Pro’s and Con’s of starting your own Traffic Exchange.

I Want You To Partner With Me & The Rest Of The LFMTE Team

And Start Your Own Traffic Exchange.

When Surfing at Traffic Swirl you will see a lot of promoting for LFMTE.  Unless you have at least One Thousand Dollars in capital

I use McAfee Web Security.  Best investment to make on line. I then share the information with my team to pass on to their teams.
McAfee test the sites I surf and blocks content that comes from potentially dangerous or suspicious sites.  YOU will be amazed how many sites they block when I am surfing at Traffic Swirl etc.

Do Not Join.


Building your own program takes a great deal of money, dedication and time.

But what happens after you build your program… you have to launch it to the world, correct? YES!

The problem is most people don’t know how to effectively do this in a way that sling shots them into serious debt, if they do not have the capital to spend.

I’ve seen it time and time again.. top marketers saying, “just open your doors and let a few members know.. they’ll let a few other members know and you’ll be well on your way…” that couldn’t be farther from the truth and could possibly be the worst advice you could take when launching a program!

Yes, you heard me right and yes, that’s horrible advice!  Instead of buying a Traffic Exchange.

I support NEW Launches By Trusted Admin I have been following for years.  Who have the Capital to Invest and the Knowledge To Build it.

New Site Launch!!

It is very rare to be given the opportunity to be in an Early Bird Launch.

Members that helped promote the early bird launch for SFI Traffic Wave and GDI.

Earn Thousands of dollars Monthly.

That is why I do not hesitate to grab Life time upgrades with the One Time Offers.  

I then introduce these new members to SFI.  Giving them access to my Dollar Wise Network.

These are the New Launches I recommend.

This is my proven system on how I support New Launches that produce thousands of dollars in sales.

I’ve helped launch new programs that generated well over $100,000’s in sales in the first few months; and then I’ve seen some that haven’t made more than $100 in their first 8 months.

When I first began as a Newbie believing all the HYPE> Not knowing back then that any Tom Dick or Harry could purchase a Pre Written Program For Their New Traffic Exchange.  They Launch the Program with False Promises and A Lot Of Sky In Pie Fairy Tales.

I Will Take you by the Hand and show you how I put together a Successful Marketing Plan. 

Creating quite the snow ball effect, growing larger month by month, year by year.  Generating a real income working from home.

You’ll discover everything first-hand:  How I create my SFI Down Line team… which programs produce the best sales..

How I use my Sales Funnel to Team Build With Numerous Income Resources. All with promoting SFI and AIOP.

Introducing these new members to my Sales Funnel.  I am upgraded with over 30 Different Sites. Building my Network over the foreseen future.

Instead of buying a Traffic Exchange I would recommend to set up your Face Book Presence. 

One Team – One Vision – One Goal.

 Face Book Domination. How I team build SFI and AIOP

Best Yearly Upgrade you will find on line.
Log in and enter your SFI and AIOP links for your New Team Members to join. Team building on Auto Pilot.

DO not Join the down line builders they recommend we have our own program we follow.
Log in click above Video System.Click Pre made to find links.
I blast in rotation at face book weekly. These are my favorites. Great entertainment for your followers.


SFI.  Not a member Join FREE Here.

Start receiving Emails Like This.

Hi Maree,

Just a friendly reminder that you need only 500 VP or less by the end of the month to advance to the rank of Platinum Team Leader (PTL)!

To review all the benefits to you for advancing to PTL, see:

For a list of ways to earn VP you need, see your SFI Affiliate To-Do List at:

We look forward to seeing your name on the PTL list soon!

You might be asking yourself… Why would you share all this information Maree?

Because you are only as successful as your TEAM.  YOU need to support and train your down line at the numerous sites you belong to.

You see, as soon as you know how much you can earn supporting a New Launch and starting your Online Dollar Wise business.

I know you’ll jump in with both feet.. and that means I get to keep doing what I’m doing (supporting new launches and sharing them with your team.) for many, many years to come… that’s what you call a win win situation!

1st off.. You need an On Line Presence.  Apply for your Domain to design your SFI training website Duplicating Dollarwise.

2nd.. You’ll get credits to use inside the members area to advertise your Core affiliate programs. I recommend SFI and AIOP.

3rd… Register Free to my exclusive email list to whom I give first hand knowledge of a new launch before it happens, therefore not only giving you the opportunity to get in at the ground floor but also giving you access to the best possible upgrade level within the program.

4th… I’m going to share where to build your customer list ! This script has a mailer feature that allows customers to mail promotional messages. YOU also have access to build great Splash Page Campaigns. Capturing email addresses to build your client base. Great commission plan also.

And fifth… You get complete access to my Daily Planner – “How To Create your Sales Funnel. That Produces Results Fast.

Just imagine what it would be like to follow a program and have your own online income; reaching thousands of people every day and tens of thousands every month!

This is what My Dollar Wise Network offers you: the opportunity to know how to launch a successful business 

Learning while earning.