How Do Hackers Get My Info? Security Set Up


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One of your greatest Assets is your Identity! Protect it all the time.

Becoming a victim of identity fraud is a frightening, frustrating experience.
It can happen to any one at any time.

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The more you make an online presence.

The More Hacker will try to steal your information.

This is why I say never log into any site Via an Email.

It could be a fishing email (trying to steal your information)

SFI. Log in from this link!

I use McAfee Web Security.  Best investment I make on line. I then share the information with my team. McAfee test the sites I am surfing and block content that comes from potentially dangerous or suspicious sites. NEVER log into PayPal Via ANY Email.


Be Very Careful when joining New sites.

Make sure you are not signing up to a fishing Site.

A fishing site is a site a person launches with the sole purpose to capture email addresses with log in passwords etc. To Rip Off Everybody.

They launch with all sorts of hype. Promises of wealth overnight. When the sole intention is to clean out every ones pay pal account at the other affiliate programs they belong to.. Most members will use the same log in and password they use with established sites they are members with. Giving these Con Artists Easy Access to their account at numerous sites.

These sort of sites then go and use the Members Information to log into other sites to steal their money. Hoping the member has used the same log in details. They then are able to log into the back office at these sites changing the Members PayPal email and adding a New One.  Most Members Do not realize their accounts have been hacked. Leaving it to late to discover these people have requested their commissions to be paid into a different Pay Pal Account.  Before members realize, these people have generated $1000’s if dollars, transferred the PayPal Balance into another bank Account. Then once they have received the cash. They delete the PayPal Account.  Setting up a New One and repeating the cycle over and over.

I speak from experience.

This happened to me at SFI when I was a newbie years ago.

I entered my pay pal email with a new site that had just launched.

Because it is a fact most of us use the same log in details to log into established websites we are with.

They were able to log into my SFI account and other sites.

They went and changed my pay pal account info to a bogus Pay pal account. This person hit 100’s of SFI accounts just before the 15th when SFI were to pay members. They then transfer the money from this paypal account then shut it down.

Can you imagine my shock and horror when I checked my SFI account wondering why the money was not in my pay pal account to find my account info had been changes.

SFI PAID Me Back the Money Stolen.  Awesume I say.

This is when I set up my G Mail security as they were able to log into G Mail and change my log in details also. So I was locked out of my own G Mail Account.

I spent days logging in to all the sites I belonged to changing my log in details and setting up a tighter more secure password.

( Using two capital letters two lower case letters two numbers and two symbols)

Credit Card numbers are obtained in many ways. 

Tip I have an Individual Visa Debit Card for my affiliate marketing.

I transfer money to it when I wish to spend. I never have more than $50 in this account. Never Use Your Main Bank Account or Credits Card Account.

After massive breaches like Target and Home Depot, many customers experienced fraudulent charges on their accounts or received new cards from lenders.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a small device called a skimmer that captures the data on your magnetic strip. Restaurant staffers and retail employees can also use pocket skimmers to duplicate your card info when the card is out of your sight. Perhaps the biggest use of skimmers is at gas pumps where they grab your data as you pay at the pump. While many consider credit card theft the worst kind of identity theft, it’s really a low-level type of data theft. Most card issuers cover the fraud at no charge to customers. At most, your risk is $50.

The real loss to you is the time it takes to mop up the problem.

Far worse is the February 2015 hack of Anthem, a health insurer who reported losing data on roughly 80 million customers and employees. In its letter to customers, Anthem said, hackers had possibly accessed

“names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers (SSN), health care ID numbers, home addresses, email addresses and employment information, including income data.”

In short, the Anthem hack exposed enough information to let hackers open new credit accounts, obtain government documents, and even commit medical identity theft, a growing threat that could use up health benefits or add false, potentially harmful data to victims’ medical records.

Imagine an instance where someone uses your medical ID to get treatment and has the wrong blood type entered into your records.

In an emergency, this sort of identity theft could be deadly.

Another common hack occurs when you visit a malware-riddled website that could download a key-logger without your knowledge.

The next time you do some online banking, the malware captures your password and sends it to the hacker. Alternatively, you might open a loaded email that appears legit but is really seeking to capture data like passwords and other info. These are often referred to as phishing scams because people are fishing for more of your personal data.

