Setting up DWSEarner.

Welcome To DWSEarner . 

DWSEarner is Part Of My Dollar Wise Network.

Maree Designs Club teaches its member’s to

Connect Sellers With Buyers – With Out Side Advertisers.
Build Their  Down lines with 5 Core Programs –
Generating Traffic –
Earning Commissions –
Branding Themselves. Using Social Media Free Outlets.

The MAIN REASON most people fail online is due to the fact that this very important element is missing:    Skills and Hard Work.
Our Maree Designs Club REMOVES this.
Almost all of the online opportunities are perfect.
Most CAN generate an income for you.
But there is only one little problem: All of the online opportunities require
 “Team Work”  “Honest Leaders.” “Payments”  “Guide Lines To Follow”
That means it’s NOT enough for you to too simply sign up, sit back and wait for the cash to roll in..   YOU need to be WORKING with your  team .

   My Vision!

Is that All Team Leaders Will Duplicate the Same System.
Generating a real income online.
Where we all as a Team Promote the same link at the same sites on the same day.
Before Continuing Go and click the Support Tab at DWSEarner And read all Updates.

   Setting Up G Mail and security!

First and Most Important. Sign up for a G Mail Account. FREE

For your added security with Google. Be sure to set up your Google two step verification.

It provides added security to everything Google, to Gmail, Google Drives, Google+ and more.

It sends a verification code to your cell phone every time you log in.

It prevents unauthorized access to your account.

It may take two to three attempts to set up. BUT This is a must if you wish to participate with affiliate marketing. WHY? I found as I started to brand myself, Hackers started to take notice. Any hacker who has obtained your password, would need to verify, and he would not have access to your phone.

Over Xmas I had many hackers trying to steal my information.

BUT they could not gain access. Daily I was having to verify my account.

To set up 2 step verification, go to The Google 2-Step home page

Click Get Started. Sign into your Google account and click start set up. Enter your mobile number and whether you want to receive the verification code by text or voice call. Click send code. ( I select Text)
When you receive the six digit code, enter it in the box and click verify. This adds your mobile phone number to your account.

You can remove 2 step verification by clicking your Google profile picture in the top right corner of Google, going to Account, Settings and switching the 2 step Verification status to Off.

Great Quote from George McBride My Traffic Wave Sponsor.

Now imagine, one day your comfortably sitting in a business meeting listening to your boss. Your phone is on vibrate of course. You get that little tingle that says you just received a text message. It is Google sending you a verification code.

When your boss asks you, why are you smiling? You answer. I just foiled another hacker. YOUR Identity is your most valued Asset.

Clean up your G Mail Daily. Any unwanted emails send to spam.
There are way to many fishing sites. Trying to rip people off.
I suggest to tick the box at the left beside emails you do not know.
Above hover your mouse over the Envelope icon.

A box will appear saying Move to.  Click the V A drop down box will appear.
Click spam.
At the Left under where it reads G Mail. Scroll down to where it reads Spam.
Click this. Above in Blue writing you will see.
Delete all spam messages now. Tick this.
A Box will appear saying confirm all deleted messages tick OK>  Do this every 3-5 day

  Set Up Your Signature at G Mail.

Log into G Mail Top Far Right. Hover mouse over the round sun icon.
Click the drop down box Settings.
Scroll down BE sure to add your photo
Scroll down to were it reads.
Copy and paste into the big empty box.
High light your links.
(Left click your mouse running over the entire link, it will be high lighted Blue)
Click Control and letter C to copy.
Above click the chain you see a box will appear Left Click and enter Control With Letter V. (your link will appear.)
Feel Free to duplicate mine. REMEMBER change my links to yours.

Cheers Maree


Admin DWSEarner and ABC4Income.

Maree Designs Store Owner.


Pay Pal Verified Club.

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Advertising Porthole for Our Dollar Wise Network.



P.S Hit the reply button with any questions you have
I personally respond to all my emails! 



I use 3 small letters 2 numbers 2 Symbols and 2 Capital letters when generating New Pass Words.

1… Use a different password for your Bank Accounts.

2… Use a different password for Pay Pal.

3… Use a different password for G Mail.

4… Use the same password at all the affiliate programs.  (Only established ones)

5… New Launches Or New sites you are testing. USE a different password. As there are dishonest sites that launch just to steal members passwords to clean out their PayPal accounts. OR cash earned at their Core Businesses.

YES this happened to me at SFI in 2012. Before I set up this Plan. I joined a new launch using the same Password I used at SFI. They kicked me out of My Gmail account before I had set up my G mail Security. They logged into SFI and changed my payment info to be paid to a Bogus Pay Pal Account. Luckily SFI reimbursed me my lost commissions.

  Adding your photo Via Gravatar!

Adding your photo Via Gravatar.
If you already are a member with gravatar. YOU do not need to join again.
Add the same email address at DWSEarner to activate your photo.
Not a member!  Click the link to register FREE.
Make sure to sign up with the same email account you used at DWSEarner.

  Setting up Profile for Surf Chat Bar.

Log into DWSEarner Click above Accounts then Click Profile  Page Settings.

Here is my example. Be sure to add your Profile link to ADDS at DWSEarner.

Add your entire link for Facebook and Google.

When participating in the surf chat. CLICK Members names to view their profile connecting with them at Facebook…

   How to enter promo codes at DWSEarner!

Monthly Promo Codes for Competitions.
Maree uses the LFMTE Script to be able to communicate, offer Promo Codes, and Competitions, with all her numerous different team members from over 20 different Advertising portholes she uses to promote her Maree Designs On Line Store.

While generating numerous different income resources at the same time.
All her members gather at the one location.Surfing and Communicating.
Log into DWSEarner! Click above Surf > Click Enter Surf Code > YearsCelebration
Then you must surf 200 to activate.
All done Now You Will Be Entered to our DWSEarner Celebrations For November On Line For A Year.

2017 Promo Codes.  Only need to enter once.

SFIInToWin   AdminWatch  MDesignsClub  GDITeam
TicketWinner   MDesignsSantaClub


  Before logging out of DWSEarner.

Claim your Rewards. Click Extra, Pic your blocks, claim keys surfing etc.

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