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Page 1-7. My Thoughts and ideas about pros and cons with affiliate marketing.

Page 8-15 Setting up G Mail. Security measures to set in place, passwords. Avoiding identity theft.

Page 16-21  Down Line Building. The life line of any business.

Page 22- 23. How to add promotional links plus banners etc..

Page 21-22   Understanding how to add banners etc.

Page 24-27  Marees words of wisdom.

Page 28-29 Marees favorite quotes.
Make this the year to explode your Online Presence. Since your referrals have the opportunity to  make money right from the start, they WON’T QUIT!

E-Commerce Associates

What is it?

S-Builder is our new, international, multi-channel advertising co-op available to all SFI affiliates, giving you the ability to accelerate your path to success by purchasing shares.

Just as a small fire produces little heat, small actions produce small results. With S-Builder, you can turn up the heat as hot as you want and propel your business forward.

No Time? No Experience? No problem!  Order it today.


Less than a daily cup of coffee!

No longer is a lack of time or marketing experience a roadblock to success with SFI. With S-Builder, you can simply plug in to our global advertising co-op and within a few weeks begin receiving sign-ups (both SFI affiliates and TC members).

Just 72 cents a day gets you on your way

Units (shares) of S-Builder cost as little as $22. That means that for just 72 cents a day, you can be building a residual income stream for you and your family. Indeed, S-Builder is one of most economical ways to build an online business ever!

How to reduce the cost of your S-Builder Co-op

If you’re willing to do a little extra work, consider “co-oping the co-op”!

Simply send out a message to your PSA’s (personally sponsored affiliates) and/or CSA’s (co-sponsored affiliates) using the PSA Mailer and CSA Mailer Let them know that you are willing to split the cost of D-Builder  units with any of your PSA’s or CSAs who buy a unit (or units).

Instruct them to make their purchase and then e-mail you a copy of the receipt and their PayPal address. Then, reimburse them for half of what they paid via PayPal.

This is a perfect win/win for both parties. You get PSA’s and CSA’s actively involved in SFI, they get S-Builder at half-price, and you, of course, essentially get S-Builder at half-price, too! Although the sign-ups won’t be personally sponsored or referred by you, you’ll be driving DUPLICATION within your team. And duplication is what creates wealth in your business.

PLUS…if any of your PSAs become inactive, all the affiliates and members they received will roll up to you, so you really have little to lose!

Take a few moments right now and find out more about S-Builder and “co-oping the co-op”

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