It’s also far more time consuming to correct full-blown identity theft.

This type of identity theft can take hundreds of hours to clean up. Now we see a new threat Ransom Soft Ware. Horrible, if you join the wrong site, your computer will be locked and you will receive a notice you need to pay ???? to have your computer access back on line.

George my Traffic Wave Sponsor sends me these sort of emails
Cyber criminals attack Dailymotion 87.6 million users at risk.
The video sharing site Dailymotion, has been the victim of a massive cyber attack that has left 87.6 million users accounts compromised.
The Dailymotion hack is the latest in a number of cyber attacks on high profile websites.
Last month Leaked Source also reported on the hack of the Friend Finder Network (400M accounts compromised), while popular gaming entertainment site Evony (33M users compromised) has also recently been compromised by cyber criminals.
Leaked Source warned it had information on a further 20 to 30 cyber attacks that have taken place on high profile sites, which it says it intends to reveal by the end of the end year.
Most sites that fall victim to these attacks assure users their info is safe and then tell their users to change their passwords. But the question is how much are they really telling you. Leaked Source, a cyber attack watch dog, keeps you informed of cyber attacks on many popular sites.
The only sure way to protect yourself is to be ready, monitoring all your accounts, and have a team of experts who manage your recovery if you are a victim of an attack.

Setting up your security at G Mail?


FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT:  Set up Two G Mail Account’s.

One will be the main G Mail Account. Use this to register to SFI and DWSearner and Main Sites etc.

The Second is for when you join Safe Lists Etc. This keeps your main G Mail account un- cluttered.
GO and Change your passwords for security.
1. Use the same password for all the sites you join for affiliate marketing.
2. Use a different password for your G Mail Accounts.
3. Use a different password for PayPal and each Bank Account you have.
4. Use the same password for SFI And Triple Clicks.

Log into G Mail Top Far Right. Hover mouse over the round sun icon. Click the round icon.

A drop down box will appear. Scroll down and click Settings.
Above where it reads General Click accounts. A box will appear . Follow the instructions. Change password. ( Remember use 2 Capital letters, 2 Lower Case Letters, 2 numbers and 2 symbols.)
2-step verification Click set up Adding your cell phone. This is great.If someone tries to hack your account and change your password. G Mail will block them and lock your account. When I next go to log in they will send a  tex code to enter on my cell phone.

Clean up your G Mail Daily. Any unwanted emails send to spam. 

There are way to many fishing sites. Trying to rip people off.

I suggest to tick the box at the left beside emails you do not know. 

Above hover your mouse over the Envelope icon. A box will appear saying Move to.  Click the V A drop down box will appear. Click spam. 

At the Left under where it reads G Mail. Scroll down to where it reads Spam.  Click this. Above in Blue writing you will see.Delete all spam messages now. Tick this.  

A Box will appear saying confirm all deleted messages tick OK>  Do this every 3-5 day

Once a week clear your cookies.  Click the Sun > Click History > Click Clear History.

Log into G Mail Top Far Right. Hover mouse over the round sun icon. Click the drop down box Settings.
Scroll down BE sure to add your photo
Scroll down to were it reads.
Copy and paste into the big empty box.
Remember change my links to yours.
High light your links. (Left click your mouse running over the entire link, it will be high lighted Blue)
Click Control and letter C to copy. 
Above click the chain you see a box will appear Left Click and enter Control With Letter V. (your link will appear.)

35 PSA
Personally I spent thousands of dollars in 2015 joining sites that admin recommended grabbing life time upgrades or yearly upgrades.

I started to notice at the end of the year a lot of admin where launching new sites before sorting out the original ones they recommended and  I joined.

After six months I also started to notice some admin were not paying, instead just kept repeating the cycle and  launching new programs.

So in 2016 I removed a lot of sites.

Kissed my money goodbye and stopped joining new programs.

Launching DWSEarner instead, providing a surfing friendly safe environment for all my team.  Log into DWSEarner. Click above Affiliate then click down line builder.

YOU will find trusted sites I have been using for years solely for the purpose of promoting SFI on a daily basis.  This is how I achieve SFI Gold Team Leader Monthly.

If you do not see a site listed. Assume I have tested it and found it a waste of time and money.