Redeem Your Upgrade Power- Ups at DWSEarner.

These power-ups will remain active for as long as you keep your upgraded membership.
The longer you are upgraded the Higher the rewards.

Redeem Your Winnings Via Support Ticket Or Email.

This ensures all members are active within our NETWORK! YOU have until the end of each month to REDEEM.


1…  At the beginning of each month be Sure to Check out the Winners List for the Raffle! Pick A block! Use the Keys Collected surfing to open the Mystery Chests .

2…  Earn Cash Value added to your Bit Coin Wallet if in our DWSEarner Bit Coin Club, or purchased any package Via my ECA or Fiverr Store in the Active Month.

3…   Be sure to click SUPPORT and fill in the information sending details via support or an email to register and activate your membership.

  Most Referral Winner For September.

October Link for Most Referrals.

Winner for the month wins A months Bit Coin Club upgrade at DWSEarner.
+ $5.00 Cash is added to Bit Coin Wallet if a Member Already.

 Id 9  LaVerne  Winner  1st Oct  Months Club


  Monthly Admin Watch Winners. October the 1st.

Members if with our Bit coin Club will have the cash value added to their Bit Coin Wallets. Free members win the CASH value in DWSEarner Cash Tokens to redeem in advertising.

BE sure to enter Promo Code AdminWatch at DWSEarner to be entered.

1st $20.00        783   James Morgan
2nd $10.00       2367 George McBride

3rd 4th Fifth Winners Of $5.00
398       Archie Bower
2091     Tarun Basak
703       Martine Gerard

6th 7th 8th Of $2.00
1541     Ivo Lazda
9           LaVerne Christian
1487     Mary Hati

9th – 13th Winners of $1.00
276      Joseph Doyle
2287   Faiza Anees Hareem
2166   JeanGuy Lemaire
2722   Suzana Ignjatovic
2442   Jonathan Guage


  Admin Cross Promo Monday Winners 2nd October.

$5.00           1193          Marinda
$3.00           2642          Alicia Jeremiah
$2.00           2722          Suzana
$1.00             147          Judith barnett
0.50cents.  2577           Diane
Members if with our Bit coin Club will have the cash value added to their Bit Coin Wallets. Free members win the value in DWSEarner Cash Tokens to redeem in advertising. Send in a Support ticket to redeem adding bit coin wallet address.

Only Rule to WIN. YOU must have participated with the surf chat bar at DWSEarner. leaving a comment during the week.

Also viewed or Surfed 50 adds at Maree Designs during the Week..

YOU must reply via the surf chat bar to redeem the Fab Cash Prize Giveaways.


Raffle Winners For October.

dawala 1 Cash: 9.99 Credits: 500 Banners: 1000 Texts: 1000
albadollar 2 Cash: 5.00 Credits: 400 Banners: 500 Texts: 500
gordana 3 Cash: 3.00 Credits: 300 Banners: 300 Texts: 300
bobo90 4 Cash: 2.00 Credits: 200 Banners: 200 Texts: 200
suzadws 5 Cash: 1.00 Credits: 100 Banners: 100 Texts: 100
LaVerne 6 Cash: 0.50 Credits: 100 Banners: 100 Texts: 100
donnas 7 Cash: 0.20 Credits: 100 Banners: 100 Texts: 100
daffodil 8 Cash: 0.10 Credits: 100 Banners: 100 Texts: 100
judyb10 9 Cash: 0.05 Credits: 100 Banners: 100 Texts: 100
JaysonLee 10 Cash: 0.05 Credits: 100 Banners: 100 Texts: 100



  Santa Club Face book.. Drawn 15th December.

Enter Promo code “SantaClub” after you have purchased $50 at any given time from now until the 15th of Dec From My ECA Or Fiverr Store

If With our  Bit Coin Club..  And invested over $50 Winnings will be in the cash value paid to your Bit Coin Wallet.

Last years winner of the $50 was Archie.

Great to see he is still with our team one year later.


  Our SFI Monthly Competitions.

New With SFI This Month Note: To see who the other challengers (so far) from your class are, see the E365 Leaderboard at:


  SFI! Gold Streak League Winners  September.  👌

Winners monthly Win SFI Gift Certificates if in My SFI Down line or the value Sent to their Bit Coin Wallets. Send support ticket how you wish to receive CASH..

1st     $5.00  Aubrey M.

2nd   $3.00   Petko K.

3rd   $2.00   Michael F.

  SFI! Card King League Winners  September.  👌

1… Martine      Log in add at DWSEarner.. (Value $35.00)

2..  Laverne     Banner add for SFI promotions at Maree Designs with 5000 Views.

3..  Maria Irena Z   Banner add for SFI promotions at Maree Designs with 2000 Views.

Please send in a Support ticket AT DWSEarner with your SFI Promotional link you would like promoted. Include your SFI id for promotions.



  Spot light For Fiverr Cash Back. 

All members earn cash back from all their down line team purchases at my Fiverr Gig Store.

YOU will see listed MDesignPayza On your Commissions Page at DWSEarner for all commissions Owed from your Fiverr Team Purchases.

Make sure your Payza Email is listed at Maree Designs. I pay between the 5th and 10th of each month.

Apply for your Payoneer Card Today. Signing up Free To Fiverr.

  New at SFI. Amazon Gift Cards added at PriceBenders.


Item Details

Buy virtually anything you want from the world’s largest online collection of products with this $75 Gift Card for Amazon! This gift card is as good as CASH at Amazon sites across the globe, so winning bidders around the world** will be able to use this card for whatever they desire–all for potentially just pennies on the dollar from a Pricebenders Penny Auction!

Use your $75 card to:

Treat yourself to something nice from your wish list
Rent movies for family nights
Download the latest bestsellers to your Kindle
Add songs to your music playlist
Stock your kitchen pantry
Get a surprise gift for a friend or family member

How you use this $75 gift card is totally up to you! Amazon is one of the world’s LARGEST online retailers with literally tens of millions of products available around the world, so the possibilities are almost limitless. Amazon Prime member? You can get free shipping on your item too!

Amazon currently has sites for the following countries/areas:

* (United States)
* (Canada)

* (United Kingdom)
* (Germany)
* (France)
* (Italy)
* (Spain)

* (Japan)
* (China)

**NOTE: Due to restrictions beyond our control, (India) and (Mexico) are currently unavailable for participation at this time. Consequently, affiliates living in India and Mexico are not able to bid on Amazon gift card Pricebenders auctions.

IMPORTANT! This gift card will be delivered digitally; the winning bidder must supply a working e-mail address to which to send the gift card.