Joining Programs That Don’t Work!!

     Buying Software You Don’t Need!!
     Believing everything you read!!

     And Think?  Have You Actually Made Any Money At All?

     Start by setting up DWSEarner. Follow Instructions.

View my Dollar Wise Introduction Video

     Next Step. Log into Maree Designs and set up your Down line Builder.


Proof that if you put the Dollar Wise Plan into play you can build any core business.

I will use SFI as my Example.  View my Case Study Training of one new PSA Member. Try and read one individual training article at the right DAILY.

HI My Name is Maree! google me Maree Wells New Zealand.
I have spent thousands of dollars and hours testing traffic Exchanges over the past few years. Sorting what sites Were A Waste of Time and what Sites I find Produce Results with promoting my Maree Designs Dollar Wise Network.

Maree Designs is a registered business in New Zealand. Registered with Payza.  Members that have been following my blue print over the years are now great Team Leaders within our Network. Generating a REAL INCOME ONLINE.

Maree Designs is also the owner of DWSEarner and ABC4Income. (Advertising and training portholes.) Maree Designs also owns DWSEarner Fiverr Gig Store.

Find numerous Gigs Here. When going to the payment processor be sure to view the Upgrade Gigs on offer. Joining our individual Co-ops with individual programs.  As long as your Fiverr Gig is active you receive Cash Back Commissions of 20% from all your team purchases. Climbing the Leadership Ladder increases your commissions earned.

How many sites have you joining weekly then monthly when starting your on line journey. When I first started to build my on line business I believed all the hype wasting thousands of dollars. Joining way to many sites that produced very little or no results.

WHAT if you could earn real commissions as you build your On Line Sales Funnel.

How I manage my time and money wisely

Before you join any site check and see if it is listed at our Maree Designs Down line builder.  These are the ones I suggest to start with. I update them often.

DECIDE on Two to Three Main Programs To Promote.  Mine are SFI GDI and Traffic Wave.  Using my Maree Designs Blue Print for team building.  Daily participating and Communicating at DWSEarner. Rewarding my Team for every action they make with Fab Prize Giveaways.

Not Sure Where To Place YOUR Ads? I have done all the donkey work for you. Downline Builder at Maree Designs. Set aside one day to join and blast your promotions.

Maree Designs Upgrade Via PayZa.

Send me your SFI Id to be added to Our SFI Rotator blasted throughout the DWSEarner Network FREE for a month… It is all about building your SFI Team.

If with SFI you may use MRP Points or T Credits to purchase this package.

If in my SFI down line receive random SFI Spillover.

Social Media Daily Activity is FREE.

SFI Grand.png

I use to spend a lot of money playing games at numerous different sites.

Then it dawned on me, it was better to play the games at the same location, earning from my team playing as well at Triple Clicks.  I invest T Credits. With daily playing Prime with the Grand Master Poker and Zack Jack. Be sure to Buy your Moves and Matches when you see this picture.

Receiving these emails daily.

CONGRATULATIONS, Maree, on achieving 1000 or more points in one of your ten Prime Games today!

For this achievement, you just earned:

* A bonus entry in tomorrow’s Daily Crown
* 1319 Prize Points for the GM Poker Leaderboard
* A “Grandmaster” badge (or badge upgrade)

You’ve also earned a GM Poker Friend Challenge Link to share on social media, in emails, etc.!  By sharing this link, you can win free Member Rewards Points and other prizes with the Wave 3 Program.
Attract new TC Members with the WAVE3 program (and earn commissions on their purchases) by referring your prospects to  YOUR W3 Gateway.

Here’s your Friend Challenge Link (which is good for 10 days):

I go and share this link to Facebook.

I blast these promotional links in rotation at all the sites you see listed at the down line builder at Maree Designs. Change my SFI id to yours then blast away.

Register Free to receive my Boot Camp Training.

Set aside one day to listen to the Video’s.

Log into Maree Designs and at the left click and view My Video Branding Page.

If with SFI log into and view the individual SFI Training Video’s I have designed.  DO this before moving on.

Check out my U tube Channel for all my Training Videos.

Daily To Do!!

Newbies confused, Unsure how to begin. Purchase this package to begin your on line journey starting today.  Advertising on Auto Pilot, random cash and referrals.

