Joining Programs That Don’t Work!!

Buying Software You Don’t Need!!
Believing everything you read!!

And Think?  Have You Actually Made Any Money At All?

I have spent thousands of dollars and hours testing traffic Exchanges over the past few years. Sorting the good from the ugly. What sites Were A Waste of Time and what Sites I find Produce Results with promoting my Maree Designs Network.

Be sure to Lock into Our Maree Designs Co-op.

Newbies be sure to check out the One Time Co-op Offer  when you first sign into Maree Designs.. Existing Members lock in Via the Payza button you see once logged in on Our Special Co-op Page.

Great Admin Post I thought I would share. This is how I started out on the right track.

Sure, everyone knows what a brand is. Coke, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Nike.

So you might be thinking to yourself, “What does that have to do with me?”

Well Traffic Exchanges are a great way to get traffic to your site or affiliate links.

But what makes people signup to your list, join your program, or buy your product?

It’s a known fact that people take action from people they know, like, and trust!

So how do you get people to know, like, or trust you? Start Branding Yourself.

We’ll first they have to know you, and if you are using Standard Affiliate Pages then you probably won’t be getting people to remember you right?  That is why you really need to be adding your Picture, Name, and even face book or phone number on everything you advertise. The more times people see you, the more they will begin to know you. Combine that with being social in the chats and more people will start to like and trust you.

So how do you create your own splash pages to advertise?

Well you could pay someone to do it, or you can do it yourself with the  Easy to follow instructions provided at Traffic Wave, capturing email addresses, building a customers mailing list…

The key is to only promote 1-3 core programs. Depending on your advertising budget.

I have done all the Donkey Work for you.

Remember I have been doing this for years.

Promote your Core Programs then introduce these new members to your Down line builder program listed at Maree Designs..

I have broken it down into a three month plan.

Use it for promoting Maree Designs or any Core Business you wish to expand.

How to start generating a real income working from home. 

Remember thousands of new sites launch monthly.

DO not believe all the hype you read.

Any Tom Dick or Harry can Purchase a Traffic Exchange. I receive weekly emails stating. Purchase now.

When surfing do you notice ? How many sites are simple duplication’s.

I do not got spreading my wings to far instead  concentrating on a few main programs.

This is the key to create that snow ball effect. Your earnings will grow larger month by month year by year.  The longer you stay active the higher the rewards.

People fail when they try to do everything all at once. Instead of taking there time learning while earning.  To many people give up before even starting.

Luckily I did not have this mind set when I first began.

All I had to do was to Set my GOALS and Achieve My MISSION.

I promote Maree Designs at these sites Daily.

I invest hundreds of dollars monthly.  Sharing all new members at Maree Designs with all members that have locked into Our Maree Designs Co-op.

All members in my SFI GDI and Traffic Wave Teams, also receive random spill over on Auto Pilot.  If they have locked into the Big O at SFI.

GDI I reassign random members to my GDI down line that show they are active and participating.

Traffic Wave once you have your first sign up you will start to earn commissions with my spill over in their matrix system.

People join with all levels of experience and expectations. Many have an unrealistic view that you can join a program and get rich quick with no effort on their part. These people will not find success.
You have to market your business to grow, and you have to have a vision and goal of what you want to achieve.

Personally I surf at all these sites daily utilizing my upgrades to their full potential.

You may use your MRP Points or T Credits to grab FREE advertising for SFI or Maree Designs. YOU also earn when any of your SFI Team Purchase.

Send in a support Ticket AT DWSEarner Requesting your Free E Book… SFI Success.
Include your Maree Designs Id to be added to our Private Maree Designs Coop…

When you purchase this package Via Maree’s ECA Store…

  Traffic Exchanges.

Lock in your Maree Designs Co-op Subscription.

First Month. Join Easy hits 4 U and Traffic Swirl.

Power of Team Building since 2010 with Easy Hits 4 U.

I used the user name kabyn (My Son) Before I started to Brand Myself changing to the user name Dollarwise.

Receive $0.10 for every person you refer that surfs 100 or more sites! 

My Referrals

1st level 2nd level 3rd level 4th level 5th level 6th level
Bonus credits 15% 10% 5% 3% 2% 1%
Number of referrals 386 327 330 1 0 0
referrals in your down line
You have earned 70,918 credits total from your 1044 referrals. You have earned 25,152 more credits because of your Premium membership.

Be excited when you upgrade and receive this email.

Your account has been upgraded to a Premium membership.

Our system has already added bonus credits, 500 credits, 2000 banner impressions and 2500 text ad impressions to your account.

