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Our SFI Team Coop!

Maree’s SFI Team Bit Coin Crowd Fund Raising Monthly Advertising Pool!
I pool all our cash investing in Bit Coin Sites Advertising. Sharing all new PSA Signups.
(Only available for Our SFI Team Sorry.)
Send $20.00 Bit Coin to this Bit Coin Payment Wallet.
Covers The Months advertising, then email me your SFI Id to receive PSA Spill over.The online world is flooded with soooo many Bit Coin Sites.  Always do a google search before joining any NEW SITE. BE AWARE there is a LOT OF SCAMS ONLINE. Example. When I was surfing at Infinity I quite liked a site I saw Coin Nuggets.  Goggle searched it to find it was just a copy cat site. So I did not join. BEST Tip! I will just be participating with SFI Maree Designs and Infinity Traffic Booster for Bit Coin.

Bit Coin Information!

Lock into Our Affiliate Program we all use for promoting SFI at Maree Designs.  Maree Designs Pays Via Payza! Is Business verified paying all members Payza Accounts monthly when $20.00 is achieved..  Then Members MAY transfer the cash (OR BUY) to their Bit Coin Wallet.

You can find all the Payza information here.

PAYZA Updates. Payza is the only site I am a Miner WITH.
Our Maree Designs Members upgrade via payza then send their commissions to their Bit Coin Wallets.
Using these funds to pay for SFI purchases and their DWSEarner Bit Coin Subscription monthly.
Payza just announced that due to the incredible response we’ve gotten from our members over our Bitcoin services, we’re now able to offer lower fees for Bitcoin transactions!
Now, when you send Bitcoin from your Payza account to another Bitcoin Wallet, the fee is just 0.0005 BTC instead of 0.001 BTC.Just like before, the miner transaction fee will still be taken directly from the Payza transaction fee and will be set high enough to ensure your transaction is confirmed as quickly as possible.
When you want to exchange and withdraw fiat currency to an external Bitcoin Wallet, that fee has been reduced as well. Instead of a 2% withdrawal fee, there are no extra fees to withdraw.
The exchange rate provided by Payza has been adjusted to make sure that whether you are buying or selling Bitcoin, you get the best price that Payza can offer!
Want to learn more about the new Bitcoin fee structure?

Check out this post on the Payza Blog: Payza Lowers Bitcoin Transaction Fees
Psst, don’t forget to tell your friends about Payza.
Refer new members to Payza and you can earn up to $10 per referral!
Learn more here:
How it works.

Not a member with SFI click the banner and sign up Via One Of Our Random SFI Team Leaders. Personally with the demise of PayPal Every Tom Dick and Harry are setting up Bit Coin Sites.  Lock in your Auto Renewal Subscription at SFI Monthly. Teaming it with Upgrading Locking into our Online School for Affiliates at my Advertising port hole Maree Designs.   Check out September 2017 Bit Coin Value.

I am very excited with the introduction to SFI of Bit Coin.
What I have done is I have transferred cash over to my Bit Coin Account From With in the Payza Back Office..

I pay for my Auto Renewal Monthly with a subscription already set up.

BUT if I want extra T Credits Or To Purchase via any ECA Stores throughout the month I will buy From my Bit Coin Wallet, this way receiving the extra T Credit bonuses.

I had already set up my Bit Coin Wallet Account in 2016 with no understanding.  Bitcoin is now accepted at Triple Clicks! Not only that, but when you pay with Bitcoin, you’ll automatically receive FREE Bonus T Credits–up to 1 Bonus T Credit per dollar spent! So add some cash to your Bit Coin Wallet then spend at SFI. Awesume I say.

Set aside a day or two to read this review recommended at SFI

It may seem all quite overwhelming if you have not used Bit Coin Before.

Like many of you I am very new to the Bit Coin Revolution.

What a nice surprise to see block chain were recommended by SFI.

SFI Laverne

Bitcoin FirstPayza

YOU need to set up a Wallet.

Be your own bank Send $ Receive Bit Coin.

You may set up your Bit Coin Wallet At Payza.  I also use Block chain, who are the world’s leading software platform for digital assets. Offering the largest production block chain platform in the world, we are using new technology to build a radically better financial system. 

Be sure to take note of your wallet address when signing up.

Select a strong password for your Bitcoin wallets.
Use 2-factor authentication
Backup your Bitcoin wallet

Security set with 2 step cell phone verification
Click Settings to set up.  Enable 2-factor authentication on the (security page.) CLICK
Add your full name and address etc.
2-Step Verification is then required when you next log in. GREAT SECURITY.
Enter the verification code generated by your phone ending in +xx x xxx xXXXX.
Authorize New Device
Please click the confirmation link in the email we just sent you. This is a process that protects the security of your account.
GO to your email and verify your Ip Address on your computer.
Settings use the same email address as you have at to show photo.


This is an example of my E Wallet Address at Block Chain.

A quick FYI for all Indian affiliates: Malaysia-based Belfrics, a provider of Bitcoin technology, has launched its India-based Bitcoin exchange which would enable people to sell or buy Bitcoins using Indian currency.

We’re living in a digital world

It’s time money caught up. Bitcoin is the first implementation of a digital asset and is the only block chain protocol in widespread use. It allows users to transact directly without any third-party intermediary.

REMEMBER! Use your unique Wallet ID to log into your Block chain wallet.

Block Chain Wallet ID is your unique identifier. It is completely individual to you, and it is what you will use to log in and access your wallet. Record this in a notebook.

It is not a bitcoin address for sending or receiving.

Do not share your Wallet ID with others.



Daily I recommend to start at SFI then surf at DWSEarner .

Every hour go to Free BitCoin and Click the Blue Roll Tab.

In to Win FREE Bitcoin. There is no cost to upgrade here. So I invest $20 monthly just like I am investing with other programs. BUT the beauty is, I am earning interest on my deposits, building and growing my nest egg larger each month.

Earn Free bit coin DAILY HERE.. On line since 2013.

This site is the real deal.. Online since 2013.  When promoting remove the “s” from your promotional link and Banner Links you will receive.
Use this link for correspondence only.
See how I have removed the “s” To promote at Traffic Exchanges…

They are the only site where I invest Bit Coin earning daily interest.
In To Win FREE Bit Coin every hour.
You can earn generous commissions from them by referring users to Free Bitcoin.
They pay referral commissions according to the table below.
FREE BTC 50% of base prize
MULTIPLY BTC 0.25% of wager
EARN BTC 25% of daily interest
They also give you 1 free lottery ticket and 1 reward points for every FREE BTC roll your referrals play!
Simply promote your referral URL or share it with your friends, and anybody who signs up using it will be automatically registered as your referral and you will earn commissions whenever they use the website!

You can send bitcoins to your personal deposit address and they will be credited to your FreeBitcoin account after 1 network confirmation.

How do they make money to pay us interest?

When you hold money in your FreeBitcoin account, they split it into 3 parts – the first part is used to cover user withdrawals, the second part is used to bankroll their MULTIPLY BTC game and the third part is used to expand their  bitcoin mining operation (which is currently 9.065 Petahashes or 0.113% of the total hashpower of the bitcoin network). They make a profit and assume the full risks of the businesses and in return for you saving your money with them, they give you a risk-free fixed rate of return.

To deposit bitcoins to your account, use the deposit button at the top of the page. They  pay you a 25% commission on any interest earned by your referrals. If your referral gets 100 satoshi in interest for a day, you will get 25 satoshi credited to your account.  Pretty Cool I Reckon.

Cartoon thief

My Review on Bitcoins Sites.

there are way to many scams on line. Ready to steal all members hard earned cash.

