Maree Designs. Specialist for the fuller figure.


Welcome to Maree Designs.

After the Christchurch Earthquakes in 2011. 

I decided not to reopen my store instead I  transferred my shop to the internet.

I decided to sell Via Triple Clicks an extension of SFI.  The shopping cart is easy to follow. Paying Via Master Card or Visa.  SFI is an American base.  I receive orders Via email straight away.  Garments are in the New Zealand post within 24 hours. YOU are protected with my Return Policy. When viewing garments click the tab you will see Returns and Refunds.  The World Really is my Oyster.  Why pay thousands to set up a store on line when Triple Clicks provides it free.  YOU only pay 15 % Commission when sales are made. Customers are looked after and rewarded.

world in hands

Start Connecting and shopping with over 100,000 members.  We all as a community support our locals, sharing their Store Links with friends and family. 

Unlike Trade me all my customers at Triple Clicks are rewarded for each purchase they make.

Check out my great Maree designs clothing collection. 

SIGN up Free at the top right. Then return to purchase.

Earning a Second Income with  SFI  is optional.   Do some viewing and shopping from home at your own leisure, in your own time.

You will find gorgeous garments designed and made by a New Zealand designer with 20 years experience, satisfaction guaranteed.

Keep an eye out for my Crazy Reserves.

Feel confident in the knowledge that I have 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing.
Stand out in the crowd, in a Maree Designs classic.
I design garments to be loose fitting and stylish at the same time.
I hate mass production. I think it is so important for individuals to feel special in a one off classic.
Due to the earthquake I now solely work from home.
So grab a bargain at wholesale prices.

Motto: No matter what shape or size, everyone is entitled to look great.
Specialist for the fuller figure.

Support kiwi made.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.

I have been inspired and I am designing and offering a range of clothing,
Unique to each individual.
So be sure to check back often as I will be added new designs Weekly.

I also offer a great range of advertising and newbie training packages.


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Did you know there are thousands of kiwis and world wide customers waiting to do some shopping.
Triple Clicks is very new here in New Zealand. WE NEED YOU>
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Yes we have had over 20,000 since the tragic February disaster.

If you live in New Zealand.  You are able to become a Maree Designs Rep.

I give Kiwi’s the opportunity to earn a real income working from home. Earning Monthly Bonuses for sales.

When your family and friends view my store via your Triple Clicks Link,  they will not hesitate to want to do some shopping.

YOU earn with every purchase they make whether they sign up or not.

Just purchase via your store link once they have paid you. 

Maree Designs  Some examples you will see at my ECA Store..
Ngaritta gothika

Any SFI member can earn by promoting my ECA Store. Just change my SFI id to yours.

Be in to ~Win~ Monthly Prizes.

Maree Designs. Bonus for Kiwi’s.

Hold Coffee mornings.  Showing all your family and friends my Maree Designs Clothing range.

BE SURE to log in from your link. So all sales are recorded and you are earning the commissions for each sale.

Change my 11189449 link above to your SFI link. 

Email me and register to be a Sales Rep for Maree Designs. Include your PayPal Email Address.

Selling Incentive Rewards. Paid into your PayPal Account around the 20th of the following month.

Sales  $100 – $499     Monthly receive 10%

Sales  $500 – $1000  Monthly receive  15%

All Maree Design Reps will be entered into a Monthly Competition.

One Lucky member will win a $50 Clothing Voucher to spend. 

Most Important email me the order receipts of all purchases to Verify the sale.

Email me the individual addresses for customers and I will do all the posting. 

You just sit back and collect the money.

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How it works...

Upload your products to TripleClicks
Shoppers see your products
Shoppers buy your products
We forward orders to you to fulfill
Payment is transferred to you


Maree has proven an amazing way to diversify within the auspices of SFI, and gives her clients special care.
Great Insight and Coaching, with years as a Platinum Team Leader!

Great site Maree, you do a fabulous job for
everyone. I have connected with you on FB,
trying to learn what your doing and if I can keep
up with the excitement.Lots of products, planning buy from you
soon,keep up the great work,good luck

deeepika your collection is quite amazing
i am highly impressed by your work
it was too good

foxybird Maree is fair, helpful and goes out of her way to please her customers.

I use the squeeze page for $12 Gift Cards.

DragonEmpress Great site Maree, you do a fabulous job for everyone. I have connected with you on FB, trying to learn what your doing and if I can keep up with the excitement.

The Finder

Like something you see. Request to see if the garment can made to measure to your specific requirements if fabric is available.

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