The Internet lifestyle is a great way to generate a real income on-line daily.  The key is to select the right business to work with.

Avoiding all the scams and false hype on line.


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SFI Forum!  I copied over this great forum post listed by.
Randy I.  United States. It is all about team support and training.
This Program is going to determine if you are:
SFI Forum post
Get Serious or just tell people that SFI is your Hobby!
What do SFI Team Leaders Have In Common.
We all saw the big picture. Starting with SFI as A Long Term Project.
Setting our GOALS YEARLY! Then working towards achieving these goals.
Here’s My SFI Story:
Three Year Anniversary with SFI
Proud Day I used Commissions to buy Computer.
My Xmas Message at the Forum Years Ago.

Tip of the Day

The Diamond Plan

How can you become an SFI top earner? The answer, in the simplest terms possible, is to get on the Diamond Plan by attaining the rank of DTL (Diamond Team Leader).
The requirements to be a DTL are pretty straightforward:
* 1500 Versa Points from sales and/or purchases (monthly)
* Develop and maintain 5 PTLs (Platinum Team Leaders) on your first level
That’s it! Set the plan into motion.

Quote of the Day

“Plant the seed of desire in your mind and it forms a nucleus with power to attract to itself everything needed for its fulfillment.”
-Robert Collier

Be sure you are subscribed to news.

http://www.sfimg.com  (just click the “Follow” link found in the right sidebar). Once subscribed, you’ll automatically receive an email each time news is posted so you’ll never miss an important SFI announcement.
View some of SFI Members Testimionals.
Skeptical of online business opportunities? Must Read SFI Review.
Follow Admins FREE step by step guide.

WHY SFI!  I decided on SFI because I like the fact you can view where their offices are located.  They pay Via PayPal or you can be paid Via Payoneer Master Card.

   Yes March The 4th 2017 a day to remember.

I have set my  Goals To Achieve Diamond Team Leader within a year..
I replaced my Auto Renewal Monthly Membership from 125 T Credits to

Builder Bundle

Imagine my growth in a years time. As long as I keep my Auto Renewal Active. I will have grown my down line with over 240 combined PSA and CSA Members. Without any promoting. I will receive these members monthly.
My Goal is to triple this with promoting and team building daily.
Be sure to set up your SFI Leadership Board.

   Triple Click Products…

TC now features 93,427 products and services to buy and sell, with hundreds more being added weekly.  For new products, see:


For deals on more than 1,000 products marked down as much as 95%, see:


And don’t forget our big, money-saving Deal of the Day, featured each day on the homepage both at TC and the SFI Affiliate Center.
Refer TC members and earn 45% CV commissions on sales you generate!

THE PLAN…revised and rechristened!

   Personally as a Leader you need to lead by example.

I always test then purchase what ever I recommend .

We also wanted you to see Builder Bundles “in action!”  So we’ve updated The Plan with new information that shows how much you can earn and how big your group can become if  everyone has a monthly Builder Bundle subscription.


View My SFI Daily Planner
Big O Training and DD
Order your Builder Bundle NOW at:


SFI (Strong Future International) Marketing Group was launched in 1998. Starting with just one product, sold only in the United States, SFI has now grown to more than 90,000 products and services (and growing daily) sold in more than 190 countries around the world.
SFI was created to allow anyone with a computer and Internet access the opportunity to tap into the worldwide e-commerce revolution. Anyone of legal age in his or her country can become an SFI affiliate for free by filling out an online registration form. There is no obligation or purchase requirements of any kind.
Once registered, affiliates are provided with professional Websites for marketing SFI’s products on the Internet. SFI also provides all necessary sale support services, such as customer service, payment processing, and product shipment – all at no cost to the affiliate. For each sale generated, SFI pays the referring affiliate a commission. Additional commissions can be earned by building and leading affiliate groups.
Stability & Longevity
The mark of a successful company can be seen in its track record. SFI is now in its 19th year, with millions of dollars in annual sales and millions paid in commissions to thousands of affiliates around the world. SFI’s parent company, Carson Services, Inc., is now in its 32nd year of business and is registered with Dun and Bradstreet. SFI affiliates operate with the peace of mind brought about by associating with a proven, debt-free organization with a long, successful history.

