Setting Goals.

Joining Programs That Don’t Work!!

Buying Software You Don’t Need!!
Believing everything you read!!

And Think?  Have You Actually Made Any Money At All?

Set your goals monthly and for the first year work towards achieving that goal. 

“Gery Carsons Quote” Did you know that you usually have to fail, often multiple times, before you get to success? It was true for me and probably will be for you too. Persist until you win!

U Tube Video For Setting Up SFI Advertising At DWSEarner.

I suggest to set up a new G Mail Account To Register for my Training Series.

This way you will not miss out on the training articles or any important updates.

Duplicate this system for any business you wish to expand.

For any sort of success.  An Online Presence is Essential.

Whether it be SFI  GDI  Traffic Wave  AIOP  Or GVO.
Use DWSEarner to build any core business.

Members that locked in their $10 Monthly Upgrade when DWSEarner launched are now making enough commissions to pay for their monthly upgrade then using the commissions to upgrade at a New Down line builder site monthly.

I have tested the good from the bad and the ugly.
The great thing is over the years I have been able to learn FROM every individual program.
I have been able to test what works and what doesn’t.
I have seen many members Come and Go and then Return. Realizing the key is to stick with programs.
I have involved myself and subscribed over the years to over 1000 different programs.
Investing thousands of dollars and hours designing my DWSEarner Network.
The Beauty is I have done all the Donkey Work For YOU.
Filtered out the time wasters to design a brilliant down line builder Program.
YOUR very own sales funnel that will generate numerous Income Resources from the different Programs On offer.
Creating quite the snow ball effect, watching their income and team grow larger month by month.
Keep an eye out in the surf chat for the site admin suggests to surf daily.
As a team we all promote the same links at the same sites, on the same days for massive team exposure.
YOUR team will duplicate the same system, filling in their Id’s at the down line builder programs listed at DWSEarner and ABC4Income.

The key log into DWSEarner Click Above Affiliates Click Down line builder.
Add your id’s. Then work from my DLTBuilder Page Weekly.
YOU do not want to be passing up new members to your Up Line Leader.

To many people skim through the training then wonder why they are not achieving results.

Do NOT try to learn everything about DWSEarner in a few days or weeks.

Start Daily surfing at DWSEarner.

See if your photo can be listed in the daily top three surfers.
Instead of spending here there and everywhere.
Start with investing $10 Monthly Upgrading and Investing with DWSEarner.

Set Join Our Down line Club.

Log into DWSEarner Click above Adds> Click Buy Credits. >
Scroll down and Click Down line Club.
Making a One Off Payment of $28.00.
See how quickly you can generate hundreds even thousands of dollars.
Earning Commissions from all your Team Members purchases if Upgraded.
Refer 5 = $25 Refer 25 = $125 Repeating Over and Over.

The key is re-investing down the track at the down line builder sites listed at DWSEarner.
Start building that wee nest egg, creating a snow ball effect, watching your earning grow larger month by month year by year. Plant that seed today.
Participate daily promoting at the Admin Watch Sites Listing your DWSEarner splash links.

This is how I achieve generating a real income working online.
Setting my Goals and achieving them.
YOU can duplicate the same plan for any core business you wish to expand.
Yes, you’re now part of a REAL business that you can earn a very large income with, but it will take time to fully absorb everything.
And that’s alright, because anything worthwhile in life takes time.
So relax and take your time. Learn a little bit every day.
Soon, making money with DWSEarner will become second nature for you.
Getting started and taking daily action is the key.

How often do you see this sort of promoting.

Load of Rubbish.

YET people sign up and invest believing all the hype.

I have helped many of my team members from numerous sites I belong with over the years. 

Many of these members are already making a nice monthly income in various programs from the active teams they’ve built within our down line builder system at DWSEarner and ABC4Income.
If Upgraded you receive commissions from all your Team Members Purchases..

REMEMBER nothing happens overnight it takes time to build and establish any business.

REMEMBER we do not promote these down line builder sites. WE use them solely for promoting.

