SFI’s Rock-Solid New Launch.

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What’s a Rewardical?

Rewardicals are the amazing new tokens you can earn FREE when shopping at great local and online stores. Then redeem your Rewardical tokens whenever you want for a variety of cool products and other irresistable goodies–including free Bitcoin!

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Congratulations, Maree, you just referred a new Rewardical member!  Your new referral is:  German Montaño
This is awesome because, from now on, for every 10 Rewardicals earned by German, you’ll automatically earn one Rewardical, which you can redeem on any item of your choice at the Rewardical exchange:


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Thanks for helping us spread the word about Rewardical, and congratulations again on your new referral!

Duplicate How I have added Rewardical at LinkeDin.


Post I send to all new connection REQUESTS!

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Today December 2nd I have 2,340 Rewardical Points..
I won them in the Daily Grand, + Badge Quest for achieving Grand Master in November.

With that I can buy one of the following:
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30 TCredits
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I can make a donation of $3.90
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BitCoin current value $3.86 ($25.00 Minimum to purchase)
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Imagine earning all your rank-qualifying Versa Points each month by simply buying your groceries, fueling up your car, dining at your favorite restaurants! Better yet, imagine earning all these Versa Points with no additional expense whatsoever; you just buy what you already buy!

That’s exactly what Localvantia aims to do! But Localvantia isn’t just about grocery stores, gas stations, and places to eat. On the contrary, Localvantia is designed to cover ALL merchants with products and services consumed locally.
Boost your future SFI income now!
While the opportunity to earn unlimited VersaPoints just by shopping at your favorite merchants is BIG, if you’re in SFI to earn big monthly commissions, the Localvantia pre-registration program is what you want to be focusing on!
All SFI affiliates with the minimum rank of Executive Affiliate (EA) can pre-register local merchants. Here are the four simple steps:

1. Visit your favorite merchant(s).
2. Take a good picture of their storefront.
3. Go to https://www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/lv_prereg and complete the pre-registration form for the merchant and upload the photo you took.
4. Monitor your list of registered merchants and results at:


The Localvantia website/search engine will go live soon. The merchants will be contacted to confirm their registration and formally opt in to the program.

IMPORTANT: Do not pre-register any merchants you’re not willing to follow up on later!

Your pre-registration for The Warehouse New Zealand. has been APPROVED.

The Warehouse New Zealand.
17 Chalmers Street, Hornby, Christchurch, Canterbury, 8042, NZ
Phone: 064 03 349 5389

Note!  Be prepared to follow-up later with this merchant to procure their formal acceptance for participation in the Localvantia program.

To view all your Localvantia merchant submissions to date and the statuses of each, see:



Local vantia Pre – Launch.





It’s set! Localvantia will officially go live on Tuesday, December 5th.  And so that everyone can hit the ground running next week, today we are providing important information for all affiliates who have pre-registered merchants.

First, let’s go through the process of closing pre-registered merchants…


Click the link above for all the Information Needed.


We’ve also made available full-color brochures, one for Localvantia, and another for Rewardical, both of which are designed specifically to accompany the close letter.  That is, to add impact to your presentation, you can have one or both brochures accompany the close letter.

The Localvantia brochure is a professional, full-color, classic “bi-fold” brochure printed on 100 lb. glossy 6″ x 8.5″ stock, two-sided, then folded in half vertically to 3″ x 8.5″ to fit perfectly in a standard business envelope. This eye-catching brochure provides a quick, professional, effective overview of merchant benefits with the Localvantia program.

My Thoughts!

Postage is very expensive to New Zealand.. So Gery will be designing Flyers to print off.

So after the merchant receives the close letter from me, goes to Localvantia.com/go, and enters the invitation code…what happens next?
The merchant will see what will become their merchant profile page in the Localvantia.com search engine.  It’s populated with all the information you pre-registered (name, address, category), and the photo you took.  From here, the merchant can make any necessary edits.  Next, they’ll proceed to add some basic additional information to fill out their profile and account. Next, they’ll choose their participation rate.  And that’s it.  They’ll immediately be live in the Localvantia.com search engine and we’ll begin promoting the merchant to all area affiliates and members.  They’ll also immediately receive a welcome letter (email) from us confirming they are officially onboard…and they’ll start to receive Localvantia merchant training, tips, newsletters, etc. intermittently from us.  We’ve also created a nice Localvantia Merchant “getting started” guide that they can start reviewing to maximize their participation in the program.

I am spending this week designed an introduction Letter explaining the costs for Merchants the values etc that they will receive. That I will have on hand when I approach them.

So I will have the Answers to all questions.




screenshot_02 (1)Badge #1 recognizes both pre-registrations and final registrations (final registrations being the merchant opting in as an official Localvantia merchant).

Looking for all New Zealand on line stores. This is going to be huge.

Let me register your business today.

I will need. YOUR entire Address + phone number for the physical Store.

Or Home address if you operate from HOME. 

A Business website Link Plus a photo of your physical store.

Or A Photo of yourself, with products you sell from home.

If not in New Zealand I can get one of my team at SFI from the country to register your Physical Store.


When Localvantia officially launches in October, we’ll have a public search engine like this at Localvantia.com.


When you click on an individual merchant, you’ll get a detailed “profile page” with up to 12 images, descriptions, information on menus, parking, reservations, etc., special offers, info on Versa Points and MRP, map, customer reviews, and more


Now there are even more reasons to get busy pre-registering merchants for Localvantia: exclusive NEW BADGES! Just 10 approved pre-registrations gets you started with the first badge…and you can earn up to 3000 points for Badge Quest! Full details here: http://news.sfimg.com/2017/08/02/new-localvantia-badges/

Q: Spend the time before applying, to look professional?

Make sure you have your business online to send in link. I use GDI For the domain. Add A store front photo if you have a physical address.. Or  photo with you in it if working from home.

Q: What if it’s a business that doesn’t have a store front?
You should, as a general rule, target businesses with storefronts, but if there is no storefront for, say, a local photographer who operates from his or her home, we suggest photographing the owner of the business, perhaps posing with his or her camera.

Q: Are the merchants I pre-register permanently mine?
That depends on you.  All merchants you pre-register need to be thought of as accounts, accounts that must be maintained and cared for.  For most merchants, we expect them to opt in to the program without a lot of fuss…and there may be little, if any, ongoing care needed by you, their account manager.  However, there will absolutely be some merchants that will require follow-ups by you, which could include direct mail, phone calls, or personal meetings.  If you’re not willing to be active in this way, you should not pre-register Localvantia merchants.

Q: Once Localvantia launches, will there be literature, brochures, X-Cards, etc. available to give to prospective merchants or for following up?
Yes, there will be a nice array of marketing aids available, both of the printed and digital variety, but remember that pre-registering them is the first step—which you can start doing right now.

Q: What about brand new SFI affiliates?  How will they know about the merchants in their area that offer VersaPoints for shopping with them?
It will be part of the SFI system once Localvantia is launched.  When a new affiliate comes aboard, we’ll let them know about all the Localvantia merchants that they can shop at to earn easy VersaPoints.  As their sponsor, you can help make sure they know about Localvantia merchants, too.

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