SFI! Designated Diamonds program.

Welcome to SFI. Make 2017 the year to be excited.

How does the Designated Diamond program work?

New Check this out… https://news.sfimg.com/2017/07/11/presenting-class-cash


The Designated Diamonds (DD) program is directly aligned with THE PLAN–which prescribes serious PSAs working together with SFI leaders towards the mutual goal of becoming a Diamond Team Leader. What the DD program does is formalize this process officially by putting the power of Opti-Build to work for qualified Affiliates.

Visual Genealogy


  1. Use The Diamond Plan as your guide!
  2. Click on names to view that person’s first generation (their top five PSAs). You can “step down” generation by generation using this feature.
  3. It is okay to have less than five Designated Diamonds. In fact, focusing on 1-3 Designated Diamonds is recommended before expanding to four and, ultimately, five.
  4. No Designated Diamonds yet? Focus on ONE active PSA, help them advance to Designated Diamond status (e.g. reassign your other PSAs under them), then keep repeating this process until you have five Designated Diamonds.
  5. To view a team member’s Affiliate Snapshot, click their photo.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Affiliates have to hold the minimum rank of BTL (Bronze Team Leader).
  2. Affiliates must be opted-in to and participate in the new Opti-Build program.
  3. Learn more about Opti-Build HERE.
  4. If an affiliate’s sponsor has more than five Team Leaders on his/her first level, at the end of the month, the affiliate will need to be in the top five, based on rank (with most Versa Points for the month used as the tiebreaker, if needed) to be a Designated Diamond for the upcoming month.

Key Code to Make sure Friends are on your team. Opti-Build will not apply the reassignment algorithm, and they’ll come into SFI with you as their direct sponsor.
Example: http://www.sfi4.com/11189449.9999/free
But don’t forget that you can do this a maximum of only three times per month!
NEW! YOU may Purchase Via My Fiverr Gig Store My E Book’s for On Line Success.

Purchase then send me an E mail as to which E Book you would like to receive.

Free Bonus! If you purchase Via my ECA Store This Package and you are in my SFI Team Down line.  Receive spill over if locked into the Big O.
I pool all the cash and do bulk advertising at all the sites you see listed at my Maree Designs Down line builder sales funnel generator.  https://www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=235841

Tip: To see ALL the affiliates you were the Opti-Build Originator of and who they were reassigned to, select the “Opti-Build-reassigned” filter at your Genealogy.
Select the “Opti-Build-received” filter to see the people reassigned to you via Opti-Build from an up line member.

The Key codes for the Builders Bundle will most likely be either 1104 or 1105 since those are used by SFI Corporate. They also use 1101 for the S-Builder shares so there is a chance you could see those too. The “Opti-Build” affiliates come from your up line so you will see whatever key codes they are using for advertising.


There are EIGHT IMPORTANT THINGS you need to know! Get the scoop here:


Share this News Letter to Face Book. HOW you ask?
Scroll to the bottom of the page where you see the 5 Stars. CLICK to Rate.
Click the share button to face book.
A Box will open add a message then click share to face book.
Repeat for Google + and Twitter.

Participate with the right mindset!

Nothing is more important than to enter and participate in the program with the right mindset.  That is, Opti-Build is NOT about sitting around and waiting for spillover (sign-ups given to you from above).  If that’s your mindset, Opti-Build is not going to work for you.  Yes, you may very well receive spillover, but it’s critical that you take full responsibility for the success of Opti-Build for you and your down line members.             “If it’s to be, it’s up to me!”

Make certain that you’re personally contributing a steady supply of sign-ups (through your own advertising and/or with the help of S-Builder Co-op or a Builder Bundle unit).  If you’re not feeding into the system, don’t expect those above you to feed you!


I saw the big picture.  These were  my results for 2014… Team Building.
Earning shares with my advancing the SFI Leadership Ladder, commissions from all my PSA and CSA Members Purchases.  VP Points for all my actions and best of all MRP Points which I can use to grab Free Stuff. Pretty cool. Plus my CSA members list grows larger each month.   Results For June 2014
1 (PSAs)          178
2                         75
3                         38
CSAs                139
TOTALS           458

These are the results three years Later.  April the 3rd 2017.. As with any business it takes time to build. I have locked into the Big O at 50%. 1/2 are reassigned automatically the other 1/2 I can decide where to reassign the team members.
I look forward to comparing the chart in a years time.

Gen     Gen Count  Gen Count after Leon’s Reassigning with Big O
1 (PSAs)    5                             5
2             1860                      1836
3             1089                      3703
4               529                      4374
5                 26                      2641
6                  7                       4325
7                  1                         972
8                                             250
9                                             466
10                                             42
11                                               2
CSAs           660                     675
TOTALS    4178                19292

Where do I opt in to Opti-Build to meet the second DD qualification?
Opt in to Opti-Build HERE
.  Note that you’ll need to select the percentage of your PSAs that you’ll be contributing to Opti-Build and agree to the terms of participation.




