Welcome to SFI. Begin with listening to the Video.

Daily when you click the Stream Tab above.

Read all the great support posts Via your SFI Up line.

Communication is the life line of your SFI Business.

When you see the ………. Under the stream tab above…

It means there is a new stream post to read.

How to add your stream posts. All your network of members are able to view.

I simply log into this page. Then I copy and paste one of the posts into the empty box you see. At the bottom right you will see. 443 / 500 characters

(Enter no more than 500 characters if adding a photo you need the characters also to add the photo)

To Add the photo click where it reads. Upload Image.

A box will open select the folder at the left where the photo is stored on your computer.
EG.  I select my folder SFI Promo’s
All the photo’s in this folder will now appear.
Left Click the selected photo CLICK Open
CLICK Submit Post all done.
If you have entered to many characters.

A Red box will appear saying to remove some. Then return and click submit post.

View our Private SFI Team Forum and introduce yourself.

Here are some of my examples I share every few days.

Beginning of the Month.

Each New Month. Everything winds back to O.
An alert on your homepage will remind new members that they can transfer their VP with just one click.
Check your alerts. Rate your sponsors, Set your goals 15 VP points.
View https://www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad

4th of the Month.

I love the Visual Genealogy. View Our Team Results. Yes the Big O Works.


6th of the month.

Most important be sure to tidy your inbox sending all unwanted emails to your spam folder so you do not miss any SFI updates.

Avoid hacking of your account. NEVER open unknown emails they could be fishing emails.
New Members be sure to click above the rocket to view all the Launch Pad Training.

8th of the Month.

How much will I earn with SFI?
Instead you should be thinking.
What great savings I am Making..
What great entertainment my T Credits Provide.
Earning MRP Rewards to invest.
What great life time friendships I am making.
Unheard of else where.
See the big picture, setting your yearly goals.
Be happily surprised as you start to create that snow ball effect.
Your earnings growing larger month by month year by year.

12th of the Month.

My Best Tip! Transfer buying. Paid for Shopping and Selling…
NO out of pocket expenses as you will be purchasing what is normally already added to your house hold budget.
Instead of spending $10 here then $20 There and before you know it you have thrown away hundreds of Dollars.
Lock in instead your SFI Auto Renewal Monthly Order Best on line Investment.
Where else are you rewarded for shopping and Selling.

18th of the month.

Team Task. Connect with local ECA Stores. How you ask. Click the ECA Tab Above.
Scroll down to where it reads. Find ECAs > Click In YOUR Country ETC.
I always check the Highly Rated ECA Stores when ever I need a present.
I have received thousands of dollars worth of parcels on my doorstep in NZ. Saving $$, While Earning VP.

20th of the month.

Morning all How To Receive FREE VP. Purchase 1 T Credit with MRP Points (only one)  Tick the MRP Box at the payment processor WAIT for a verification BOX to Appear. Tick and Continue. (Repeat Daily)   Redeem 10 VP for every Gift Card Code Sent via emails.
Go to the Spotlight Merchant directory:
Enter the amount of VP required to see what you can purchase.
Awesume receive a product while achieving team leader.

23th of the Month.

Be sure to lock in your Auto Delivery Subscription.
Change your mindset.
Instead of thinking what cash I have made.
Start thinking what savings I have received.
The great life time friendships I am making.
Just imagine if all our team lock in.
Every member would “instantly” have 10+ SFI Team Leaders, a huge down line, and we would
“ALL” be making some serious cash monthly.

24th of the Month.

The key. If all our Team Achieve Bronze. Huge Spill Over will occur.
Concentrate of supporting and training two to begin.
One of your team achieve Bronze YOU achieve Silver.
Two of your Team Achieve Silver you achieve Gold.
Very Simple Plan to Put into Practice. In stead of wasting dollars here there and everywhere.
Invest at SFI instead. Proven and Paying.

28th of the Month.

Instead of spending $10 here then $20 There and before you know it you have thrown away hundreds of Dollars.
Lock in instead your SFI Auto Renewal Monthly Order. Best on line Investment.
Where else are you rewarded for shopping and Selling.
Also provided with cool games and entertainment.
Most people spend more that this at the local pub.

30th of the month.

Like any tree, you plant the seed, but you need to nurture it for the seed to grow.
Instead of spending $10 here then $20 There and before you know it you have thrown away hundreds monthly.
Lock in your SFI Auto Renewal Monthly Order. Best on line Investment.
Invest in T Credits. Spend T Credits. Win T Credits.
Earning from all your team duplicating the same system.
Unheard of else where.

