DWSEarner Daily To Do.


1…..  First Set Up Your DWSEarner Network.


2…..  Let me introduce myself.  Google Me.




Newbies begin only promoting  2-3 Links at all the sites listed below.
Your team will duplicate the same system signing up to the down line builder sites listed at Maree Designs…

REMEMBER this is a long term project you start to generate loads of cash from all the different sites. NOTHING Happens Over Night…

Experienced Marketers.  Advertise 5 different links in rotation.

Mine are SFI Triple clicks Home Success Pro Business link. Maree Designs and DWSEarner.

I generate the tracking links here for members competitions.

Check members have the allocated hits weekly before giving out prizes.

balldwise4 balldwise balldwise5dwseiconcoffee

2017 Daily Planner To Follow!

I start daily at SFI. Then Move On.

View my SFI teams Competitions.


NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, at least half of your affiliates will NOT become successful. ALL WE CAN DO IS GIVE PEOPLE A TRACK TO RUN ON. WE CANNOT, HOWEVER, DRAG THEM ACROSS THE FINISH LINE!! They have to want it.




Instead of flicking here there and everywhere. Wasting lots of Cash. I prefer to purchase Instant leads at Home Success Pro… Designing my SFI Business Link. Inserting my Video explaining how to set up SFI promoting at DWSEarner.


Not a member sign up here.


The beauty is $29.95 Monthly Gives you affiliate earnings two levels deep of 20%.

Simple you request FREE 50 leads Process them them Request More. Repeating all Month.

How to set up your Home Success Pro Network.


Log into Home success pro. Click the board with the red circle. Marketing.
Click the Article Marketing Tab.
Spend the day viewing and pick 3-4 of your favorite articles to share to face book.

Newbies confused just change my Id DWSEarner with your ID for Home success pro.



Now That You’re Here, Let’s Get You Paid.

Daily To Do Guide!

All I can do is show you what I do DAILY?

Surf Or View 50 Banner Or Text Advertisements DAILY!
Daily Random Winner Credit Packages!. Be sure to check emails.
Earn from all your SFI Down lines Purchases from any Random Triple Click Store promotions.
Be sure to advertise your Profile Link For DWSEarner and Social Surf.

DWSEarner! Log in Click Accounts. Scroll down and click set up profile.

Surf Daily at DWSEarner and Click Voyager.

Then redeem Daily Surfer rewards before logging out.

Introduce yourself to other members Via the Surf Chat Bar.

Click their names to view their profiles with Their Tips For Online Marketing.

Before logging out of Click Voyager click games and play the C V Slot.

Real Viral Traffic at vTrafficRush.com!

I play the grid daily at V Traffic Rush. Throwing my banners into the Viral Pool.

View Banner links here.



Click top Left Menu!  Scroll down and click the advertising button. Click the email marketing tab. I blast my email before I start surfing.. Then redeem Daily Surfer rewards before logging out.

On your home page scroll down to where it reads accounts to transfer tokens into credits. Click the redeem button. Then Click Menu and Advertise, then website campaigns to allocate credits.

Be sure to also click the upgrade tab. John pays via pay pal every Friday.

Daily log in and send some advertising promotions.

View at the left all My Individual Training Articles.

Daily log in an Surf 100 Sites. Click members names to introduce yourself.

Daily log in an Surf 100 Sites.

Click members names to introduce yourself.

Be sure to advertise your Profile Link at Maree Designs & DWSEarner.

Promote your DWSEarner Profile Link at Social Surf.

Daily log in an blast your email advertising.

This is just an estimate chart below to give you an idea of Future Planning For Promoting SFI.Using GDI as the domain. I offer to design this page FREE.


Not a member sign up here. Then send me your GDI login details and SFI link.


Join Traffic Wave.  


Register free to receive My boot camp training.  Wipe the slate clean.

Access to your own reference library with training articles.

Set up a new G Mail address then register, making sure you never miss any important updates.

Do not use this new G Mail address for anything else apart from receiving my updates. 



Using Traffic Exchanges, safe lists, word press, social media etc..

Start Training 5 members then these 5 members train 5 in their SFI down line. So on and So on.


A Solid SFI Plan Of Attack.  Team Building.

Need Look No Further!.

  Social Media Promoting..

Sign Up Free. I blast posts daily at these three sites.

Set aside one day to duplicate my articles.  Changing my links to yours.


Social Media is a great way to participate FREE daily.

BUT be aware there are a lot of horrible people out there.

Full of promises and false claims.  NEVER believe everything you READ.


Log into Ibo.

At the right Click My Associates, tick the green Thumb up to accept connection.

Click my leads to view new team members.

Click  Dash Board to send a Daily blast introducing members to DWSEarner.

