Cheaters and Scammers.


I am sure you have joined a lot of so called money making sites hoping to make a lot of money overnight.
I have and a lot turned out to be Pie In the Sky Fairy tales.
Spend some time reading this entire article.
As the internet can be a very dangerous place for newbies.
SFI do not tolerate SPAM. THERE is no need to do this.
I have highlighted to facts I feel are important to know.

Under United States law, it is unlawful “to use any telephone, facsmile machine, computer, or other device to send an unsolicited advertisement. Electronic mail advertisement means any e-mail message, the principal purpose of which is to promote, directly or indirectly, the sale or other distribution of goods or services to the recipient.” (CAN-SPAM Act of 2003).
SFI further defines SPAM as contacting anyone, in bulk or individually, about SFI, who has not specifically requested the information directly from ANY Affiliate.
The ONLY exceptions to this rule are:
A. Sending SFI E-Cards to your family and friends.
B. Mailing to APPROPRIATE OPT-IN mailing lists where the source does the mailing on Affiliate’s behalf AND you do not use an SFI-provided Gateway URL.

THIS is Why I Use Traffic Wave.
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SFI Campaign ID Number: 336602 5 digit code:17848

Use extreme caution when choosing an opt-in mailing list company!
Using anything but the most reputable sources could generate spam complaints against Affiliate resulting in suspension or termination.
Under no circumstances may you request or encourage an SFI Affiliate from another affiliate’s organization to register as an SFI Affiliate under you.

Affiliates are permitted, however, to interact with each other and share ideas online, such as on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Affiliate is strictly prohibited from soliciting SFI affiliates for other business opportunities.

Although SFI takes no issue with affiliates being involved with other business opportunities outside of SFI, affiliates may not use any SFI resource or tool (i.e. TeamMail, TeamTalk, PSA Mailer, CSA Mailer, My Best Tips, etc.) to promote these other business opportunities or for-profit endeavors to other affiliates.
Affiliate shall follow SFI advertising guidelines and agrees not to misrepresent SFI products or services. Affiliate agrees to use only SFI-approved ads. However, if you are a Team Leader, you may submit your own ads for SFI’s approval
They must be approved, however, before you can publish them.
Affiliate understands that if he/she fails to log in to the Affiliate Center within a 45-day period, Affiliate will automatically have his/her payment option set to “Accumulate my commissions.” Affiliate must access the Edit Commission Payment Info page and change this setting back to the preferred option. Note that logging into any SFI account other than your own is strictly prohibited.
36. Should Affiliate not achieve Executive Affiliate (EA) status at ANY time during a continuous 6-month period, Affiliate understands that he/she will forfeit all accumulated commissions.
37. Affiliates who fail to log in to the SFI Affiliate Center for one year and ARE NOT at least EA will lose their SFI affiliateships.

They will, however retain their TripleClicks memberships indefinitely and their original SFI sponsors will continue to earn on their member purchases. When an SFI affiliateship is forfeited, all PSAs and PRMs from that former affiliate will roll up to his or her sponsor.
38. Affiliate understands that failure to respond to personally sponsored affiliates (PSAs) in a reasonable manner, combined with personal inactivity (defined as a minimum of 60 days without logging in at the Affiliate Center), can result in forfeiture of said PSAs.
41. Being a bonafide sponsor requires being active, engaged, and supportive of those you are the sponsor of. To help ensure this, all sponsors of other affiliates are required to log in at least once AND have at least 250 VersaPoints every 45 days. Affiliates failing to meet these two requirements will permanently forfeit all sponsored affiliates to their sponsor.

SFI is my Business I am building.
THAT can be passed on to my family in event of my DEATH.
43. Transferability of SFI Affiliateship: In the event of an Affiliate’s death, SFI will keep sending commissions in the method that’s been selected on the affiliate’s account.
For example, if the affiliate had chosen to have his or her commission mailed by check, the affiliate’s surviving spouse or other representative must ensure they have the legal right to cash a check made out to the name on the SFI account.
However, surviving spouses and representatives can also log onto the affiliate’s account and make the necessary adjustments to the account name and information. IMPORTANT: surviving spouses and representatives must have account login information. SFI will not provide that information. Note that, other than this particular exception, logging into any SFI account other than your own is strictly prohibited.

Be Very Careful when joining New sites.

Make sure you are not signing up to a fishing Site.

