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Glossary definition: Personally Originated Affiliate (POA)

An Affiliate you have personally referred into the SFI program that was then put into the Opti Build Program.

The power of Opti-Build starts with Designated Diamonds.  As you know, SFI designates all DDs (Designated Diamonds), based on two primary qualifications:

  1. You have to hold the minimum rank of BTL (Bronze Team Leader)
  2. You have to participate in Opti-Build.

Opti-Build enters the picture as a kind of live auto-reassigner of your sign-ups. Participating in Opti-Build means you’ll be automatically and immediately reassigning a minimum of 50% of your personal sign-ups to those who’ve been designated as DDs on your first level and, hopefully later, to DDs residing on lower generations in your group.

NOTE! Opti-Build isn’t designed to use only the sign-ups YOU are generating.  On the contrary, if your up line members are also participating (and hopefully many are or will be), THEIR sign-ups are also put into the Opti-Build “stream,” which can then deliver a constant flow of sign-ups to you and every affiliate in your down line, too. Indeed, it’s what makes Opti-Build so potentially powerful!

Even though it was one of THE biggest new developments in 2017, Opti-Build sort of got lost amongst many, many other big developments.  Well, we’d like to see a whole lot more people discover the power of Opti-Build in 2018.  And what better way than to introduce some new badges!

Effective January 10th 2018, we’ll be rolling out eight prestigious new badges for those participating in the Opti-Build program and generating POAs (Personally Originated Affiliates).

Generating 25 POAs earns you the basic “Opti-Builder” badge.  Upon generating your 500th POA for your downline, you’ll be awarded the prestigious “500 Club” badge.  Become an Opti-Builder PRO with 750 POAs.  And 1000 POAs puts you in truly rarified air with the gold Opti-Builder ELITE badge:

badges-OBIn addition to the above four badges, we’re also introducing an Opti-Build leaderboard that recognizes our top Opti-Builders. You’ll sport the basic leaderboard badge by being in the top 200.  Move up to bronze with a leaderboard ranking of 51-100.  Advance to silver with a ranking of 11-50.  Sport the highest leaderboard badge (gold) by making the top 10.

badges-OBLWatch for full details on our eight new Opti-Build badges (including Badge Quest point values) next week.


  Wow! Maree your highly recommended, researched, System Platform Strategy is a winning formula that anyone can emulate. There is simply no excuse not to use this well thought out, and carefully constructed program 100%.<br /> Attracting ongoing new traffic, through your filtration funnel is so well designed for Team building, producing S.F.I. Team leaders, who in turn train their downline by them showing their example, while earning a residual income, thus securing their own future, and their loved one’s & family’s future prosperity, and healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

SFI Laverne

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This Page explains once Bronze how to set up leadership page.




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My Review and Plan to Set Up.

YOUR Goal is to Aim For BTL and then opt into Opti-Build To be a Designated Diamond
As a fully qualified BTL, you are eligible to earn lucrative Matching VP on all EA2s in your downline within 6 levels (including your CSAs). You can increase this all the way to 12 levels by advancing your Team Leader rank! For a complete list of the benefits and perks you’re now qualified for, see:
ALSO, be sure to let us know if you would like to receive Second Home CSAs. Just go to the following page at the SFI Affiliate Center, scroll to the bottom of the index page, and opt in:
Finally, be sure that you’re participating regularly at the Forum, where you can help keep SFI Nation positive and growing. Remember, 40% of all CV in commissions come from the TripleClicks Executive Pool–which EVERY affiliate contributes to. The stronger the Forum is, the higher your income can go. Share your insights and tips with the field, submit suggestions, and brainstorm with other team leaders for win/win results at:

Start receiving emails like this.

Opti-Build Auto-Reassignment Notice

As the Originator of the following new affiliate, you are receiving this notice to let you know that…
SFI ID 17948882
N/A, — (India)
Keycode: 1102  ( I add Keycodes to all my promotions to see where they are coming from)
Email!  ( I record the email address and who received the signup to my computer.)
…was placed under Designated Diamond:
Terry Mills
Live Oak, FL (United States)
Email! ( I then go and send Terry An E Card saying New Signup.)

Terry Mills is now officially SUNIL’s sponsor in SFI.