Set goals...and publish them

Setting goals is so easy to do, yet 95% of people never set goals.

They just never take the time.

And who do you think are the most successful, highest-earning people in the world?

The 5% group of course! If you want to be in the 5% group, don’t even think about ignoring goal-setting!

My Favorite SFI Quote.

Folks, we can’t give away money (or co-op units or PSAs, etc. which cost lots of money) without the recipient EARNING that money by producing revenue. We would be completely bankrupt and out of business within months if we were just giving money away to anyone who signed up!

Indeed, sign-ups would likely explode to tens of thousands of people a day for everyone and their brother joining just to grab some free money.

Do you not understand how COMPLETELY UNFEASIBLE that would be?

A Signing Bonus is just what it says…a BONUS.

And no one is stopping you from earning as much of it as you want, as quickly as you want.

If you want to quickly earn your entire Signing Bonus right now, then get busy and make some sales (that’s why you’re an affiliate)!

YOU control when you earn your Signing Bonus. Please stop being so negative and underestimating what you can do!Success comes before work ONLY in the dictionary. There is no shortcut to success.


Lets Set Some goals!

It WILL NOT happen overnight, but with some diligence, this is certainly an achievable goal already reached by many of my Dollar Wise System Earner Team members.
There is a lot of money to be made here, and I am here to help you stay focused and keep organized.
Remember My Dollar Wise System Earner is a training resource designed to make you affiliate income year after year.
If you ever have any questions, comments, concerns, or otherwise I am always available to chat Via Surf Engage or The Surf Chat Bar.

Before logging into DWSEarner

be sure to scroll down and at the right give us a vote in the Relmax Box.

Next Log into DWSEarner Click above affiliate then click down line builder.
Be Sure to have entered your ID’s in the down line builder program.
YOU do not want to be passing members to your Up Line Sponsors.

REMEMBER! We only use these sites to advertise DWSEarner ABC4Income and SFI.

Promo Codes to Enter At DWSEarner.
Before surfing be sure to enter Codes first then surf to redeem
Log in above click Surf> Click Enter Surf Codes.
Where it reads. “Enter A Surf Promo Code” Type in code then click ADD.
Surf 50  Enter Code Surf. THEN RETURN and ENTER  Surf100 Repeat for Surf500
Now Surf. YOU must add a few sites first and allocate credits to begin surfing.
Click Adds > Click Websites. Add a few links.
Return Adds >  Click Auto Sign. All done.
NOW Work Your Way Through adding the promo codes.
Free Ticket Bonus. Once you have redeemed the code.
Send in a support ticket to Redeem 100 Tickets for each completed task. 
Heading Tickets 100 for Redeeming promo Code. XXXXXX 
How to send in a Support Ticket.

Log in Click Above Support then click blue button. Ask Support.

Enter details to log in again then click blue support box again.

Enter message into box and click send.

Note!  Do not ever judge your future success based on your past. wipe the slate clean.

If your sites you use for promoting DWSEarner are not listed in my Dollar Wise Network.

Assume I have tested them and found them to be a waste of time and money.

Select the Upgrade that best suits your budget. 

You can always add an advertising package etc when finances free up.

Log into DWSEarner. Click Upgrade.

Click Above Ads. > Credits  Select the desired package.
Power Up Monthly the longer your upgrade stays active the higher the rewards.
You will see what is on offer once you upgrade.  The Selection boxes will appear.
Setting goals and reviewing them regularly is critical for becoming successful.

Remember once a month you will be shown what Power Up you can select. Claim it.

RESHUFFLE. No time to surf. Let me advertise for you.

Click Above Ads. > Credits  Scroll down and click Reshuffle.

Random Down line. Step Ladder achievements.

Fact. 1000’s of new sites launch daily. Only a few will still be on line in six months time.

Others will try to duplicate DWSEarner, but will never achieve the same success.

Disappearing into the night in a few short months with all their members hard earned cash.

Sites change with the wind. What was paying yesterday can some times take a dive and stop paying members with constant excuses and delays.

