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118pyramid-schemeWelcome to our Maree Designs Club.

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Maree Designs Club is not a Pyramid Scheme.

How we generate New PSSR members on Auto Pilot.

We all promote this Splash Page designed at DWSEarner at all the advertising portholes you see listed at ABC4Income.

Introducing all New Members to Maree Designs Word Press Blog.

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Maree does this all FREE for Maree Design Club Members. The minute a DWSEarner member locks in .  BOOM cash earned for their DWSEarner Up line sponsor.

If their DWSEarner Sponsor is not locked into our Maree Designs Club then the member is reshuffled to an Active DWSEarner Sponsor With Our Maree Designs Club.

Maree Designs will be drawing Random Winners for the second year  running on the 15th of December.. If YOU are a Maree Designs Club Member, check out your commissions page at DWSEarner. It will read Maree Designs Santa FBook Winner.

Be sure to enter the Promo Code at DWSEarner.   santaclub.

Maree’s Santa Message Video.


Welcome My name is Maree.

Our Team are looking for some passionate, dedicated and persistent marketers.
Who are tired of all the hype and false promises.
Tired of spending and promoting other team members links.
Who want to start seeing results for all their time and expense.
PAID into their pockets not others.

WE are a group of individuals all belonging to Maree Designs Club.

Using SFI GDI Traffic Wave DWSEarner ABC4Income and Home Success Pro

As our Advertising Port Holes. Generating Numerous Different Income Resources as our team duplicate the same system.
No more struggling to get sign ups alone.  Put our team leaders to work for you.
Receive Random Down line at Maree Designs ABC4Income and  DWSEarner.

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  Different Income Resources:

You will earn with all the different down line builder sites as your team duplicate the same system. signing up with ABC4Income from your promotional links.

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Splash pages, Landing Pages, Banners & Ad Copies for promotions.

All at the One Location. Our DWSEarner Work Station.

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I invested thousands of dollars and hours selecting OUR Down line builder program.

  Personal One – On-One Support:

Free Step by Step Training Guide, Member’s Surf Chat Area at DWSEarner, .

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Free Video Instructions! How to set up your SFI advertising at DWSEarner.

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The Best List Traditionally isn’t the one you buy.
It is the One You Build yourself !  Tested and Proven For Results.
I have done all the donkey work for you. Testing thousands of sites.
I was researching a site today. Where the cost was $97 Per Month.
Members can invest their commissions in the Future Creating New Team Leaders In Their Down Line.

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U Tube Video For Setting Up SFI  and Your Maree Designs ECA Store Link Advertising At DWSEarner.

Advertising Down Line Team Builder Porthole.

DWSEarner is all about generating a real income online. Most important before you continue. Log into DWSEarner and Click The Support and Home Tab to read Rules for participation.  YOU must register to receive any sort of payment.

Read To Succeed. Join the programs you see listed. YOU will be signing up under your DWSEarner Sponsors links. YOU do not want to be passing up your Team to your Up line. Simply because you forgot to fill in the Down Line Builder with your Id’s.

Add your Id’s to the down line builder at ABC4Income
Log into ABC4Income and view the weekly competitions and Training Articles..
Log into DWSEarner Daily. Surfing N supporting other members ECA Stores.

eggs in basket

  Redeem MDesigns Club Promo Codes at DWSEarner.

Click above Surf then Click Enter Surf Code first. Then surf the required sites to activate.

MDSFIClub          All Maree Design Club Members.

GDISignUP           New GDI Sign Ups.

SFIInToWin          All SFI Members.

PrivateClub          All GDI Members.

HSuccessPro        All Home Success Pro Members.

TWave                    All Traffic Wave Members.

santaclub               Facebook down line club.


  10th of each Month In To Win Random Prizes.

Most Hits to M Designs Club Tracking Links
Top Five members with hits to links added monthly.    SFI rotator   ABC Rotator

The rotator links are promoted through out the DWSEarner Network

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1… Rob Davis   2… Glynis  Log in 2nd Dec   3…  Judith 5th To 7th

Free Starter Page at DWSEarner for One Week.

10,000 Credits.

5,000  Credits.

2,000 Credits.
Members with the most hits to their tracking links are selected to receive random down line monthly that have no DWSEarner Sponsor who is active with the Maree Designs Club..

Maree Designs Sponsors all the games and competitions at DWSEarner.

All earnings Via Maree Designs Club are listed on your commissions page at DWSEarner.
All commissions that state MDesigns etc will be transferred monthly to Maree Designs Payment Records then paid Via Pay Pal.
All DWSEarner Winnings for tickets etc games and competitions can only be spent throughout the DWSEarner Network.

Maree Designs uses this plug in so she can have all team winnings listed at the one location.

Maree Designs Pays on the 10th of each month into members PayPal Accounts.

To receive the cash you must log into DWSEarner Click the SUPPORT Tab.

Fill in the required documentation sending it to Maree Designs email.

THIS is required IN NZ for end of year Tax Purposes for Maree’s

Unique.  Advertise your Promo Wall link at all the Down line builder sites.

This rotates all your sites added at DWSEarner Advertising.

Once you have set up your advertising Click Above Affiliates, then affiliate tool box to find your promo wall link. Also select 2 different splash links to promote outside the DWSEarner Network.

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DWSearner Jet Fuel

Log into ABC4Income. Click at the left Down line Builder.

Be sure to enter your Ids.

YOU do not want to be passing up new team members to your up line.

Simply because you forgot to enter your Id’s.

Remember the key is we use these sites solely to promote Our Maree Designs Club Using The DWSEarner Work Station.  Having all our links at the one location.

YOU may use your commissions to activate the Surf Jet.

YOUR Team will sign up Via your Links as they duplicate the same system.

“My thoughts for the day.”
1. Do not over analyse things and do not be afraid to take a few risks.
2. Always think positive, optimistic thoughts attract positive out comes.
3. Create a realistic time frame for your goals to help motivate you into actions.
4. Do not listen to negative people.
Remember whenever some one undermines your dreams.
They are telling you their story, not yours.
5. Surf daily at DWSEarner TSwirl and Admaster. Redeem the raffle tickets, click guide to see winners with the progressive jackpot. Keep an eye out for the Prize Page when surfing to redeem random cash or credits. Check Facebook posts Weekly..

  Beginning of each new month:

Unique to DWSEarner!  Power ups monthly with being Upgraded.

Time For A Power-Up!
As an upgraded member at DWSEarner, you get to choose a power-up for your membership every month! This means your upgrade will become more powerful the longer you keep it, and you can power-up the features that are the most important to you.
The following power-ups are available to you: Decide which power up to redeem for the month then click Choose this Power Up.

Power-Up My Surfing Ratio  Get 0.5 More Credit Every Click
Power-Up My Monthly Credit Bonus  Get 100 More Credits Every Month
Power-Up My Monthly Banner Impressions  Get 500 More Banners Every Month
Power-Up My Monthly Text Impressions  Get 500 More Text Ads Every Month
Power-Up My Monthly Square Banners Get 500 More Square Banners Every Month
Power-Up My Monthly Mini Branders  Get 500 More Mini Branders Every Month

Don’t want a power-up, or perhaps you’ve already claimed them all?
You can choose one of these instant prizes instead! Click This Prize.
500 Mini Branders
0.5 Cash
100 Credits

These are the monthly power-up choices available for each upgrade level.

The “Amount” is the increase a member will get every time they select that power-up.
The “Max Level” is the maximum number of times one member can select that power-up.
For example, you can set a Monthly Bonus Credits power-up of 20 credits with a max of 10 levels. If a member chooses this as their power-up, then they will get 20 extra credits added to their account every month. They will be able to choose this option up to 10 times (once a month), and then they will get 200 extra credits every month for as long as they keep their upgraded membership.
After a member reaches the Max Level for a power-up, that option will no longer be shown and they will need to choose another power-up or a one-time prize.

BONUS if in NEW Zealand.

Send in a support ticket at our DWSEarner Work Station with your address to add to my records.

Lucky Random Members Will Receive Mystery Parcel’s in the Post.

YOU will be sent a Private Promo Code to enter the Draw.

“Great Quote.”

SFI has grown into a tall and mighty oak tree, with strong and deep roots.
But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…because we planted an entire FOREST…and it’s spreading across every country in the world.
THIS is Our Goal to Duplicate here at DWSearner.

If in New Zealand be sure to send in a support ticket at DWSEarner adding your New Zealand Postal address.

Be surprised when Mystery Parcels arrive on your door step. 

August Winners Unstoppable contest.

Maree Wells, New Zealand  Winner. $50 Hat Plus T Shirt.

Just do what I do. There is no secret into achieving SFI Success.

How often do you see this sort of promoting.
Load of Rubbish.

YET people sign up and invest believing all the hype.

Agdinomore buts.