Think about locking into the Builder Bundle teaming it with the big O.
I went and cancelled a lot of upgrades with sites I was using for advertising.
Saving myself a lot of cash. As now with the builder bundle I receive random new PSA and CSA members each month on auto pilot.


“Leaving only PTLs in its wake”

I love the Big O. When it launched I selected five of my team to be DD Leaders.
I then reassigned everyone else under these Five Members.
Stressing to everyone this is a lot term project.
And not to get upset with my reassigning them.

NOW How do I work it. I locked in 50%.
I then go and blast promoting. I add key codes so I can see where sign ups are coming from.
Half are automatically reassigned to all our team who have locked into the big O.
Not just to my top 5 but to everyone many levels deep.

THE other 50% I keep.
This way I can decide who to reassign them to.
Example I trained one new SFI Members. Reassigning 5 of these PSA to his team.
This way he achieved Bronze in his first month.
Then I gave my cash away with reassigning him to one of my DD Members, so they could climb the ladder achieving Silver with this new placement. (My Level One)
Now My DD is Silver and requires 2 of there team to be Silver to climb to Gold.
SO I work with Building this new member that I reassigned. (Now in my Level Two)
Sending him new members (My level 3) the 5 required PSA.
Now he climbs to Silver. His DD Leader when they have 2 Silver Climb to Gold.

My Goal when I have three Gold then I climb to Platinum.

I record and take note of new reassignments on a page designed at my computer.
1 list there who received New Reassignments from locking in 50% with the SFI big O .        A Second list is where I record the other 50% of signups ready to reassign them to our team leaders that have purchased via my ECA Store. Where I do all the promoting pooling the cash. I also record all emails.

Once a month I send this email to them!

YOU may not send this email Via SFI Communications! 

YOU must Use the BBC AT G Mail to send and introduce yourself to your new SFI Team 12 levels deep. ( Change my links to yours)

Welcome To SFI team support from your up line sponsor Maree in NZ.
Maree’s 5 Step Plan for team building SFI and generating a real income online.

Guaranteed Spill Over when you achieve SFI Big O Membership.
I have locked in 50% so half of all new members I introduce to SFI are straight away reassigned to one of my team participating with the big O.
The other 50% I reassign manually to my SFI Team Leaders, then between the two of us we support this new member reassigning the required 5 PSA members this new member will need to achieve Bronze.  DUPLICATE THE SAME SYSTEM WITH YOUR TEAM.

DO not stress if you see you are reassigned.
I train ALL MY TEAM 12 Levels Deep.

1… Be sure to Register to receive my SFI updates and boot camp training series.

2… Read and be sure to Opt In.
Go ahead and opt in in preparation for when you meet the other requirement(s) for being a DD.

3… First Month with SFI.
Best tip! Tidy up your inbox sending all unwanted emails to your spam folder.
Let SFI, in their series of welcome emails, walk you through getting started.
BE sure Daily to Read then follow the INSTRUCTIONS>
To get started, simply log in at the SFI Affiliate Center Daily.
ALWAYS log in Via this link NEVER Via ANY Emails as you never know if it is a fishing email trying to steal all your info.
Start working on the personalized To-Do List located on your SFI homepage.
Read all SFI News Letters and Participate with the SFI Forum.
Communication is the key. Find copies of E Card Articles to duplicate here.
U Tube Videos I have designed.
SFI Daily to do link.
SFI Communications

4… Team Building and promoting.
FIRST and most important Join us at my Traffic Exchange here is where we all communicate daily via the surf chat bar.
Next Go and add some of your promotions for SFI and Triple Clicks Here.
Log in and click at the left my down line builder.
THESE are the only sites I recommend to blast your SFI and Triple Clicks promoting.
I have researched and tested 1000’s of sites on line.
Give Our SFI Facebook page a like.  I keep this page updated with new SFI Developments.
Then Join Our Facebook Group. Check in often.

5… I designed this to support my SFI Team Members.
I pool all the cash in bulk advertising then share new sign ups with all our team.

Cheers Maree.
Need help Just click reply to this email and ask away.
REMEMBER we are only successful because of our teams participation.



Go to your Genealogy Page…

Click the Tab At the top Far Right REASSIGN.

Tick the boxes beside the names of the members you wish to reassign.

Above Top Left where it reads.

Reassign Selected Members To.

SFIId  (Copy and Paste the Members Id here from ONE Of YOUR selected five)

THEN CLICK WHERE IT READS. Reassign Selected Members

WAIT and a list will appear like this.

16831153 was reassigned to 16015561
16831220 was reassigned to 16015561
16833126 was reassigned to 16015561
16833347 was reassigned to 16015561
16833476 was reassigned to 16015561

Repeat sharing your down line evenly with your top five members.


