Getting Sign Ups.

118pyramid-schemeSFI Is Not A Phramid Scheme.

Welcome! SFI may seem overwhelming. But do not make it more complicated than it really is. I stay well away from any Site that look’s like a Pyramid Scheme.
View my badges all the proof you need for SFI Success.

U Tube Video For Setting Up SFI Advertising At DWSEarner.

Set aside half an hour to view the training video.
Subscribe FREE to Our NEW U Tube Channel.

Read To Succeed.

I Gained My Knowledge by Participating With The Forum Daily.

THREE Years With SFI.

The Compensation Plan will help you chart your direction for growth:

Meet Mavis! 86 Years old and eager to learn. Leave a comment post.

I designed this page so I could simply have all my links at the one location.

Have this page open in a second browser window to refer to as you are participating at SFI.  Organization is the key.

As with anything in life. It will require some work.
Plant that seed water it, nourish it, then watch it grow.

Set your goals monthly and for the first year work towards achieving that goal.
“Gery Carson’s Quote. Did you know that you usually have to fail, multiple Times, before you get to success?  It was true for me and probably will be true for you too. Persist until you win.”

Sponsoring! I also started as a Newbie.

YOU need to Read to Succeed.

It annoys me how members expect everything for nothing without the involvement and participation. I started with baby steps that grew into giant leaps.  It did not happen over night. I put the time and effort into reading, learning, communicating and duplicating.


I always say you need a comfy chair when online all day.

Why I started with AFFILIATE Marketing.  I wrote this is 2009. Still brings tears to my eyes.

I have received lots of goodies Via SFI. I give them away.  I reckon Mavis is one of SFI oldest members (86)  This should encourage every one you are never to old to learn.


Daily to Do At SFI. Click All Red Tabs. Spend half an hour reading the Forum.

Newbies!  Check Emails daily and complete the tasks set.

YOU will see a new Tab Badges Click it and add your 5 Lotto Number Entries.

Daily.  Before Logging out of the Games! Click above the Purple Box GAME and Claim FREE EXTRA ENTRY.
Daily.  Before Logging out of SFI to return to the home page and Claim FREE EXTRA ENTRY into the DAILY GRAND.

DAILY. Click the Win It Tab. Make sure you have entered the Unstoppable Competition.

T Card Tracker Daily Drawing!  I send Gift Card Codes to my Home Success Pro Leads Emails I receive.

REMEMBER Daily. To check messages. Top Right you will see a YELLOW BURP.

REMEMBER Daily.  Play Gold Streak and  Card King.

My Knife sharper broke. Cost $19.95 instead of going to the mall and buying a new one.

I just purchased it at Triple Clicks. Cost 40 T Credits Free Shipping included.

HOW to share purchases at Facebook. Go to the ECA Store. CLICK the Share & Win Tab.

Then share at Face Book. I do this when ever I make a purchase.
Sell the items from Triple Clicks, build your Team, play games, win prizes in many
contests…and, if needed, buy something yourself from Triple Clicks and earn some VPs.

Take a break…  Relax and have some fun online daily. No more boring moments.
SFI have such fun games listed to clear your mind, body and soul.

Use Your T Credits or MRP Points to join our DWSEarnerMMG Coop.

Click this link. When you get to the payment processor! Tick the Box For T Credits or MRP Points as the way you wish to pay. WAIT for the verification Box to pop up. Proceed.

Exciting Coop system designed to create random placements at DWSEarner.

Introducing these New Members to SFI and Our Down line builder program at ABC4Income.  Killing many birds with one stone. Simply with promoting DWSEarner.
As long as your Monthly Coop purchase remains Active.
AUTOMATIC SPOT FILLING IS IN PLACE!  Everyone Helps everyone here!

Daily Share TC Products to Face Book.

Click the TC Tab Above on the SFI Home Page.  YOU will see listed. Deal of the Day. CLICK WHERE IT reads Share it.  A box will open click face book. Add an interesting comment then click share to face book tab.  TWITTER When you click the twitter button you need to delete a few words as to many show. Then click TWEET  Select some ECA Stores then Copy and share to Facebook the Share&Win Code.

I will use my ECA Store as an example.    CLICK LINK.

YOU will see a blue box. W3 Share and Win  CLICK. Maree Designs
If your friend spends $20 or more at Triple Clicks in the next year—on this or any other product—you’ll automatically earn 300 Member Rewards Points!
Copy and paste the following link for use at Facebook and in social media, emails, etc.   I go and add this link at Facebook.

