I am very excited with the introduction to SFI of Bit Coin.

Bitcoin is now accepted at Triple Clicks! Not only that, but when you pay with Bitcoin, you’ll automatically receive FREE Bonus T Credits–up to 1 Bonus T Credit per dollar spent! Full details here:

Set aside a day or two to read this review recommended at SFI

It may seem all quite overwhelming if you have not used Bit Coin Before.

Like many of you I am very new to the Bit Coin Revolution.

Not a member with SFI click the banner and sign up Via One Of Our Random SFI Team Leaders.
I Had set up my Bit Coin Wallet Account in 2016 with no understanding.

So it was a nice surprise to see block chain was one recommended by SFI.

Maree Designs Pays Via Payza.

Then simply withdraw your funds to your Bit Coin Wallet.

Using these funds to pay for your SFI subscription or any site upgrade.

New Start Here.


I have my Maree Designs Business verified with Payza.

This is our first step into the exciting space of crypto currency, currency that exists solely in the digital world. At Payza, we’re very interested in Bitcoin and crypto currency, and we have big plans to expand the way Bitcoin can be used on our platform.

Using Your Payza Commissions earned to Buy Bitcoin.

Not a member with PayZa Sign up here Ready for the transfer.

Payza Blog all you need to know. Can be found here.

Pay By Bitcoin and Buy Online Without having a Payza Account

With a verified Payza account, you can buy Bitcoin in just three simple steps.

If your account is not yet verified, this blog post can help you with the verification process: Payza Account Verification: International Members.

Here’s how you buy Bitcoin with Payza:

  1. In your Payza account select “Withdraw Funds” on the top navigation bar and then select “Bitcoin”.
  2. Select the currency (Balance) you wish to use, enter the Bitcoin address for your wallet, and enter the amount you wish to withdraw, then click “Next”.
  3. Verify the details, enter your Payza Transaction PIN and click “Withdraw” to complete the transaction.

Even though a Bitcoin withdrawal takes 1-3 business days to process, your exchange rate will be locked in at the moment your transaction is created so you don’t need to worry about price fluctuations changing the amount of bitcoins you’ll receive.

Note that currently you cannot buy Bitcoin with funds added directly to your Payza account by credit card.

Explains how you can Add Funds to your Payza Account Via your Bitcoin Wallet.

YOU need to set up a Wallet.

Be your own bank Send $ Receive Bit Coin.

Block chain is the world’s leading software platform for digital assets. Offering the largest production block chain platform in the world, we are using new technology to build a radically better financial system.

Select a strong password for your Bitcoin wallets.
Use 2-factor authentication
Backup your Bitcoin wallet
Use cold storage for large amounts of Bitcoins ( I do this at Block chain)

Security set with 2 step cell phone verification
Click Settings to set up.  Enable 2-factor authentication on the (security page.) CLICK
Add your full name and address etc.
2-Step Verification is then required when you next log in. GREAT SECURITY.
Enter the verification code generated by your phone ending in +xx x xxx xXXXX.
Authorize New Device
Please click the confirmation link in the email we just sent you. This is a process that protects the security of your account.
GO to your email and verify your Ip Address on your computer.
Settings use the same email address as you have at to show photo.


This is an example of my E Wallet Address at Block Chain.

A quick FYI for all Indian affiliates: Malaysia-based Belfrics, a provider of Bitcoin technology, has launched its India-based Bitcoin exchange which would enable people to sell or buy Bitcoins using Indian currency.

Read more at:

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ViralAdBuilder is a Bit Coin Site I have been with since 2012.

Sister site to V Traffic Rush.

To Add your image you must register the same email you signed up with at
Use the same email address that you used at DWSEarner to sign up with.
It is a very easy and quick signup. Upload your image there and it will show here!
At the left click Members Settings. Here is where you enter your
Block Chain Wallet Address.
I do not worry with BTCHoopla as I do not want to spread my wings to far.
Click at the left Create an add. These are the recommended Banners I suggest.
Quick and simple Click the banner you will see the link I use, change my Id to yours.
Find the banner links listed at the individual sites.
YOUR Goal is to Participate daily upgraded at Maree Designs. Then use your payza commissions to transfer to your Bit Coin Wallet. Then use these to lock in at Viral Ad Builder.
Maree Designs


I have left this site dormant for many years as I had no understanding of Bitcoin.

