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Our Maree Designs E Book Re-seller’s “EXPRESS” pay plan is powerful and yet extremely simple.   Maree incorporates her Dollar Wise Network Blue Print.
Teaching  her  followers with her Dollar Wise Network Program how to generate a real income on line with participating daily with her three on Line Core Businesses.
Members are rewarding for generating Clients, participation and duplication.


Different ways to lock into our E Book Re-sellers Subscription.

Purchase Via her Fiverr Store. Individual E Books at $5.00 Or Package three for your re-sellers license.

Earning 30% Commissions from all sales into your payza account via Maree Designs.

Bonus if you lock in for the year. 50% Commissions.



Log into Maree Designs…

1… At the left Click Special Credits offer to lock in your Monthly Subscription.

2… Click At the Left Upgrade and Select the Monthly MDSRPartnership Upgrade.

3… Founding Members Lock in the Monthly Maree Designs Co-op Subscription.

Maree Designs inspires motivation for your entire down-line with the support of
E Book’s, U Tube Video’s, Incentives for participation and surfing at DWSEarner Our Advertising Porthole, explaining what is required in such a way that we all have the chance of climbing the Maree Designs, Leader Ship Step Ladder Rewards System.

Use A B C 4 Income to promote 5 Core businesses, showing button banners etc on your promotional link.  Includes Newbie Access to individual training articles.


It offers the serious affiliate marketer, An Online Business, on selling E books, to their down line,  while generating New Clients Via Social Media Facebook or any On Line Store Members belong with.
No piggy backing off other members hard work.
Unique! All members have the same earning potential NOT just the Leaders at the TOP.
Each Individual will reap their own rewards and determine their own success. .
Maree offers the Blue Print it is then up to each member to put the plan into play.



This is a LONG TERM PROJECT with Everlasting Growth and EARNINGS Via all your TEAM PURCHASES.

Step Ladder Rewards.
Star 1! 2 Sales =  10% Bonus..
Star2! 5 Sales =   20% Bonus
Star 3 10 Sales = 30% Bonus.
YOUR Goal is to collect Star Points.
  2000 Credits + 1 Text and Banner Adds with 1000 views are included with each purchase.
On-sell outside the Maree Designs Network. Let your imagine run wild.
Monthly Fab Cash Prize Giveaways. Enter Promo Code at DWSEarner “ResellEbook”  Keep an eye out at DWSEarner Surf chat bar for random prizes.
Give our Facebook Page a like and be sure to participate and check in often. Free Entry to Win.

Top Surfers.


Surf daily at DWSEarner, check the surf chat bar for when Maree Decides to give random payza cash away to our active team members.  Members earn Cash Tokens to transfer into advertising. Saving members thousands of dollars in advertising costs throughout the year.
Check our Facebook Group and be sure to participate. Free Entry to Win.

Maree uses the LFMTE Script, to offer all Her Dollar Wise Network Follower’s.
A One Stop Work Station with unique plug ins for team building on Auto Pilot..
She gathers all her teams from the numerous different sites she belongs with.
TO THE SAME LOCATION!  Organization is the key with One Click Communicating.
Member Must have an Active Monthly Maree Designs Co-op or E Book Re-sellers Subscription. To Enter.
Both Subscriptions INCLUDE a BONUS upgrade at DWSEarner OR ABC4Income.
Surf to win random advertising packages, mystery parcels in the post for kiwi’s plus random referrals added to your Maree Designs Down line.
Check emails for all updates and Winners List.

Maree Designs HOME BASE business Has THREE different Income Resources.

1..  Upgrades Monthly.  Receive FREE community Magazine.

2… Co-op share where all members share new sign ups.

3…  E-book Re-seller Program. YOU Own On Line Home Business.

YOU may participate with One Or All Three income Earners. Generating sales and building a Client base, introducing all members to our Down line Builder Sales Funnel, generating numerous different working from home income opportunity’s.

Any One Can Build A successful Work From Home Business  — easily, access globally, socially  — and attain a successful lifestyle by introducing the Maree Designs Work From Home program to enthusiastic individuals who likewise desire positive life transformation receiving cash into their pockets and not someone else’s.

If you have ever wanted to create a successful online business, you’ve come to the right place.,
You could spend thousands of dollars else where, believing all the hype.,
Or simply follow My Dollar Wise Network Blue Print.,


Maree is making this personal commitment to you, that she will keep the Maree Designs business online, keeping it operating professionally, updating it when necessary.
This means that you have enough time in which to fulfill your financial ambitions with the confident knowledge that the effort you place into building your own Maree Designs business today will pay off handsomely in the long term future.
Maree’s commitment allied with her lucrative pay plan means that your financial objectives are now within your reach starting today.
Maree Designs will not disappear into the night like other sites she has seen disappear with all there members hard earned cash.
Maree Designs offers a ZERO REFUNDS POLICY to all members. This is foremost because new member positions are allocated instantaneously via our Step Ladder Rewards System and commissions on all joining fees are paid instantly as soon as the joining fee payment is received.
Maree offers subscriptions to suit everyone’s budget.

This is a LONG TERM PROJECT with Everlasting Growth and EARNINGS.

“You can have anything you want in life if you will help enough other people get what they want.” ~ Zig Ziglar

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve
the same results.”  ~ Zig Ziglar