Company Leadership

Gery Carson, SFI President

SFI President and CEO, and founder of SFI, is Gery Carson. From 1985 to 1998, Gery was a top marketer and record-breaking distributor for several direct sales companies and a successful business magazine publisher. Known for his innovation, Gery has been a pioneering force in the direct mail and Internet marketing industries for more than two decades. His extraordinary achievements as an entrepreneur have been spotlighted in “Money Maker’s Monthly,” “Up line,” “Opportunity World Magazine,” and in numerous books and videos.
National recognition has also included being named to 1992’s Outstanding Young Men of America list and 1997’s Who’s Who in the Media and Communications.
In 1998, Gery set out to “put a dent in the universe” by creating SFI, a ground-breaking program that would utilize the Internet to empower and enrich the lives of millions of people around the world. Today, with 15,275 new affiliates joining in the last week alone, SFI is one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in the world and is well on its way to achieving Gery’s vision.

NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, at least half of your affiliates will NOT become successful.

Did you know that one of the most popular things to do online today is play games?
It’s a fact. A recent study found that 44 percent of the world’s online population are gamers. And it is estimated that over one BILLION people worldwide play online games on a regular basis–with more than 100 million playing DAILY!
WOW!! Now that’s a marketplace worth being a part of!  And as an SFI affiliate, you are automatically positioned to profit from online gaming–through our game division at Triple Clicks–better known as Eager Zebra.
Fill Instructions!  Have open in a second browser window for reference.

Set your goals monthly and for the first year work towards achieving that goal. 

“Gery Carson’s Quote” Did you know that you usually have to fail, often multiple times, before you get to success? It was true for me and probably will be for you too. Persist until you win!
Personally if I had given up in my first six months at SFI I would of missed out on all my earnings I achieve now as a Gold Team Leader.
View my Chart. (Feb 24th 2017)
YOU will see I support my team reassigning PSA Members to their team.

Gen Feb 2017
April 2017 Big O 2014 Results
1 (PSAs) 164 5 178
2 2522 1836 75
3 950 3703 38
4 132 4374
Level 5

Each Level


Now has members


1 972

CSAs 599 675 139
TOTALS 4335 19292 458
Many people try to make SFI much more complicated than it really is.
Start with listening to these Video’s before Continuing.
Find listed at my U Tube Channel.  Be sure to register FREE.

Tip of the Day! Review your Launch Pad Training!


Read To Succeed.
I came across this in my research.
How to Start a New Website for $587.32
So many people get conned and spend the money to be totally disappointed never to hear from the supplier again.
My PET Hate is when I read this sort of promoting how to generate a six-figure Income with affiliate marketing.
Finally, you need a step-by-step blueprint.
That’s why I spent over six to twelve months mapping out the techniques I personally use to generate a full time income working from home.
Promote SFI And Triple Clicks  at the down line builder sites listed at Maree Designs.
Team Leaders.  REMEMBER your team will determine your earnings.
Treat them right and they will support and follow you into other programs to use for team building SFI.


NOTE: Instead of flicking here there and every where.
Before you know it you are spending hundreds of dollars Monthly.
Thousands Yearly with no results.
Concentrate on teaming Maree Designs with SFI.
Click at the left down line builder.
THESE are the only sites I use to promote SFI and Triple Clicks on a daily basis.
I cancelled a lot of upgrades deciding instead to purchase T Credits.
I pool all the cash from our team purchases.
Blasting promoting sharing spill over with all My SFI Team.
Profit Sharing
With all those internet sales going on at Triple Clicks wouldn’t it be incredible if you could share in all of the profits? And not just from your own sales and the sales of people you’ve introduced to SFI, but from the over one million other SFI affiliates, too? Well, hold on to your hat, because, as an SFI affiliate, you get that too! Yes, seriously!
SFI-powered Triple Clicks –YOUR store–is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce Websites in the world. TripleClicks currently features 90,960 products—from over 110 countries worldwide—and we’re adding hundreds of new products weekly. Every month, we put a whopping 40% of the Commission Volume of EVERY order at Triple Clicks into a revenue pool for our affiliates to share in!

