YES We Have Launched.

MOST IMPORTANT!  When you go to promote at Traffic Exchanges, be sure to use your affiliate link that does not have the redirection added to it. Change my ID to yours.

Button Banner to blast everywhere.

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Maree Designs Variety Store — Belongs to the Dollar Wise Network (Established 2011)
DWSEarner! Triple Clicks! ABC4Income!  SFI!  GDI!  Traffic Wave!  Home Success Pro!
We have the products! We have the system to follow!  We have communication networks set in place.  One Link! Numerous Income Resources! Simply follow the training and watch commissions start to flow in with our down line builder Sales Funnel programs!

  • Unique  “BRAND NEW” SYSTEM that Will Be “TEN TIMES” More Powerful for generating a real income onl1ne in 2017!
  • Follow Your Sponsor + Follow Me Down Line Builder!  Team Building on Auto Pilot.
  • Maree Designs … Introduces HER “Dollar Wise Network Comprehensive Working. System” Shopping & Selling Work Station. All the tools needed at the one location.
  • No Store? No Worries!!! All Members support each other with MASSIVE Sale Rewards, and incentives with Monthly Competitions.
  • SUBSCRIPTION REPURCHASE ! Members subscriptions are Renewed Automatically when due Via PayPal Subscriptions. .  Creating quite the snow ball effect, as there earnings start to grow larger month by month year by year.

Maree Designs is part of the Dollar Wise Network!

Compare Our Membership Levels Below
To See All The Extra TRAFFIC & Perks You
Receive with locking In Your

Sales Representative Subscription!

Welcome to Maree Designs…

Log into Maree Designs and Click At the left the Upgrade Button to select your

Maree Designs Sales Representive Subscription.


Membership Level Free Gold Platinum Elite JV Partner VIP
Credits For Clicking Text Ads 25 40 50 75 100 125
Credits For Clicking Banners 25 40 50 75 100 125
Credits Earned Per Referral 100 200 400 600 750 1000
Free Gift Slots 0 1 2 3 4 5
Credits Earned On Signup 100 2000 3000 60,000 75,000 200,000
Commissions 10% 40% 50% 40% 50% 60%
Cost Free 🙂 $15 $25 $90 $140 $167

Act Today To Receive A Free Upgrade

At DWSEarner! Admins Work Station!
Send in a Support ticket at DWSEarner

To Redeem this Free Advertising Package

At Maree Designs Store…

Heading !  DWSEarner Upgrade Me + MDesigns Advertising Package redeem.

2 Banner Ads W/4,000 Impressions $20.00 Value
2 Text Links W/4,000 Impressions $20.00 Value
2,000 Advertising Credits For More Ads! $20.00 Value
1 Login Ad W/1,000 Impressions $25.00 Value
2 Full Page Ads W/100 Views $25.00 Value
Subscriptions can be cancelled at PayPal!
Bonus Total Value $110.00  Value

Now get this – I started in 2011 re-investing my commissions via affiliate programs, gaining all the knowledge to design My Dollar Wise Network. Doing all the Donkey Work for my TEAM! 

Launching my Traffic Exchange in 2015 Then my Down line builder in 2016 with training articles ABC4Income….

Not A Member Sign up Via One Of Our Random Team Members Links….

Even crazier – I made every mistake known to man and still succeeded in spite of myself.

It’s not me.

It’s not you.

It’s not luck.

It’s not skill.

It’s the power of team building with the right programs.

Avoiding all the hype and scams on line..

Participating DAILY AT Our One Stop Work Station!

You will see results quickly. 

If you put into practice Our Maree Designs Training Course Articles. 

How to start your On Line Journey! How to set up G Mail.!
Setting security in place! How to Avoid hackers, weekly news letters!!!

Register FREE.

Check all emails for your daily training articles.

All I can do is show you what I do daily.

The next step is for each individual to put the plan into action.

Multiple Income Streams

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Retail Store Earning’s

On all purchase of Premium Advertising Packages by your Direct Referrals!


Multiple Sale Funnels while promoting Maree Designs.

The same team earns you income from different income streams listed at our Down line builder Sales Funnel.


Step Ladder Rewards.

Maree Designs is a long term project. Offering step ladder rewards at her Private Maree Designs Club.


