Maree Designs Owns DWSEarner

I use the DWSEarner LFMTE Script to gather all the members from MY Down line builder Sales Funnel generator PROGRAMS to the one location.

One Click Communication and updates Via the Surf Chat Bar at DWSEarner.

Maree Designs pays Commissions earned each month into members Payza Accounts. Members then may withdraw their commissions to their Bit Coin Wallets at Payza.

Read Bit Coin Updates.


Fiver Gigs

 Purchase any Package Via My Fiverr Store.

Maree Designs Sponsors the Pick A Block, Progressive Jackpot and Monthly Raffle tickets earned Via Surfing. 

How to view Winners List. Click Home then click the extra Tab. (View picture above) Free members earn DWSEarner Cash Tokens which can be redeemed for advertising etc.

  Be sure to enter Payza email at Maree Designs to be paid monthly.

Check all emails for Monthly Codes & Booster Winners. 72 hours to redeem.

  Spot light For Fiverr Cash Back.  All members earn 20% cash back from all their down line team purchases at my Fiverr Gig Store.

Apply for your Payoneer Card Today. Signing up Free To Fiverr.


  Weekend Frenzy! Every Weekend I activate the Credit Boost..

For example, a Surfing Ratio multiplier of 2 will temporarily double the surfing ratios for each account level. A Credit Purchase multiplier of 2 will double the number of credits members receive when purchasing credits from the Buy Credits page.

Check the Progressive Jackpot.. Click Guide to view Winners. Click Spin to PLAY.

This is the best time to grab some Jet Fuel and surf.

  Enter Promo Code “AdminWatch”


  Winners drawn randomly from entering Promo Code Admin Watch.

YOU Must have Purchased a package from Marees Fiverr Store or ECA Store for the Active Month To WIN Payza Cash or winnings are in DWSEarner Cash Tokens..

Remember: No Junk Traffic, Fake Traffic, Incentivized, Non-Buying Country Traffic, No % Share Sites with no products.

Surf N Chat, view other members profiles with clicking their names at the surf chat bar. Enjoy hours of entertainment reaching new people to showcase your promotions.

Top Surfers.

  Send in a Support ticket to transfer credits earned surfing into advertising packages.

Starter Page for One Week. Credits      25000
1 x Log in Add.                         Credits      7500
Remember my Spot for three days. Credits 15000
Upgrade One Month. Credits             25000

Transfer DWSEarner Cash Tokens into Advertising.

Click Above Ads> Buy Credits Click the DWSEarner Cash Token Commission Button.

SFI Laverne

Most Referrals. Admin Id is 78.

Get more referrals than Admin! And win at the end of the month $20 DWSEarner Cash Tokens.

   Winner each month wins A months upgrade at DWSEarner.
Plus $10.00 Cash if purchased Any Fiverr Gig for the Month.

Or it is rewarded in DWSEarner Cash Tokens.

Go and blast this splash link at all the down line builder sites listed at Maree Designs.

Just change my Id 78 to Your DWSEarner Id.

  Weekly Team Surfer Rewards at DWSEarner!

First Place Team. All Members Win DWSEarner Cash Tokens! 

$2.25 100/250/250/300
Runner Up Team. All Members Win DWSE Cash 



  Maree’s Facebook Groups ! 

Be sure to check and participate with our Face Book Group Daily.
Here is where I enter a Private Promo Code Each Month.
YOU never know when I will be giving away DWSEarner Cash Tokens.

  Santa Club At Facebook! Promo Code Santaclub

I have put the cash aside for our Random Xmas Cash Draw.
Last Year Archie Won the $50.00 Who will it be this year.
To Receive Real Cash Paid into your Payza Account. (Or DWSEarner Cash Tokens rewarded.)
YOU must of Purchased at least ONE Fiverr Gig from Maree’s Store before random draw on the 15th of December 2017.
If not the winnings will be in DWSEarner Cash Tokens.
Spend over $50.00 At my Fiverr Store and receive $20.00 DWSEarner Cash Tokens Monthly for six Months.

MDGift Cards

All members receive ONE Maree Designs Gift Card with first purchase From My Fiverr Gig Store.  Check out the $60 Gift Card Advertising Value.

Must send in a support tickets at DWSEarner to Redeem Free Card with first purchase. Heading Redeeming Gift Card Maree.

Great way for team rewards.  After you have purchased.. Send me the Id of the Five members you wish to send the Gift Cards to and I will allocate the Advertising package to their Maree Designs Account.

SFI My Down line In To Win SFI Advertising.

Not a member Click the banner and sign up.


League Password: QTN9Kn 

In To win SFI Log in Page at DWSEarner for One Week. Plus advertising packages.

My SFI Down line extra bonus. I pool all the cash promoting and sharing all new PSA Signups with Our Team.  Our Very Own Private SFI Coop. With Fab Prize Pool.

I take note of the top members Weekly score.
At the end of each month the member with the highest score wins A weeks Log in add at DWSEarner. (Value $35.00) Second Wins 1 banner add at Maree Designs with 5000 Views. Third Wins 1 Banner add at Maree Designs with 2000 views.