Newbies before continuing it is important to know how to Work Online.
If you are not prepared to spend a little time learning. It will be like trying to move in quick stand.  YOU will be satisfied with your progress IF you START RIGHT.

HOW I start my day.  I check my Fiverr Store and process any orders, I  reassign ALL new members to one of our active Maree Designs Fiverr Club Team Leaders.  I add the commissions owed at DWSEarner to the members account. Listing it as MDPayzaCash.

Maree Designs Owns DWSEarner, this is where I gather all my members from the numerous different programs I am with to the same location. One Click Communication. YOU will see listed (Commissions) Code for DWSEarner Cash Tokens to spend throughout the DWSEarner Network. Saving members thousands of dollars yearly in advertising. DWSEarner was built in 2015 by the members for the members.

View THE surf chat bar to see where as a team we are all promoting for the day.
Multi task surfing at DWSEarner
then claim surfer rewards before logging out.
Be sure to join a team to surf and Win Weekly DWSEarner Cash Tokens.
Check all emails
for Promo codes and Fab Prize Giveaways information.
View 50 adds at Maree Designs in to win
1 banner add with 5000 views daily.

BE sure to surf daily at both sites DAILY before moving on.

Then surf at 1-3 different sites you see listed at Maree Designs Down line builder.

Sign up to Payza then enter your email at Maree Designs for payments.

Verify your account ready to transfer your Payza commissions to your Bit Coin Wallet.  View Video.

View how to set up your DWSEarner network here.

Maree Designs Dollar Wise Network Supports all her SFI Team and Friends.

Partner with Maree Designs when you purchase any of these packages.

Maree Designs Partners! Receive 20% Cash Back bonus + Entry into our DWSEarner Monthly Raffle, Pick A Block and Progressive Jackpot Fab Prize Giveaways. YOUR DWSEarner Cash Tokens WON with any of these prizes are transferred into Payza cash monthly added with your Maree Designs Commission earnings.

Looking for Bit Coin Sites…

I am a registered business with Payza.  Verify your account then withdraw your commissions to your Bit Coin Wallet. Use your bit coin for purchases at SFI.

View my Bit Coin Review…

Grab some Maree Designs Gift Cards to reward your Team for participation.

Successful paid advertising campaigns can be increased “quickly” and with reliable results.
Start where you’re at and reinvest half your profits each month for the first six months.
We call this the “snow ball effect”. Some call it “pyramiding your profits”.

This concept is exactly what I did early in my career to build up to a full-time income.
Investing and building my Sales Funnel for promoting DWSEarner and Maree Designs on Auto Pilot.

Week One!!

I have broken it down into a three week plan to set up your NETWORKS.

1… Your First Week Start to build your Down line builder Sales Funnel at Maree Designs.

2… Learn how to participate daily with the surf chat bar at DWSEarner.

3… Select some favorite Products to promote. Earning with each sale.

After the Christchurch Earthquakes in 2011, I decided not to open another store, instead transferring my Shop to Triple Clicks.  Supporting my SFI Affiliates helping to sell my products while earning  commissions. KIWI Bonus! I send mystery parcels in the post to all my SFI Team that live in New Zealand. So be sure to send me an email with your Address. YOU never know when you might be next to receive a mystery parcel.
Got a business. Need a website like mine. Triple your sales. Apply Free after joining SFI.  YOU are already a member So change my SFI Id to yours and promote.

CLICK THIS LINK>  Scroll down to the bottom left to find your link with your SFI Id inserted then go and blast it. NOW you have partnered with Maree Designs.

THE BEAUTY IS what has taken me years to learn. YOU have all the information needed to build your business at your fingertips. IF YOU ARE WILLING to just READ.

Start designing your own Daily To Do Planner. Every one has different hours that they can dedicate to surfing etc. SO always start with DWSEarner and Maree Designs. Be sure to Log into Maree Designs and at the left click My Down line builder.  Start joining each site Via your up line sponsors link.  Then spend a little time at each one learning how to participate.. Slot them into your Daily Planner as you go.

BE sure to surf at both sites DAILY before moving on.

Week TWO!!


Adding sites at DWSEarner.

Be sure to log in and click the Support Button and Review the Rules That Apply to being involved with DWSEarner.  YOU will see the list of Banned Sites listed.

