In 2016 PayPal stopped supporting Traffic Exchanges as a payment processor so Maree Designs Moved over to PayZa Verifying her Maree Designs business she has been operating off line for over 25 years. And was accepted to use there payment provider.
REMEMBER! Any Tom Dick Or Harry can buy a Bit Coin SCRIPT! Be very careful as there are a lot of dishonest sites popping up. I only belong to a few I trust.

Everyone’s becoming a Maree Designs student!
Why? They love Passive Cash, with locking into our PayZa Upgrades generating Bit Coin Cash they can transfer over from within the back office at Payza.
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Payza Bitcoin-Fees-Blog-Cover

Payza just announced that due to the incredible response we’ve gotten from our members over our Bitcoin services, we’re now able to offer lower fees for Bitcoin transactions!  Now, when you send Bitcoin from your Payza account to another Bitcoin Wallet, the fee is just 0.0005 BTC instead of 0.001 BTC.
Just like before, the miner transaction fee will still be taken directly from the Payza transaction fee and will be set high enough to ensure your transaction is confirmed as quickly as possible.
When you want to exchange and withdraw fiat currency to an external Bitcoin Wallet, that fee has been reduced as well. Instead of a 2% withdrawal fee, there are no extra fees to withdraw.
The exchange rate provided by Payza has been adjusted to make sure that whether you are buying or selling Bitcoin, you get the best price that Payza can offer!
Want to learn more about the new Bitcoin fee structure?

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With a verified Payza account, you can buy Bitcoin in just three simple steps.

Send your Payza commissions earned from Maree Designs.

  1. In your Payza account select “Withdraw Funds” on the top navigation bar and then select “Bitcoin”.
  2. Select the currency (Balance) you wish to use, enter the Bitcoin address for your wallet, and enter the amount you wish to withdraw, then click “Next”.
  3. Verify the details, enter your Payza Transaction PIN and click “Withdraw” to complete the transaction.
  4. The minimum you can sent to your bit coin wallet is $20.00. ENTER in the empty box under where it reads Amount.
  5.  If you try to send $15.00 etc it will not go through.


(interesting to see the Bitcoin Value was $4914.20 when I sent this in September 2017.. (within a few months it has already jumped to $5589.00

Bitcoin FirstPayza


How Does the Payza Referral Program Work?
The Payza Referral Program gives you a way to earn money by letting people know about Payza. Using your unique referral code or URL, you can earn $5 USD for your first 10 qualified referrals and $10 USD for each qualified referral after that.
How it works
Where Can I Find My Unique Payza Referral URL and Link Code?
You can find your unique Payza Referral URL and HTML codes in your Payza account, to be able to use this URL as a hyperlink.
1) In your Payza account, click “Account” in the left-hand column.
2) Select “Referral Program”.
3) Your Referral URL will appear on this page.
4) To use your Referral URL as a hyperlink, click “Get Your Link Code Now”.
5) On this page you will see several HTML codes with suggested slogans to use for your hyperlink. Choose the one that you prefer, then copy and paste that code wherever you will be using it.
6) You can customize the slogan by editing the text portion of the script. Simply replace the text already listed with the slogan you wish to use.
Where Can I Find the List of People I Referred to Payza?
You can find the list of everyone who has signed up for a Payza account using your Payza Referral URL within your account.
1) In your Payza account, click “Account” in the left-hand column.
2) Select “Referral Program”.
3) Click “Referrals”.
On this page you will see the list of people you referred to Payza. You will also see whether these referrals are “Qualified” and whether your have been paid your referral bonus for the referral.
Your referrals must meet these conditions to qualify for the Payza Referral Program:
Sign up for their account using your referral link, website’s link code, or Payza banner.
Transact (send and receive) at least $250 USD or equivalent
More Information can be found here.

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Commissions are paid to your Payza Wallet Monthly, then withdraw to your Bit Coin Wallets.
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Set up your Bit Coin Wallet Using Payza. 

Fast Easy And Safe.

Payza!  View the left hand Column Click  “Wallet” then Click

Cryptocurrency Address Manager

  • The Cryptocurrency Address Manager lets you generate Bitcoin addresses for your Payza Account.
  • Use the addresses and QR codes to receive Bitcoin and Altcoins from other cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Manage up to 50 cryptocurrency addresses at a time.
  • Use the search bar to easily find wallet addresses for different currencies.
  • Altcoin wallet addresses coming soon.

Check the currency reads BITCOIN! 

Then at the right click the GREEN BOX! GENERATE NEW ADDRESS. 

Here is my example of my Wallet Address Generated.


Now simply share this Bit Coin Wallet Address to start receiving payments.

TO VIEW Transactions received!  Click at the left “Balances”.

Manage Balances I SET to Receive In US Dollars.