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How many emails do you receive. I use to receive hundreds when I first started my online Journey.  I just send all unwanted emails now to my Spam Folder.

One email I received was for the product above. (people randomly get my email from my GDI Websites.)  I decided to open this one as the pitch sounded good, was written very professionally. Can you imagine my shock and horror after listening to all the video’s and becoming very excited.

THE COST IS ABOVE> YES I unsubscribed from this email list.

All our Team Work From this page DAILY!

SFI Laverne

This is why my members appreciate me. I give them access to my blue print at a fraction of the cost.  Laverne has been following the plan since 2013.


Every year, more than a half million men and women become SFI affiliates. But only 365 of them achieve the title of SFI E365 Champion. Today we are pleased to name a new member of this elite group: Jonathan ONE Of Our Team SAW the big Picture.
SFI JonathanDWSE
Jonathan Gagne

Congratulations, Jonathan! My hat is off to you for your hard work, persistence, and overall excellence you maintained throughout the year to achieve this very special award. Well done!  For all our other finalists of the class of November 21st, 2016, we salute you as well. Truly, it’s affiliates like you that make SFI the #1 company of its kind in the world!


I have spent thousands of hours over the years writing and designing video’s. Keeping them all updated.  The members that check their email inbox daily and view the training articles they receive from SFI. Redeeming the VP with each article. Begin a great journey on how to generate a real income on line with SFI.


Case Study of How A Brand New Team Member is Progressing.

We will follow This New SFI members journey for the first year. 

SFI Class Cash

On Signing up Mutu registered for the Class Cash.

Clash Cash drawing of $250 is selected after one month. With some Great Consolation prize every day for the month. Matu will be competing against all New Members that signed up on the same day.  Sadly He was not the Winner BUT he is receiving some great Rewards Participating with the E365 Competition.

Week One!! SFImutu

I participate with the big O. Sharing 50% with members locked in.

The other 50% I share supporting New Members Getting Started.

How to achieve Bronze with the least investment requirements.
Minimum 3,000 Versa Points (VP) (1,500 min from sales/purchases)
• 100-Pack of TCredits ($35.00 w/1,200 VP; 12 MRP SO only).
Need extra 300 Sale VP do this with MRP Points. 1500 VP from actions.
Minimum (5) PSAs (Given Reassigned.)
Use T Credits to bid in double Auctions then use MRP to get VP

I Provided this link to invite new league members:
League Password: QTN9Kn  In To win SFI Gift Card if in Maree’s Down line.

Start Selecting the T Credit package that best suits your budget.

The Plan. Set Your Goals.

Buy T Credits, Bid T Credits, Win T Credits,


July I had 48 sign ups from my promoting.  24 went into the big O spillover for my team. The other 24 I shared with New members.

Mutu was the ONLY ONE THAT GOT in contact with me.

No matter what you do. ALL your PSA will not become Active.THE POINT BEING? If you open all SFI Emails from the beginning and put into practice the recommendations.  YOU will achieve RESULTS>

1…  WHAT did I notice. First I noticed that the member is communicating with me.

Is in it for the long haul. He joined at the end of July 2017.

I Reassigned 5 PSA  He Achieved EA within a few days.

He Purchased the NMP Pack with in the 10 days before it expired.

He sends me his emails of his achievements.

Hi Mutu,
We hope you are enjoying your experience with SFI so far and have been receiving our newsletters and other emails.
If you’re not sure how to get started, head over to our exclusive training for new affiliates here:


This was the first email he received a few days later.

Congratulations Mutu!
You’ve qualified for the Entrepreneur365 (E365) contest! You are now officially one of SFI’s movers and shakers! Well done!
For doing so, you’ve just earned a prestigious E365 CHALLENGER badge (now displaying on your SFI homepage).
And starting tomorrow, IT REALLY GETS FUN!…
1. You’re now in the E365 Daily Drawing! Each day between now and 7/26/2018, we’ll be drawing 1000 winners. Every day, you’ll have a chance to win a share of over $3000 in cash and prizes! For complete details on the Daily Drawing, including prize information and limits, see:
2. You are now one of a very small group of people from your class (those who joined SFI the same day you did.
Note: To see who the other challengers (so far) from your class are, VIEW


Next Letter
Thank you again for entering SFI’s Class Cash drawing for $250.
Just wanted to give you a couple quick reminders:
1. The drawing for your class, for those who joined SFI the same day you did (July 26th, 2017), will be held on August 25th, 2017. You may want to mark this date on your calendar.
2. You must claim your prize within 72 hours by visiting the SFI Affiliate Center ( and confirming your drawing entry number (XXXXXXXX ).
3. Class Cash is an award for active new affiliates. To demonstrate activity, you must log in on a minimum of 10 different days and collect a minimum of 300 VersaPoints between now and the drawing date (August 25th, 2017). Note that no purchase is necessary to win.
Thank you again for entering SFI’s Class Cash drawing for $250.