To earn shares of the pool, you need only to score a minimum of 1500 “Versa Points” monthly. What’s a Versa Point? Versa Points are something we award to you for doing various actions throughout the month. The more points you score each month, the more you can earn from the pool.  To be exact, you earn one share of the pool for each Versa Point you score. It’s that’s simple!
Enrollments in last 24 hours, from 118 countries
38,824 total enrollments month to date
79,357 total enrollments (last 30 days)
Where we’re growing today

Top 10 growth countries today Thurs 16th Feb (over last hour)
Newbie Guides to setting up SFI.
Above Click the Support tab then Click the Get Started Tab. Read the review before continuing.
Member Listings
Our Member Listing Program allows you to sell your unwanted and unneeded stuff at Triple Clicks. Clean out your closets, attic, and garage and turn your clutter into easy cash.
Learn how to list your items quick and easy HERE
Learn how to earn ongoing commission with member listings
WAVE 3 MEMBERS get a FREE monthly member listing!

T Cards distributed to date

Members in 204 countries

Sign-ups generated to date

DWSEarner was launched in 2015.

To support all Marees SFI team and Friends.

If you only had enough cash for One Program to Participate with.
I would strongly suggest to make SFI your First Priority.
I launched DWSEarner to give all my team A One Stop Work Station.
Rewarding them for participation.
In to win advertising upgrades DWSEarner Cash to be spent to blast SFI Promoting.
Supplying loads of entertainment.
Life Time Friendships. Be sure to participate with the surf chat daily.
SFI is all about Transfer Buying…. For the system to work for you?
YOU need to start shopping and selling.
NOT a member log into DWSEarner.
Click above Affiliate then down line builder.
Sign up Via one of our random SFI team members.
You Decide Your Level Of Earnings.
The more participation the higher your rewards. Paying System 12 Levels Deep.
YOU earn money whenever you refer a new customer that sets up an Auto-Delivery  at SFI.
Makes purchases from your ECA Triple Click Store.
Share in winnings with New members you introduce to Wave 3. Setting challenges.
Win cash and prizes daily with the Gaming Opportunities.
Paid for shopping and selling, supporting other ECA Stores.
By learning to create your own lead system by following The SFI Plan.
You can then co-op that system with those you refer into SFI for maximum leverage. 
Yes, support is critical, but lead generation is the life line of your SFI business.
If you could invest in the buying power of a huge team.
Benefiting from all the work they do and receiving rewards for the merchandise they purchase,  Would you be interested?
I thought so!  YOU could spend a fortune on line, joining other Gaming Sites etc.
This is why I love what SFI offer.
Small Fee for hours of entertainment and fun.  Life time friendships. Simply Just Great…
SFI is no “pie in the sky”. This is the real McCoy!

More about the Booster Club! New for 2017…

Note: Alternately, you can achieve BCQ (Booster Club Qualified) status immediately with a minimum of 3000 VP in purchases in the current month.

Why the name Booster Club? For starters, we’ve come to the conclusion that the terms Standing Order and SOQ had little if any “allure” and provided little gratification for our affiliates. Meanwhile, the Standing Order badge on your Join My Team gateway was not helping you win over prospects either, because it represents a foreign term.

The name Booster Club, on the other hand, much better describes what the actions behind it are about.

That is, being a member means you understand how valuable it is, as an SFI affiliate, to support your store and practice Transfer Buying whenever possible.

Your prospects and team members who see your badge will understand and appreciate that you are a strong supporter/cheerleader for TripleClicks.

