Log into Maree Designs and click at the left.  Special Credits Offer to purchase.

  Each Gift Card Includes.

1 Banner Add with 5000 Views.. (Value: $15.00)
2 Text Adds with 1000 Views..     (Value: $20.00)
1 Log In Add with 1000 views..   (Value: $15.00)
1 Solo Add to all members..         (Value: $10.00)

One Gift Card.! Advertising Value $60.00

Advertising Package will be added to your Maree Designs Referrals Account!

Send in a support ticket with the members Id you wish to credit the Gift Card!

Total Value of each Gift Card Pack is $300..  YOU Save $275.00..

I have worked out this Pay Plan below on earning $15 Per Individual member with our numerous different Down line builder programs.

This is just an estimate, it could differ, depending on your participation and involvement. The exciting thing is each month I never know what my monthly earnings will be.

As my Team Grows larger month by month, year by year. My Earnings increase.

YOU could reward Your Team With a Gift Card when they upgrade at Maree Designs, lock into our DWSEarner Bit Coin Club, Upgrade at Any of our Down Line Builder programs.


Free Bonus With Your First Purchase At My Fiverr Store.

Receive One Gift Card to redeem at Maree Designs.

Cheers Maree.