Hit Tracking!

Track the Web hits to your personal SFI Gateway sites.


Creating cost effective, high performance marketing doesn’t have to be difficult.

In fact, simply following one important rule can help ensure you get the most bang for your marketing buck: TRACK YOUR RESULTS!

When you log into the link above. Below are the hit tracking results and performance summaries for any key codes you’re using in your advertising. Keep a close eye on these statistics to tweak and perfect the details of your marketing campaigns.

IMPORTANT: Due to system memory constraints, SFI resets Hit Tracking automatically each Sunday.

Be Sure to check your Hit Tracking numbers before the weekly reset. I spend hundreds monthly testing sites. Sometimes I hit the Jack Pot. Sometimes I do not.

I record all sites tracking to a file on my computer.  I then check results every Saturday. This is how I decided on what sites to add to my down line builder at DWSEarner. Personally there is no PayPal War going on.  They are just cleaning up their system. Removing all Admin that do not send in verification of Id.

Example of my Weeks Results. Sept 18th-23rd 2016.

Keycode: 5223 | Hits: 1887
Keycode: 5544 | Hits: 1369
Keycode: 1046 | Hits: 1114
Keycode: 2266 | Hits: 490
Keycode: 2208 | Hits: 328
Keycode: 5888 | Hits: 261
No Keycode | Hits: 143
Keycode: 7746 | Hits: 83
Keycode: 3446 | Hits: 77
Keycode: 9966 | Hits: 65
Keycode: 8766 | Hits: 41
Keycode: 1116 | Hits: 21
Keycode: 2447 | Hits: 15
Keycode: 7766 | Hits: 14
Keycode: 4444 | Hits: 13
Keycode: 7733 | Hits: 12
Keycode: 9955 | Hits: 11
Keycode: 2024 | Hits: 21
Keycode: 1008 | Hits: 13
Keycode: 2266 | Hits: 13

Some sites do not allow tracking codes added.
No Keycode | Hits: 9063

These are hits received Via Word Press LinkedIn Social Media ApSense IBO Tool box advertising articles I write then share posts to Twitter Facebook Google+.

Also sharing Via SFI Triple Clicks Product of the day etc. Sharing ECA Store Share In Win Tabs. HOW To do this!  Log into SFI click.

Find It Complicated To Make Money Online?  Stress No More.

Learn to create your own lead system! You can then co-op that system with those you refer into SFI for maximum leverage. Yes, support is critical, but lead generation is the life of your business. Start daily at SFI then Surf at DWSEarner before moving on to Advertising. Make sure your Ids are entered at the Down line builder. YOU do not want to be passing signups to your Up Line Sponsors. Simply because you forgot to fill in the information.  This is how you can start to generate Numerous Different Income Resources On Auto Pilot.  As your team duplicate the same system.


Set up your Social Media Promoting.


Face book Marketing Management.

Archie’s thoughts Via An Email.
Thanks Maree for the information.
It takes a lot of advertising to get a sign up.
I think that is something newbies overlook and get discouraged with.


Use these SFI “Power Tools” to boost and accelerate the growth of your SFI business.



PERSONALLY!  Years ago I was spending hundreds of dollars purchasing Via Pro-Profit at Triple Clicks.  I found most signups did not participate disappearing in a few short months…..  I still receive emails weekly saying how great they are.
This was quoted in one email I received. “I have looked at the numbers for the PSAs at auction and this hasn’t turned in good results for myself or others. ”  Personally I prefer to have fun bidding at the Auctions for PSA Members. Receiving MRP Points that I use to buy One T Credits receiving VP Points Daily.  I find this a Far Superior plan of attack.

Remember it’s a numbers game + Pot Luck.

You can spend a fortune gambling, drinking or playing the pokey machines at your local pub or club. At SFI you can achieve the same entertainment for a lot less spending.
Instead I prefer to sit at my computer. Viewing Local ECA Stores. Participating at SFI Daily.
I have received thousands of dollars worth of items FREE since I began with SFI.

All new affiliates are automatically funneled to Launch Pad. LaunchPad is THE “getting started” training place…and all sponsors should likewise direct their PSAs to LaunchPad and keep directing them there. Share this link every few weeks to Face Book.

My BEST TIP I Put into Practice!  I log into the Down line builder at  http://www.dwsearner.com   Before logging in give the Relmax tool box a tick daily.  Then log in click above affiliate then click down line builder. BE sure to add your SFI Id here. Then start to join each site I recommend. Adding your SFI and DWSEarner promoting then return enter Id and Repeat with each site.  THIS is the time consuming part. BUT once done everything is set up ready to go. I go to the downline builder page having all the banner links at the one location. Click View Surf Promote.