Just a few of our happy members at DWSEarner.


Before you join any site check and see if it is listed at our Maree Designs Down line builder.  These are the ones I suggest to start with. I update them often.

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I started my online journey with affiliate marketing in 2009 as a hobby, then in 2013 after the Christchurch Earthquakes in 2011, I was off line re-locating and just taking time out to adjust to the new environment.

I reactivated my SFI, and Traffic Wave Accounts in 2013.. My GDI account was still active and earning me a nice little income in the back ground while I started researching and investing in upgrades to build my down lines at my main three programs. YES I believed all the hype that if I grabbed the One Time Offer with numerous programs. All I needed to do was to pay the money and down line will flow my way. I spent a fortune believing all the hype on line. NOW in 2017 it is very interested to SEE how many of these sites have disappeared into the night. FACT! Only around 20%  of the sites I invested with are still on line. OKAY YES I was disappointed.  I saw this as a valuable lesson. NOT to BELIEVE everything I viewed while surfing. I could go on writing about this topic, but the point being  YOU Learn FROM my Mistakes.  We all start out as NEWBIES! The difference for YOU is that I have done all the DONKEY WORK FOR YOU>

ALWAYS do a Google Search before joining any new Project On line. Before continuing be sure to read this link.

DECIDE on Two to Three Main Programs To Promote.  Mine are SFI GDI and Traffic Wave.  Using my Maree Designs Blue Print for team building.  Daily participating and Communicating at DWSEarner. Rewarding my Team for every action they make with Fab Prize Giveaways. I invested my commissions launching my Three On Line Networks.

My Pet Hate is Admin that simply keep launching NEW Sites every few months. Members send me emails, thinking it is the next best thing since sliced bread. I just send these emails to my SPAM FOLDER>  As I feel all it is, is another MONEY grabbing Plan by different ADMIN. I get so annoyed as I grabbed life time upgrades in the past, just to find these admin close these sites and move on to WHAT they SAY is a better program and then expect all members to reinvest again.  I prefer to stick with the Original On Line Programs. Proven for success. I stopped following a few Admin that just left me disappointed, as I had invested a lot of cash with their previous projects. With No Returns.

The best decision I ever make was in 2013. When instead of opening another shop, I transferred my Maree Designs Store to Triple clicks, DWSEarner and ABC4Income (2015) Maree Designs (2016) and Fiverr. (2017) DO you see the pattern forming. I build my sales funnel with my commissions. Now instead of paying overheads monthly to run a physical Store in Town. I am saving hundreds of dollars monthly. Better still my commissions pay for all my Monthly subscriptions, so no out of pocket expenses.. REMEMBER nothing happens over night, as with any NEW BUSINESS VENTURE it takes time to ESTABLISH.


  Traffic Exchanges, when joining.

The key is to receive residual traffic while building a referral network, within our Maree Designs Program.. When you refer others to Maree Designs SFI GDI Traffic Wave, DWSEarner, OR ANY core business you wish to expand. You will start to build down line’s under your Up line Position. Then the spill over will start to flow , it is different levels for individual programs.  Example GDI is 5 Levels, SFI is 12.  For each member you personally refer, you will immediately start to receive bonus credits upon their confirmation, and cash from their spending. When your down line members refer new members, you will also receive credits for every pages they surf! This benefit carries down for all levels of your down lines. (Depends on each different program.)

I recommend when signing up to try and grab the One Time Offer you will see. This is how I started out reinvesting half my commissions.  Then it is a simple case of logging in every few weeks, allocate the credits you earn from your monthly upgrade.   Transfer your commissions you earn from all your team purchases.  Log in once a week and send a welcome email to your new team members introducing them to your core programs.  Click Voyager V Traffic Rush and Bucket of Banners were one of the very first traffic exchanges I grabbed life time upgrades with way back in 2010 – 2011.  The beauty is There is no more investment required.  I simply log in and blast my promotions.

I do not join any of the down line builder programs listed. As I have tested thousands of sites over the years. Many that are not online today, disappearing into the night with their members hard earned cash. So I have designed my own down line builder program you will find listed at Maree Designs..

Other Admin!!

DID you know? Any Tom Dick or Harry can Purchase a Traffic Exchange.

I was not aware of this until I bought my own LFMTE Script in 2015. It was already pre-loaded with plugins etc. Which I changed to be honest about who I was and what DWSEarner provides.  I also bought my own Plugins and started to design what I wanted to offer my team. Investing thousands of dollars in the set up… I then went on to launch ABC4Income and Maree Designs with Barry’s Support from SocialSurf4U… He was the best website designer I discovered in 2016.  Giving me access to his plugins at a great discounted price.  Now DWSEarner looks great with a lot of Unique Tools.