Do not try to add these links to Banners. As I also check them. Can you imagine my horror when I clicked a SFI Banner to see it was linked to a Porn Site.

I have team leaders that when surfing will support me and report any sites to be removed. Occasionally the ODD SITE slips through. IF you see any REPORT THEM PLEASE when surfing.

Three Traffic Exchanges to start WITH.

Not a member log into Maree Designs and sign up Via Your Up line Team Leaders Link.

V Traffic rush

I joined in 2010. It is a great advertising Porthole. Earning 5 Levels deep.

Members Confirmed  Not Confirmed 
Level 1 168
Level 2 88
Level 3 54
Level 4 30
Level 5 10
Level 6 1

Your ads are being seen on all your referral pages including yours.

Even more if you are playing in the Viral Pool!

View my training link here.

Buckets of Banners.

Buckets of Banners I joined in 2010


– Running your personal Interactive Splash Page
will gain you 3 credits for each time it is viewed in the marketplace.

– Surfing inside gains you 4 credits per site inside BucketsofBanners.

– Displaying the Banner Exchange Code on your website will net you 1
credits per view.

19 Value Added Reasons Why Your Club BoB Membership Is Working For You
Versus A Free Membership:

BoB Club BoB (Upgraded)
Number Of Banners Can Rotate 5 30
Commissions From Level 1 Referrals 10% 50%
Credits Earned From Level 1 Referrals 10% 20%
Credits Earned From Level 2 Referrals 0% 10%
Credits Earned From Level 3 Referrals 0% 5%
Credits Earned From Level 4 Referrals 0% 3%
Credits Earned From Level 5 Referrals 0% 2%
Credits Earned From Level 6 Referrals 0% 1%
Credits Earned From Banner Exchange Code Display .5 1
Credits Earned From Surf Area 2 4
Banner URL’s Show In Surf No Yes
Credits Earned From Promoting Your ISPs 1 3
“Click Me” Incentive On Other Member’s ISPs No Yes
Priority Branding On Other Member’s ISPs No Yes
Sites Rotated In Viral Signup Multi-Rewards No Yes
Exclusive Placement In The Club BoB Clique Lounge No Yes
Bonus Monthly Credits 0 20,000 (Monthly Subscription Only)
Random Referrals No Yes
Benefit From Brad and Paul’s Advertising Dollars
(We rotate Club BoB members when we spend our own money advertising BoB)
No Yes

Social Media FREE Advertising

Find here my favorite Social Media Sites. View my Training article on how to set up networks.  REMEMBER it is all about getting your sites seen. Starting FREE then investing some of your commissions upgrading and building your Sales Funnel.

The Beauty with APSense is if you refer 5 new members in any given month you receive a FREE Months Upgrade.  I participate daily here and also at LinkeDIn.

Apsense Widget

Week Three!!


Start Branding yourself with using GDI and Traffic Wave.

YOUR goal is to work towards joining our Power Of Three Program.
BE SURE to sign up via your sponsors links listed at the down line builder programs at Maree Designs. Power of Team Building and Earning.
All members in my SFI GDI and Traffic Wave Teams, also receive random spill over on Auto Pilot. If they have locked into the Big O at SFI.
GDI I reassign random members to my GDI down line that show they are active and participating.
Traffic Wave once you have your first sign up you will start to earn commissions with my spill over in their matrix system.
People join with all levels of experience and expectations. Many have an unrealistic view that you can join a program and get rich quick with no effort on their part. These people will not find success.
You have to market your business to grow, and you have to have a vision and goal of what you want to achieve.
Personally I surf at all these sites daily utilizing my upgrades to their full potential.
You may use your MRP Points or T Credits to grab FREE advertising for SFI or Maree Designs. YOU also earn when any of your SFI Team Purchase.
Send in a support Ticket AT DWSEarner Requesting your Free E Book… SFI Success.
When you purchase this package Via Maree’s ECA Store…
Receive 20% bonus + Entry into our DWSEarner Monthly Raffle, Pick A Block and Progressive Jackpot Fab Prize Giveaways. YOUR DWSEarner Cash Tokens are transferred into Payza cash monthly added with your Maree Designs Commission earnings.