I have a new favorite quote:

“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you!

If you are determined to learn, no one can STOP you!”

I truly love this quote Via Gery at SFI because it sums up perfectly my business opportunity.

Learn and you’ll earn!

  Remember!   DWSEarner  Cash Tokens CAN  BE spent ONLY

Throughout the DWSEarner Network.

Earn your DWSEarner upgrade at DWSEarner. Simple Participate Daily!!!!
Saving members thousands of dollars throughout the year in advertising and upgrade rewards

DWSEarner Credits Or Cash may be transferred into different advertising packages.
Click above Ads>Buy Credits> Click commissions button to activate.
Send in a Support ticket at DWSEarner To Transfer Credits into advertising..
Starter Page for One Week.                                                $30.00
Starter Page 4 1 WK promoting + Credits 2000 –            $18.00
Starter Page 5 1 Wk Promoting Plus 1000 Credits –       $15.00
Weeks Log In Add –                                                               $30.00
1000 Views                                                                              $10.00
5000 Views                                                                              $35.00
1000 Mini Brander Credits –                                                  $5.00
Jetfuel 1.2 hour –                                                                      $3.00
Jetfuel 2hour –                                                                          $5.00
Remember My Spot 3 days –                                                  $8.00
GDI Page Designs –                                                                 $25.00
5 Maree Design Referrals –                                                   $18.00
Send in a support ticket to request Credits earned surfing to be transferred into advertising.
Starter Page for One Week.                Credits     45000
Log in Add.                                               Credits   25500
Remember my Spot for three days.  Credits     25000
Upgrade One Month.                             Credits    45000


  Free Maree Designs E Book with every purchase.




How often do you see this sort of promoting.

YET people sign up and invest believing all the hype.
SFI GDI Traffic Wave are all Pay Pal Verified.
YOU will see sites listed at  ABC4Income and Maree Designs…
Most of the down line builder programs are also Pay Pal Verified.

Sign Up To PayZa!

Now available at Maree Designs Commissions.! 

To Win Any Random Fab Prize Giveaways.

YOU must enter Payza Email at Maree Designs.

  Daily Surfer Rewards!

Before logging out.. Return to the home page and click above Surf then scroll down and click Surfer Rewards….

  Weekly Team Surfer Rewards!

Log into the home page.. Click above Surf then Click  TEAM SURFING..
Upgraded Members set up a team.  Be sure to read all the information. JOIN A TEAM> READ the Rewards. It is all about rewarding members for participation.
Remember for every 20 pages that anyone in your team league surfs 1 activity point is earned for your team and that means more credits for you at the end of the week.
Weekly Prizes
In addition to the bonus credits from the Activity Points, each member in the highest-ranking teams at the end of the week will receive the following prizes.

First Place Team. All Members Win DWSE Cash   $2.25 100/250/250/300
Runner Up Team. All Members Win DWSE Cash  $1.55/20/100/100/100

  Upgraded Members!  Surf In Win DWSEarner Cash Tokens!

Start Earning DWSEarner Cash Tokens..
Which can be spent through out the DWSESarner Network.
THERE is no cost to Upgrade at DWSEarner. YOU can earn it simply by surfing daily.
Saving members thousands of dollars throughout the year in advertising and upgrade rewards!


   Pick A Block at DWSEarner!

Winnings are in DWSEarner Cash to be spent throughout the DWSEarner Network.

Log into DWSEarner Click Rewards above to view.

Pick A Block, Raffle ticket winners, see what your keys open with the mystery chest.

Pick blocks for 20 credits each, a maximum of 5 blocks may be picked at a time.

When all blocks have been picked, 10 winners will be selected by random draw.

Prizes awarded are random and can be either DWSEarner cash, credits, banners or texts.

Recent Winners
won $0.65 cash
won $1.86 cash
won 91 credits
won 287 text impressions
won 138 credits
won $1.79 cash
won $1.4 cash
won 232 text impressions
won 288 text impressions
won 224 text impressions

   Surf For Raffle Tickets At DWSEarner!

Winnings are in DWSEarner Cash to be spent throughout the DWSEarner Network.

How to gain entries?
Watch for the raffle page while you surf. When you see the raffle page you will need to claim your ticket. The more tickets you have the better your chance to win a prize.