Congratulations Mutu on advancing to the Badge Quest RISING STAR level!
In addition to scoring a prestigious new Rising Star badge, you’ve also just earned:
* 15 Promo Bids
* 50 VP
* 50 MRP
* 1 bonus entry in the Daily Grand
* Badge Bounty entry for this month



Week Two!!

August begins. YOU can see Mutu activated the icebreaker. It now shows Orange so we are communicating via emails. YOU will see the green hand shakes. I activate these with clicking then I wait to see if member activates. Sadly you can see, not all members continue, giving up before even starting. You can see at the end columns. The date Mutu joined then the date showing when he last logged in.  Progress is going well. MUTU has logged in every day.

Yohann Mumbach is FRENCH. So I will reassign him to my DD Leader Martine who is also French and can support him, with understanding the same language.


You can see she has been with our team since 2013. She saw the big picture.  Not expecting everything to happen over night. Also there was a communication barrier, but she conquers these barriers. CLICK the BLUE ARROW pointing down to view members Visual Genealogy.

I then send an E Card To Martine Via the Top Movers Tab.

I just reassigned a new member to your team. . 🌹🌸

They are French also, so I thought what a great opportunity as you can support them with knowing the same language.
So be sure to watch out at your Genealogy tab or Top Movers list and introduce yourself.

Be sure to join our SFI Facebook Group.
Check it often for updates etc.

Cheers Maree.


Mutu received an update email from SFI on the 2nd of August.
Currently, we show…
– You’ve logged in on 7 days (10 total required before August 25th, 2017)
– You’ve collected 1791 VersaPoints (300 total required before August 25th, 2017)
To learn more about how to collect VersaPoints, see:

VP Transfer.

Beginning of a new month!  I reminded him if he had not received the 1500 VP, to check email or SFI home page to transfer the VP to this month.

I reminded him to Rate his sponsor (cheeky me saying tick the 5 Stars )and set his goal at the beginning of the new month.  I sent him to this page to review.

I also reminded him to check all email updates Via My SFI Boot Camp Training Series. Understanding how to participate with SFI. Refer to my training website links often.


My Up line Sponsor Leon’s Best Tips.

Only work directly with 3 to 5 PSAs while providing “how-to” support for your team. Reassign or use Opti-Build for everyone else! There’s only so much time in a day! There’s only so much mental energy available each day! FOCUS!

I would also add that outside the occasional gift certificate all financial assistance should go directly into some sort of advertising to generate leads. Reward your team with something that causes them to take action toward building their team which then builds your team.


3rd August Send E Card when I received this E Mail From SFI.

Good news! One of your personally sponsored affiliates just requalified as an EA:


Mutu Received A letter from SFI. So be sure to check your emails for updates.
We hope you enjoyed your first week as an SFI affiliate!  Hopefully, you communicated with your Sponsor, Co-Sponsor, and/or other up line team members.  If not, we encourage you to be proactive and contact them.  They will appreciate hearing from you and may have valuable resources, contests, and more available to help you get off to a big start! It will tell you who your Sponsor is and Co-Sponsor etc.

What is the CSA Rewards program?

First and most important! ALSO, be sure to let SFI know if you would like to receive Second Home CSAs. Just go to your accounts page at the SFI Affiliate Center, scroll to the bottom of the index page, and opt in:

TYPE in the Search Bar (Eye Glass Above)  MY ACCOUNT to be taken to the page.


Now that Matu Is BRONZE. I remind him TO Claim his  Co-Sponsored Affiliates.

(CSAs): Here he can view What CSA Rewards he can receive throughout the month.

What is the CSA Exchange? How does it work?

Did you know that matching up co-sponsors and CSAs by country has been shown to increase activity in CSAs due to better communications and compatibility in regards to language, culture, etc.?

It’s true!  Using the CSA Exchange, you can actively harness the power of this in your team by exchanging your CSAs from other countries for CSAs from your own country!

Click the eyeglass above and enter in the search bar.  CSA Exchange Pool.

My CSA Rewards Audit

Total CSAs claimed: 457
Total CSAs fulfilled: 457
Last CSAs fulfilled: 8/2/2017

The beauty is I am earning from all these CSA members purchases. As long as you achieve Bronze Team Leader Monthly,  you receive new CSA members each month. Imagine Mutu Team in a Years time.

IMPORTANT! Each time you qualify for one or more CSAs from the CSA Rewards program, you’ll receive an alert on your Alerts Tab  You’ll then need to visit the CSA Rewards Ledger to claim your CSA(s). To claim CSA(s), simply click the “CLAIM” button. Your request will immediately be queued and your CSA(s) will be added to your Genealogy as soon as new CSAs are available. This will normally be within 24 hours. CSAs unclaimed after 30 days are forfeited.

YOU are now the Co-Sponsor of these affiliates, they have been added to your genealogy, and you can now earn monthly commissions on their activities! See to learn more about CSA compensation.

SFI STRESS! Do NOT try to learn everything about SFI in a few days or weeks. One of the main reasons SFI is so successful is because it has real substance–with more than 30 years behind it and literally tens of millions of dollars invested into building its system and infrastructure. Yes, you’re now part of a REAL business that you can earn a very large income with, but it will take time to fully absorb everything. And that’s alright, because anything worthwhile in life takes time. So relax and take your time. Learn a little bit every day. Soon, making money with SFI will become second nature for you. Getting started and taking daily action is the key.

MY THOUGHTS! Members are kept informed and taught what to do.

2 Weeks in July!!

Matu has received numerous letters from SFI reminding him on how to participate.

Our records show you earned $XXXX for July 2017.

To view a detailed commission report for this pay period, click the July 2017 link at:

To learn how to increase your commissions, see:

Also, make sure you are following

The Diamond Plan:

Thank you!  We truly appreciate your efforts and hope to be sending you larger and larger amounts each month.

Commissions have just been processed for the month–and as a Executive Affiliate–you’ve just received 10 Bonus T Credits!

(Achieved within his first 2 weeks of signing up.)

To confirm, just log in at  Your T Credits will be listed by your name in the top right corner.

For all the great ways you can use your TCredits, see:

PLUS…Find out how you could parlay the TCredits you’ve just received into a new iPad or computer, S-Builder Co-op units, CSAs, and more at Pricebenders Auctions:



5th August New Week and Achievements.

Mutu took full advantage of locking into my Fiverr Gig.

Grabbing the Extra Packages, purchasing to join Our SFI Coop For 3 Months.

He then went and entered his Payza email at Maree Designs to start earning a second income working on line. Now he will receive random spill over at SFI and Maree Designs + DWSEarner. He logs in daily checking our Surf Chat Bar Updates.


He has another option to request the cash back earnings. Emailing me to send him a SFI Gift Certificate… (This is only available to my Level one SFI Team Leaders)

Mutu locked in his Auto Renewal for 100 T Credits.
He then followed my advice, bidding in double Auctions for 10 MRP Points.
Then purchasing 1 T Credit with his MRP Points receiving 102 Sale VP.
With in the first week of August he has achieved Bronze Team Leader.
I am starting to reassign new PSA members as they join.
Supporting Mutu for his participation.
He received an Email with an update from SFI with the Cash Clash.
Currently, we show…
– You’ve logged in on 11 days (min. 10 total required before August 25th, 2017)
– You’ve collected 4863 VersaPoints (min. 300 total required before August 25th, 2017)
If you’re not on pace to have your 10 logins and 300 points by August 25th, 2017, now’s the time to take care of this, as we’d like to award the $250 to YOU!


Click the T Credit Tab. Then TICK THE box of the member you wish to transfer T Credits over to.  Click Transfer T Credits a box will appear enter the amount of T Credits you wish to send. Click OK. ALL Done. Be sure to reward your members. You will then receive an Email confirming your transfer. REMEMBER if the Green blurp is showing click and start a conversation with the member. (MEANS he is in the SFI Back Office.) YOU may also click the envelope to send any messages to your team.

T Credit Transfer Confirmation

Check DWSEarner Chat Bar. I enter here when I give away T Credits. Example.

Mutu just sent you 10 T Credits. Enjoy Bid in double MRP auctions then buy one T Credit with MRP Points =102 Sale VP

SFI MoversTB

This was so cool. When I clicked the Growth Tab In August  it now shows Advancements of New PSA Members. You can see SFI Is the Real Deal.

