SFI Newbie Guide.

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Set your goals monthly and for the first year work towards achieving that goal. 

“Gery Carson’s Quote” Did you know that you usually have to fail, often multiple times, before you get to success? It was true for me and probably will be for you too. Persist until you win!

Personally if I had given up in my first six months at SFI I would of missed out on all my earnings I achieve now as a Gold Team Leader.

View my Chart. (Oct 15th 2016)

YOU will see I support my team reassigning PSA Members to their team.

Gen Count EA2 VP Non-EA2 VP
1 (PSAs) 129 32,721 7,657
2 2262 5,466 12,911
3 1004 0 2,863
4 71 0 370
5 9 0 0
CSAs 699 26,709 7,757
TOTALS 4174 64,896 31,55

Many people try to make SFI much more complicated than it really is.

Start with listening to these Video’s before Continuing.

Tip of the Day! Review your Launch Pad Training!


Raise your hand and earn VP!


It may all seem quite over whelming when you first join SFI.
The real test is not about earning in the first few months.
It should be about setting up your network and setting goals to start growing that nest egg.
Why I achieve SFI Success? Is because I stick with the plan. Participating daily.
To many members are in for that quick dollar, joining different programs, then giving up before even starting.
They jump from one site to the next, wasting all their hard earned cash and time.
Instead of starting with baby steps that will generate into giant leaps, as they participate, promote, earning while learning.
Start Creating that snow ball effect, watching your earnings grow larger, month by month year by year. Success is achievable if you have a plan set to follow.
You will not get your head around it all in the first month nor the second by the third you should have a better understanding of SFI.

Instead of spending here there and everywhere.
Start building that wee nest egg, creating a snow ball effect, watching your earning grow larger month by month year by year. Plant that seed today.
Where else are you receiving Free t Credits with upgrades to spend and earn. Receiving Free Rewards With  MRP Points.
You can spend a fortune gambling or at the pokey machines at your local pub. NOW you can sit at your computer View Local ECA Stores.
Paid for shopping and selling.

Personally it is quite exciting checking my letter box.
I have received thousands of dollars worth of items since I began with SF

“My best tips for the year ahead.”
1. Do not over analyse things and do not be afraid to take a few risks.
2. Always think positive, optimistic thoughts attract positive out comes.
3. Create a realistic time frame for your goals to help motivate you into actions.
4. Do not listen to negative people.
5. Remember whenever some one undermines your dreams.
They are telling you their story, not yours.

To many people skim through the training

Then wonder why they are not achieving results.

How often do you see this sort of promoting.
Load of Rubbish.

YET people sign up and invest believing all the hype.


Set goals...and publish them

Setting goals is so easy to do, yet 95% of people never set goals.

They just never take the time.

And who do you think are the most successful, highest-earning people in the world?

The 5% group of course! If you want to be in the 5% group,

Don’t even think about ignoring goal-setting!

Lets Set Some goals!

It WILL NOT happen overnight.

But with some diligence, this is certainly an achievable goal already reached by many of my Dollar Wise System Earner Team members.
There is a lot of money to be made here, and I am here to help you stay focused and keep organized.
Remember My Dollar Wise System Earner is a training resource designed to make you affiliate income year after year.
If you ever have any questions, comments, concerns, or otherwise.

I am always available to chat Via The Surf Chat Bar at DWSEarner.

Note!  Do not ever judge your future success based on your past. wipe the slate clean.

If your sites you use for promoting SFI are not listed in my Dollar Wise Network.

Assume I have tested them and found them to be a waste of time and money.


Fact. 1000’s of new sites launch daily. Only a few will still be on line in six months time.

Others will try to duplicate SFI, but will never achieve the same success.

Disappearing into the night in a few short months with all their members hard earned cash.

Sites change with the wind. What was paying yesterday can some times take a dive and Stop paying members with constant excuses and delays.

Sick of the hype, promise’s, failure to deliver & lack of support from your past opportunity’s. Stress no more.  SFI , Sales, Equal CASH!

Now you can begin SFI with a fire and desire to succeed.

SFI gives you all the tools you need to do this.

Just utilize them, keep moving forward, believe in yourself and NEVER give up!
AS with any new business venture it takes time to build and establish.

I came across this in my research.
How to Start a New Website for $587.32
So many people get conned and spend the money to be totally disappointed never to hear from the supplier again.

Finally, you need a step-by-step blueprint.

That’s why I spent over six to twelve months mapping out the techniques I personally use to generate a full time income working from home.

My PET Hate is when I read this sort of promoting how to generate a six-figure Income with affiliate marketing.

Step 1 – Target a Passion Filled Niche

Put simply, you can’t achieve true success online if you’re building dozens of sites.

The best results come from targeting an ultra-specific topic and become a leading authority on that subject.

When starting over with affiliate marketing I picked : SFI . Proven and Paying for years.

Like many folks, I knew very little about computers when I started online.

I worked hard and dedicated myself to the learning process.

It wasn’t easy, but it was well worth the effort.

What’s my point?

