Surfer Jet Fuel at DWSE

DWSearner Jet Fuel

I did a lot of research as to which script I would use when purchasing my Traffic Exchange. I decided to go ahead with the LFMTE Script.

They have some great plug ins on offer.  Each plug in costs a One Off Fee between $100 – $160 . 

I have invested thousands of dollars with the set up.

This powerful plugin lets  members buy or earn Surf Boosts to their surfing ratio.

Log into DWSEarner. Above hover your mouse over where it reads Surf. Scroll down and click where it reads Surfer Jet Fuel.

Boost your surfing to incredible speeds by adding some Surfer Jetfuel to the surf bar! Surfer Jet fuel gives an immediate and powerful boost to your surfing ratio, giving you more credits per click. 

Bonus Use your commissions to purchase.

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For example, When you purchase the Jet Fuel half an  hour. Surf Rate Multipiler is increased by two. When you purchase the Jet Fuel for two hours. Surf Rate Multipiler is increased by three.
Note that a member can only have one active Jet fuel session at a time. If you purchase or earn a Jet fuel pack when one is already active, it will begin immediately after their current one ends.

Keep an eye out in the Surf Chat for when Admin Activates the Surf Booster..

This will increase the  surfing ratio, plus it gives all members a credit special.
When activated you receive double with every credit purchase you make.
For example, a Surfing Ratio multiplier of 2 will temporarily double the surfing ratios for each account level. A Credit Purchase multiplier of 2 will double the number of credits members receive when purchasing credits from the Buy Credits page.

Keep an eye out when surfing for this icon at the bottom left. 

This means Admin has activated the Surf Booster.

Be sure to stock pile your advertising credits receiving double.