Prizes Drawn the first of each Month! Click Extras to view prizes and winners list.

tmills 1 2017-05-01 Cash: 9.99 Credits: 500 Banners: 1000 Texts: 1000
rarch 2 2017-05-01 Cash: 5.00 Credits: 400 Banners: 500 Texts: 500
valie12 3 2017-05-01 Cash: 3.00 Credits: 300 Banners: 300 Texts: 300
rumble 4 2017-05-01 Cash: 2.00 Credits: 200 Banners: 200 Texts: 200
mycoon 5 2017-05-01 Cash: 1.00 Credits: 100 Banners: 100 Texts: 100
nelly 6 2017-05-01 Cash: 0.50 Credits: 100 Banners: 100 Texts: 100
archie43 7 2017-05-01 Cash: 0.20 Credits: 100 Banners: 100 Texts: 100
lmurray296 8 2017-05-01 Cash: 0.10 Credits: 100 Banners: 100 Texts: 100
judyb10 9 2017-05-01 Cash: 0.05 Credits: 100 Banners: 100 Texts: 100
LaVerne 10 2017-05-01 Cash: 0.05 Credits: 100 Banners: 100 Texts: 100

   Surf For Mystery Keys At DWSEarner!

Winnings are in DWSEarner Cash Tokens to be spent throughout the DWSEarner Network.

Look for keys while you surf. When you find a key remember to claim it.
You never know what the Mystery Chest holds!

Look for keys while you surf. When you find a key remember to claim it.
You never know what the Mystery Chest holds!

You have 42 keys remaining.

Woohoo! It was the right key!
You have successfully unlocked this chest!
Check your recent prizes below to see what you have won.

    Progressive Jackpot!

Winnings are in DWSEarner Cash to be spent throughout the DWSEarner Network.

In To Win Surfing Daily. Redeem Tokens then Click Spin to Play.

Click Guide to View Latest Winners. Random Cash, Paid out as high as $11.98

Members in Maree’s SFI down line if they have purchased this package.


Receive the Cash in an SFI Gift Card.

Last 10 Jackpot Winners

Member Won On Win Amount

Glynis Nel
2017-03-18 $1.01

Glynis Nel
2017-03-18 $1.18

Mary Hati
2017-03-17 $1.05

Glynis Nel
2017-03-16 $1.26

Glynis Nel
2017-03-16 $1.00

LaVerne Christian
2017-03-16 $1.02

jonathan gagne
2017-03-14 $1.13

Robert Davis
2017-03-14 $1.11

angus eninew
2017-03-14 $1.02

Martine Gerard
2017-03-13 $1.32




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Be sure to open all emails for New Promo Codes To Enter.

Log into DWSEarner! Click Above SURF > Click Enter Surf Code > XXXXX


New members enter before surfing to activate rewards.
“Surf50”  “Surf100”  “Surf500”
Every weekend Maree loads the Surf Bar Prize Box with DWSEarner Cash to Win.
She also activates the Credit booster. Start receiving double credit points and faster surf bar timer.
Each Month One lucky FREE members wins a months upgrade at Maree Designs + DWSEarner.

All kiwi’s enter to start receiving mystery parcels in the post.
Enter when you purchase any package from Maree’s ECA Store Monthly
Each month One lucky Maree Designs Member with have $10.00 Added to their Payza account.


Welcome to DWSEarner.
Beginning each month every thing winds back to O.

Over the next week Maree starts to update members records, transferring cash tokens into upgrades and M Design Referrals. Etc.
Each member is left with 3000 credits.
Credits above this are transferred into random Maree Designs Down line.
5,000 credits = One Random spill over.

DWSEarner is a Rewards One Stop Work Station.
Part of the Dollar Wise Network.
Maree Designs.. DWSEarner and ABC4Income
Members in-cooperate these sites following Our Work From Home Daily Program.
The idea is to surf monthly earning Cash Tokens to transfer into advertising,  M Designs Random Referrals. upgrade at DWSEarner Monthly.

Other Ways to Grab Instant Upgrades with DWSEarner.
Lock in Monthly M Designs Upgrade, OR Co-op Subscription Via Payza.
YOU will be signing up Via A Random Team Members Link.

Purchase this package Via Maree ECA Store includes Monthly Bonus Upgrade + SFI Success E Book.  All SFI members also earn from all down line purchases.

Monthly! Click Adds Then Buy Credits to convert your cash or credits into advertising packs, log in adds etc.

DWSEarner offer’s great games and reward incentives for supporting members surfing and participation with promoting. Shopping and selling..

Everyone’s becoming a DWSEarner student!
Why? They love Passive Cash, with locking into our Maree Designs Co-op.

Follow Maree Designs simple blueprint, and we’re talking upwards of $100,
Some even thousands monthly in passive earnings.
Combining our Maree Designs Down line Builder Sales Funnel.
All members duplicate the same system.

Maree keeps it simple – you receive quality advertising plus, while earning an income at the same time.

The Dollar Wise Network BUSINESS CENTERS explained:

Business Center I – Maree Designs.
One stop shopping selling Zone with payza affiliate program.

Business Centre 2-  DWSEarner.
One stop Work Station.  Rewarded with Fab Prize Giveaways for participation.

Business Centre 3-  ABC4Income.
Safe list promoting with individual back office access to Maree’s U Tube Video training Library.  Down line builder Program.  Quick access one click promoting.

Cheers Maree.