Sick of the hype, promise’s, failure to deliver & lack of support from your past opportunity’s. Stress no more.
These sites are complementary to maximize your DWSEarner Referrals, Sales, and CASH!

Point Of Interest!

How I generate an Income. I practice what the top Marketing Guru’s do.
When I see a new launch from trusting admin I have been with for years.
I do not hesitate to grab the life time upgrades.
You need to spend to earn. BUT you need to be wise with your spending.
This is how I will be building my DWSEarner down line.
With introducing new spill over members to SFI and GDI.

How to start generating a real income online in 2016.”My thoughts for the day.”
1. Do not over analyse things and do not be afraid to take a few risks.
2. Always think positive, optimistic thoughts attract positive out comes.
3. Create a realistic time frame for your goals to help motivate you into actions.
4. Do not listen to negative people.
Remember whenever some one undermines your dreams.
They are telling you their story, not yours.
5. Participate in the Admin Watch and Surf daily winning tickets.

Now you can begin DWSEarner with a fire and desire to succeed.

DWSEarner gives you all the tools you need to do this. Just utilize them, keep moving forward, believe in yourself and NEVER give up!! You CAN do it.
MY team is lucky as not many members hear from their sponsors. Let alone get training support rewarded with Power Up when they upgrade. I also offer to design FREE all our AIOP Teams Splash Pages. Just ask.

Most important you need to spend to start earning, choose an upgrade that suits your budget.  Stop clicking for pennies and start clicking for dollars.

The training links I design. Take me days to develop. They can be shared with all your Team.
When they follow how to participate with DWSEarner.  If Upgraded Any purchases they make etc you will be earning from. 

I just use my examples for training. It annoys me when members expect everything for nothing without the involvement or reading the information I give them. Sending me emails complaining they have not earned dollars within a few days.  I do not reply to these sort of questions.  Especially after viewing these members accounts to see they have not been surfing communicating or advertising. What do they expect.?

AS with any new business venture it takes time to build and establish.

I came across this in my research.
How to Start a New Website for $587.32

So many people get conned and spend the money to be totally disappointed never to hear from the supplier again.

Finally, you need a step-by-step blueprint

That’s why I spent over six to twelve months mapping out the techniques I personally use to generate a full time income working from home.

My PET Hate is when I read this sort of promoting how to generate a six-figure Income with affiliate marketing. 

Step 1 – Target a Passion Filled Niche

Put simply, you can’t achieve true success online if you’re building dozens of sites.  

The best results come from targeting an ultra-specific topic and become a leading authority on that subject.

When starting over with affiliate marketing I picked : SFI . Proven and Paying for years.

Like many folks, I knew very little about computers when I started online.

I worked hard and dedicated myself to the learning process.

It wasn’t easy, but it was well worth the effort.

YOU must be willing to set aside at least one hour daily to read and follow each individual instructions you will receive Via my Broadcasts at Traffic Wave.

What’s my point?

I think anyone is capable of building a successful affiliate business.

I’ve listed a few places to get started. But it’s now up to YOU.

Take Action. Get Results.

Bottom line.  Your goal as an affiliate marketer is to:

Build a niche-specific list, send great emails, and market the occasional affiliate offer!

Get this right and you’ll generate a six-figure income.

 “Must Have” Affiliate Marketing Resources

First, you should start by picking the right niche. This is the market that you’ll focus on. To be honest, niche selection is a lengthy process.

 Daily Participate at DWSEarner then promote at the down line builder sites listed at DWSEarner.

Offer Team Support to get your first 5 DWSEarner referrals.

Click Above Accounts. > Private Messages. >Click Compose.

One tick will send a message to your entire network.

Tick the box where it reads  Send to all my team league members

 Email me to Generate your Down line Club Tracking Link

  Then Register to receive Our Step by Step Daily To Do Guide.


Daily Surf 300 At Each Site DWSEarner

Traffic Swirl

Claim Surfer rewards Daily


ABC4Income has all the training articles for Newbies. Be sure to log in and read weekly. YOU will also see the list of ticket winners here for DWSEarner and ABC4Income.

click Buy Set up Advertising. Exchange Points and Set up your promoting.