1… $600 for the license. I was introduced to this site Via LinkedIn from another SFI Members. I studied the site. You do not get paid Commissions unless you invest in a license cost of $600 Pounds Yearly. I did  not like as to hard to understand, no one will know how to set up 2 step with google apps etc.

I will not down loading from Sites I do not know.

2… Another site I studied the Hype was so impressive I nearly locked in paying $39.00 Monthly.  Then I realized THIS was just a copy cat of another system I joined way back in 2013.   I was with this site for a year investing the $39.00 monthly then I deleted the account as it was a complete waste of time and money.

INTERESTING to see these sort of sites rearing their ugly heads again.

They State to lure members to lock in Via Credit Card. Then it is near impossible to cancel subscription. This is what I discovered years ago when I locked in to an almost identical Site.
Earn Income FIVE Ways!
Here Are Five Ways to Earn Income
Power line Bonus
Fast Start Bonuses
Coded Infinity Fast Start Overrides
Residual Income – 2×14 Matrix
Matching Bonuses
3… My end conclusion! Always do a Google Search First,  I already have a great down line builder system set up at Maree Designs and SFI I simply invest half my commissions monthly to my Bit Coin wallet at Payza saving for a rainy day and building up my retirement plan. I was so overloaded with information that I thought I would wait until I started to receive emails from trusted Sponsors as I had spent so many hours researching.

If you’re looking to set up an On Line Working From Home opportunity that is unique and want an established business to promote.
I spent over three years researching the internet, developing my Dollar Wise Network Program. (Established 2009)
I researched thousands of On line opportunities… Launching my own Traffic Exchange in 2015.. So I could gather all my members to the One Location, One Click Communicating. In 2016 I Launched ABC4Income and Maree Designs Using Paypal as the payment processor.  At the end of 2016, things took a drastic turn around as Pay pal decided they would not support small time Owners that owned on line traffic exchanges or safe lists. any more.

The affiliate marketing industry started to go through some major changes in 2016.

As owners struggled to cover their monthly costs of keeping their host provider paid monthly, some started to rob Peter To Pay Paul.  While looked for other venues to use as a payment provider. THIS saw many sites simply shutting their doors taking all their members hard earned cash with them.

I had upgraded with numerous different sites that disappeared over night. 

Now in 2017, you will find hundreds of  Traffic Exchanges and Mailers have closed their doors.  You will find outrageous Bribes and Claims to try and lure members into joining.

In an online industry where sites are still closing their doors,  their is still a lot of  changes happening on line. I predict many more sites will slip through the holes.  Not being able to maintain site expenses needed monthly to operate. They will give numerous excuses as to why they are not paying their members. This is when I decided to wipe the slate clean, kissing my money good bye and restructuring how I would operate online.

Before joining any new program DO A GOOGLE SEARCH as you do not want to be believing all the hype and throwing your cash away into a never ending pit.

WHY I am still here? I have not spent members cash that is owing, I run my business the right way, paying members what they are owed. So if your looking for a trusted and honest portfolio to put together. I would suggest to log into Maree Designs and join the trusted down line building sites I have been using for years.

I am always investing in the future, keeping up with the trends, I will not be thinking of shutting the doors to my online ventures. As my Goal Has Been And Always Will Be to support all my members, teaching them how to follow in my footsteps generating a real income online.

The real test is not about earning in the first few months.
It should be about setting up your network and setting goals to start growing that nest egg. You could spend thousands of dollars else where, believing all the hype.
Or follow My Dollar Wise System Earner Plan I will provide to you FREE.

What is BETTER than 1,000 active referrals?
5-20 Different Down line builder Sites your referrals will join on Auto Pilot.
Everyone knows that you  can make money online, BUT you need to be participating and promoting with the right programs…. Then referrals will eventuate.
but what if ALL the new members who joined after you went under you?

That is what happens when you follow Our Dollar Wise Blue Print.  Using the down line builder programs listed at Maree Designs to Promote SFI and DWSEarner.