Bid & Build PSA Prize Wheel.

Daily I Bid in double MRP Auctions.  Collecting MRP REWARD Points. For every 10 Bids you Receive entry into the Bid And Build PSA Prize Wheel. Check at the right to enter. YOU will see a Blue Graph. When it is at 100% a link will appear to enter. CLICK .

I Buy 1 T credit with 126 MRP Points. Repeating this 2-3 times daily. The key only buy 1 Tcredit to receive the 102 VP Points. REMEMBER to select MRP Rewards at the payment provider when making the order..

Spin the wheel to win PSAs! Win anywhere from 10% of a PSA to a full PSA.

Read to succeed

I Check and Verify Members Buying Credits at my ECA Store. This is how my team get VP points with spending $12 Or using T Credits or MRP Point Rewards.  FREE bonus every purchase receives tickets at DWSEarner. 1000 For every $10 spent. (Includes T Credits and MRP Purchases.) Make sure to send in a Support ticket at DWSEarner to claim after purchase.
I team build for my Level One Leaders who have a Standing Order Locked In at SFI.  Giving random members at SFI and DWSEarner..

Daily I log into DWSEarner listing in the chat bar. Cash giveaways or credits. Rewarding 100 tickets to members I see active in the Chat, when I log in.  I surf 200 sites daily at Traffic Swirl   Free Traffic Lotto  and  Social surf 4 U allocating 100 tickets to all members links I see promoting DWSEarner or ABC4income while I am surfing.

If we all promoted SFI and DWSEarner at the same sites on the same day, imagine the huge exposure we would generate.

Training!   I suggest to click one tab daily to broaden your knowledge. 

Communications! I check messages from my team.

Weekly I check my ratings from my Team!.  Sending Private Message to Newbies!.

Click above Score Board.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it reads!
Your September Sponsor Ratings.: (15 PSA Ratings) (CLICK COMMENTS)

Your September Co Sponsor Ratings  (13 CSA Ratings) (CLICK COMMENTS)

Hi Maree, I am new at the Forum and just wanted to see what happens here.

Thanks for all of the support at DWS, without which I would not be here.

CLICK the BLUE tab under Individual Members Names.  SEND SFIM MSG.

Hi Maree here your sponsor. I live in NZ and sorry only speak English. Be sure to click all red tabs daily. Send me an email Heading SFI team to receive training support.
Oct 25, 7:45 AM

Daily I blast these adds at Ap Sense.

Log into Ap Sense. Do the Daily task. Enter a post for SFI.

Click at the left Advertise on ApSense.  Click CPM Campaign.

Wanted Arts and Craft Stores. Paid for shopping
Put our team to work for you sharing Via Facebook. Over 100,000 Members waiting to view

Over 100,000 Members waiting to shop.
Wanted. Online Retail Stores. Arts & Crafts.

Turn unwanted treasures into gold.

Apply for an ECA Store. My project this year is to list all our members ECA Stores.

Where we all support each other shopping and selling. My Tip Say your store offers a range of arts and crafts supplied from Numerous Markets you visit.  HOW to list items at your store.

Step one Dollarwise

How I build my Team. Communicating is the key.

Give 3 FREE Accounts and Your Paid Account Is Free.

Congratulations! You Got Your Account Free This Month!

Home Success Pro.

Is where you can design a great business building link for SFI DWSEarner or any program you wish to explode. YOU can embed a Team Video to share with all your team.

View my example.

I have locked in my Monthly subscription, receive 100 Leads Monthly. View how to process these leads.  Organization is the key. I spend 10 minutes here daily.


Check SFI Team King League and send SFI Gift Cards reassign PSA members to winners.

I REPLY TO SFI E CARDS I Receive Via Emails.

I then go to this page to do my Adverting.


I reassign members Via the Genealogy Tab. I work with 5 Members giving them 5 New Psa members as they sign up. Then these members duplicate the same system, developing a trickle down effect.  Once these 5 have 5. I move on to the next 5 SFI members. I work with my team that have locked in their standing orders at SFI.

Genealogy  September 27th
Gen       Gen           EA2 VP      Non-EA2 VP
1                112            42,360          10,072
2            2386             12,263          23,535
3             1034                      0          15,363
4                 73                      0            1,361
5                   9                      0            2,005
CSAs         745             47,304            5,793
TOTAL    4359           101,927          58,129

Remember You Earn when your team spend.

I use the opportunity SFI Offers. Remember the key is to sell T Credit packages. YOU earn from all your team PSA and CSA Spending. Every Tues I do a little shopping listing what I need to prezzies, getting ready for Christmas. I purchase from ECA stores that offer Free Shipping.

View other purchases I have made and listed here. Trusted ECA Stores to shop at.

I check my messages at SFI. Click the envelope box top right.

I click the link read and reply. I then tick the box and click the rubbish bin to delete.

At the left I click PSA and CSA notifications and repeat.

If I see a member is climbing the SFI ladder I send an E Card Welcoming them.

I also send Welcome ECards to new sign ups. So far this month I have 32 New Signups. Simply with using the DWSEarner Down line builder and Free Leads from Home Success Pro.

REMEMBER only mention SFI. I send private emails introducing members to Home Success Pro and my DWSEarner Network

I then go to this page to do my Advertising.


Shared This SFI Post at IBO ApSense  Linkedin and Face Book.

Change my SFI id to yours.

I am looking for Crafts and Arts people who want to share and sell their products with over 100,000 members ready to view and do some shopping.

Read my Free Article, Do not delay sign up today.

Proven and Paying Members for over 17 Years.
I have already received thousands of dollars in goods delivered to my door step in New Zealand over the years with simply keeping my membership active.

Internet garage sell  Join in now!

I Connect Weekly At SFI With  New NZ ECA stores.

I suggest to do the same. Log into SFI Click Above the Growth Tab, at the right click the link where you see this picture.

Click the banner above. I list here trusted ECA stores I have made purchases with. Receiving the items no problems to my New Zealand Address. I have scored some amazing bargains, saving hundreds of dollars. Some of the products I have purchased are not even available in New Zealand.

Enrollment Update at SFI Sept 21st 2016.

48,294 (month to date)
2,098 (yesterday, from 120 countries)

Where we’re growing today*

250 Banner at IBO See if new members sign up. 20000 credits allocated.

Send unwanted emails to spam.
Send SFI Welcome letters to all SFI inquiries add to  Google+Group

I open this page then share at Facebook Twitter and Google+

I then go to this page to do my Advertising.


Why I love SFI.  Doing my daily to do I click latest listings at Triple Clicks.

Every Thurs I go and do some shopping supporting other ECA Stores.

Awesume. I was so excited to see these listings. I did not hesitate to purchase.

Every Thurs I click the SFI TC Tab above and share the Daily Deal to Facebook and Twitter With doing it just once a week, my face book friends start to log in to see what the weekly deal is I post.
I also Click some Old interesting SFI News Letter Share Buttons to Facebook.
YOU will see at the bottom of the page the Share Buttons.

I SEND Genealogy Post Via SFI.
Then I send a post Via Traffic Wave

SFI Campaign to members that are not in my SFI Team.

Check Facebook and accept new members to SFI Group.

Reply to new Triple Click Members welcome them.
To review your entire Triple Clicks Member List, see:

I record on my computer the last member I welcomed.
Up to welcoming this member.  Raimis Lukosevicius
Hi and welcome to Triple Clicks.
Be sure to click the link for SFI and activate your account.
This is the back bone of Triple Clicks.
A great working from home business opportunity.
You use the same log in details.
Got a business. Need a website.Triple your sales.
You can then stream broadcasts to over 100,000 SFI members.
Who are Waiting to support promote and shop at your new ECA Store.
Register here to receive my Free Step by Step Training Program
Connect at Face Book. 24/7 support
When requesting to connect. Please state.
SFI New member as to many people ask to connect who just want to send me spam.
The beauty is with every purchase your down line make at SFI at Triple Clicks.
You will also earn commissions.
YOU receive cash incentives from all your down line purchases 12 Levels deep.
View how I reward my down line for participation.

If I can answer any questions or assist you in any way, just let me know.
Send me an email. Message me. 👌
I look forward to working with you!
Cheers Maree

I then go to this page to do my Adverting.


I Send SFI Gift Card Codes to New People that have sent me email addresses to redeem.

Step by Step Training Guide on working with Gift Cards.

I Check Members Buying Credits at my ECA Store.

This is how my SFI Team get VP points with spending $12 or using their T Credits or MRP Reward Points to purchase.

I reward all members 1000 tickets at DWSEarner for every $10 spent. Also if they are in my Traffic Swirl Down line I go and transfer 1000 Credits to their Traffic Swirl account to blast SFI and DWSEarner promoting.
I  team build for them .  Giving random members at SFI if in my Level one SFI down line and  All My DWSEarner Members..