I receive hundreds of weekly emails where members think they are onto the next best thing since sliced bread. I just send them to my spam folder. I prefer to stick to something that is proven to work.
When surfing do you notice ? How many sites are simple duplication’s.
I do not got spreading my wings to far instead concentrating on a few main programs.
This is the key to create that snow ball effect. Your earnings will grow larger month by month year by year. The longer you stay active the higher the rewards.
People fail when they try to do everything all at once. Instead of taking their time learning while earning. To many people give up before even starting.
Luckily I did not have this mind set when I first began.
All I had to do was to Set my GOALS and Achieve My MISSION.

Another disappointing factor.

When I started out as a newbie, I believed in Admin.  Signing up to their New Ventures. Investing heavily over the years. TO discover a few ratbags, Setting up Traffic Exchanges, taking members hard earned cash for investing in Life Time Upgrades. Then six months down the track. They Launched another Traffic Exchange offering all their members great life time offer upgrades. I did this for a few years signing up and locking in Life Time Upgrades. THEN I discovered the first Traffic Exchange I invested with the year before they SIMPLY Shut. And Repeated the same cycle over and over… So Now instead of wasting my hard earned cash. I stick with the sites you see listed at my Maree Designs Down line Builder. AS these sites are still on line years down the track… NO trying to lure me to other programs.

I Own One Traffic Exchange, One Training SFI Website and One shopping Website.

This involves a lot of investment and management. There is no need for me to buy other scripts…  Instead I concentrate on these sites keeping them Updated and Unique.

Social media

Learning about Traffic Exchanges.

The key start with One site to promote surfing 2-3 sites daily to promote this link. As your team duplicate the same system you will start to earn credits from their surfing. The day you sign in and see credits are still live and active then add a New site to your Daily To Do Planner.  I work from the down line builder page at Maree Designs having all my links at the one location. Simple I click the blue writing taking me to the site I then allocate the credits close the browser and move on to the next site. Sometimes I also use commissions earned from my referrals to purchase more advertising packages. I only promote Two – Three Links on Auto Pilot at all the sites you see listed in the down line builder at Maree Designs.! This way I am not wasting my Monthly credits. I prefer to allocate them to a few sites as I find I receive better results than spreading over 10 different site’s, (which I use to do as a newbie years ago.) You will find this will produces very little or no results, speading your wings to far to soon.

Email Review!!

Okay so today I received this email. (No Names Mentioned.)

Please login, as there is a link on the login page about banned sites.
But… I am not banning YOUR sites… or any of your chosen programs.

I’m banning those who want me to ban YOUR sites.

They are banning mine, because I won’t do it and never will.
It’s not just the banning, this is also highly suspect to me for many reasons…
knowing the other things that have gone on behind the scenes for years now.

Such as the things that they say when they think they are talking to one of my members
(when I use a different name in a support ticket) are outrageous and false.
And Such as bullying smaller site owners, or even bullying their own customers – who are glad to tell me all about it.
It is very true, despite was is shown otherwise.
They are not saviors for your benefit, at all, or else they would ban their buddies websites long ago. It’s selective for many reasons.

After several years of this, I’m not being quiet anymore especially since false things are
being spread about my sites or about me, have picked up in speed recently.

Here is my review of the link she sent me to.

Admin Wrote!  The past few months, websites that I don’t own were getting banned such as RichyRich sites and others. They publicly told people that they were illegal, ponzi, promote illegal things, etc, etc, etc and they are not.

My Thoughts!  Here is the definition of what a Phramid Scheme is


Admin Wrote! But now all the sudden, my sites are getting banned too. So I asked four owners on why. Sometimes I used my own name, sometimes I used an alias. [When I used a different name, I heard the worst things… such as that my sites were ponzi’s, mine are “not a real business”, but “they are a real business since 2013” compared to mine.]
I received numerous reasons, until I started seeing and hearing what really was in support tickets, webinars and a skype group.

So I asked him [Barry Langdon], “You do realize this isn’t your web property and you can not police what is on my site, and I will have to ban yours?”

My Thought!  Barry runs a well organized Traffic Exchange. When surfing you can feel safe in the knowledge that he Bans Sites that are outrageous, offering crazy instant wealth opportunities over night. ( Personally I follow his advice with sites I manually check at my Traffic Exchange.)  So It left me thinking if Barry thought this, then she should heed his advice and clean up her networks.