In To Win Monthly. Cash Competitions and Credit Packages.

In To Win Daily.  View Adds, Surf Stores, Random daily emails sent to winners.

Maree Designs Is Your Own Personal Retail Outlet!
When  Any Of Your Direct Referrals Purchase Any Of Our Premium Advertising Products, You Will Earn Commissions1
Log In Adds.
Website Hosting & Auto Responder Access..
Discounted members products.  Banner and Text Clicks. Surf Bar to view online members stores.

Join Our community of thousands of individuals  who have been earning for years, simply with buying products that are already added to their household budget!
Soon To Be Listed ALL at The One Location!  Maree Designs Variety Store!

The Beauty is you will earn from all your SFI Team Purchases when they shop from any random ECA or Triple Click Store.

To Pay Members Via Pay pal my business is registered as a Variety store.
So It CAN Not Promote TE Or Safe lists Sites.
As this is against PayPal policies.


Maree Designs Variety Store connects sellers and buyers with advertisers.

I suggest to add your profile links for DWSEarner and Social Surf.

Simple Just Change my Ids to yours. THEN go and use points to purchase full page Adds. Then they will appear in the surf Bar.

SET ASIDE A DAY! To go and grab some links at Triple Clicks. Blasting and sharing your favorite products.  CLICK ABOVE MRP Rewards. And Click each individual item. Copy and paste the link over to Maree Designs.  THIS is a great incentive as members can see they can earn MRP Points. Then redeem rewards.

No Bells or Whistles! No Store Required.

Just a simple work from home referral program!

This is your opportunity to join a legitimate lasting business online!
Maree Designs can open up a whole new world of fun and adventure for you!
All our members duplicate the same system, signing up Via their Sale Representatives link introducing them to our Maree Designs Variety Store!

Unlike Avon Or Tupperware, where it costs a small fortune to get started.
Maree Designs has different levels of Membership Subscriptions.  All Include Great  Advertising Packages to start promoting and generating sales to your on line store.
YOU decide what level you wish to lock in With The One Time Offer You Will See.
Start working on line from home. Setting your own pace and hours.

Remember whenever some one undermines your dreams.

They are telling you their story, not yours!


Laverne Christian.  Joined Maree’s SFI Team 2015.

I am Loyal because you are the ideal sponsor and you have made it very hard for anybody trying to sponsor me in anything. They have some giant shoes to fill. Keep doing what you do and in the fashion that you do it.

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NO FAILURE ZONE! As as a Team we all promote the same links at the same sites on the same days.  Generating A Real Income On Line.

Lock In Today!  PayPal Verified!

2017!  Maree Designs Variety Store Will Be One Of the Top

Online Money Maker Profit Provider Stores!


Faqs Page.

Since 2011 Maree has been showing her team from numerous different sites she belongs with how to generate a real income online 24/7!
Designing & Developing her DollarWise Network in 2011!
DWSEarner!  ABC4Income!  SFI!  GDI!  Traffic Wave!  Home Success Pro!
Maree decided to launch her retail variety store in 2017!
Giving all her friends A One Stop Shopping Zone to View Other Members ECA Stores and On Line Business Ventures all At The One Location!
She will be adding a lot of New Developments in 2017!
Be sure to keep an eye out for MD monthly newsletters to stay up to date with all the latest developments, products, services, + down line news for SFI Triple Clicks GDI DWSEarner ABC4income Home Success Pro Traffic Wave.etc!

Join Our community of thousands of individuals,  who have been earning for years, simply with buying products via Triple Clicks, that are already added to their household budget!
If you wish to promote Traffic Exchanges or Safe lists etc.
Do not list them at our Our Maree Designs Store.   “INSTEAD”
Go to DWSEarner Our traffic exchange for team building.
Go to ABC4income Our Down line builder with training articles to start you on your journey earning a real income online. While building your Client base.

Q: What Payment processors do you use?
A: We use PayPal, If you do not have a pay pal account then commissions will be transferred into credits, which you can use throughout the Dollar Wise Network.
Q: Why can’t I get a refund?
A: Our site pays our Sale Rep’s commissions every month..