I already have a down line here so I have taken note to see results later down the track. Giving myself a three month time schedule to blast promoting then seeing results.

2012.         Sept 2017

Level One.       27

Level Two.       35

Level Three       3

Level Four          1

Level Five           1

Once a week click at the left. Mass Email Down line. Here is a copy I send.

I joined Viral Ad Builder in 2012
With no understanding of Bit Coin.
I have just started to promote again now I have an understanding of how Bit Coin Works.
View my training blog.

You can read my review and how I am operating with Bit Coin.
It is very exciting I must say.

Cheers Maree. (I add the video link to email which shows the video)

Admin Maree Designs DWSEarner ABC4income.

Using Viral Ad Builder for team building SFI GDI and Traffic Wave.


ViralAdBuilder News and Updates!

It has been one week now since the relaunch of VAB as a bitcoin-only site, now re-branded as a Viral Bitcoin Collection Tool.

In the last 7 days, as I write, VAB has shown over 2.9 million ads to over 78,000 people, with a very consistent average of around 200 people seeing VAB every 10 minutes.

A very large percentage of those ads being shown are from the Viral Pool, essentially a banner advertising co-op. Right now there are only 6 members in the Viral Pool including me (Paul Coonan) and Brad Webb. If you are not in the VIral Pool you are missing out on fantastic passive advertising.

During the last 7 days 1.15 BTC has been paid out to members. When you have a bitcoin wallet address entered you will get your commissions automatically paid directly to your wallet in 5 minutes or less!

Do you need a Coin Base account to use VAB?
No it is not required. There are many wallets out there to choose from. All you need is bitcoin wallet address to begin receiving instant bitcoin commissions from VAB and that address can be attached to any wallet you happen to choose.

If you are interested in buying and selling bitcoin and are not in the U.S. I suggest googling “bitcoin exchange” to find an exchange that works with your country.

We’re living in a digital world

It’s time money caught up. Bitcoin is the first implementation of a digital asset and is the only block chain protocol in widespread use. It allows users to transact directly without any third-party intermediary.

REMEMBER! Use your unique Wallet ID to log into your Block chain wallet.

Block Chain Wallet ID is your unique identifier. It is completely individual to you, and it is what you will use to log in and access your wallet. Record this in a notebook.

It is not a bitcoin address for sending or receiving.

Do not share your Wallet ID with others.

My Review on Bitcoins Sites.

1… $600 for the license. I was introduced to this site Via LinkedIn from another SFI Members. I studied the site. You do not get paid Commissions unless you invest in a license cost of $600 Pounds Yearly. I did  not like as to hard to understand, no one will know how to set up 2 step with google apps etc.

I will not down loading from Sites I do not know.

2… Another site I studied the Hype was so impressive I nearly locked in paying $39.00 Monthly.  Then I realized THIS was just a copy cat of another system I joined way back in 2013.   I was with this site for a year investing the $39.00 monthly then I deleted the account as it was a complete waste of time and money.

INTERESTING to see these sort of sites rearing their ugly heads again.

They State to lure members to lock in Via Credit Card. Then it is near impossible to cancel subscription. This is what I discovered years ago when I locked in to an almost identical Site.
Earn Income FIVE Ways!
Here Are Five Ways to Earn Income
Power line Bonus
Fast Start Bonuses
Coded Infinity Fast Start Overrides
Residual Income – 2×14 Matrix
Matching Bonuses
3… My end conclusion! I wasted days looking, and decided I already have a great down line builder system set up at Maree Designs and ABC4Income. I will simply invest half my commissions monthly at CoinMama making this my retirement plan.