Now consider these three major benefits as a Booster Club member:

1. You’ll be boosting the TripleClicks Executive Pool (SFI’s profit-sharing program) and potentially the commissions of all Executive Affiliates and Team Leaders, not only those in your own team, but companywide!

2. You’ll be boosting traffic at TripleClicks, which boosts TripleClicks visibility in the marketplace, which helps facilitate valuable enhancements like a broader range of products, lower prices, a bigger and better ECA program, more Spotlight Merchants, being able to perhaps negotiate lower shipping rates, and much more!

3. You’ll be boosting your own leadership resume, which can be invaluable! Especially as a Team Leader, you’ll want to lead by example when it comes to the TripleClicks Booster Club. Having the Booster Club Member badge tells your team that you “walk the walk.” You don’t just talk and expect your team members to be a part of the Booster Club. No, “you put your money where your mouth is” as the old saying goes. And when you lead by example, your team members will be inclined to follow your lead, which will increase your commissions, as it will for them as well with their team, for the same reason.

TIP: Being a Booster Club member can also just mean that you’re investing directly in the success of your business.

That is, your qualifying purchases can consist entirely of S-Builder Co-op units, PSAs To Go, TCredits for bidding on CSAs, and so on.

And what’s the cost to be a Booster Club member? You can easily meet the minimum monthly 1500 VP requirement for less than $1.21 a day.

That’s less than what most people spend on a cup of coffee or snack each day!

So why not build a great business with that money instead?

As we talk about in the “Overnight Success” LaunchPad lesson…

“Can you think of any other endeavor where you could invest just five to 10 hours a week for a couple years and at the end of that time have built a full-time income? Money that keeps coming in month after month, year after year. Money that keeps coming in whether you work 10 hours a day or two. A commission check waiting for you in your mailbox when you return from yet another vacation. Money that when you’ve left this planet continues to provide for your spouse, children, or grandchildren.”

Becoming a member and maintaining membership in the TripleClicks Booster Club is one of the key ways you’ll put the above into action, so become a Booster Club member now!


4 more big Booster Club benefits

Boosting commissions for every SFI Executive Affiliate and Team Leader, boosting your personal leadership resume, and helping to make your store,

Triple Clicks, bigger and better every month are of course truly MAJOR benefits.

But that’s not all! Being a Booster Club member also means…

1. You will receive 10 income-boosting CSAs (via CSA Rewards) monthly!

2. You will receive 100 Bonus VersaPoints each month! That’s 100 extra shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool paid to you monthly, too!

3. You will receive two additional entries each day in the big Daily Grand drawing! That’s a whopping 730 extra chances each year to win hundreds of dollars in valuable and income-boosting prizes!

 4. Your badge mantel will be sporting a prestigious, new “Booster Club Member” badge to help you lead by example with your own team and enhance your recruiting.

View Mine. I always say a Leader should Lead By Example.

Any SFI member can earn by promoting my ECA Store.

Just change my SFI id to yours.

Bonus for all my Kiwi Down line.

In To Win!  Mystery parcels in the post Monthly Competition…


I designed this package as my SFI Team Referral Booster.


I reassign Random PSA Down line to My SFI Leaders that purchase.

Free Bonus!  Send in a support ticket at DWSEarner.

Requesting a Free upgrade at DWSEarner + Maree Designs.

Eight payment options

To make placing orders as easy as possible, you may use any of the following eight payment methods on Booster Club-qualifying orders:

* Credit card or debit card (including TC Payoneer MasterCard)
* PayPal
* SFI Account funds
* TC Account funds
* TCurrency
* Money Order
* Cashiers Check
* Personal Check (United States only)