I then go to this page to do my Adverting.


I check  my SFI Advertising using the SFI Tracking Tool.

I share this post at Face Book.

Make sure to set up your communications with your SFI Team.

I then go to this page to do my Adverting.


This is just an example of some of my members. Every Sunday I check what members need.  I reassign members to my top Movers. With New Members that just joined and achieved EA. I go and reassign 5 PSA to their team. This way Another step in completed in their goal to achieve Bronze.

I click the to do tab above. I then scroll down and click Under where it reads WEEKLY Actions the Genealogy Group  Tab.


4,355 affiliates found (88 pages).  My Top Mover is One of my CSA Team. The beauty is my CSA team grows larger month by month as long As you maintain EA you receive all commissions from their spending. If you maintain Bronze you then receive Shares Of SFI CSA Members Monthly. My Shares with being GOLD are three.  YOU will notice I have 111 on my level 1. This is because I reassign new members to these members. Then my reassigned team show up on my Level 2. See the flow down effect happening at level three as my Team Leaders duplicate the same system.

How I awaken Sleeping Giants. I reassign inactive members to team leaders. Then I add a Genealogy post sending to these 4,335 members that I have reassigned members to my Team Leaders. It really is quite amazing, inactive members might show as being active six months down the track. Not only am I supporting my team, but I am rewarded also VP Points. For each affiliate you reassign to a team member (Maximum 100 VP per person/month) Points awarded for transferred affiliates who have generated a min. of 600 VP in past 90 days.

Gen     Gen Count  EA2 VP   Non-EA2 VP
1 (PSAs) 111               38,473       9,456
2     2382                     12,017       22,622
3     1037                       0                15,101
4     70                           0                1,361
5     9                              0                1,998
CSAs     746             45,608           5,277
TOTALS 4355            96,098        55,815

How to reassign Members to Team Leaders.
First I take note of the SFI Id. Example Martines Id is 13157971  I Click the REASSIGN Tab Above. I then click the boxes beside the names of the members I wish to reassign to Martine.  Above where it says BASIC you will see it says. Reassign Selected Affiliates TO. (Click This Line Once you are ready to transfer selected members ) In the empty Box enter the members SFI Id.  Example I enter Martines Id 13157971  I also tick any boxes of new affiliates that are French, so Martine can support them, removing the language barrier problems.  I then go and repeat reassigning New CSA members to the same member.  YOU will find the list of CSA members on the last pages listed at your Genealogy.  Do the same Click Reassign tick boxes then click the tab. Reassign Selected Affilites to.  Once clicked. YOU will see this listed.

16994725 was reassigned to 13157971
17003899 was reassigned to 13157971
17010804 was reassigned to 13157971

Bronze. Maria Irena Zamora  15820898 CSA
Join Date: 04/11/15 | Last Login: 2 days ago
0 VP Today, 6,519VersaPoints this month (last month’s VP was 14,218)
Needed to advance to STL: 1 BTL

BronzeTerry LaFever  16786677 PSA
United States
Join Date: 03/14/16 | Last Login: 7 hours ago

12 VP Today, 5,754 VersaPoints this month (last month’s VP was 11,865)
Needed to advance to STL: 1 BTL

BronzeJanie Robinson   14858616 PSA
United States
Join Date: 09/14/14 | Last Login: 42 minutes ago

14 VP Today,5.174 VersaPoints this month (last month’s VP was 4,796)
Needed to advance to STL: 1 BTL
Bronze Ignat Florin   17026640 CSA
Join Date: 07/06/16 | Last Login: 2 minutes ago
8 VP Today, 4262 VersaPoints this month (last month’s VP was 4,791)
Needed to advance to STL: 1 BTL

Silver.LaVerne Christian   16015561 PSA
United States
Join Date: 06/16/15 | Last Login: 2 hours ago

0 VP Today,4,104 VersaPoints this month (last month’s VP was 4,641)
Needed to advance to GTL: 896 Total VP 2 STL
Martine Gerrard   13157971 PSA
Join Date: 09/08/13 | Last Login: 22 hours ago
0 VP Today, 3,236 VersaPoints this month (last month’s VP was 3,295)

Jenette Gonzales   17013082 PSA
United Arab Emirates
Join Date: 06/28/16 | Last Login: 13 hours ago

14 VP Today, 3,119 VersaPoints this month (last month’s VP was 1,797)

Sandra Tibble   16803817 PSA
New Zealand
Join Date: 03/20/16 | Last Login: 11 hours ago