  Gain Inside Knowledge & Training On How To Generate A Real Income Online.
  Affiliate Program for Client Base Team Building.
  Business Builder Advertising Packages to Expand Any business on Autopilot.
   MULTIPLE Streams Of Income With Her Proven Down Line Team Builder.
   Shop To Win! Mystery Parcels in the post if you live in NZ.
   Maree Designs Monthly GIFT Program with Rewards.
   One Random Triple Click Member is In To Win Weekly Spot Promoting Of their store..

  Supporting Members ECA Stores at Maree Designs.

In to Win Up To $50 PayPal Cash Gift Cards When Purchases are made.

HOW? BY Supporting  Other Maree Designs Members, Triple Click’s ECA Stores.

First Prize.       $20    Advertising Package.             
Second Prize    $15   Advertising Package.         
Third Prize       $10   Advertising Package.
Fourth Prize.     $5   Advertising Package.
Random Mystery Parcels In The Post For Kiwi Members. Send in Support Ticket with New Zealand address to enter.  One member selected monthly.
Send in a support ticket to DWSearner admin with receipt of any ECA  purchase to enter.Adding your paypal email address to receive pay pal payments.

Once 20 support tickets are received. Then winners are selected.

2017 Daily Planner To Follow!

Now That You’re Here, Let’s Get You Paid.

Daily To Do Guide!

All I can do is show you what I do DAILY?

Surf Or View 50 Banner Or Text Advertisements DAILY!
Daily Random Winner Credit Packages!. Be sure to check emails.
Earn from all your SFI Down lines Purchases from any Random Triple Click Store promotions.
Be sure to advertise your Profile Link For DWSEarner and Social Surf.

DWSEarner! Log in Click Accounts. Scroll down and click set up profile.

Surf Then redeem Daily Surfer rewards before logging out.

Introduce yourself to other members Via the Surf Chat Bar.

Click their names to view their profiles with Their Tips For Online Marketing.

Daily log in and send some advertising promotions.

View at the left all My Individual Training Articles.

Daily log in an Surf 100 Sites. Click members names to introduce yourself.

Daily log in an Surf 100 Sites. Click members names to introduce yourself.

Be sure to advertise your Profile Link at Maree Designs & DWSEarner.

Promote your DWSEarner Profile Link at Social Surf.

Daily log in an blast your email advertising.

Find emails at your affiliate tool box.

A Solid SFI Plan Of Attack.

Need Look No Further!.

I copy this letter daily over to Herecules Blasting my promoting.

Heading! One Link 4 Income Streams generating Cash Daily.

Dollarwise network.  Established 2011!

Is My comprehensive working planner.

Online marketing Guru’s Down line Sales Funnel.
Instantly builds down line at Maree Designs or any core business on auto pilot.
As all members duplicate the same system when they sign up Via the down line builder sales funnel listed at My Three Sites I Own.
Using GDI since 2009 as My Domain Provider.

Make the best decision for 2017!

Click the links and sign up today!

No hype needed! As proven and paying.

The beauty is whether you sign up or not.

I will still be making money tomorrow.

Cheers Maree.

Admin Maree Designs.

ABC4income & DWSEarner.

Admaster do not allow urls in adds.

THIS is the post I email daily.

Heading! One Link 4 Income Streams generating Cash Daily.

Online Guru Launches Maree Designs 2017.
We all promote the same link on the same day! At the same locations!
Generating  Huge Exposure to Our New Launch.
In To Win For Particapation. Random Cash or Advertising.

Maree Designs has been Pay Pal Verified since 2009.
Owner of the Dollar Wise Network System!
Now Launches her own Variety Store Affiliate Program!

Dollarwise network. Is My comprehensive working planner.
Instantly builds down line at SFI or any core business on auto pilot.
As all members duplicate the same system when they sign up
Via the down line builder sales funnel listed at My Three Sites I Own.
Using GDI since 2009 as My Domain Provider.

Maree Designs offers a great down line builder program.
No Store? No Worries!
Generating numerous different incomes simply with promoting Our Maree Designs Members Store Promotions.
Members will duplicate the same system as they sign up.

Cheers Maree.
Owner Maree Designs.
DWSEarner and ABC4Income.


what packages

We offer Targeted Network Traffic Packages… For Online Store promotions.