By simply shopping at the Spotlight Merchants sites
you can earn easy and ample VersaPoints, up to 500 VP monthly!
And it’s so simple, too!
Once you’ve placed an order with any merchant, simply submit a Points Claim Form (https://www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/SpotlightMerchantClaim#).
We’ll verify your order with the seller and your VersaPoints will be awarded to your SFI affiliate account (usually within just one business day)!
But that’s not all! As you know, as an SFI affiliate, TripleClicks Executive Pool shares are an important component of your compensation.
The higher the share value is, the larger your commissions can go.
The Spotlight Merchants program is designed to actively and aggressively boost share values. That is, a large portion of every Spotlight Merchant sale goes directly into the TripleClicks Executive Pool. And because much of this will go in “unencumbered,” ALL shareholders can see higher share values. Remember: For each VersaPoint you earn, you get paid one share of the TripleClicks Executive Pool (minimum 1500 VP/month).
Example: You place a $50 order with a Spotlight Merchant.
For this, you immediately receive 300 VP.
A portion of the $50 you paid pays for your 300 VP of course. But a portion is also simply deposited into the pool for all qualified SFI affiliates to share in.
Now imagine thousands of SFI affiliates patronizing Spotlight Merchants each month.
Pool shares values could soon begin to grow rapidly!
Start browsing all Spotlight Merchants now at:
   “My best tips for the year ahead.”
1. Do not over analyse things and do not be afraid to take a few risks.
2. Always think positive, optimistic thoughts attract positive out comes.
3. Create a realistic time frame for your SFI goals to help motivate you into    actions.
4. Do not listen to negative people.
5. Remember whenever some one undermines your dreams.
They are telling you their story, not yours.


Featured on your TC tab!

Each week of the year, we’ll be introducing a brand new featured TCD.
You’ll find them on your TC tab at the Affiliate Center.  In fact, if you’ll go to your TC Tab right now, you’ll find the first one.

Check Out The ECA Stores! FREE worldwide shipping!


New TCD Product of the Week!

UNIC UC40 Mini Pico Portable 3D Projector HDMI Home Theater

Earn 662 VP and $3.97 for each sale of this product!


screenshot_755TCDs aren’t just for affiliates to purchase for themselves of course.  On the contrary, TCDs are designed primarily for earning commissions by selling to the public!
According to recent research, worldwide e-commerce sales topped $2 trillion in 2016, and double-digit growth is expected to continue through 2020, when sales will top $4 trillion!  Incredible!
In short, e-commerce is continuing to absolutely skyrocket.  And and as an SFI affiliate, YOU have the opportunity to share in the billions and billions of dollars in profits by selling products from your store (TripleClicks) and sharing in SFI’s amazing 40% CV Profit Sharing program!
By the way, don’t forget that whenever you make a retail sale (a sale to a non-affiliate), you not only earn a 45% CV Direct Commission but also all the Versa Points associated with that product.  Hence, by just selling a few TCDs each month, you can earn all the VP you need to qualify for your desired rank AND earn some handsome Direct Commissions, too.  All without any purchases by you required!


As you can see, each panel provides great at-a-glance information.  Plus, you can designate your favorite merchants by clicking on the heart icons to make repeat shopping trips even easier.
Clicking the blue “SHOP” button will open the merchant’s website in a new window—ready for you to start shopping.
The “VP Gauge” icon gives you a general idea on the amount of VersaPoints available.  And we’ve color-coded them as follows:


Additionally, at the top of the directory, there’s a handy category menu, plus time-saving filters and sorts.


Icon compact gold 2017

The new game from Eager Zebra, ZACK JACK, is here! Zack jack is blackjack…with a kick! FREE daily prizes, FREE unlimited plays, and 14 new badges! Get all the details now at:
Here’s a tip for Zack jack: For burning cards, you get WAY more bang for your buck by using Matches (instead of T Credits). Indeed, you get FIVE matches for just one T Credit. So a 5-1 value! To acquire Matches, simply click the green “Buy Matches” button before you start playing or from on the “Game Over” screen. It then takes just one more click to instantly buy Matches.
WHAM! It looks like we’ve got a BIG hit on our hands with the new Eager Zebra game Zack jack! In its first 24 hours, over 228,000 (nearly a quarter million) games have been played! See the Zack jack announcement at:

Start shopping and earning VP AT SFI TODAY!

Couple using credit card to shop online conveniently