Admin Wrote! He just told me that WORD FOR WORD “That site was banned because I have seen numerous sites advertised on there that violates our advertising guidelines.“. He said that he doesn’t condone people who do that, and how he’s in business since 2011 and makes a good living at it. Then also said “If you ever plan on cleaning up your sites and do your part in not allowing people to get ripped off, let me know and I will be more than happy to unsuspend your site”.

For one thing, that was disrespectful/insulting saying I allow people to get ripped off and I need to clean up my sites, and another –

My Thoughts! Personally I agree with Barry, I was following this admin since 2010, buying lifetime upgrades, joining new sites she launched every year. JUST to find the original sites she shut down a year or two later. 

I have stopped following her and joining NEW Launches as she on average launches 2-3 new sites every six months.  I have not banned her sites at my Traffic Exchanges as It is up to Every Individual to decide what they wish to promote.  It may work for them.

Admin Wrote! They have been grossly misguided the past few years, and are behaving in such a way as if they were hired by Google Ad words, Pay pal or the law to police everyone and now overstep their boundrie’s. They lack the understanding that they are hired by you for advertising when you upgrade or buy ads, and also seem to not realize that you are an adult who doesn’t need to be told what to do. 

My Thoughts!  My job is to protect my new members. YES we are adults, but when it is bought to my attention that a member is advertising something that is proven to be a scam. That they will not receive payments, Instead they will be throwing their cash into an endless pit.  I would have appreciated these warnings years ago when I first started with affiliate marketing. AS YES I WAS SCAMMED and lost thousands of dollars believing all the false hype.

Unbelievable Cost!!

I have bought from this crowd leads before. (They were Great Leads)
But would I Invest $19,915 for them to Set Up A Site for myself.

I really could not believe what I was reading.
I got an email from this crowd saying they could set up a website for me the same.
I though I was receiving a lot of emails that were just duplication’s of this site.

I stopped purchasing as I felt it was just a carbon copy of the original site I had purchased from.  BUT TO THINK people have paid this group thousands to set up their scripts.
1 month of support to literally setup your business with you. 6 months of ongoing support after that. ($20,000 Value)
We will give you the exact blueprint to follow for advertising your site. This comes with a list of the advertisers we use ($350 Value)
For a total value of $32,415.00  (This is an outrageous Fee to charge.)
We typically sell these site after we’ve built them and are running for 6 months for $45,000 – $60,000. So for about half the price you can have your own.
$32,000 to buy a business that you work part time for 1-2 hours a day and can make $36,000 – $60,000 a year is an INCREDIBLE OFFER!!! ( I do not believe this at ALL)
Net profit averages 50% of total sales. You also get all the tax benefits and write-offs for owning a business.
Wait…this gets even better. For those of you who take action and purchase our traffic reseller business in a box in the next 48 hours we will knock a whopping $12,500 off the normal price. That’s brings that total price down to $19,915.00.
Invest $19,915 and make $30-$60k a year working part time!!!
This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to be a successful business owner, achieve financial freedom, and realize your dreams.
With our help you will be successful.

Sadly Members will throw away their hard earned cash when they receive the same email. Thinking they will generate this sort of cash. When the reality is they will NOT.

What I Paid!!

People see promotions to buy their own Scripts for Traffic Exchanges or Safe lists etc. But what they over look it there are hidden costs after purchasing.  When I bought the LFMTE Script for $197  I then invested another thousand dollars in buying plug in etc. Then you need to add the Monthly Expenses. Domain Cost, Web Hosting Costs all before setting up an advertising budget.

My Goal in 2015 was to own Three On Line Websites. DWSEarner My Traffic Exchange for Advertising and communicating, offering Fab Prize Giveaways for participation.  ABC4Income my SFI training Porthole, teaming it with Maree Designs Affiliate Program offering all my SFI team and friends a second income earning on line. Paid Via Payza. Maree Designs was my final site I launched at the end of 2016. My one stop selling and buying website.  Each site cost  around $1500 to design Buying Unique plugins, Games Etc.

My Goal was achieved in 2017 after purchasing my Fiverr Gig Store… I will not be purchasing any more like other admin. There is a lot of work involved making sure I check support tickets, manually check websites etc.  So I am kept pretty busy.  The beauty is everyone has all they need at their fingertips to start building their SFI down line generating a client base with repeat sales.


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