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Help boost the growing vitality and product variety at Triple Clicks.com by encouraging ECAs (E-Commerce Affiliates) at the store.
It’s easy! First, view the ECA Report and click a linked company name to view an ECA’s offerings. Note that this link is already embedded with your SFI ID number.
If you like the company’s offerings, just use this URL to promote the ECA’s “store within a store.” You’ll help encourage the ECA to post more products, and you’ll also earn up to 45% CV Customer Commissions on any sales you generate!
PLUS…for those ECAs that really impress you, be sure to click the “Connect” button next to the ECA’s name on the report. ECAs build their “power rankings” based on the number of “connections” they accumulate.
Note that you may receive special offers, etc. from the ECAs you connect with!


After the Christchurch Earthquakes in 2011.
I decided not to open another store. Instead I reactivated my ECA Shop with Triple Clicks.
Refining my packages over the years to offer my SFI Team and Friends some great advertising material.
In To Win… If with my SFI team I designed this package as my private SFI Team Builder.
One… You receive a great advertising package to promote SFI.
Two… You receive great E Books. The first ABC4Affiliate marketing. Then receive a list of E books monthly to select from. Building your own SFI Reference library to share your knowledge with training videos and E Books with all your team.
Three… In to Win Fab Prize Giveaways Monthly.
Enter the promo code at DWSEarner. “ECAFabCash”
Be sure to check in daily to the Chat Bar for my SFI news and updates.
See you have received SFI Spill Over and SFI Gift Certificates for participation.
How to redeem promo codes… Log into DWSEarner click above SURF>CLICK Enter Surf rewards.
Then activate it with surfing and viewing the required amount of sites.
(Only one code can be redeemed ) Then wash rinse repeat, entering the next code.

Purchase this package Via my ECA Store to have your Shop Listed on our Members Page.  Lots of new bonuses added since this was listed in 2013.


Keep an eye out for the email with the Updated Training links and videos. Send me your review with photos to add to our shopping page. I blast this link on auto pilot throughout My Maree Designs Dollar Wise Network.

Here is a great product to promote. Why?
1. It is consumable so if a person likes it, they will buy again and again. Highlands Tumeric
2. It is very competitively priced.
3. You get a lot of VP and a good Commission from a sale.
Commission Value (CV) $15.15
Direct Commission (DC) $6.82
VP 1136


So you see, sell one per month and you have enough VP (adding to your daily tabs) to make EA every month. You will have a small commission and your profit share every month Now imagine you sell 2 a month, and only one of the two repurchases This would be your six month growth:

Month – Number of Sales – Return Sales –   VP   – Direct Commissions
1                   2                       0               2272               $13.64
2                   2                       1               3408               $20.46 – Bronze Team Leader
3                   2                       2               4544               $27.28
4                   2                       3               5680               $34.10
5                   2                       4               6816               $40.92
6                   2                       5               7952               $47.74

Now that is what happens if that is ALL you do.

But imagine if you had a sales team and you teach them to do the same thing. You’d earn revenues on their actions as well. Imagine some of those people who buy monthly do other things, like play games or bid in auctions or buy other things or open a store themselves. You could have a great business.

Copy this letter and send it to all your PSAs. People always say you can build an SFI business without spending money. And then people always ask HOW? This is HOW. An affiliate can build an SFI Business without costing them a single penny.