“I love this quote from Jane.  Admin I have been following for years.

In order to succeed online you need to get 2 things in place.

You must automate some of your marketing so you can focus on growing your niche audience, and you need an unlimited stream of quality traffic going to your websites every day. This frees your time to do other forms of promotion.”

Your automation begins with an affordable Traffic Package!

Included when you lock in your Monthly Subscription at Maree Designs.

  Compare Prices at other sites to MDesigns Subscriptions.

Janes Site Pricing.

NET- 1

Starter Package $180.00
Pay one time
for 1 website link on 1 High Traffic Network

1 Ad on 1 High Traffic Network
NET- 2

Pro Package $255.00
Pay one time

for 2 website links on 2 High Traffic Networks
2 Ads on 2 High Traffic Networks
NET- 3

Expert Package $290.00
Pay one time

for 3 website links on 3 High Traffic Networks
3  Ads on 3 High Traffic Networks
NET- 4

Champion Package $375.00
Pay one time

for 4 website links on 4 High Traffic Networks
4 Ads on 4 High Traffic Networks
NET- 5

Olympian Package $450.00
Pay one time

for 5 website links on 5 High Traffic Networks
5 Ads on 5 High Traffic Networks

Traffic Swirl….

Pro  $7.95 Yearly  $79.95 Yearly….  Platinum   $17.95 Monthly.. $179.95 Yearly….

Click Voyager and WebBizInsiders.  I paid for life time upgrades.

Click Voyager  $120…..      Web Biz Insiders. $550…..Plus $200 For 2000 Down line.

YOU do not earn any cash from these websites.
YOU instead earn credits Via Your Down line Participation.
I use these credits to blast my Maree Designs Store Promotions.

SOCIAL SURF I LOVE.. Pays Via Pay Pal….

$8.95 Monthly.  I locked in My Life Time Upgrade when he offered it.
My Recommendation… When Barry offers it again LOCK IN.
I purchase from Barry the Game Plug Ins, Surf Chat bar etc you see at DWSEarner.

I love it when you click Upgrade to view. FREE Says Not Recommended.
To earn any sort of income you need to invest. Or simple stay FREE and use the sites for the entertainment provided.  YOU can not expect to earn a lot of cash as A FREE MEMBER.

SFI My Main Core Business I reactivated in 2013.

Reinvesting my commissions launching my Traffic Exchange DWSEarner, ABC4Income my down line builder. AND NOW Maree Designs.
I GET PAID FOR PLAYING Games on line.  I receive MRP Rewards to save then purchase awesume products, I get paid for shopping and selling.….
No cost or out of pocket expense as I purchase what is already added to my household budget.  SFI is so Unique with offering these opportunities.
This is why I still say they are the original Work From Home Business Opportunity.
Others try to duplicate but disappear into the night in a few short months.

I have seen many fly by nights SITES.  Launching then disappearing, with all their members hard earned cash, never to be seen or heard from again…..
I Guide all My SFI Team and Friends….  HELPING THEM TO DO THE SAME!
You can build a profitable home-based business working part-time from your home computer!  YOU decide the hours you wish to dedicate to your business…
World Wide Income System that REALLY WORKS! 

All it needs is for  you to put the system into play. FREE Training and support, websites and products all provided! – ZERO RISK!
YOU can stay as a FREE member for the share fun and entertainment. OR SIMPLY Lock in your Monthly subscription to start building that wee nest egg…. Works for ME>...

Smiley Traffic….
Premium. $6.00  Monthly… Yearly $60…
Ultimate Upgrade  Monthly  $11.00  Yearly – $110
Partner  $16.00 Monthly    Yearly $160.00
Smiley $20.00  Yearly – $200
Unlimited Life Time Account – $999.99
YOU can see the prices range from hundreds of dollars to just under a thousand.
BEST TIP!  Log into Maree Designs.   Click at the Left Upgrade and select your subscription… Something to suit everyone’s BUDGET >>  Click down line builder join My recommended programs. Then simple blast your promoting.
YOUR TEAM will duplicate the same system when they sign up. YOU will start to generate numerous different income resources, creating that snow ball effect as your earnings start to grow larger month by month, year by year, as you start to invest your commissions with these programs.