Tip: To see ALL the affiliates you were the Opti-Build Originator of and who they were reassigned to, select the “Opti-Build-reassigned” filter at your Genealogy.

Congratulations on adding another member to your team!

SFI Opti-Build Admin


When I receive new emails. I welcome them to our team.
Be sure to communicate using the BBC at G Mail.
This prevents any one seeing the other email addresses.
How you ask. Log into G Mail Top Left Click Compose.
At the right Click the BBC. NOW you will see a line.

BBC  (copy and paste list of G Mail Addresses Here. )

This stops other members seeing the G Mail Addresses and sending spam.

Cartoon thief

A thief with a credit card vector illustration

I send this email to all new SFI Signups for the month with our TEAM>
Welcome to SFI I am in my 4th year as a successful gold team leader.
How often do you see this sort of promoting.
Load of Rubbish.
YET people sign up and invest believing all the hype.
Then wonder why they are not achieving results.
Fact. 1000’s of new sites launch daily. Only a few will still be on line in six months time.
Others will try to duplicate SFI, but will never achieve the same success.

As a SFI team leader I lead by example.
Set your goals monthly and for the first year work towards achieving that goal.
“Gery Carsons Quote”
Did you know that you usually have to fail, often multiple times, before you get to success?
It was true for me and probably will be for you too. Persist until you win!

HOW d0 I achieve SFI Success? I do not stray wasted my money.
INSTEAD I invested in T Credits locking in my Auto Renewal Monthly.
Unique and unheard of with other sites. Rewarded for your spending.
As a team leader I lead by example.
Supporting my SFI down line reassigning members to active Team Leaders within our SFI Network.
New affiliates who aren’t able to earn the EA-qualifying  1,500 VP before the end of the month in which they joined.
An alert on your SFI homepage and an e-mail from SFI on the 1st of that month will remind members that they you can transfer their VP with just one click.

Lock in an Auto Renewal Subscription then email me for 5 PSA reassigned to your team so you can achieve Bronze Team Leader in your first month.
Being a bonafide sponsor requires being active, engaged, and supportive of those you are the sponsor of.
The month of October I received OVER 60 New Signups which I have shared with all my TEAM.

Bit Coin is at NOW AT SFI. 👌
Set Up Your Complete  Online Business in a Box!
Saving for my retirement the safe and secure way.

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I reinvested my commissions setting up my own Down Line Builder program.
Log in and click at the left down line builder.
THESE are the only sites I work with promoting SFI on a daily basis.

I gather all my team from numerous different on line advertising portholes I use to DWSEarner my one stop communicating Bit Coin Central hub.
I run competitions reassigning random PSA to my Team as rewards for participation.

I have many different advertising campaigns running so lots of SFI Team spill over is occuring.

Cheers Maree…. SFI Gold Team Leader.


Gery’s Quote at the Forum.

It was a happy day years ago when I was made Gery’s CSA Sponsor.

The man Gery is talking about Leon is My Sponsor.. I was lucky to be one of his DD Leaders selected.

Opti-Build is supposed to start with YOU. If you have up line members participating, that’s good of course, because it can mean some spillover for you and others under you…but you should NOT depend on that. As I always say, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

Take PTL Leon McKee, for example! Leon is first level to the company and we do not compete with our affiliates (we don’t advertise and generate sign-ups). So is Leon out of luck, because his upline is not participating in Opti-Build? Absolutely not. Leon is promoting and building, signing up new affiliates, and they all flow under his five chosen first-level Designated Diamonds. And based on the success he is having with Opti-Build, I expect he will be the first affiliates to regain DIAMOND Team Leader status.

And, again, his up line is not participating in Opti-Build, just as your isn’t. But a big difference for you is that your upline may very well decide to start participating if they see YOU and others in your team growing due to Opti-Build.

So for those of you who are so disappointed in your sponsor or up line for not participating, my challenge to you is to LEAD THE LEADERS. Show them how it’s done so they can follow your lead. You, yourself, believe there is a lot of people who don’t understand Opti-Build yet. Maybe your sponsor is one of them. So show him/her and perhaps he/she will come on board soon and you’ll have the spillover benefit too soon.

THIS was my result when the Big O Launched in 2017 and I received random spillover from Leon My Sponsor.. I also reassigned most members to my Top 5 Leaders.