14 VP Today,3,116  VersaPoints this month (last month’s VP was 2,583)

Mary Bartels.    14729693 PSA
United States
Join Date: 08/14/14 | Last Login: 1 hours ago

5 VP Today, 3,012 VersaPoints this month (last month’s VP was 4,077)  Last Month Silver.

Check these members in My Team 1998

Patrick A Donnelly  11918828 PSA
United Kingdom
Join Date: 10/14/12
Jean Vanderflute   141680 CSA
United States
Join Date: 12/06/99
SFI Corporate GERY Is On my CSA Team.
United States
Join Date: 11/25/98

Hit Tracking!

Track the Web hits to your personal SFI Gateway sites. 

Creating cost effective, high performance marketing doesn’t have to be difficult.

In fact, simply following one important rule can help ensure you get the most bang for your marketing buck: TRACK YOUR RESULTS!

When you log into the link above. Below are the hit tracking results and performance summaries for any key codes you’re using in your advertising. Keep a close eye on these statistics to tweak and perfect the details of your marketing campaigns.

IMPORTANT: Due to system memory constraints, SFI resets Hit Tracking automatically each Sunday.

Be Sure to check your Hit Tracking numbers before the weekly reset. I spend hundreds monthly testing sites. Sometimes I hit the Jack Pot. Sometimes I do not.

I then go to this page to do my Adverting.



PAYOUTS                                                   Affiliate    EA    BTL   STL   GTL   PTL   DTL
Direct Commissions                                      Y               Y        Y        Y       Y         Y          Y
SFI Pay-Per-Action                                        Y               Y        Y        Y        Y        Y          Y
TripleClicks Executive Pool                         X                Y        Y        Y        Y        Y         Y
Co-Sponsor Commissions                           X                Y        Y        Y        Y        Y         Y
ECA Royalties                                                   X                Y        Y        Y        Y        Y         Y
Milestone Shares  per 10 Personal VP                        10       10      12       14      16        18
VersaPoints Matching (# of levels + CSAs)                          6        8       10     12       12+1


PERKS                                                            Affiliate  EA  BTL  STL  GTL  PTL   DTL
Basic SFI and Affiliate Center access               Y          Y      Y       Y     Y       Y         Y
Free Membership                 Y          Y      Y       Y     Y       Y         Y
VIP Title                                                                     X          Y      Y       Y     Y       Y         Y
Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSA Rewards)         X          2       3        4     6       8        10
Up to 24 FREE TC TCredits (EA2s and above only)    10   12      14    16    20      24
Monthly share of Second Home CSAs               X          X      1       2       3       4        6
Designated Diamond Invitations                        X          10    12     14     16    20
Private Team Forum for you and your downline (for following generations…)
6      8       10    12      13
Can transfer TCredits (up to 10) to your PSAs/CSAs (EA2s and above only)
Express Affiliate Support (expediated support/response) BTL and Above.
Quick-Pay Commissions (paid instantly to your TC MasterCard) Only EA and Above
Access to wholesale prices on case purchases at TripleClicks  Only EA and Above.
Can create your own SFI-approved ads and promotions (STLs and above only)

(Power Tools Access)

POWER  Tools                                           Affiliate  EA  BTL  STL GTL PTL  DTL
Genealogy                                                             Y          Y     Y       Y      Y      Y        Y
S-Builder Advertising Co-op                          Y          Y     Y       Y      Y      Y        Y
Key Codes                                                              Y          Y     Y       Y      Y      Y        Y
Hit Tracking                                                          Y          Y     Y      Y       Y      Y        Y
PSA Mailer (easy e-mails to your PSAs)       Y          Y     Y      Y      Y      Y        Y
CSA Mailer (easy e-mails to your CSAs)       Y          Y     Y      Y     Y      Y         Y
SFI Co-op Manager                                             N          Y     Y      Y     Y      Y         Y
Free Messaging to your entire team              N          Y     Y      Y     Y      Y         Y
PSA Reassignments                                             N          1    1-6   1-8   1-10  1-12   1-12
(Can reassign PSAs under the following generations…)
CSA Reassignments                                           N          N     1      1-8   1-10  1-12   1-12
(Can reassign CSAs under the following generations…)
Access to Gift Certificate program                N           Y      Y      Y       Y        Y           Y
SFI reserves the right to adjust commission payout percentages or qualifications as needed without notice.