Enjoy the benefits of our Premium Membership:

Free credits from your referrals on 6 levels (15% – 10% – 5% – 3% -2 % – 1%);

500 bonus credits every month;

2000 banner impressions every month;

2500 text ad impressions every month;

Up to 2500 additional bonus credits after upgrade;

1:1 exchange ratio on the 15 second timer;

1:1 conversion rate for geo targeting option (Default rate for free members is 2:1);

Geo targeting for submitted sites by regions for all countries;

More traffic to your sites;

More guaranteed prizes on bonus pages during surfing;

You can promote an unlimited number of sites;

Referrals are added to your account randomly from direct sign-ups;

Earn commissions of up to 40% from purchases of our Easy Splash Builder and Easy Rotator tools made by your first level referrals;

You can promote up to two rotators with up to 20 sites in each;

Your links in the Links Directory appear on the top of each section;

Extra bonus credits and impressions with the Rewards Program;

Option to set auto-assign all the way to 0%;

An increased ratio for converting credits into banner & text ad impressions (1:35 and 1:50 instead of 1:25 and 1:30).

This subscription is set to auto renew every month.

I only promote Two Links on Auto Pilot at Easy Hits 4 U! This way not wasting my Monthly credits. With not spreading my wings to far and concentrating on building my Maree Designs Network. As members duplicate the same system signing up to all the down line builder programs listed at Maree Designs.

See how I have added a tracking link.

Banner Link I add for Maree Designs.

Text I add!  Online Guru Shares Sales Funnel.

  Traffic Swirl surf daily.

Log into Traffic Swirl and activate the Turbos.          What Are Turbos?
Give your Surfing a Boost with Turbos! Turbos are only active while you surf, and upgraded members can also manually pause their turbos.
Turbo Timer*
Decreases timer to 4 seconds while surfing or viewing the ad grid.
Turbo Credit
Earn double the credits from surfing.
Turbo Tournament
Earn 1 Tournament Point per page surfed.
Turbo Team**
Earn 1 Team point per page surfed. Turbo Teams go to your team and are used by all team members. Team Turbos may take up to 5 minutes to appear on your team.

*Timer Turbos are Paused automatically if Your Base Timer is at or Below 4 seconds.
**Team Turbos are Shared by Your Surf Team Members.

The Beauty is you can surf for Free Tokens. Complete Tasks then transfer these tokens into Advertising for DWSEarner or SFI.
I then introduce my new Team Members to DWSEarner and my Down line builder Sales Funnel generating Numerous Income Resources with the click of One Link.

  Traffic Exchanges, when joining.

I recommend when signing up to try and grab the One Time Offer you will see. This is how I started out reinvesting half my commissions.  Then it is a simple case of logging in every few weeks, allocate the credits you earn from your monthly upgrade. 

Transfer your commissions you earn from all your team purchases.  Log in once a week and send a welcome email to your new team members introducing them to your core programs.  Easy hits 4 U and Traffic Showdown were one of the very first traffic exchanges I grabbed upgrades with back in 2010.

I do not join any of the down line builder programs listed. As I have designed my own down line builder program at Maree Designs..

  Traffic Exchanges Second Month Join.

I do not join any of the down line builder programs listed. As I have designed my own down line builder program at Maree Designs.

Free Traffic Lotto 



  Buckets of Banners I joined in 2010


– Running your personal Interactive Splash Page
will gain you 3 credits for each time it is viewed in the marketplace.

– Surfing inside gains you 4 credits per site inside BucketsofBanners.

– Displaying the Banner Exchange Code on your website will net you 1
credits per view.

19 Value Added Reasons Why Your Club BoB Membership Is Working For You
Versus A Free Membership:

BoB Club BoB (Upgraded)
Number Of Banners Can Rotate 5 30
Commissions From Level 1 Referrals 10% 50%
Credits Earned From Level 1 Referrals 10% 20%
Credits Earned From Level 2 Referrals 0% 10%
Credits Earned From Level 3 Referrals 0% 5%
Credits Earned From Level 4 Referrals 0% 3%
Credits Earned From Level 5 Referrals 0% 2%
Credits Earned From Level 6 Referrals 0% 1%
Credits Earned From Banner Exchange Code Display .5 1
Credits Earned From Surf Area 2 4
Banner URL’s Show In Surf No Yes
Credits Earned From Promoting Your ISPs 1 3
“Click Me” Incentive On Other Member’s ISPs No Yes
Priority Branding On Other Member’s ISPs No Yes
Sites Rotated In Viral Signup Multi-Rewards No Yes
Exclusive Placement In The Club BoB Clique Lounge No Yes
Bonus Monthly Credits 0 20,000 (Monthly Subscription Only)
Random Referrals No Yes
Benefit From Brad and Paul’s Advertising Dollars
(We rotate Club BoB members when we spend our own money advertising BoB)
No Yes