How to Grow Your List and Income in 2017?

Join our Private Co-op Via My Fiverr Gig.

My story is this …

Nothing to something within 2 years.

Purchase Gig 3. You earn 30% commissions from any of your down line at SFI if with Our DWSEarner program locking in Paid into your Payza account monthly Via Maree Designs.

Bonus if with our SFI team receive random spill over with the big O.
Receive random spill over at DWSEarner and Maree Designs.
Admin allocates the members at the end of each month.
Once purchased.  Send in a support ticket with Id for Maree Designs DWSEarner and if in My SFI Group your SFI Id.

To all my team do not get upset if you see I have reassigned you.

This is the power of the big O.
I am reassigning some members example that are Bronze to bronze team leaders to advance them to Silver.
Then I have reassigned a Silver member to another Silver who only needed one silver to advance to Gold.
The power of team work begins.

WOW This month is a winner with the E365 Champion ship for our team.
Sandra was runner up on the 21st and today I saw Terry was the Winner.
Team support is the key. These Members Saw the BIG Picture.
A year later they are reaping the rewards.
Win Win For All. Well done everyone.

What a little communicating and support can achieve.
Yahoo Sandra on 365 Runner up. So proud of you.
Yes Another Friend Mary was the Winner. Not in my team but showed her support also throughout the year..
She thanked me saying my support helped her reach her goal.
Yes New Zealand rocks taking out both places. First and Runner Up.

My Sponsors Leons Great Stream Post.

Gery, thanks for the marketing lesson! Marketing to the marketers! Lots to learn:


A = Attention

I = Interest

D = Desire

A = Action

We, as Affiliates, should add this pre-launch marketing lesson to our swap file!

Leon McKee

P.S. I learned the A in AIDA, back in the 80’s, as “Attention”, but the common term is “Awareness”.

Great Forum Post!  By Keneisha W
SFI is really a treasure box. The results come little by little. At first, our salaries will be small but after working at our business month after month, it will EXPLODE!

When it explodes, our salaries will increase and what we will have is a TREASURE! Once our team is in place, our salaries will be BIG every month.

SFI’s Treasure Box:


Interesting forum thread written by a brand-new Affiliate.

I really like the way he framed the concept of consistent daily action!

Leon McKee

SFI Cooperate Interesting Stream Posts.

CONGRATULATIONS to Grandmaster Poker’s top 10 scorers for March 2017 and winners of the exclusive Grandmaster Poker CHAMPION t-shirt!

Wow, the statistics on the Icebreakers tool we launched in February are looking GREAT! For those using it, nearly 30% of Icebreakers are getting a response for the sponsor! If you’re not using this new business-building tool…what are you waiting for?! Full details on Icebreakers here:


OPTI-BUILD™ HAS ARRIVED! Today, the first day of April 2017, we start a new chapter in SFI, with Opti-Build now assisting thousands of affiliates to “build optimally” and empowering them to automatically follow The Diamond Plan

( https://www.sfimg.com/the_plan ). But there are EIGHT IMPORTANT THINGS you need to know! Get the scoop here: http://news.sfimg.com/2017/04/01/opti-build-is-here

Wondering who in your group has opted in to Opti-Build? This information is now provided on your Genealogy. If you see an “O” in front of their name, they’ve opted in. To see if they’re set for 50% or 100% participation, hover over the “O” icon.

Note: Beginning April 1st, for those who are officially Designated Diamonds, we’ll display only their DD icon (since being a DD means they’ve opted in).

Only 5 DAYS LEFT to get qualified for this month’s Badge Quest Bounty! The pot is now up to $676.20, and is growing by the minute! Remember, to be qualified, you need to achieve a new level in Badge Quest or be at the Grand Master or Grand Master Elite status.

Did you notice the little Stream alert we added? Now, if there’s a post you haven’t read yet on Stream, you’ll see a dotted line under it’s name on your homepage. AND, in case you’re not on the homepage, you’ll see the dotted line also under the homepage (house) icon to let you know you need to get to your homepage and check your Stream.
Hey! We’ve just added “pre-bidding” at Pricebenders. A great way to grab some quick VersaPoints whenever you need them…especially since you receive FREE BONUS VP with every 10 pre-bids! Full details at: