I will introduce you to the exact same system I use to advertise and team build Maree Designs and DWSEarner on Auto Pilot. While generating extra income at our Sales Generated portholes listed in our Down line builder program at Maree Designs.

Log into DWSEarner then Be sure to click the Banner and join our Block Chain Club.
It is quite exciting because I know when 2019 Rolls Around I would of doubled even tripled my Bitcoin Portfolio. As I always leave half of my commissions in my wallet saving for my  retirement.

An hour per day will send money your way.


1…Sign up to DWSEarner! Click the banner and view our Facebook Group.
Monthly invest $10 Upgrading and be sure to surf daily redeeming Fab Prize Giveaways. Surf between 150-250 Pages Daily.

FUN GAMES! Surf N Win DAILY! Progressive Jackpot, Pick A Block, Mystery Chest, Remember my spot, Monthly Raffle, Word Search, Daily Surfer Rewards, Weekly Team Surfing Rewards! Free members in to win credits, text adds etc, Upgraded members in to win Cash paid into their bit coin wallets.
Purchase Via My Fiverr Store. Or Pay Via Bit Coin.
Ether Address At Block Chain to send Monthly subscriptions..

If with my SFI Down line Free Bonus! DWSEarner Upgrade with every purchase from my ECA Store. Plus random PSA Spill Over.. (Sorry only available to my down line.)

2… Sign up to Maree Designs and lock into our Block Chain Co-op Via Payza.
Surf 50 adds Daily. One Winner of 1 banner link with 5000 views.
JOIN Payza here if not a member.

3…  Join ABC4Income! When you have some spare cash lock into our ABC4Income Down line builder Club Here.


Find all the video and training articles here to build your SFI Team.
Crash Course Plug-and-Play System you can have set up in ten minutes or less! One Link Blasts Promotions for 5 of your core businesses.

I use the DWSEarner LFMTE Script to gather all our members from Our Down line builder Sales Funnel PROGRAMS to the one location.

Beginning of the Month.!

Time For A Power-Up!

As an upgraded member, you get to choose a power-up for your membership every month! This means your upgrade will become more powerful the longer you keep it, and you can power-up the features that are the most important to you.

Check The following power-ups that are available to you when you log in at the beginning of each month.

Daily Start Here.!

Daily I multitask at SFI, while checking all my emails.

Not a member. Register first to the Rewardical Program.

Use the same log in details for Triple clicks.

Make 2018 the year that rocks.
“DID you know by the end of 2015, the worldwide number of Internet users had grown to include more than 40% of ALL the people on the planet!”

Traffic Wave Members.. Purchase Via My Fiverr Store to have your Rewardical Campaign Designed.

I then move on to DWSEarner (Surfing 200) and Maree Designs.. (surfing 100)

I start each day tidying up my Inbox at G Mail. sending all unwanted emails to my spam folder. Avoiding Fishing email and Hacking.  I then reply to all messages. I never log into SFI or any site via emails.  I always enter the full url in the browser to enter.

Great SFI Quote Via Gery.
NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, at least half of your affiliates will NOT become successful. ALL WE CAN DO IS GIVE PEOPLE A TRACK TO RUN ON. WE CANNOT, HOWEVER, DRAG THEM ACROSS THE FINISH LINE!! They have to want it.
DID you know by the end of 2015, the worldwide number of Internet users had grown to include more than _40__% of ALL the people on the planet!
“Failure is the path of least persistence.”
Success of any kind requires massive persistence, determination, and “powering through” when things get tedious or, yes, even boring. And always remember that nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

2018 Goal.. Click daily With Free Bitcoin.

Imagine your earnings at the end of 2018… This is how I build my Bitcoin portfolio.

Log in daily to these three Sites. Spend 10 minutes daily connecting with members introducing them to our Dollar Wise Network.

One Click Social Media Blast!

1,011 followers|25,677 views.  Google + is a great Free Platform to promote SFI and DWSEarner.


I reply to all connections daily at LinkeDin.

Thank you I have been using LinkedIn for years to promote and generate a real income working from home.
All the tools you need to operate a successful Online Business.
Be sure to view my profile for interesting training videos I have designed.

Advertising Portholes.!

These are the sites I surf in rotation after participating with the sites above…
The key is to use the down line builder sites listed at ABC4Income and Maree Designs for promoting only. It takes a lot of advertising to build any NETWORK.
Your team will duplicate the same system signing up from your members links.

Real Viral Traffic at vTrafficRush.com!

I play the grid daily at V Traffic Rush. Throwing my banners into the Viral Pool.

I have been surfing daily here since 2011 then allocating credits to by banners.

Power Ups.. Time For A Power-Up! Beginning of each month.

As an upgraded member, you get to choose a power-up for your membership every month! This means your upgrade will become more powerful the longer you keep it, and you can power-up the features that are the most important to you.
The following power-ups are available to you: Select and pick.

Profile page promoting… Duplicate Mine.


Click above Accounts> Profile Page Settings.

Promo Wall Promoting. My Example.


Click Above AFFILIATES> Blast your promo wall link at all the sites listed at Maree Designs Down line builder programs. The promo wall promotes all the adds you have listed at DWSEarner promoting in rotation.

Unique I promote all DWSEarner Mini branders and Promo wall links throughout the DWSEarner Network.

