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  Redeem ticket entry when spending at Maree Design’s Via Payza or My Fiverr Store.  Random Down line are rewarded if with Maree Designs Co-op.

Set aside one day to join the sites listed at the down line builder at Maree Designs.



Monthly Random Prizes.

A Percentage of sales is added to the Cash Pool. Check emails at the beginning of the month to see if you are a winner. Participate with our Facebook Groups.


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✪Some Ground Rules Here:✪
✍ No spamming in the group of other programs.
The internet can be a very dangerous place for newbies.
This is why I will not tolerate any member trying to lure our group members away to some bogus new launch or other site that is not listed at our Sales Generating Leads Program.

Most important keep your posts short and to the point.



Start collecting points when all your DWSEarner Team Purchase Any Package Via my Fiverr Gig Store.


Maree Designs Sponsors the Prize Pool. Paying on the 15th of December Winners Payza or Payoneer Accounts. So be sure to enter your Payza email at Maree Designs.


Verify your Payza account then you are able to withdraw your commissions to your Bit Coin Wallet. Saving for that rainy day or saving for your retirement.


MDGift Cards


All members receive a Maree Designs Gift Card with first purchase at My Fiverr Gig Store.  Check out the $60 Gift Card Advertising Value.

Must send in a support tickets at DWSEarner to Redeem Free Card with purchases.

Great way for team rewards.  Send me the Id of the Five members you wish to send the Gift Cards to and I will allocate the Advertising package to their Maree Designs Account.


Lets see your name listed..Santa Club

Brian Bearden               3

Micheal Cooney            3

Mary Hati                       1

Terry Mills                     1

Shelly                              1


I am in the process of building this page.

After Reading My Review about Facebook You Will Know
How To:
Set up your Face Book Profile.

Create great Face Book Pages.

Create great Face Book Groups.

Understand how to use a social media platform..

Understand how to use a social media platform..

Avoid Common (and Costly) Online Advertising Mistakes

AHow to daily Share SFI News Letters to your Facebook pages.

Keeping your Facebook public profile and pages seperate.

Share daily Via Maree Designs Social Share Button.

Tip of the Day

Share TC products on social networks

Get the word out about a great new product, deal, closeout, or other item at Triple Clicks. quickly and easily. Just click the Share & Win button on a product’s detail page; then cut and paste the resulting link on Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail…or post it wherever you want.

Your SFI Affiliate ID number is included in any referenced URLs you post, so you get credited with any subsequent sales (just be sure to log in to TC first!). Referenced URLs from your logged-in referred members will also include your SFI Affiliate ID for crediting when they share via the Share & Win button.

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To be a successful Internet Marketer, you need to wisely use your time & advertising budget or it will be like trying to run in quicksand.
So lets make GOOD things happen to YOU, starting now! I am very excited to see how my Team Builds in 2015.
Let’s face it, advertising is a numbers game.

The more your ad is shown, the higher percentage of click-through and sales you will convert.
Next Step. Decide what hours you wish to dedicate to your SFI Business.
The beauty is you wake up, then just walk over to your computer.
Sit Down and you are ready to go. YOU decide what hours you want to work,
YOU can reshuffle your time table if you need to spend time with the kids at school etc.
YOU determine your results. The more you participate the more rewards you will receive in return.

NO time to surf.

Use your SFI T Credits or MRP Point to grab FREE Advertising for SFI or DWSEarner.


YOU will also earn at SFI when any of your down line purchase.

WARNING. Stay well away from ClickAd Xpress! Traffic Monsoon!

Worst scams on line!

The key is not to spread your wings to far. Only promote 2-3 Core Programs.

 🌹 🌸 I use my Maree Designs Dollar Wise Network for promoting.

 SFI Traffic Wave and GDI. .👌 message me

Sale leads System for Team Building DWSEarner and GDI.
Simple step by step training guide to follow.
Team growth That Will Generate Earnings.
Easy Down line builder to Explode any Core business.
Make this the year to explode your Online Presence.