Thank you! You have pre-registered Your Store At SFI



Business Branding. TIPS!

This banner above SFI did not approve I tried to send in another with a photo of myself.

BUT I could not re-register so be very careful when applying.

Maree DesignsNew

I Use GDI for the domain to design my Store Website link to send in with my application.


I would suggest first apply for your Domain to design your Store.
Best $10.00 Monthly investment.
Make sure when registering your domain to register with the same business name.
I already purchased my GDI Domain in 2011.
I redesigned my kiwi talk domain for my Maree Designs Business in 2013 when I transferred my Store to Triple Clicks and SFI in 2013.
YOU will see all my individual training SFI links also at the right.
Killing two birds with one stone.

Local vantia Pre – Launch.



Looking for all New Zealand on line stores. This is going to be huge.

Let me register your business today.

I will need. YOUR entire Address for the physical Store.

Or Home address if you operate from HOME. 

A Business website Link Plus a photo of your physical store.

Or A Photo of yourself, TIP design a banner 300×300 for me to add with application like I did.

If not in New Zealand I can get one of my team at SFI from the country to register your Physical Store.

Q: Spend the time before applying, to look professional?

Make sure you have your business online to send in link. I use GDI For the domain.

Make sure you have a banner photo designed if working from home., or store front photo if you have a physical address..

Q: What if it’s a business that doesn’t have a store front?
You should, as a general rule, target businesses with storefronts, but if there is no storefront for, say, a local photographer who operates from his or her home, we suggest photographing the owner of the business, perhaps posing with his or her camera.

View my Banner I designed above to add with my application.

Q: Are the merchants I pre-register permanently mine?
That depends on you.  All merchants you pre-register need to be thought of as accounts, accounts that must be maintained and cared for.  For most merchants, we expect them to opt in to the program without a lot of fuss…and there may be little, if any, ongoing care needed by you, their account manager.  However, there will absolutely be some merchants that will require follow-ups by you, which could include direct mail, phone calls, or personal meetings.  If you’re not willing to be active in this way, you should not pre-register Localvantia merchants.

Q: Once Localvantia launches, will there be literature, brochures, X-Cards, etc. available to give to prospective merchants or for following up?
Yes, there will be a nice array of marketing aids available, both of the printed and digital variety, but remember that pre-registering them is the first step—which you can start doing right now.

Q: What about brand new SFI affiliates?  How will they know about the merchants in their area that offer VersaPoints for shopping with them?
It will be part of the SFI system once Localvantia is launched.  When a new affiliate comes aboard, we’ll let them know about all the Localvantia merchants that they can shop at to earn easy VersaPoints.  As their sponsor, you can help make sure they know about Localvantia merchants, too.