A fishing site is a site a person launches with the sole purpose to capture email addresses with log in passwords etc. To Rip Off Everybody.
They launch with all sorts of hype. Promises of wealth overnight. When the sole intention is to clean out every ones paypal account at the other affiliate programs they belong to.. Most members will use the same log in and password they use with established sites they are members with. Giving these Con Artists Easy Access to their account at numerous sites.
These sort of sites then go and use the Members Information to log into other sites to steal their money. Hoping the member has used the same log in details. They then are able to log into the back office at these sites changing the Members PayPal email and adding a New One. Most Members Do not realize their accounts have been hacked. Leaving it to late to discover these people have requested their commissions to be paid into a different Pay Pal Account. Before members realize, these people have generated $1000’s if dollars, transferred the PayPal Balance into another bank Account. Then once they have received the cash. They delete the PayPal Account. Setting up a New One and repeating the cycle over and over.

Do you know how to Filter your mail in GMail?  Here is a G Mail Help Article on Filtering

Be Very Careful At Facebook.

View this message I received from one of my team at Face Book.
A mutual friend of ours, Samson Dime wants to send me money to a Neteller account so I can. Buy bitcoin and send it to him. He says I need to scan my I’d to xxxxxx front and back. Is this safe or should I not trust him? He wanted me to do it today but I wasn’t able to. He should know someone else. Really surprised he insists on only having me help him. Funny he usually warns me about scams.
My Reply.
No friend of mine and it is a scam. DO not send money. TRUST NO ONE.
If you had scanned your Id to your Bank Account. He would of cleaned it out.
YOU need to stop flicking here there and everywhere. GO to ABC4Income Use the down line builder as your sales funnel to generate clients to SFI and DWSEarner. ONLY promote these two sites. YOUR team will duplicate the same system. Signing up from your links at DWSE and ABC
Before I accept any friends requests I check profile. I do not accept everyone. Only members with SFI or DWSE etc
Best Tip!
Did you know any Tom Dick Or Harry can buy a LFMTE Script for $197
This is why the internet is flooded with affiliate programs.
They think because they see other admin making money they can duplicate the same system. Not taking into consideration that to have a successful Traffic Exchange.
YOU need to buy plug ins, offer incentives and competitions for members participation.
I have invested over $3500 buying plugins etc when I first launched My On line Websites. Starting in 2015.
I have seen thousands launch then disappear into the night with in a few short months with all their members hard earned cash.
“Personally I see so many members promoting sites I tested and found to be a complete waste of time.
THERE are 1000’s of sites on line.
100’s of new launches daily.
Personally I get annoyed when I sees other admin launching a new site monthly.
When the original sites these admin launched months ago are not paying their members commissions owed.
They just abandon these sites, leaving members out in the cold.
Launching a New venture, then repeating the practice over and over.
Yes as a newbie I trusted a lot of different admin, grabbing OTO offers of upgrades.
NOW I only recommend new launches from trusted admin I have been following for years.
I receive 100’s of emails where members ask me to join new launches.
I simply send them to my G mail Spam folder.
All I can do is show you the plan I have been following daily for years.
The next step is for the individual to put the plan into motion.”

At DWSEarner I can not monitor the Surf Chat Bar 24/7.
So I would appreciate members reporting any member who is using the surf chat facility to try and lure members away to other programs they have launched.
My main goal at DWSEarner is to protect my members from scams and cheaters.
I do not know if they will send fishing emails.
These capture your log in details and PayPal password.
When signing up with New Launches members enter the same log in details and pay pal info that they use with their other affiliate programs.
I have seen to many members Do This.
Myself included years ago when I use to trust everyone.
Then these members quickly sign in view your info, go and log into your other sites.
Change your pay pal email address. Go to Gmail and change your g mail account.
They they request payments at these sites to bogus Pay Pal Accounts.
As to many members use the same info to log into G Mail.
Can you imagine my horror when I was locked out of my own G Mail Account Years Ago.
This is when I set up my security at G Mail, adding my cell phone number.
NOW if any one tries to log into my Account, they can not.
As G Mail send a verification to my cell phone which I need to enter to log in.
Also at our face book groups. I allow members to write posts.
Please report any spam.
This is a prime example of how Scammers and Cheaters Work.
I got an email from one of my team members to join A New Launch that they had signed up with. Asking for my thoughts about the site and would I join their team.
As you can imagine I have a huge Network of Members. So I signed up as a FREE Member looked around and decided I did not like the concept, that it was just another duplication of to many sites I have seen, the same come and go over the years.
I replied to the member that I would not be participating. Then I got a flood of emails why I would benefit upgrading. I ended up sending his emails to my spam folder at G Mail.
I did not delete my account as I like to test sites and see how they progress. When I was surfing I saw a lot of members promoting the New Launch. Thinking these poor members have been lured into a program that will I feel shut down with in a few months.
2 Months later because I had signed up as a FREE Member this is the email I received.
I was proved right in my original thoughts. They try to make the email look original but I believe it is just a fake to look professional.
It is Almost An Exact Duplication of An Email I received from a site I invested with as a Newbie way back in 2011. ( Just Been Paid) They closed this site then launched Profit Clicks, then closed this site and then launched another and another.
When I believed everyone was honest. I invested a lot of money and introduced a lot of members. He pulled the plug taking all his members hard earned cash with him. I was gutted! This is when I stopped joining New Launches from Admin I do not know. I found it very interesting after this, to sign up FREE to some New Launches and make case studies of the sites.
I am on their mailing list I did not delete it, as I want to know what they are up to so I can warn my team. Then I just send all emails to my spam folder.


