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Check out Triple Clicks game division, Eager Zebra. Try your luck and test your skills in several different, fun games. Win prizes, TCredits, badges, MRP, and more! PLUS pick up VP for EVERY TCredit you spend on EZ games!

EZ Games include:

* Grandmaster Poker–Put together the 3 best simultaneous poker hands you can.
* Zackjack–Put together 3 hands of cards, each equaling 21 points (a “Zackjack”)
* Uber-Picks–Pick winning teams in your favorite pro sports.
* Card King–Predict whether the next card dealt be higher or lower than the last.
* Gold Streak–Build a streak of correctly-answered survey questions.
* Knockout Trivia–Outlast your fellow players answering trivia questions.
* Time Machine–Correctly predict the answer to a coming event.

See the Eager Zebra games index at:


To enter an EZ game, just click one of the “PLAY!” buttons.

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Join my League.


League Password: XvBdPS

Make sure at the start of each week to make it Prime to enter League Competitions.

More instructions can be found here.


How I play! Matches and moves can only be purchased in between games.
Flames are the Matches.
Fill all three hands with only 3-4 cards to begin with.  Then start to match and move.
Click Move Card! YOU will see the cards you have in the three groups.Click the card you wish to move. IT WILL appear click the hand you wish to move it to .

OR click the flame to remove the card from the game and select a NEW CARD.

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New League Created!

Awesome! You are now the official commissioner of the Grand master Poker league, EarnOnLine.

Check out your new, customized league website now at:


Let the games begin! How to Play Poker.

In Grandmaster Poker, you’ll attempt to put together the three best simultaneous POKER HANDS


At the start of a game, you will be dealt three random cards from a standard 52-card deck. Each of these three cards will represent the start of three separate hands. You will now begin drawing cards, one at a time, from the deck.

Each time you draw a card, you have the option of placing it on any of your three hands (click one of the three “arrow” buttons to choose which hand you want to place your card on) until the hand is full (5 cards maximum per hand).  Again, your objective is to build the three Best Poker Hands  you can.

For each Poker hand you build, “Prize Points” (points for earning recognition and prizes) are awarded*  as follows:

  • For a hand with one pair, you’ll earn 100 bonus Prize Points
  • Pair is two cards of the same value. EG 2×10 2xking 2×8 etc.
  • For a hand with two pair , you’ll earn 250 bonus Prize Points
  • For a hand with three of a kind  you’ll earn 350 bonus Prize Points
  • Three of a kind are three cards of the same value. EG 3×2  3xkings.
  • For a hand consisting of a straight , you’ll earn 400 bonus Prize Points.
  • A Straight is 5 cards in a row. EG 10 9 8 7 6.  OR King Queen Jack 10 9 etc.
  • For a hand consisting of a flush , you’ll earn 450 bonus Prize Points
  • A flash is any card of the same suit.  EG 5 Hearts. 5 Spades etc.
  • For a hand consisting of a full house, you’ll earn 500 bonus Prize Points
  • Full house is one pair and three cards the same. EG 3 3 3 2 2  OR king king 10 10 10
  • For a hand with four of a kind, you’ll earn 750 bonus Prize Points
  • Four of a kind.  Is Four cards all the same value EG 8 8 8 8
  • For a hand consisting of a straight flush, you’ll earn 1000 bonus Prize Points
  • Straight Flush is 5 cards in order all the same suit. EG HEARTS 6 5 4 3 2
  • For a hand consisting of a royal flush, you’ll earn 1500 bonus Prize Points
  • Royal Flash. Is all the same Suit highest Cards. EG HEARTS Ace King Queen Jack Ten
  • 1. Royal flush
    A, K, Q, J, 10, all the same suit.

    A K Q J T

    2. Straight flush
    Five cards in a sequence, all in the same suit.

    8 7 6 5 4
    3. Four of a kind
    All four cards of the same rank.

    J J J J 7

    4. Full house
    Three of a kind with a pair.

    T T T 9 9

    5. Flush
    Any five cards of the same suit, but not in a sequence.

    4 J 8 2 9

    6. Straight
    Five cards in a sequence, but not of the same suit.

    9 8 7 6 5

    7. Three of a kind
    Three cards of the same rank.

    7 7 7 K 3

    8. Two pair
    Two different pairs.

    4 4 3 3 Q

    9. Pair
    Two cards of the same rank.

    A A 8 4 7

    10. High Card
    When you haven’t made any of the hands above, the highest card plays.
    In the example below, the jack plays as the highest card.

    3 J 8 4 2


THE GOAL! Is to get cards that add up to 21.  Royal Cards = 10   Ace = 11 or 1

DO not go above 21.  Click the flame to remove a card and receive a new one.

REMEMBER Buy Cards to burn in between the games.

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To Enter The League Weekly you need to click Prime at the beginning of each week to be entered.  REMEMBER to BUY Matches In Between the GAMES.


http://gotclicks2.com/suwUTGlb7   League Password: 2BFJKT

Last week’s players won 1,737 TCredits, 12,210 MRP and 4,600 VP!

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http://gotclicks2.com/qh9kWdYDd    League Password: QTN9Kn

Play FREE! But to win in the spin you need to begin with clicking.

Pass then Bottom Right Activate SIDE KICK CLICK Continue.

Select the highest or lowest card. CLICK the Spin To Win Tab when it appears.

Oh no, you were busted by the Jack of Hearts!

However, you won:

10 MRP 2 AVP

Also, your 900 points total for this game may qualify you for a share of today’s Card King Daily Zackpot! Check for your name on the Winners List tomorrow.

You’ve also earned a Friends Challenge link and an opportunity to win 300 MRP and more!


http://gotclicks2.com/GAmXGaWM3     League Password: knDK3E


What will the all-time box office rank for the LEGO Batman movie be on March 14?Jump in your time machine, visit the future, and determine the answer to our current question (shown above). Predict the correct answer and win the Zackpot (or a share if there are multiple winners) and a nifty badge for your TConnect page! Play for just one TCredit. No purchase necessary to win.

For all upcoming auctions, you can predict the final price and win shares of our daily TCredits “Zackpot!” To play, just enter the price you think an auction will end at. If you pick the exact ending price (or are the closest if there are no exact picks), you win! Play for just one TCredit per auction. No purchase necessary to win.

Last week’s players won 4,898 TCredits!

Prizes won yesterday include

72  CSAs  1,210  MRP  3,811  TCREDITS  400  VERSAPOINTS


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