Buy Some Ethereum here..

The price of sending Bitcoin has sky rocketed to over $50 per Transaction So I recommend to Purchase Ethereum instead… Then at Block Chain send some over to your BIT COIN CASH WALLET….  This will be huge… Be in at the beginning for a change.

Then Join Our Club.

Coin Mama offers direct sales of Bitcoin through the use of a credit card with much lower fees. They also accept all of the major credit cards as well.
When you first come to the site you will see that they charge quite the premium commission for their service, but that shouldn’t necessarily stop you from working with them and here’s why:
Unlike other methods of buying Bitcoins with a credit card, here you are not as limited with the amount you can purchase. Feel safe in the knowledge I use this site all the time buying bitcoin & Ether, sending it to my Block Chain Wallet address.  There are thousands of new sites launching daily.. Coin Mama You CAN TRUST!
Once you place your order your price will be reserved no matter if the Bitcoin price goes up when you actually submit your payment.

Step 1 –  If you don’t have a wallet  Click here to create one for free” – This will bring you to Block which is one of the leading Bitcoin wallets today.  When you set up your Block Chain Network you will automatically be given an Ether Wallet.

Step 2 – Create a Coin Mama account!  Click Here.

Step 3 –  Verify your account Now you will have to submit a color copy of identification.
This could be a Passport, a National I.D. or a Driver’s Licenses.
This is a one time requirement only! It took me about 45 minutes until I got a verification letter from Coin Mama.

Step 4 –  Click Profile…   Enter A G Mail Address!  Click the green TAB..  Save Profile.

I love the Coin Mama Security… AS YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS NOT EDITABLE.  After completing an order or after getting verified, noe of your account details can be changed.

Step 4 –  How to buy Ether.

Place your order Once you’ve registered, log in with your username and password.  Click above the BUY ETHER BUTTON.  I am not buying Bitcoin at the moment as the sending cost is over $50.00

Screenshot (27).png

START with clicking the USD Tab if you wish to buy in American Dollars.. SEE where it reads BUY a different AMOUNT.. Simply move the blue tab graph watch the prices change underneath then stop when it shows the value you wish to spend… THEN CLICK THE GREEN Buy Bitcoins TAB..  A Page will open select the payment provider.


Follow instructions entering your Wallet’s address to receive the purchase. DOUBLE check it is the right wallet address you have entered…

WAIT then you will need to check your email to verify purchase. YOU need to click the Blue Tab CONTINUE to your Coin Mama Account for the payment to be Processed.. THIS is a great security measure supplied via Coin Mama.


Never Stress when values Drop!

Coin Values can go up they can go down..  WHAT I did! I used my initial investment buying products and Upgrades for My Online ventures with Bitcoin rather than using my Credit Card On line…  NOW everything I earn in my wallets I see as a BONUS!  The best thing is I can continue to shop online with no spending from my pocket, I just use the investments I make.  ( MOST Important after withdrawing my initial investment, I now only spend 1/2 of what is in my wallets, leaving the other 1/2 to earn more value year in year out.)

MOST Important!  YOU need to be ahead of the PLAY…. ALWAYS check the DWSEarner Chat Bar for my updates with trading Bitcoin Via the Block Chain Network.

Interesting to see the Bitcoin Value was $4914.20 when I launched our Club in September 2017..  In October it has already jumped to $6289.00.
Now in Dec it is worth over 16,000..
I made the wise decision to start sending some of my Bitcoin Over to my Ethereum Wallet in November 2017 provided by Block Chain FREE.
The value when I started with Ethereum was $240. By Dec it had climbed already to $614.55. THAT is nearly 200% profit I have made.

Now I am doing the same with Bitcoin Cash investing $200 from my Ether Wallet over to new Bit Coin Cash Wallet Dec 15th The value was $1,887.67  DECEMBER 18th the value is BCH =  $2,672.39  Pretty good profits for three days investing.

Can you imagine my surprise when I read this at Facebook.

“The co-founder of Bitcoin has sold all his bitcoins, calling them ‘as good as useless’.
He has invested instead at Block Chain with the Bitcoin Cash Network that Block Chain has developed.
It is an extremely high risk. I’ve actually sold all my bitcoins recently and switched to bitcoin cash.
It costs a lot to transfer bitcoins to and from the stock exchanges. When I sold my BTC I had to pay $50 and wait 12 hours or the transaction to go through because of this.
He revealed had ‘stopped developing new services for the old bitcoin network’ and now primarily focuses mostly on bitcoin cash, which was launched in August.
The old bitcoin network is virtually unusable. It’s at bitcoin cash that the solutions are, that’s where I see a future.
Oldenburg claims the high transaction fees and delays in transactions being approved are the reasons for him ducking out of the currency.”
Luckily Last week before the crash of bitcoin yesterday, I had already transferred all my bitcoin to my Ether and Bit Coin Cash Wallets.
Sadly today if you try to spend bitcoin there is a $50 cost FEE to SEND.

I am now paying commissions to members Block Chain Ether Wallets..
YOU can then click exchange at block chain and send ether funds to your Bitcoin Cash Wallet.

We have two Clubs View.

Payments can be made to our club wallets.

Always check what wallet offers the lowest fees BEFORE sending. USE that ONE>

WALLET Payment Addresses If you wish to Pay Via Block Chain.!
At the moment I do not recommend to send Bit Coin.
Ether Coin Wallet (BCH)…
Bitcoin Cash Wallet…

Maree Designs Block Chain Club.
With Cash Back Rewards!

No cash in your Bitcoin Wallet.. Click the Banner! IF Not a member, Sign Up Free To Fiverr.  Then return to purchase this GIG.