1st September. Matu is Achieving even More.

SFI Growth


August Results!!


5,097 Total VP you’ve earned. 3,816 VP from sales you’ve earned.
3,346 Total VP you’ve earned this month
2,816 VP from sales you’ve earned this month
11 Total VP you’ve earned so far today
1,751 Total VP you earned last month

You are currently on your longest streak ever of 20 days!
For New Zealand, you have the 17th longest streak.


2204.00 total Booster Club qualifying VP this month

• You need 796 more VP from purchases this month to become BCQ
Learn more about the benefits of being a Booster Club member

Entrepreneur365 Championship!

You are qualified and in contention for the Entrepreneur365 championship (class of 7/26/17)! Days remaining in contest: 344  qualifying VP to date: 5,097

E365 Mutu Winnings!!

SFI August 12th email Mutu received with list of winnings from numerous different drawings with the E365 Competition.. Each is an individual WIN.
You won: $5 Triple Clicks Gift Certificate
You won: 10 Promo Bids>  2 EZ Express tokens> You won: 10 MRP>   2 EZ Express tokens> You won: 10 MRP> 2 T Credits>

Don’t forget to keep yourself eligible for the drawing each day.  For complete rules and qualifications, see:

Congratulations Mutu on advancing to the Badge Quest RISING STAR level!
In addition to scoring a prestigious new Rising Star badge, you’ve also just earned:
* 15 Promo Bids
* 50 VP
* 50 MRP
* 1 bonus entry in the Daily Grand
* Badge Bounty entry for this month

For your entry in the Badge Quest Bounty, just make sure you have your “lucky number” set for the drawing, which will take place during the first five days of August.  Confirm/set your number at:

18/08/2017 Action Bonus (AB) $20
T Credit Bonus $5.90 value People forget about this saving.
17/08/2017 You won: 5 VP
16/08/2017 You won: 3 CSAs
14/08/2017 You won: 10 MRP
13/08/2017 You won: 5 VP

WAS MUTU THE E365 CHAMPION At the END of the Year?

I am recording over the next 12 months what commissions Matu has earned and comparing them to mine back in 2013…. YOU see when I first began I had no understanding  about the E365 Program, I was not aware of it until months later. Achieving Runner Up when I finally got my head around things. SO Mutu is lucky as I have done all the donkey work for my team.

November Winnings.!

T Credits!  6    V P Points!  25  MRP Reward!  85

3 CSAs

2 EZ Express tokens

10 Promo Bids


Grow your business!!


To all my SFI and CSA Team. Be sure to introduce yourself. Spend a day reading my forum thread, and be sure to leave an inspirational post for new members to views.

My Private SFI Team Forum.

Before reading the post from you Maree… I saw 13000+ view, I was like .. Whats here
Then after reading, i was touched and motivated. How i wish things bounce so well in our up line stream too.
Thanks for sharing
To your success Gabriel A.

“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”
Henry Ford

HOW are THESE SFI Leaders SUCCESSFUL! Because they started investing with buying T Credits Years ago.. NOT Straying believing all the false hype on line.


1. Tap into our profit sharing program with VersaPoints. (VP)

2. Increase your earnings by generating sales at Triple Clicks.

3. Maximize your income with Team Sales.

View the photo where you can enter questions searching for answers. Clicking the Eye Glass. Go to your Launch Pad Training and read a few articles daily..  At the bottom of the page CLICK I’ve Reviewed this lesson. Redeeming VP as you train.

Need a refresher?

Review New Affiliate Intro

Review the SFI program at LaunchPad:

Learn about all the ways to earn:

Review your To-Do List:

Localvantia Pre-Registration

Opti-Build Manager

Claim your Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSAs):

Get your Milestone Shares:

Work w/your Designated Diamonds:

Boost group activity with TCredit Packs:

Join us at the SFI Forum:

Submit your Great Questions to the SFI Forum:

Create your own Private Team Forum:

Take the exclusive Internet Income course:

Promote your SFI business:

Calculate your possible earnings:

Review SFI Power Tools:

Get PSAs To Go:

Join the S-Builder Co-op:

Review FAQs or contact us:

It is very rewarding receiving E Cards From New Members.

Hi, Maree Wells!

Hello, Maree Wells Thank You for this AWESOME Opportunity in my life life..