wallet to your Bitcoin Cash Wallet. Also Vis Versa.
View instructions on how to set up Block Chain Wallets Here.
How to buy Bit Coin & Ether.
READ Members Reviews from within our Dollar Wise Network.
Purchase via my Fiverr Gig..
Building your E Book Reference Library. Bonus with each purchase.
All you need to know receiving my E Book Training Series.
Unique as Credits can not be purchased they are earned surfing and viewing.

   Membership Levels!


Purchase traffic Views Via Admins Fiverr Store to promote Traffic Market Pro at DWSEarner.. Surf N Win Daily. Block Chain Club Members winnings with the Jackpot, Pick A block and Monthly Raffles are DOUBLED>
FREE bonus Upgrade at DWSEarner..
Activating the DWSEarner Cash Token winnings into real cash paid to your Block Chain Ether Wallet.
Find Winnings listed on your commissions page at DWSEarner..

Everything you need to know to set up bitcoin wallets and purchase Bitcoin. A-Z bitcoin blog.

Edit Profile Links

These links show on your main profile front page and also show
in the members area to all of your referrals.

ADD Your Favorite 5 Affiliate Text Links

My Examples.

Paid for shopping and Selling.. Register today. 25 FREE Rewardicals.

A-Z guide for everything related to Block Chain Technology

Bitcoin Wealth community at Facebook.

One Stop Work Station. All you need at the one location.

On Line Guru’s Blueprint with Fab Prize Giveaways Daily.

THEN click SAVE Links.

Tracking codes:

You can add custom tracking codes to your referrals links
to see where you referrals come from

Step 1. Like on Facebook
Step 2. Send out a Tweet
Step 3. +1 on Google..

Grab your splash Page Link. Simply change my Id adminsite to yours.

   Setting Up Advertising!

Log into TMP.. Click at the top Left. SET UP ADDS.

At the top of the new page where it reads.

Your Membership Level = XXX Here will be listed what level you are at.  It will also say how many credits you have to BUY ADS (CLICK to set up Advertising.)  It will also state, and have clicked XXX ads today.

When adding links you will see already listed http://   YOU need to delete this, before copy and pasting promotional links.

Example you will see listed.

Purchase 1 Lifetime Banner Ad

Price $25 or 25000 credits per lifetime banner.

Purchase using your Credits.. CLICK THE LINK.

Or Click the Coin Payment Button to buy with ETHER or Bitcoin Cash.

Purchase Banner Ads! Solo Ads! Tex Links ETC.  Click using commissions.

Set up the Banner or text add etc BEFORE BUYING MORE ADVERTISING.. Then Continue setting up your network.. WE DO NOT want lots  of members buying adds then not setting them up.. So work your way through ONE AT A TIME.

Purchase Full page Ads!

Click this link to add your site links to be shown in the surf bar.

   Email to blast everywhere!

Hi ~fname~,

Struggling to Build your Bit Coin Business Online?
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Start your Bitcoin Online Journey TODAY.
A-Z guide for everything related to Block Chain Technology
Gain Access to Admins Dollar Wise Blog + U Tube Channel.
Block Chain Future Wealth Club at Face Book.

This Free ‘Viral Advertising System’ gives you traffic, exposure + useful marketing tools to help you become successful online!

…in the next 10 minutes you can be completely setup and ready to get your ads seen with our 100% FREE Advertising System.

Your Member Benefits Include:

FREE lifetime access to our unique advertising system
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Ability to create a personalized profile box with favorite links
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Ability to upgrade your account for more benefits & features
FREE bonus $50 worth of advertising.. just for Entering Promo Code: welcome
Plus many more features waiting for you on the inside..

Click Here to Signup FREE:

My Down line Builder

Add your referral URL’s to the programs you see listed. Join any you are not a member of! Anyone you refer to TrafficMarketerPro  will then join under you in any program they are not a member of! This can earn you extra traffic, credits and cash depending on the program, so best to join them all and use them all!

   Setting Up G Mail and security!

First and Most Important. Sign up for a G Mail Account. FREE

For your added security with Google.

Be sure to set up your Google two step verification.