Click add new wall entry to add your posts. Here is one of my examples.

Maree Wells
18 minutes ago
Prosper in 2017 Join Our Maree Designs Club. Paying Via PayPal monthly with Down line sales funnel.

IBO Club Members! Every Monday be sure to claim your 4000 Credit Package.

At the right Click Credit Centre.  Scroll down to where it reads.



Convert credits to impressions by selecting a credit amount from the drop down box. The impressions for that credit amount will automatically be calculated. When finished click on convert credits. You must have a minimum of 100 credits to convert.

Click at the Right.  My Advertising. I assign  Impressions every Thurs.

Check in often to our groups!

YOU never know when I might be giving cash and credits away.  Share comments etc to your Facebook home page.


FACE BOOK I love. Suggestion!  Before accepting NEW connections.

Check the profile of the individual first before accepting.

SEE how their Face Book Page is Designed.

People will still slip through the net. I receive Daily Marriage Invites, Porn Clips.

Scam Invites to horrible sites. Always ask me first before joining new sites.

I do not Stress, when replying to messages, click the name of the individual then simple de- friend them.  I block all users that send Porn clips.

Every Tues I simply Log in and update my Advertising at Cash Camel.

EVERY Tues I log into Bob the Builder. Allocate my credits.

  Once a week log into Traffic Wave!

Duplicate all my Traffic Wave Articles you will receive. Changing my links to yours.


  Once a week log into GDI and send down line emails..

Have this link open in a second browser window when designing your GDI pages.




  Once a week log into V Traffic Rush and send down line emails.. Free members earn playing the grid.

I check my Relmax  And  trck.me Tracking results.

Not a member sign up at ABC4Income Via your DWSEarner Sponsors Link.




This was a Great email I received From my Traffic Wave Sponsor.


We finished 2016 STRONG!
Top Affiliates for December 2016!

I Was among the Top Earners and Top Bonus Earners. Made my holiday season a bit better.

Click the link below to see the whole list.


From our team where Maree Wells and Marlene Kaiser. Why to go Gals. I am very proud of your success, both of you. I highly respect where you both are going with your SFI and your TRAFFICWAVE businesses.

Get to know these two women, you’ll share my respect for them.

George McBride

My Goal is to click the link above in 2017 and progress higher throughout the year.



  One of my teams Profile Review!

Hello My name is Laverne Christian.
I have dibbled and dabbled with online marketing for quite a while with little to no success.
I left online marketing in 2007 to have major surgery.
I returned to online marketing in 2016, joining SFI.
I was blessed with Maree Wells as a sponsor, this was a Godsend.
Maree is teaching me how to succeed in online marketing.
When Maree started DWSEarner, I was one of the first to sign up (actually I was the 9th person).
Since joining DWSE I have received monthly commissions, referrals.
I have learned how to promote my online business for profit.
My SFI business has flourished under the guidance of Maree.
The programs I promote are DWSearner,GDI, and ABC4Income.
Abc4Income is where our down line builder is housed, this is where you would duplicate your sponsor step and join the programs in our down line builder.
After working with Maree, almost a year, learning all I could the unthinkable happened I had to have another major surgery.

I let Maree know what I was dealing with she told me to take care of myself and she would take care of my DWSearner, ABC4Income and SFI accounts, all she wanted me to do was take care of myself and get well.
Imagine my shock, here was someone busy to say the least willing to keep me active in all my accounts.

Since joining Maree, I knew she had a good spirit, but her actions, (keeping both DWSearner and ABC4Income active, communicating with my SFI team) during my hospitalization and my recovery were phenomenal.

I feel Maree went above and beyond what any average Sponsor would have done, her support was awesome.
Not only was I supported and cared for by Maree, the whole DWSEarner team was there for me supporting me all the way, they are great group of people whom I admire and respect, you can not find a better bunch.
Maree, added an affiliate program to her Maree Design Store with auto pilot promoting and team building.
Maree\\\’s goal for 2017 is to supply a great traffic exchange, rewarding members of Maree design and DWSearner members for participation and shopping, supplying a one stop shopping zone at DWSearner.

I know we have all read a lot of hyped up claims on the internet about all the money you can make, but believe me
Maree Design Club/DWSEarner are the real deal.
No I am not rich , but I have been paid more commissions and receive more referrals under these programs than I have in any other program online.
Maree has a plan in place where we all can prosper in 2017.

If you are looking for a place to :
.earn some money
.build your team
.promote and build your online business
.promote your online store
.work with a Great Team of people
Join us at DWSearner
sign up here and I will show you the rest
Join Us Let us all Prosper in 2017

View More Reviews HERE.

Laverne you said it all Maree is my mentor too she is the BEST…