DWSEarner Daily To Do.

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The Internet lifestyle is a great way to generate a real income on-line daily.

While everyone is scrambling to earn an income due to the fact Pay Pal
is no longer allowing Traffic Exchanges to use them.
Maree Designs is still paying all her club members Via PayPal.

The MAIN REASON most people fail online is due to the fact that two very important elements are missing:     Skills and Hard Work.
Our Maree Designs Club REMOVES this.

Almost all of the online opportunities are perfect.
Most CAN generate an income for you.
But there is only one little problem: All of the online opportunities require
 “Team Work”  “Honest Admin.” “Payments”  “Guide Lines To Follow”

That means it’s NOT enough for you to too simply sign up, sit back and wait for the cash to roll in..  YOU need to be Introducing your promotional links to The On Line World.

Surf daily at DWSEarner. In To Win.


Blast your promoting for DWSEarner at all the sites listed at ABC4income.


WE all promote the store link. Members receive random down line with the most hits to their Club tracking links Maree Generates for each member.


ABC4Income!  Sign up to each site by clicking the blue title links.
Enter your username/affiliate id in the spaces below and then click ‘update’ to save.
When you go to get the banner links they are written in html code. To add to sites simple copy over just the url links.
Admins Tip! Be sure to log into this page daily Click the links and blast your promoting for Maree Designs Store! ABC4Income! and DWSEarner.

Adding your photo Via Gravatar.
If you already are a member with gravatar. YOU do not need to join again.
Add the same email address at DWSEarner to activate your photo.
Not a member!  Click the link to register FREE.
Make sure to sign up with the same email account you used at DWSEarner.

Imagine if we all are promoting the same links at the same sites on the same days.
We would generate huge exposure.
Most Important Set up your Security for G Mail etc.

Raffle! Surf daily for tickets. Random Monthly Winners  Drawn.

Log into DWSEarner Click Above Extras to view prizes. Pick a block etc.

Add a Jet Fuel to boost your Surfing. Then redeem credits for tickets.

View Our Members Achieving Top Results.


Before logging out Click Rewards. To view Winners and Pick the blocks.

Click Surf and Claim Daily Surfer Rewards.

Any member I find cheating with more than one account. All accounts are deleted.

  DWSearner is the work station for Maree Designs.



  Progressive Jackpot. Cash is DWSEarner Dollars.

Receive tokens while surfing. Then Spin when you see the progressive jackpot.

Click Guide to view the list of winners.

Randomly Won. The more members surf the higher the cash pool.

YOU may use these DWSEarner Dollars to transfer into DWSEarner Upgrades, credits, etc.

This is where Maree activates All Promo Codes for Maree Designs GDI SFI Home Success Pro  Traffic Wave etc.

Maree uses the LFMTE Script so she can communicate with all my team from over 20 different advertising portholes.  All at the one location.

Log into DWSEarner.  Click above Surf then click  Enter Surf Code.  It then will read. Enter Promo CodeCode Accepted!  Surf 50 pages and receive:

  Promo Wall Promoting..

How to activate. Log into DWSEarner Above Click adds then click Website.

Add your core businesses to promote.

Then Click Affiliate then affiliate tool box.

Here is where you will find your promo Wall link.

Unique Click affiliate then down line builder go and promote your DWSearner Promo Wall at these sites.

The beauty is it is a Modern Day Auto responder where all your sites will be advertised in Rotation.

Remember to click Surf then Auto Assign at DWSEarner.

Upgraded Members Promo Wall Competition.

2 members with the most hits promoting throughout the DWSEarner Network.

WIN $5.00 each added to their account.
Upgraded win DWSEarner cash. Free win Cash Value in Credits
Maree has activated the Promo Wall to show Members sites and Banner links.
A member’s Promo Wall will be added to the Admin Promo Wall
each day after they meet one of the following conditions:
Surfed at DWSEarner  300 Pages.
Achieved 400 Hits to Promo Wall Promoting at Down Line Builder sites.


  GDI! Best $10 Monthly Investment..

View Maree’s GDI Screen Shot Proof of Earnings.


  Monday! Admin Watch Weekly Competition.

Enter Promo Code.  Adminwatch
$5. $4. $3. $2. $1.

You win DWSEarner Dollars to spend though out the DWSEarner Network.

  Friday Cross Promo Surfing.

Enter Promo Code Each Week.  Fridayshowdown.

One Member Wins DWSEarner Dollars $5.00 Weekly Drawn randomly.

Friday Most Hits To Promo Wall Promoting.

Admin Pays $5 DWSEarner Cash to the member with the post hits Weekly to the promoting of their promo wall link.

Discover how  DWSEarner and ABC4Income will help build your  Down line for any CORE Business you wish to expand.  Generating Numerous Different Income Resources at the same time.

Admin uses the down line builder as a sales funnel to generate clients to SFI and Triple Clicks and Our Maree Designs Club. She is upgraded at all the sites you see listed. She receives random down line at these sites for being upgraded. Weekly she introduces all these new members to her DWSEarner Network.
If you do not see a site listed assume I have tested it and found it to be a waste of time and money.
The internet can be a very dangerous place for newbies starting out.
I speak from experience. Yes I was burnt years ago believing all the hype and false promises.

Admins goal every month is to get our team mates at least 5 sales each to create them a healthy monthly income and break them free of the chains that are holding them back!
Come and join our team and start living life on your terms!  https://store10483651.ecwid.com

When are you going to change your mindset?
According to statistics, give or take 97% of people continue to dream about success and 3% TAKE ACTION!
What percentage are you willing to stay in?
If you have done affiliate marketing in the past. If you have failed before, if you have given up before and even if you have lost your faith in this industry, wipe the slate clean and start generating numerous different income resources.

Simply by putting the DWSEarner Network Plan Into Action.

  Supporting Other ECA Stores.

In to Win Up To $50 Maree Designs Advertising Gift Cards Each Month.HOW? BY Supporting  Other DWSearners Members, Triple Click ECA Stores.Advertising GIFT Cards Rewarded Monthly with Maree Designs Club.

First Prize.       $20    Advertising Package.             
Second Prize    $15   Advertising Package.         
Third Prize       $10   Advertising Package.
Fourth Prize.     $5   Advertising Package.
 Random Mystery Parcels In The Post For Kiwi Members.Send in Support Ticket with New Zealand address to enter.
Send in a support ticket to DWSearner admin with receipt of any ECA  purchase to enter.

Want Your ECA Link added above.Purchase now from Admins ECA Store.

Surfers burst Frowny faces to win prizes.

Remember my site.  Pick A block.

Word Search. Treasure Chest.

Give 3 FREE Accounts and Your Paid Account Is Free.

Congratulations! You Got Your Account Free This Month!

YOU get your Very Own Business Presentation Link!

View Marees.


You can design the business presentation for any site you wish to promote. Embedding your Team Video.  Subscribe FREE to Maree’s U Tube Channel. Best Monthly investment. Maree has received a Refund Monthly. While earning 20% from all her Level one members. Then a Further 20% from all there referrals.


Video Code for DWSEarner to add to the empty box you will see. Find here.