It provides added security to everything Google, to G mail, Google Drives, Google+ and more. It sends a verification code to your cell phone every time you log in. It prevents unauthorized access to your account.

It may take two to three attempts to set up. BUT This is a must if you wish to participate with affiliate marketing. WHY? I found as I started to brand myself, Hackers started to take notice. Any hacker who has obtained your password, would need to verify, and he would not have access to your phone.

To set up 2 step verification, go to The Google 2-Step home page

Click Get Started. Sign into your Google account and click start set up. Enter your mobile number and whether you want to receive the verification code by text or voice call. Click send code. ( I select Text)
When you receive the six digit code, enter it in the box and click verify. This adds your mobile phone number to your account.

You can remove 2 step verification by clicking your Google profile picture in the top right corner of Google, going to Account, Settings and switching the 2 step Verification status to Off.

  Set Up Your Signature at G Mail.

Log into G Mail Top Far Right. Hover mouse over the round sun icon.
Click the drop down box Settings.
Scroll down BE sure to add your photo
Scroll down to were it reads.
Copy and paste into the big empty box.
High light your links.
(Left click your mouse running over the entire link, it will be high lighted Blue)
Click Control and letter C to copy.
Above click the chain you see a box will appear Left Click and enter Control With Letter V. (your link will appear.)


I use 3 small letters 2 numbers 2 Symbols and 2 Capital letters when generating New Pass Words.

1… Use a different password for your Bank Accounts.

2… Use a different password for Payza etc.

3… Use a different password for G Mail.

4… Use the same password at all the affiliate programs.  (Only established ones)

5… New Launches Or New sites you are testing. USE a different password. As there are dishonest sites that launch just to steal members passwords to clean out their Bank Accounts! PayZa accounts! Affiliate Program Accounts etc..

  Adding your photo Via Gravatar!

Adding your photo Via Gravatar.
If you already are a member with gravatar. YOU do not need to join again.
Add the same email address at Traffic Market Pro to activate your photo.
Not a member!  Click the link to register FREE.
Make sure to sign up with the same email account you used at DWSEarner.


Cross Promo Fab Prize Giveaways!

$550 In Advertising
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Cross Promo Surf: DAILY
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I have added $100.00 to start our Competition at DWSEarner.
I will be adding 20% of all sales made at TMP adding it to our Cash Kitty for great Random prize giveaways on the 20th of Feb 2018.
Free members earn the cash value in credits at DWSEarner..
Upgraded Members will earn the cash paid to their Block chain wallet.

Do what I will be doing.. Promoting everywhere..
View Members Progress with New Signups!
I am Maree Wells showing the example of what promoting can achieve..

I am not in the competition..

10 Chances To Win A Prize MONTHLY At Traffic Marketer Pro!

1st – 100,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $100!)

2nd – 90,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $90!)

3rd – 80,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $80!)

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5th – 60,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $60!)

6th – 50,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $50!)

7th – 40,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $40!)

8th – 30,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $30!)

9th – 20,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $20!)

10th – 10,000 Advertising Credits (Worth $10!)

All members, even free members can promote and

ANYONE can win a prize!

Imagine All The Commissions You’ll Earn Going For 1st Place!

A few simple rules: No Spamming, No Paid Signups, No Paid To Click Referrals, No Cheating.

If you think what you are doing is cheating, it most likely is.

We have ways to check for cheaters – Anyone caught cheating will be deleted. No warnings. No Prizes.

Okay, so if I haven’t scared you away 🙂 Start referring members!

Remember: No Junk Traffic, Fake Traffic, Incentivized, Non-Buying Country Traffic, You Must Have An Average Upgrade Rate Like Everyone Else.. All Members Who Send Real Traffic Manage To Have A Certain % Of Upgrades.. If You Send Junk Referrals I CAN TELL AND YOU WON’T GET PAID

You must have a minimum of 30 referrals to win a prize if you’re in the Top 1-5!

You must have a minimum of 15 referrals to win a prize if you’re in the Top 6-10!

View Members Progress with New Signups!

Here are some ideas on where to promote:

Facebook, Twitter, Ad Exchanges, Safe lists, List Builders, Traffic Exchanges, Ad Boards, Your Own Opt-in List, Your own thank-you pages & download pages