                            Wk 1 Aug    Wk 2 Aug    Wk3   Wk4   Wk5  Total

LaVerne C.              300                300          400      500     500    2000  Winner

Maria Irena Z.                                                                      400       400

Gyozo H.            

Petko K.                   400                 100                      200                 800  Winner

Martine G.              500                 500         500       300    200    2000  Winner

Glynis                                                             300                              300

Archie                     100                 400                                  100      600

Johnathan              200                 200         200                               600
Paolina K                                                       100

Kaido M                                                                       400                400

Sébastien R.                                                                100      300   400

Winners List for September.

1… Log in add at DWSEarner.. (Value $35.00)

2..  Banner add for SFI promotions at Maree Designs with 5000 Views.

3..  Banner add for SFI promotions at Maree Designs with 2000 Views.


Starting September.
League Password: AakQN9
Register then play this Gold Streak League.
Winners monthly will win SFI Gift Certificates.
1st $5.00 2nd $3.00 3rd $2.00


                                    Wk 1 Sept    Wk 2 Sept    Wk3   Wk4   Wk5  Total

Aubrey M.                  500

Petko K.                      400

Michael F.                  300

Mutu H.                      200

Michael A.                 100


Awesome Maree She must have a least 2 pairs of extra hands to accomplish all that she does. But we all know it is just herself,
WOW your  page is cool.

Mary Hati  Post at Facebook. She is one of my Maree Designs Sales Rep in NZ.



   V Traffic rush Grid. Maree Plays here daily.!

Real Viral Traffic at!

How to set up your V Traffic Rush Banners etc.

Click Voyager Daily Competitions!

Check out my SFI And GDI Splash Pages I designed FREE in 2015. Using Click Voyager.

This is one of the very first sites I joined in 2010. Locking in my lifetime premium upgrade with his Christmas Bonus he doe’s every year.

Surf Click Voyager every Monday for Double Credits.

Every day at midnight (server time) they give out over 30,000 bonus credits to the day’s top 100 surfers. These prizes are added to your account automatically and you can win them every single day so get clicking and get winning!


Maree Designs Sells Via Triple Clicks and Trade Me.

View My Feed Back!  983 Reviews from satisfied customers in NZ!

Member since 2003!983 positive feedback




Kiwi’s  Register to become a Maree Designs Sales Rep!

Send in a support ticket at DWSEarner to register FREE.
Heading.  Maree Designs Sales Rep!
I will pay commissions into members New Zealand Bank accounts Monthly!
Sales  $100 – $499     Monthly receive 20%
Sales  $500 – $1000  Monthly receive  25%
YOU also earn for any Sales Via My ECA Store Dollarwise at Triple Clicks.
Most Important email me the order receipts of all purchases to Verify the sale Via Trade Me Or My DollarWise ECA Store.
Email me the individual addresses for customers and I will do all the posting.
You just sit back and collect the money.

Start receiving random mystery parcels in the post!

Hold a coffee morning.  If you live in New Zealand.
Show My Maree Designs Collection to all your family and friends.

Listed at Trade Me.   Or at my ECA Store.  Great way to earn VP with selling.
Be rewarded with a Free Gift For More than two purchases with each order.

Why Choose Us?

Maree Designs supplies Great clothing at wholesale prices..

My Motto no matter what shape or size. I cater to all individual requirements.

Keep an eye out for my Crazy Reserves.
Just arrived new fabrics so will be sewing and listing new garments weekly.
Feel confident in the knowledge that I have over 25 years experience in designing and manufacturing.

Stand out in the crowd, in a Maree Designs classic.
I design garments to be loose fitting and stylish at the same time.
So be sure to check back often at Trade Me as I will be added new designs Weekly.

My Child Play Collection is designed to grow with the child.

All garments are made from stretch fabrics ready to grow with the child.

FREE E- Books With Digital Down Load Purchases:

My Vision!

Is that All Team Leaders Will Duplicate the Same System.

Generating a real income online.

Where we all as a Team Promote the same link at the same sites on the same day.

Exploding your down line and commissions.


Be sure you have entered all promo codes to be in to Win.

NZGift 50 100 100 1000 Sq Banners.
AdminWatch 50 50 50 500 Sq Banners.
ECAFabCash 200 200 200 2000 Sq Banners.
Santaclub 20 20 20 2000 Sq Banners
FiverClub 200 200 200 2000 Sq Banners
FiverSFIClub  200 200 200 2000 Sq Banners.
POFThree 200 200 200 2000 Sq Banners.
I activate this Randomly when I have spare cash in my Payza Account.
you must surf 50 at Maree Designs and 150 at DWSEarner to be ready for Monthly winners.

Santaclub  AND SFIPays Enter Promo Codes after Purchases.

Be sure to lock in at my Fiverr Store.  Sign up FREE.
Receiving 20% Cash Back from all your down line team purchases.
Members will be reshuffled to an active DWSEarner Team Leader that has an Active Fiverr Gig.
STEP LADDER REWARDS> Sell 2 Packages an extra 10% Bonus. 5= 20% and 10 = 30%


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