My thoughts are these people will just launch their next scam, and people will join. 

The Cycle will just keep repeating. Over and Over. 

To: The Distributors and Customers of  XXXXXXX
RE: Resignation and Departure of XXXX
Dear Sirs:
Our Firm has been engaged on behalf of XXXXX to help him withdraw in
his roles as owner and operator of XXXX. XXXXX, who has taken
upon himself the title of CEO of the company, has requested that all assets and
operating of the company be turned over to him. It was with a heavy heart that
two weeks ago, XXXX, in order to avoid negative emotions and internal
company conflict, agreed to do so under specific conditions.
XXXX has acquiesced to XXXX request; he will turn over  all such
assets and operations as soon xxx and the letter keeps going on and on.

Ring any Bells.

“New start-ups are risky, but every company has to start somewhere. Some make it, some don’t.” There should be no risk if the business plan is solid like Triple clicks etc.
This is why I stay well away from new launches.
I only participate with trusted admin I have been following for years.
MY sites are no risk as I do not spend members money and run my organizations right. I work out my business plan before launching. Making sure I have enough funds set aside first to pay any rewards or competitions I run.

After I bought my Traffic Exchange, it opened my eyes as I started to become aware that some admin emails were just fill of holes.

I joined this Site just before I launched DWSEarner as Admin was a fellow Kiwi.
I added her to my down line builder with out hesitation.
I grabbed her OTO for a years upgrade thinking I could trust her.
Sadly when we launched DWSEarner and my team started to join her site, they were not signing up under their sponsors link at DWSEarner.
I was not aware of this until one of my team informed me they also had upgraded for the year. BUT when I checked my account she was no where to be found. THIS admin made it that all members when they signed up were redirected to her sponsors link.
I had received many similar emails and even tho she was not paying when I requested my commissions. I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Thinking to support a fellow kiwi. We all have our problems to cope with. I knew what it felt like to be struggling.

But when I kept receiving emails like this,  I did not hesitate to delete my account and cancel my pay pal subscription for the yearly upgrade. Saying good bye to my Cash.  I was aware now that all admin had access in their back office to view what members were owed for commissions. THERE is no excuse not to pay.

XXXXXX Message from XXXXXX
Hi Maree,
Thank you for being part of XXXXXX
Thanks again for all your support!!
Grab some Reading Admin Email Points
Over the past few weeks many of our mailers and Trade Exchange sites have been attacked by Mr Murphy and if you don’t know who Mr Murphy is, then he is the very same Mr Murphy from Murphy’s Law. That universal law that basically states that just when everything seems to be going right, then everything starts to go wrong.
First of all, it was Mr Google who decided to change their system without warning and we
had to go to battle over that.
Then, it was and still is Pay pal who have changed their rules as well making it very difficult for many of us to keep Pay pal as our primary paying option

Words Of Wisdom.
Members that have upgraded at Maree Designs Via Payza and are promoting are receiving commissions paid into their Payza account. Which can be transferred when withdrawing to their Bit Coin Wallet.
YOU can not expect after upgrading then not promoting to earn any sort of cash.
All I can do is show you how I earn daily.
It is then up to each individual to put the plan into motion.
Most important. Enter your PayZa email address at Maree Designs.