SFI In To Win

SFI Monthly In To Win.

Welcome to all my SFI Team and Friends.

It’s time for our April Team Rewards! YAY!

It’s time to move past the hype and nonsense about getting rich overnight.
Let’s plug you in to our team and show you how to CREATE a 5 Figure Income Online.
Your earnings will be determined by your participation.
DWSEarner is all about supporting and training SFI members how to start generating a real income online in 2016.
This month’s reward is a little bit different. I think it’s time to spice things up a little, don’t you?

There are 5 easy task to complete and you’ll be entered in the April Team Rewards contest to win some cool prizes.

*   First!   White list my email address (mb5681@gmail.com) to ensure you receive all of my newsletters.

How to whitelist your email address.

*  Second!  Register free to receive My boot camp training.  Wipe the slate clean.
Set up a new G Mail address then register, making sure you never miss any important updates.
Do not use this new G Mail address for anything else apart from receiving my updates.

*  Third, if you haven’t already, sign-up for a free account at DWS Earner. If you are already a member then you’re good to go!


*   Fourth, Log into DWSEarner and enter the promo code SFIInToWin. How you ask?

Log into DWSEarner Above Click Surf, Scroll Down and click Enter Surf Code.

You will be asked to surf and view 20 sites. Then you are entered. I select random Monthly Members In To Win.

Requirements for surfing.

YOU must have credits Auto Assigned First.

Click Adds. Then Click Sites.

Copy over your links here. Change my ID to yours.




Return click above Adds then click Auto Surf. Assign %

*   Fifth Log in daily after finishing at SFI. At the right register to the surf chat bar.

Say hi to our team and introduce your self.  Be sure to surf daily. Before logging out.

Return home click above Surf Scroll down click Surfer Rewards and claim daily bonus for surfing.

* Bonus. Before Surfing. Click above Surf scroll down and click Jet Fuel.

Now for the cool prizes…

Must be in my SFI Level One Team.

Members not in my team will get the cash value in credits at DWSEarner.

1st Place –  $15 Triple Clicks Gift Certificate and 400 DWS Earner Credits!

2nd Place – $10 Triple Clicks Gift Certificate and 200 DWS Earner Credits!

3rd Place – $5 Triple Clicks Gift Certificate and 100 DWS Earner Credits!

All other entries will receive 25 DWS Earner Credits — woo hoo!
Everyone’s a winner teaming SFI with DWSEarner!


Card King Competition for my SFI Team.

*    • Will the next card dealt be higher or lower than the last? Each correct guess earns points.
*    • Earn Bonus Points with straights and Sidekicks. Earn instant Bonus Prizes and cool badges, too.
*     • Post a top 100 score for the day to win a share of the daily Card King Zackpot.
*     • Yesterday’s winners took home 1,426 TCredits!

*    Earn from all your Teams Purchases at Triple Clicks.

 *    I love the Games On Offer.  Great Daily Entertainment.

LEAGUE INVITATIONS Click this link to join.


Enter Password


Weekly In To Win Credits at DWSEarner.

First Place.          500 Credits.
Second Place.      300 Credits.
Third Place.         200 Credits.
Fourth Place.       100 Credits.
Fifth Place            50 credits.
Check emails daily with Spot Ticket Prizes To Claim.

Winners drawn at the end of the month.

Remember once a month send in a support ticket.

Redeem 10 tickets per  $10 spent at Triple Clicks.

Add receipt of purchase from SFI and DWSEarner.

More information on how to redeem tickets can be found here.


Click reply to this email to receive 35 tickets.

Include DWSEarner Id and Full Name to redeem.