Click above Adds>Mini Branders to set up. View the banner link here.

1…..  Newbies Guide Setting Up Your DWSEarner Network.


Daily Claim Surfers Rewards at DWSEarner Before logging out.

Click above Surf> Surfer Rewards.

Click Enter Surfer Codes.. Here is where you enter all Promo Codes for Competitions.

Return to check Weekly Team Surfer Winners.

Monthly I do google searches to find new advertising portholes to promote SFI DWSEarner And Maree Designs.. 

I then share spill over with my SFI, Maree Designs & DWSEarner Team Leaders.

I blast promoting at around 30 – 40 different sites, I save my members thousands as I share all new signups with my team leaders, who duplicate the same system with their down line setting up their own Co-ops via Bit Coin.

It is good also if we all are advertising at different venues as this helps get new eyes viewing our recommendations.

SFI Laverne

1acbsfilSFI Martine

View More Reviews HERE.



YES DWSearner was designed by the members for the members.

Long Term Project with residential Income.  . The early bird gets the worm

Click Surf > Surfer Jet Fuel. Click and purchase to make your surfing experience Faster.
Before finishing for the day be sure to click Home.

Click above Surf > Claim Surf Rewards. > Enter Surf Rewards. (This is where you claim Promo Codes )

Long Term Project with residential Income.  The early bird gets the worm.

I purchased the Surfer Reward Plug In way back in 2016.
Yes! Lets start the New Year With a Bang.
I will show you how to start generating a real income working from home.
DWSearner! Goals for 2018.
I will help bring thousands of real visitors to your website. FREE members surf then earn credits.

* Rewarded for participation. Before logging out, be sure to click Home > Surf > Surf Rewards. Claim Daily.
* I  switch on the Surf Booster. Giving double credits per purchase on Random DAYS.
* Games, Banner Rewards, Surf Engage Rewards + bonus pages to help encourage an active and responsive membership:.
* Daily Promo Codes in Email updates for Dwsearner. Get into the daily habit of opening.
* Upgraded Members are rewarded cash for participation. 20% of OTO Sales are put into the cash pool.

* Unique to DWSearner. Promo Wall..One Link will generate Numerous Income Resources.

* Unique to DWSEarner.  Mini Branders. Click Adds and set up your network for promoting.

* Great range of effective advertising packages at affordable prices to expand any Business.


Just imagine if every member upgrades their membership at DWSearner.
Every member would “instantly” have 10+ upgraded referrals, a huge down line, and we would
“ALL” be making some serious monthly income from numerous income resources!

What Can DWSEarner Do For You?
* Drive consistent traffic to your web site for free.
* Help to create your brand and product awareness.
* Market your opportunity, product, list or service.
* Promote your web site launches and special events.
* Display your web site to potential clients.

Why should I purchase a DWSEarner Upgrade Membership?

* Receive monthly 1000 Credits, 2000 banner and tex impressions.
* $10 Per Month. Rewards you 40% commissions Level One and 30 % Level 2.
* You may transfer credits to support your down line.

* Message Centre. Keep all your team updated with new sites you join for down line building.

* Unique. One Link (Promo Wall) Will promote all your advertising you have listed in rotation.

The main surfbar has a  ‘Report Page’. We want a safe environment for surfing.

So please report any sites that may have slipped through the net.

Daily Surfing Rewards and Games On Offer.

* Word Search… simply collect all the letters of any word to receive your free traffic credit prize.
* Remember the Spot Trivia game… Simply tick the site you viewed previously to win traffic credit prizes..
* Happy Burst Game…   Click the frowning faces. In to Win.
* Prize Page Mod…  Find free traffic credit prizes at irregular intervals as you surf.  Upgraded members Win Cash.
* Banner Prizes…  See the DWSearner Banner at the top right corner. In to Win. Upgraded members Win Cash.

* Message Centre. Keep all your team updated with new sites you join for down line building.

* Unique. One Link (Promo Wall) Will promote all your advertising you have listed in rotation.
How do I build your down line?
When you log into your DWSEarner account you will be directed to the MEMBERS Page.

In the top menu, Hover your mouse where it reads ‘Affiliate > Affiliate Tools’ ( For referral Links)

Grab your Promo Wall Link. Go To Adds above and be sure to add it here. This will rotate all your advertising in rotation at all sites you list it at.

Return to Affiliate >Click on ‘Down lines’. This page is where you will find numerous sites to blast your DWSearner promoting.

Admin has been with for years to help build your down line.
DO NOT USE SPAM in your advertising efforts.

I have a zero tolerance policy and your account will be terminated without recourse upon the first complaint!
Make sure to click above ACCOUNT > Message.
Send your members your promotional links to join.

When YOU log into DWSEarner. At the right be sure to register to chat with all our members.
When surfing Keep an eye out for when I log in and use the Surf Engage.
Individual One On One training.
1 TEAM  –  1 VISION  –  1 GOAL

Check out the Plug Ins DWSearner Offers.


Free Step by Step guide on how to set up your DWSearner Network.


Register free to receive my boot camp training.

Wipe the slate clean. Set up a new G Mail address then register, making sure you never miss any important updates I send.

Do not use this new G Mail address for anything else apart from receiving my updates. 


Laverne you said it all Maree is my mentor too she is the BEST…