Daily click and view members promotions. Earn Points for every link you click. Simple use these points for team building SFI.

Paid for shopping and selling. Start buying from members what is already added to your household budget. Being rewarded at the same time.

Send me a support ticket to add your ECA Store or Online Business to our shopping page.

I reward my team random cash, down line, credits etc for participation.
You just never know when your name will be listed.

Be sure to open all emails from DWSEarner.
Over the years I have worked hard to find the best of the best, wasting thousands of dollars and hours testing the good from the ugly.

What sites to avoid and what sites to join.  Be aware that when you join a new site,  they could be a fishing site that use your log in info to log into already established sites, ready to steal your profile info and commissions.

That is why I stress, always ask your sponsor before joining new sites.

Over the years I have heard of members accounts being bleed dry by signing up to sites they are unsure of.  These  admin log into all their members accounts at numerous other sites, changing the paypal email to another grabbing all members commissions. Before it is noticed they have cleared out the bogus paypal account, taking all the members money with them.

YES this happened to me With SFI in 2014.  Imagine my horror and shock. 

I made sure after that to set up my security with G Mail and Paypal. So if someone tries to change my info a tex is sent to my Cell Phone to verify. I get people trying to hack my account monthly. This is how I avoid it.

I started designing my Dollar Wise Network in 2009.
I have come up with a system so unique, so powerful I have trouble handling the influx of new down-line members in my organization.
if you simply do what I have been doing — I will share our new members with those in our team that show they are duplicating and participating.
BE SURE to scroll down and Click The Follow Button with my Word Press Blog.
Select from the drop down box my Individual Training Articles.

These are some great quotes I found at SFI.

“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.”
-Earl Nightingale

“You can’t hit a target you cannot see and you cannot see a target you do not have.”
-Zig Ziglar

“Put your goals in writing. If you can’t put it on a sheet of paper, you probably can’t do what it takes to achieve the goal.”

“The achievement of your goal is assured the moment you commit yourself to it.”
-Mack R. Douglas

“The establishment of a clear, central purpose or goal in life is the starting point of all success.
An average person with average talent, ambition and education, can outstrip the most brilliant genius in our society,
if that person has clear, focused goals.”
-Brian Tracy

“We all have two choices; We can make a living or we can design a life.”
-Jim Rohn

“Take up one idea and act on it. Make that one idea your life.
Think of it, dream of it, and live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, and every part of your body
be full of that idea and leave all other ideas alone. This is the way to success.”

Your Goal Learn how to communicate.

Staying in Contact with your DWSEarner Team is the Key.
How you ask.
Click above Accounts. Then click Private Messages.
Click Compose.  Send messages to all your team with the one click.
Tick the box where it reads.  Send to all my team league members

Copy and paste my message.
Changing my links to yours.
Click Send.
To check if members opened them Click Return to Inbox.
Click above  Sent Messages.  Then Delete and tidy up inbox.

Most Important. Reward your team for participation with transferring them credits.
Click above Affiliate then click referrals. At the right click transfer credits.
Remember with supporting your team, it shows you are a responsible caring sponsor and they will be more willing to follow you into the down line builder program.
Check when the member last logged in. If they have been absent do not send credits.
BUT send them a message asking them if they would like to receive some.

Duplicate this message. Changing my links to yours

Welcome to DWSEarner. Support from your sponsor XXX(your name)
The Internet lifestyle is a great way to generate a real income on-line daily
I have just upgraded so I can set up a surf team for all my down line.
Be Sure To click above Surf Then Click Surf team and request to join
XXXX (Add your Surf Team Name.)
Be sure to surf daily as I will be rewarding Our Top Surfers Weekly with credits.

Our Goal Here At DWSEarner is to support all our members with this simple step by step guide to teach them how to generate a real income online.

It may seem very overwhelming to begin with.
But by the time you finish doing these tasks and setting GOALS you will be a Pro.

Income For Life Show Me the Money Global Domains International, Inc.