Always check what wallet offers the lowest fees BEFORE sending. USE that ONE>

WALLET Payment Addresses If you wish to Pay Via Block Chain.!
Bit Coin Wallet…
Ether Coin Wallet (BCH)…
Bitcoin Cash Wallet…

YOU need to set up a Wallet.

Be your own bank Send $ Receive Bit Coin.

You may set up your Bit Coin Wallet At Payza.  I also use Block chain, who are the world’s leading software platform for digital assets. Offering the largest production block chain platform in the world, we are using new technology to build a radically better financial system. 

Be sure to take note of your wallet address when signing up.

Select a strong password for your Bitcoin wallets.
Use 2-factor authentication
Backup your Bitcoin wallet

Security set with 2 step cell phone verification
Click Settings to set up.  Enable 2-factor authentication on the (security page.) CLICK
Add your full name and address etc.
2-Step Verification is then required when you next log in. GREAT SECURITY.
Enter the verification code generated by your phone ending in +xx x xxx xXXXX.
Authorize New Device
Please click the confirmation link in the email we just sent you. This is a process that protects the security of your account.
GO to your email and verify your Ip Address on your computer.
Settings use the same email address as you have at to show photo.


This is an example of my E Wallet Address at Block Chain.
To view balances in individual wallets..

EX click Bitcoin at the top right it will show US Value.
Click then read information… TO find Wallet Link CLICK ABOVE The Request Button.

Click at the left Settings then click Addresses to view wallets generated.
Where it reads My Bitcoin Wallet At the Right CLICK Manage then click Used Addresses at the far right click show to view.
Click then read information… TO find Wallet Link CLICK ABOVE The Request Button.

Click then read information… TO find Wallet Link CLICK ABOVE The Request Button.

Click Here is where you exchange from one wallet to the other..
Example Bit Coin to Ether or Ether to Bit Coin Cash.
Where it reads Exchange Receive ( I will use the example of sending Ether to My BitCoin Cash Wallet.
Exchange… Select from the drop down Box Ether
RECEIVE … Select from the drop down box Bit Coin Cash.
Where it reads Enter Amount
I enter the value Example $100
Now it reads.
0.14542493 Ether 0.05122726 BCCash
$100 $98.4
CLICK NEXT THEN it will read Confirm Exchange Order
Ether to Deposit 0.14542493 ETH
Transaction Fee
0.000441 ETH
Total Ether leaving the wallet0.14586593 ETH
Exchange Rate
1 ETH = 0.35185503 BCH
Network Transaction Fee
Bitcoin Cash to be Received0.05116849 BCH
TICK THE BOX TO AGREE... I agree to ShapeShift’s terms and conditions.
Tick the blue box confirm  Follow the same process for all transactions.
Security Center
Click and take your time setting up.. MOST Important set up All Level One Steps.
Email verification is a must. They will send you an email when unusual activity is alerted.
Level 2! Prevent unauthorized access to your wallet! Link your Mobile Phone to receive access codes.
YOU will see individual links at the left.
Remember Wallet ID is your Personal log in wallet Id.. View at the right.
Preferences! CLICK
Mobile Number Verified YOU will see number at the right.. Click the Blue Button to change. SAME for Email Verified.
Wallet Language I select English from the drop down box.
Select your local currency. I select US $$ from the drop down box.
I tick at the right receive by email.
View the list.. Wallet Password YOU can click the blue button at the right to change.

Now Supporting Bitcoin Cash!
We’re excited to announce that your Blockchain wallet is now offering full support for Bitcoin Cash!
You can get started sending, requesting, and exchanging today.
What is Bitcoin Cash?
Bitcoin Cash is a form of peer-to-peer electronic cash that was created after a fork of the Bitcoin block chain in August 2017.
Bitcoin Cash has since grown to be one of the top cryptocurrencies, along with bitcoin and ether.
How Do I Get Bitcoin Cash?
If you had bitcoin in your Block chain wallet before the fork in August, you already have Bitcoin Cash.
If you’re new to Block chain, you can get started with Bitcoin Cash by exchanging bitcoin or ether.
Please note:
For now, Bitcoin Cash will only be supported in your web wallet. Support in your mobile wallet is coming soon!
Your Transactions
Transactions occur when you receive and send Bitcoin Cash.
REMEMBER you will already have Bit Coin CASH and ETHER Wallets Set up within your Block Chain Network.

We’re living in a digital world

It’s time money caught up. Bitcoin is the first implementation of a digital asset and is the only block chain protocol in widespread use. It allows users to transact directly without any third-party intermediary.

REMEMBER! Use your unique Wallet ID to log into your Block chain wallet.

Block Chain Wallet ID is your unique identifier. It is completely individual to you, and it is what you will use to log in and access your wallet. Record this in a notebook.

It is not a bitcoin address for sending or receiving.

Do not share your Wallet ID with others.