I think anyone is capable of building a successful SFI affiliate business.

But it’s now up to YOU.  Take Action. Get Results.

Bottom line.  Your goal as an affiliate marketer is to:

Build a niche-specific list, send great support emails, and market the occasional Triple clicks offer!

Get this right and you’ll generate a six-figure income.

 “Must Have” Affiliate Marketing Resources

First, you should start by picking the right niche.

Mine is SFI Using GDI and DWSEarner for Team Building.

This is the market that you’ll focus on. To be honest, niche selection is a lengthy process.

  Promote SFI And Triple Clicks  at the down line builder sites listed at DWSEarner.

  Team Leaders.  REMEMBER your team will determine your earnings.
Treat them right and they will support and follow you into other programs to use for team building DWSEarner.

  Best Tip! Set up your Auto Renewal Monthly Subscription.

If you only had the cash to invest in One Program… I would strongly suggest SFI.

YOU can start monthly with a payment of $29.00. Or  $36.25 per month

Then set your goals to  Qualify for the Triple Clicks Bonus Club (BCQ),

To be BTL each month you need 3,000 VP and 1,500 VP must be Via purchases.

My Tip!  To earn my 1,500 sales VP – I purchase one pack of 125 TCredits.

How to achieve the other 1,500 VP – to reach the goal of 3,000 VP?

  View The SFI Plan before starting.!


  Let me guide you on how I achieve Gold Team Leader monthly!

1…  Log in daily and click all red tabs above.

Click the To Do Tab. And Work your way through the list.

You earn 12 free VP each day by doing the Daily actions on your To-Do list – 12 x 30 = 320 VP.

YOUR Points should match the days of the weeks.
2… Weekly Tasks to do.

Free VP – one group mail (10 VP) and 3 Stream posts (3 VP) = 13 x 4 = 52 VP

For sending group support messages via the Psa Mailer, CSA Mailer  or Genealogy Group Mailer.


3… Monthly Tasks to do.

10/mo. For completing the SFI/Sponsor/Co-Sponsor rating form.
5/mo. For setting your goals by the 10th of each month.
5/mo. For reviewing your Membership T Connect Page.
Points last awarded: 02/14/2017

250/mo. For reaching the fifth level (Grand Master Elite) in Badge Quest.


Depending on what Auto Renewal Membership you lock in. YOU receive VP as well.

How do you make up the rest?

1…  I purchase One T Credit daily with my Member Rewards Points (MRP).

ONLY purchase 1 to receive 102 VP Points with each purchase.  I do this daily. Repeating.

2…  I Purchase the 125 T Credit Package.  Uterlizing these credits to their full potential.

I play daily  Eager Zebra (EZ) games.

I bid on Double MRP Reward Price Bender Auctions.

Each time you spend one TCredit on a EZ game you will earn 5 MRP. And each time you spend a TCredit on a bid in an auction you will earn 5 MRP – or 10 MRP if you bid on a “double MRP” auction.

I then use these MRP Points to BUY One T Credit. Repeating this daily.

REMEMBER You are In To Win Also. If you were to win T-Time TCredits Any Eager Game Winnings.

REMEMBER also every 10 Bids you get to SPIN N Win PSA Members added to your down line.

Purchase SFI Gift Cards. Earning 10 VP when any member redeems the card code.


Remember to select Digital Products saving $13 on Postage.

Also In To win competitions each time you redeem Gift Card Codes.

Remember when your team duplicate the same system locking in their Auto Renewal Monthly Subscription Or purchase any products Via The Triple Click Store or ECA Stores. YOU earn commissions.


All I can do is show you how I achieve SFI Team Leader…

Now it is up to each individual to duplicate the same system…


Best Tip! “Change your mind set”
Instead of thinking! I have earned very little this month.
THINK! What savings I have made.

I have saved thousands of dollars over the years purchasing products at Triple Clicks that have arrived on my doorstep no problems in New Zealand.

My Auto Renewal monthly subscription gives me hours of entertainment.

Plus the best of all Life Time Friendships.  Priceless.


New CSA Rewards.
CSA Reassignment tool now available to BTLs!
New CSA Rewards.

Great Quote From My SFI Sponsor.
SFI is a people business so STP which means See The People (online and offline).
This business is SIMPLE, but not easy! We must focus our efforts…
1) Use the products and services
2) Share the Affiliate opportunity
3) Rinse and Repeat
We all need to find our own way(s) and GET TO WORK!
Leon McKee

Interesting Forum Post I have written.

Do NOT try to learn everything about SFI in a few days or weeks.

One of the main reasons SFI is so successful is because it has real substance—with more than 25 years behind it and literally tens of millions of dollars invested into building its system and infrastructure.

Yes, you’re now part of a REAL business that you can earn a very large income with, but it will take time to fully absorb everything.

And that’s alright, because anything worthwhile in life takes time.

So relax and take your time. Learn a little bit every day.

Soon, making money with SFI will become second nature for you. Getting started and taking daily action is the key.

GETTING ENTERED With the E365 Competition.

