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Great replies from SFI members to my Earthquake forum posts.

If you feel you need a break from the aftershocks, come up to Auckland. We have room.
There are also a lot of affiliates here who would like to meet you too.
Best wishes,

Maree I felt so bad after ringing you today, If I was not expecting overseas visitors tonight, as I said I would love to have you up here,

taking a break to Auckland like John suggested may not be a bad thing at the moment.

As our natives say here Kia Kaha taku e hoa. Be strong my friend ,we are all here 4 you.also my relies in Christchurch there as well.


Just to let you know you are the best sponsor I have ever had.
You are so human, you know – feeling the way that you do…
You have so much drive and energy …
You are alive, and that’s the main thing.
Love all you love and that will give you
some peace.
Give a little solace to others and it will
help heal a weary spirit.
Thinking of you and your family.
There is beauty all around when there’s love
at home…
I will pray for you and New Zealand, the place
I love and call home.

Sandra Tibble.

I am and was patiently waiting to hear from my Up Line Sponsor Maree Wells,
and I’m so happy and confident to hear from YOU personally via the Forum…
Firstly, take great care of You and Your Family…May “GOD” Bless You ALL!!!

Ben F

Thanks for support guys, Marie im here if you wana chat. Certainly bought back memories of 2011.

Thankfully A couple of ships (1 from usa) and a few helipcopters coming to Kaikoura to provide much needed food and water.


These are just a few of the replies I received.

Personally receiving these sort of emails make me laugh.

YOU can understand why I do not bother to reply?

I’m Excited to do business with you guys. Help me make a 5 million by April of next year.