Wow, the statistics on the Icebreakers tool we launched in February are looking GREAT! For those using it, nearly 30% of Icebreakers are getting a response for the sponsor! If you’re not using this new business-building tool…what are you waiting for?! Full details on Icebreakers here:


The power of giving…T Credits

Increase the chances your PSAs become engaged with Triple clicks by issuing special TCredit gift packs.

Of course, you can still issue gift certificates to your affiliates. But these can sometimes sit unused and un-redeemed by the people they were issued to, accomplishing nothing for your team and business.

With all those quantity options, you can choose anything from a small gift to a large EA-qualifying  gift!

To gift T Credit packs:

1. Go to your Genealogy

2. Click the “Gift” tab.

3. Beside the name of the person you wish to issue the gift to–under the “Gift” column–click the “Buy Now” link.

4. On the right side, choose from the pull-down menu the quantity of the TCredit gift pack you wish to issue.

5. Click the green “Issue T Credit Pack” button.

6. Done. Your recipient will immediately receive the T Credits into their account and can use them right away!

Note: TCredit packs may be gifted ONLY to PSAs at this time.




Scroll down below where this graph shows.

YOU will see a BLUE Envelope.  Written beside it.

Send an email Team Mail to this group of  4152 Affiliates.

(CLICK THE Sentence.)

A Box Will Appear.

Enter the heading. EXAMPLE I USE

Are you ready for the Big O.  Sponsors Support.

NEXT copy and paste your message into the empty Box.

Click at the bottom where it reads.

Send Preview Message To XXXXXX (Your email address will be listed.

WAIT for a second box to appear to click

Send Message to XXXX (your email address)

A Box will appear saying.

Your group e-mail message has been submitted.

CLICK the tab Close Window.

Duplicate the Emails you receive From me.

Save them to a folder on your computer.


HOW TO SEND E CARDS and Check Members VP Ledgers.

Log into SFI click above the tab Top Movers.

Example. CLICK their name.

Movers Laverne

SFI have updated the E Card How to send.

Always double check your message at the right before sending.


“My thoughts for the day.”
1. Do not over analysis things and do not be afraid to take a few risks.
2. Always think positive, optimistic thoughts attract positive out comes.
3. Create a realistic time frame for your goals to help motivate you into actions.
4. Do not listen to negative people.
Remember whenever some one undermines your dreams.
They are telling you their story, not yours.
5. Participate daily at SFI. Supporting your local ECA Stores.

One of the major benefits of building an international business is you’re more insulated from natural and man-made disasters.
Here’s My Up line Sponsors  SFI Story:
Play Poker and ZackJack. In between games.
REMEMBER you can only buy with T Credits between games.
50 Moves for 8 T Credits 100 Matches for 12 T Credits.
Buy Moves and Matches. MAKE PRIME>
Play 10 or 30 games daily.

View My Competitions Monthly.

Change my SFI Id 1189449 to yours.
Duplicate my leadership Board.
Ready to add incentives etc for your teams participation
Be sure to enter my teams competitions.

And this is the filter results that includes the recipient (new Sponsor) and the keycode:

You will receive the Opti-Build notification email (which tells you ” I was the originator”). I then go to my Genealogy and chose the filter in the image above:

So I can tell from the email who is the originator and the new Sponsor and the key code from the Genealogy, which has pretty much the most important information.

SFI Gift Card Request Today!!


Not a member with SFI! Request the Triple Clicks $12.00 Gift Card TODAY.


Explains how to redeem your SFI Gift Card Codes etc.


I am the Co-founder and designer of the Dollar Wise Network. (Established 2009)

Be sure to log in daily and check the surf chat bar for updates, random SFI gift Certificate giveaways to my SFI team for participation.  Admin watch updates plus Winners of our Fab Prize Giveaways. If in New Zealand send you address to enter our Mystery Parcels in the post. I gather all my team to my One Stop Location Work Station.


As you start to generate commissions, follow the blue print I use to advertise and generate my client base with repeat sales. Using GDI for the Domain and Traffic Wave for the Auto Responder.  All my SFI team when they join receive spill over with these programs we use.


View my GDI web pages I design.
GDI was the very first affiliate program I joined in 2009.
All my team have access to my training when I am off line.
Sign up to GDI and then send me your GDI log in details with your SFI Id to design your GDI Website.
I duplicate dwsearner.ws changing my links to yours.


Auto – Responder at T Wave.

Join Traffic Wave. Here is where you can access your own SFI Reference Library.
Register free to receive My boot camp training. Wipe the slate clean.
Set up a new G Mail address then register, making sure you never miss any important updates.
Do not use this new G Mail address for anything else apart from receiving my updates.

These are my examples of different campaigns I have designed.
Instructions on how to set up your Traffic Wave Network.