Now, in E365 2.0, entering means completing six specific actions, actions that help them get off to a great, positive start, while at the same time creating engagement with their sponsor.

  • Step 1: Verify your email address (AKA “Double Opt-in”)
  • Step 2: Whitelist SFI, sponsor, other upline members, and co-sponsor
  • Step 3: Answer six basic Account Profile questions
  • Step 3: Upload account photo
  • Step 4: Send commitment letter to sponsor
  • Step 6: Achieve EA status

Steps 1-3 will be presented immediately after the New Affiliate Introduction and before LaunchPad.  These steps can be easily completed in five minutes or less, and any or all can be skipped (and came back to later) if desired.

Steps 4-5 are designed to be completed “when ready.”  We don’t want to intimidate brand new, freshly joined affiliates by “requiring” them to find and upload a photo in their first five minutes in SFI.  Nor can we expect them to make a commitment to their sponsor until they’ve had at least a few hours or days to learn more about SFI.

And step six, the final step, is about collecting the VP necessary to qualify as an EA (Executive Affiliate).  New affiliates can of course do this within just a day or two if they want to, but we want them to go at their own pace, to gather these points in as many days as they want–without unwarranted pressure.  And, as always, if they join late in a month, all their VP can be transferred to the next month of course.

Note that the to do list is now sporting a new E365 section, too, (provided you’re in your first year) with the six steps neatly laid out so that it is crystal clear what steps need to be taken to get entered.  This section will also make it super-easy for sponsors to guide new affiliates about getting entered.


screenshot_960The new E365 also comes with some great new Signing Bonuses!  For each of the first four entry steps, $10 is added to the new affiliate’s Signing Bonus account.  And both step 5 and step 6 add another $20 each.  In all, that’s $80 added to the new affiliate’s account just for entering the E365 contest. 

Combine that with their original $20 Signing Bonus for joining SFI, and every affiliate can start their SFI adventure with a gratifying $100–ready for them to start collecting as soon as they begin earning commissions!

Way to go! You have qualified for 4 entry(s)* today.
With your 4 entry(s) today, you have 1000 chances to win!

Win It!

There’s no stopping Maree Wells!

You are entered in the June 2016 UNSTOPPABLE contest!
25 days left to win cash, gear and the title of UNSTOPPABLE!


May Competition I was 18th. So June aiming to be higher.

You have not completed the 6 qualifying steps for the Entrepreneur365 contest. See Score Board for your qualification details

Once you’ve completed all six steps, you’ll be eligible to share in over $3,000 daily in cash and prizes! Plus, you could earn the elite title of E365 Champion for your class!


1. Locate the answer for sfi biz and get entered in our daily drawing for a $50 addition to your Signing Bonus account.

2. Every hour (24 hours a day) at TripleClicks.com, you’ll have the opportunity to submit a free entry to win two free TCredits. At the end of each hour, we draw 30 winners–that’s 720 winners each day!

3. Submit distribution info on your gift cards at your Gift Card Tracker Report and be entered in our daily drawing for valuable prizes—including 20 free TCredits, free 30-pack of TripleClicks Gift Cards, 50 free Bonus VersaPoints, or 100 free Member Rewards Points.

Daily to Do At SFI. Click All Red Tabs. Spend half an hour reading the Forum.


REMEMBER Daily.  Before Logging out of the Games to Click above the Purple Box and Claim FREE EXTRA ENTRY.

REMEMBER Daily.  Before Logging out of SFI to return to the home page and Claim FREE EXTRA ENTRY into the DAILY GRAND.



Growth Stats

Triple Cards distributed to date

Members in 204 countries

Sign-ups generated to date

Three Steps To Success With SFI.


1. Become an Executive Affiliate (EA) and remain an EA every month.

2. Recruit five affiliates using the methods above.

3. Teach your five affiliates to do these same three steps


Promoting SFI . Down line building. 

Unique! Why it Pays To Promote SFI

At DWSEarner Maree Designs and ABC4Income Daily.

First and Most Important.  Down line building.  Add your Id’s to the down line builder programs at ABC4Income and Maree Designs.  

Each site listed also has their own down line builder program.    

DO not join these sites as you will be spreading your wings to far.   

 ONLY enter Id’s for sites there that are listed in our down line builder program.   

You do not want to be passing up your new members to your up line.  

REMEMBER we only use these sites for promoting SFI. 

YOUR team will follow you into this sales funnel on auto pilot when they duplicate the same system. 

Plant that seed, but remember all seeds need nurturing to grow.

SFI Email I blast. I rotate with SFI Promoting.

Start Generating A Real Income Working From Home.
Have you ever asked yourself this QUESTION?

“What is the easiest way to make money online?”
Sure you have and so have 1000’s of other people.

I am sure you have joined a lot of so called money making sites hoping to make a lot of money overnight.
In order to make a lot of money online you need a product every online marketer needs

SFI Numerous different Income opportunities.
24/7 Face Book Support.
Random spot prizes at Face Book.
Rewarding cash and down line for participation.